ANP Report for April 01, 2014

Racial Comrades: Well folks, here it is "April Fool Day" the day which I think OUGHT to be THE "National Holiday" for the vast majority of the population of this wondrous Jew-S-of A - since they seem to me to be–sadly–nothing more than a bunch of damn fools themselves.

I got into a conversation at the tobacco store, where I buy my one dollar a pack cheap smokes ( owned by an Arab of course ) with another old retired fart like myself. This guy was about as poor as I am, judging by his appearance, and you know how discussions go, you start complaining about this or that, and it leads to all sorts of topics. The man self-proclaimed that he was a racist, which coincided with his rant about ( "socialist"? ) Obama ( who is a millionaire himself; I've never heard of a "socialist millionaire" lol ), and about how the country has gone to hell - then, the situation got weird.

Like a typical right-wing reactionary - he started blasting those who wanted to "take from the rich", because the rich "create jobs"! WTF? Yeah, they sure have created a lot of decent paying, full-time employment lately – OVERSEAS. What IS it with these people, who claim that they are personally "broke" ( he was barely scraping by off of Social Security per himself, after working a lifetime, with no pension ) and they're so damn afraid of making the wealthy SHARE a little of ALL that they have accumulated off the backs of folks like HIM and ME and YOU?

I gave him the usual NS arguments, without letting on it WAS NS so as not to scare him off immediately, but Lo and Behold - he hit me with the ONE thing that I had no answer for! WELL, NOTHING CAN BE DONE! He moaned. Yep, - NOTHING - CAN be DONE - with an attitude like that!

And THAT my friends, is the whole story in a nut-shell - the YOUNG White man behind the counter, who was listening to what I was advocating, was receptive to my thoughts - the OLD one, the one who CAUSED "all this" by his DOING NOTHING all his life, and allowing this mess to occur by his inaction was symbolic of the vast majority of White mouth-breathers walking planet earth today. They are SELFISH, GREEDY, - WHINERS! While they had "the good life", they were too busy having fun, to care about what was happening. As I told him - the MAJORITY of ADULTS in this country are GETTING what they DESERVE. I only pity the young children, for the kind of "adults" that they have been given - only THEY DESERVE BETTER.

Folks, this being "White Pride/History Month" - those of us who ARE determined to set things right - have an OBLIGATION to our offspring, to "DO" the best we can, with what we've got like the Aryans of Old. Adolf Hitler taught us in Mein Kampf that "it is NOT the majority that moves history, but rather that strong willed minority, that has the majority of will and determination to act..." that make things happen!

These right-wing reactionaries, no matter "how racist" that they self profess to be - will be USELESS in the Struggle to come, when they have this idiotic, slavish attitude towards those who BROUGHT "all of this" that surrounds us today as a Folk - the WEALTHY and hence POWERFUL 1% of the population.

Now I better understand the attitude of the SERFS and PEASANTS back in the Dark Ages who gave their "Lords" the "right" to seduce their daughters on their wedding nights, better known as "First Night", like in the movie "The Warlord". IF you accept that you are a SLAVE thinking that your "BETTERS" have "rights" over your life that you don't have, then you start to ACT like a SLAVE, - and you ARE a SLAVE to your "BETTERS" by your own free will. At least in the movie - the peasants finally ROSE UP - and fought back and KILLED their oppressors. No right-wing reactionaries there!

Lincoln Rockwell used to say that the White Man needed to study the HORSE. Once a horse realizes that the puny man on his back, riding and abusing him can be STOMPED - the horse has to be destroyed, because he will never be a slave to man ever again! Pretty wise thinking in my mind...

ONCE the White Workers REALIZE that WE OUTNUMBER the corrupt, greedy 1%ers OVERWHELMINGLY - WE will never be USED by these creatures again either, for THEIR sole benefit and enrichment! But, SOMEBODY has to set an EXAMPLE for them to follow - and Comrades, that is US.

For far too long, the right-wing, reactionary "racists" have been in the pocket of the 1%ers – WHY? Because very few, even amongst the SO-CALLED National Socialists in this country understand that NS is a truly REVOLUTIONARY ideology - in no way is it right-wing reactionary. Hitler caused a true REVOLUTION in Germany - He was NOT a patsy for the wealthy Junker Class - in fact, ALL of the attempts to murder Him came basically from the 1%er bunch. The regular PEOPLE - LOVED - Adolf Hitler, and His New NS German state! As we love Him today...

Comrades, Adolf Hitler understood and loved the White Workers - BECAUSE - He had been one of them, no "silver spoon" was born in His mouth, he had WORKED hard to live, unlike those in the "Ruling Class". And He felt compassion for his fellow workers, and sincerely sought to better their lives, which He did! Can you name ONE systemite political whore out there who can state the same?

