ANP Report for April 14, 2014

Racial Comrades: Well folks, it's happened AGAIN. Just when those of us who are sincere National Socialists were beginning to hope that the era of the phony loony-tune hollywierd nutzi types was disappearing from the scene - along comes yet ANOTHER one.

This time it was 73 year old raging hatemonger "Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross", who felt the need to go on a drunken killing spree ala that "Aryan Nations" Buford Furrow nut-case out in California around a decade ago, shooting up jewish centers.

Yep, this Glenn Miller was a real piece of work. Once married to a Vietnamese woman as a RACE-TRAITOR, then unsuccessfully testifying AGAINST 'The Order' Comrades for the Feds at the Fort Smith "Sedition Trial" back in the 1980's to save his own ass - this creep was actually WELCOMED BACK by a few loonies, who somehow feel they could "overlook" his past actions, and was a "Prominent Movement Personality" over on that Zog watering hole, VNN Forum.

I know, I KNOW - "HOW" could a despicable creature like this be"accepted" by any sincere NS/WN in lieu of his past personal actions? HOW could such a piece of human waste DARE pretend that he "was one of us"? HOW is it possible, that that turncoat DARE scream "Heil Hitler!" as the cops shoved him into a cop car?

Yet, isn't there a precedence for this? Let's take a CLOSE LOOK at the current SPLC/ADL darling and media-whore Jeff Schoep of the mis-named "nsm", the costumed klown group. Jeff ALSO married a non-Aryan woman ( in this case an Arab, named Joanna, who has a black daughter named Amber, from a previous nine year marriage to a black man Raymond Smith ) and lived with her for over four years. Despite living with numerous other women with whom he fathered half a dozen children whom he doesn't support, this was the ONLY female whom he loved enough to officially commit marriage to. It wasn't until he moved a new fetish "model" girlfriend into his wife's home at the time, that SHE decided to divorce him. You can all read this sorry story for yourselves - simply by Googling-Up the words - "Jeff Schoep Race-Mixing NSM" if you want the disgusting details.

YET, this self styled mini-fuhrer, continues to be HELD UP by the jews and their lackies, as a "NAZI LEADER"? WTF? YET, there are STILL a few oddballs out there apparently who find it NO PROBLEM for someone to be both a "NAZI" and a "RACE MIXER"! What is it with these people?

This "Glenn Miller" was the jews' WET DREAM - he was so OBNOXIOUS in his "I HATE the G. D. JEWS, and NIGGERS!" rigmarole - that he was like Schoep, the "well that never ran dry" when it came to a Hollywood Hatemonger-style sound bite, "TYPICAL" of evil, racist, NS/WN. Which of course serves the enemy in blinding the masses of the population towards what REAL National Socialists/White Nationalists honestly believe.

When I first heard about this shooting, the first thought that came to my mind, was that it was the work of a member of the "nsm", like that moron "J. T. Ready" out in AZ, who murdered a whole family, including a tiny baby, because his girlfriend threw his lazy, unemployable ass out on the street. Nope, not THIS time - sorry "nsm" - but, I'm sure one of your dwindling idiots will soon come through again...

So, let's LOOK at the WORK of this "hero" of VNN and consider his sum total. ONE old Aryan METHODIST Grandpa, DEAD; ONE young 14 year old Eagle Scout METHODIST Aryan boy, DEAD; aaaaand ONE poor old CATHOLIC grandma walking out from her retirement village, DEAD. WOW! I bet that the old woman has worked, or was working for the MOSSAD or something, eh Glenn? DISGUSTING. With ALL the REAL "TARGETS" out there available - from BANKSTERS to POLITICAL WHORES - these are the targets of this disgusting lifelong drunk.

Movementites: sometimes ( often ) I just CANNOT understand many of you. It's like some of you actually revel in the most UNSAVORY people, simply "BECAUSE" they fit the ( kosher ) IMAGE of "WHAT" a "MIGHTY WHITE WARRIOR" is portrayed to be.

These kind of people are TRASH. They are NOT "one of us" - unless YOU TOO are a useless piece of un-Aryan human waste. Can't you GET IT - that just BECAUSE someone slaps on a Swastika, or yells “Heil Hitler” or “White Power” - they are NOT your long lost racial brother!

I knew "Glenn Miller" back in the 1980's when I was Unit Leader 101 of the White Patriot Party. Often I drove halfway across the country each month to attend marches and rallies, with my Comrades in tow. The White Patriot Party WAS a SUCCESS - NOT "because" of Glenn Miller - but, BECAUSE of the people who made up the organization itself, and that quarter of a million dollars that 'The Order' Comrades gave Miller certainly didn't hurt. That's probably the BIGGEST stumbling block that faces any organization from succeeding - the LACK of serious FUNDING - and the WPP had it.