I have been asked numerous times "HOW" to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birth-date. Some out there in movementland suggest "lighting a candle", or "being silent for 88 seconds thinking great thoughts"; the hollywierd nutzi bunch thinks acting like an ass in public, drawing attention to their ludicrous behavior is the answer. Others believe having a "party" and getting drunk in Hitler's name is the perfect solution ( or, excuse to get drunk again ) despite the fact that Hitler frowned on such behavior and didn't drink alcohol himself....

The American Nazi Party has the perfect SOLUTION - since Adolf Hitler was a REVOLUTIONARY POLITICAL ACTIVIST - why not honor Him, by following His example? We suggest that all true National Socialists engage in POLITICAL ACTIVITY, on or around April 20th - ie massive Outreach, literature distribution to the masses of our White Folk. Why not bring THEM the present of the Good Word of National Socialism in Adolf Hitler's name? Personally, if He was with us today, THAT is WHAT He would desire us all to DO.

That's what I'm going to do. Can I count upon you to join me?

Why I Admire Adolf Hitler

by Steve Davenport

I admire Adolf Hitler. No, I do not worship him as a god. Nor do I think of him as some semi divine being. I like him, because he was a truly great man who went the extra mile for his race. I agree with many of Hitler's views.

He liked classical music. His favorite piece was "Die Valkyrie". I like classical music, and that is also one of my favorite pieces. No hip hop, rap, or heavy metal, like in our current society. Culture all the way.

Hitler liked neo-classical art. Art imitating the classic Greco-Roman style. He hated modern art. I love neo-classical art. I absolutely despise so called modern art. It makes my head spin that museums pay millions for art work that looks like a chimp did it. For something to be considered artistic, shouldn't it look like the artist gave a damn and tried?

Hitler liked grandiose architecture. Buildings that his nation could be proud of. I too think buildings should be a source of pride for the racial state. Not the crap we have today, that resembles some half ass high school art project. Buildings should drip majesty.

Hitler believed in a united racial folk community. This is without saying. A united racial folk can do anything, a divided one just goes down into the mud. Hitler wasn't some mealy mouthed politician. He meant what he said. I repeat, he meant what he said. He was one of the people, not some stuck up blue blood, or some corrupt conniving politician. He was at one with his people. I doubt very highly that this planet will ever see a leader more in touch with his people than Hitler was with the common German.

Hitler believed in military strength. A strong military to protect the racial folk community of Germany. Germany had many enemies. Hitler wanted it secure. Hitler didn't like the Jews. He wasn't born anti Semitic. He became so, after he witnessed Jewish leftist leadership that betrayed Germany at the end of World War One. Even today, Jews are despised. They are a small minority of the world's population, yet widely hated. Why is this? If they are so kindly, and brave, why do the Arabs, a kindred Semitic people hate them so much?

Hitler always acted for the good of his country, and especially, race. He made mistakes, but he ALWAYS meant well. He wasn't the greedy, grasping politician, which we have in abundance in this country.

Hitler was very advanced for his time. He condemned smoking as a bad habit, long before the surgeon general's report. He didn't care about homosexuality, a very rare attitude for his time, and tolerated it, as long as it was kept in the "closet", as his tolerance of Rohm showed. Rohm was executed for gross insubordination, not for being gay.

Hitler was a real man, and a man of the people. He's been besmirched by enemy propaganda. Crap I refuse to accept. Just read about the man, and the truth comes out. He died for his people. Too bad we don't have leaders like him any more. We sure could use them.

Comrades, apparently a LOT of you are intending to take part in the 2014 annual Spring Blitz literature campaign , per your current orders of Outreach materials from National HQ so far. I suggest that those of you who desire literature, order ASAP, so as to receive your materials in time to take part in this historic campaign.

As well, I would like to mention that IF for some good reason YOU cannot personally take part - there IS something that YOU can DO to help. Become a "sponsor" of another Party Activist, who can't afford all the materials that they would be willing to distribute - if YOU provided those materials with a special donation, earmarked towards that goal. We will take all such earmarked donations and put them towards "bucking up" the orders of known Party Activists who are willing to do the legwork. I sincerely thank BOTH donors AND activists in advance for their dedicated efforts, towards making the Party's efforts a greater success than otherwise they might be...

The April edition of The White Worker magazine will be centered around Adolf Hitler this month, and will be an enlarged edition - if you liked the "Lincoln Rockwell" issue of last March ( as so many of you let me know that you did ) - you will really love this months magazine, filled with interesting and informative articles. We will be printing and mailing soon, so please get your pledges in, in a timely manner.

This year has started off well, lets keep that momentum going and growing!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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