They could AFFORD to outfit their people with uniforms, with hundreds of flags on ten foot poles, with scores of recorded "White Power" telephone message units, with gas monies to attend events, with sound equipment, with a professionally printed monthly newspaper, etc et al. But, it WASN'T "because" of Glenn Miller. In fact, when he was finally caught and arrested, he TURNED OVER - ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND zog-bucks - that Robert Mathews had donated to him, to the Feds!

I'll tell you WHAT Mr. Glenn Miller CAN be credited for - the DEMISE of an organization that could put 500 White Patriots on the street, looking professional. The WPP - COULD have BECOME a REAL political party at that point. But, NO! "Sgt. Miller" just HAD to introduce WEAPONS and open PARA-MILITARY training into the mix. He wanted to PLAY "SOLDIER" - and it all wound up bringing the heat down upon the organization - until it disbanded, after a number of GOOD PEOPLE went to prison, over avoidable charges. Then Miller got drunk again, and sent out a "DECLARATION of WAR" - hid out in a trailer in B F Egypt, until he was arrested PEACEFULLY by the Feds, despite having a boatload of illegal weaponry in the tin-can with him - hence the road downward to Fort Smith to save his own sorry, pathetic ass. His "excuse" in one of his self-promoting books was - "put yourself in my shoes". Sorry but the shoes of a RACE TRAITOR and a BACK STABBER won't fit ME, Glenn.

The final outcome of his sorry life, killing two old people and a kid and THEN - MEEKLY - surrendering to the police, while shouting drunken slurs is downright DISGUSTING. No "hero" here folks, just a pathetic old psychopath , who PRETENDED to be SOMETHING HE WASN'T - neither a RACIALLY PROUD individual, but certainly NOT a real NATIONAL SOCIALIST. Perhaps a HOLLYWIERD NUTZI? Yeah, now THAT'S the "shoes" that Glenn Miller wore!

The ONLY "good thing" that can be said about this whole insane episode, is that Old Glenn will NOT be able to worm his way out of THIS one! No longer will he be available for those nasty "sound bites" for the kosher cameras, nor will he be posting on forums filling the minds of newbi's and gullible people his fantasy crap. As much as he HATES those "BIG LIPPED, BLUE GUMS" as he loved calling them - for the rest of his sorry existence he will be RIGHT THERE, living deep among them, 24/7/365. How many people within our "racial movement" might just be saved because of that, I don't know - even if it's only ONE, I'll take it. As for those two Aryans that "Sgt. Miller" murdered, I say that he committed MURDER against the Folk - period. And to be honest, I doubt that the old grandma was much of a "threat" to the 14 Words either.

Comrades, UNLESS you actually BELIEVE in all the filthy hate propaganda, spewed forth by our enemies about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and EMBRACE IT - you MUST agree with me, that these TYPES are NOT - "one of us". Adolf Hitler was NOT some kind of "MONSTER". He was a KIND man, a CARING man, a GOOD man - he would not identify with such creatures, not would he allow them to disgrace our Race and Nation with their un-Aryan personal behavior! He would NOT have allowed such types to roam free to pollute our NS Society at large.

The Judeo-Capitalists don't mind one bit about the poor people killed by Miller, in fact they revel in it, in as much as it gives them more cannon fodder for their anti-NS/WN propaganda grist-mill. Why else, do they ALWAYS give the WORST ELEMENTS of this "movement" the MOST PUBLICITY, per the Big Bigot Build-up, and basically IGNORE the sensible and normal people involved?

This April 20th, on Adolf Hitler's birth-date - I still urge each and everyone of you - to celebrate as he would have wished you to do. With INTELLIGENT and WELL THOUGHT OUT political Outreach Activism. I know, I realize that it seems that just about every April 20th anymore, some nut comes along to be "linked" to smearing Adolf Hitler's birth, per un-Aryan actions. And how the system loves to play it up!

No doubt, this year there will be some collection of hollywierd nutzi types who will try to leach like parasites his birthday celebrations - with their ridiculous costumed capering antics - but, we must NOT let these freaks spoil OUR Great Day! IF these imbeciles didn't exist ( oh, how I wish! ) the systemites would no doubt CREATE them! We MUST carry on the Fight!

We here at HQ have sent out a large quantity of Outreach materials the past few weeks, so all that we need now, is to get them out there to the masses of White people. Will you join me in taking part in this 2014 Spring Blitz literature campaign in honor of the Fuhrer? Even IF we all do a "little" - TOGETHER it will add up to becoming a LOT!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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