ANP Report for March 14, 2014

Racial Comrades: Usually, by March the weather has lightened up to the point where Outreach activities can get into high swing again. This winter has been much different, here in Michigan we just had another snow storm which dumped another 6-8 inches of the white stuff - so we decided against announcing the usual Spring Blitz in honor of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell's birth-date on the 9th this year.

However, we cannot ignore Adolf Hitler's birth-date on April the 20th, so I suggest that National Socialists across America begin to gear-up, with their preparations for the month of April ASAP.

Now is the time Comrades, to start getting together your necessary Outreach materials for the coming months activities.

For suggestions and ideas on "how" you can celebrate White Pride Month per activism, ( April, per the Fuhrers birthday ) I suggest that you review both the "support" section of our website, as well as the "Outreach" website located in the "links" section of our main Party website itself.

The purpose of the Spring Blitz literature campaign, is to REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE as many of our White brothers and sisters with the Good Word of National Socialism as possible, in one concerted effort - with OUR "side of the story" - rather than distorted, twisted lies that are usually dumped upon our Holy Cause.

IF we had ONLY one thousand people, distributing one hundred pieces of NS literature - can you imagine the impact that would have? What if many Comrades did even MORE than that 100 pieces...

It CAN be DONE - but, only IF each and every Party Comrade decides to make an effort to DO what they can.

One point I would like to make here - we are NOT out to "get jews-media attention" - through silly "stunts", or obnoxious behavior! Unfortunately, there will be those Hollywierd Nutzi's who will revel in doing just that. And the enemy media will lap it up and regurgitate it in their propaganda outlets like a dog eating its vomit. Nor, are we intent on "agitating" the non-Whites with our materials - to what purpose? Why WASTE your costly outreach materials on people we are not interested in enlightening?

Act always as if Adolf Hitler were at your side, directing your actions, and you can't go wrong. Remember - IF not YOU - then WHO?

Lets all get busy, and make this the best Spring Blitz in the Party's history! George Lincoln Rockwell and Adolf Hitler deserve no less!

Our heartless system

by Steve Davenport

This country has a myth about itself that 'it's so caring.' Bullshit. This country and its ruling system are totally heartless. This govt doesn't give a hoot about its very own people. When it comes to Israel our ZOG govt is only too quick to run to the rescue. It is he reason our govt has interfered in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria. Here at home, nothing. Unemployment benefits for the chronically unemployed are cut off. As if it's your fault you're unemployed by having your job OUTSOURCED. Food stamps are being cut back, with an eye to cutting them off entirely down the road. Our govt is like the Bourbon French nobility. The starving can just eat grass as far as our rich ruling elite are concerned.

This govt's main concern these days is how to cut off its own citizenry from any form of help. Any govt worth its salt is meant to help its very own people survive. Our system in contrast, doesn't care one iota. Don't let the latest unemployment figure fool you. Our unemployment rate is NOT dropping, the 6.8% figure is mere illusion, because people are not finding work. Rather its dropping because people are giving up looking for work. People can only stand so much frustration, then they give up in disgust and hopelessness. Our unemployed are losing hope in finding any work. I'm sure the unemployed would much rather find work then live off the public dole. Unfortunately, our ruling elite thinks anybody not working is just plain lazy. As far as the rich ruling elite are concerned, you should take a job, any job, even one that doesn't pay enough to allow a family to buy its dinner. If a job doesn't pay benefits, why should wage earners be forced to take it? Isn't care for the family the highest duty for family members? No, our rulers care only for themselves, their own wealth and power. They spit on us lowly common people. Our rulers feel we are now worthless mouths to feed. Our rich ruling elite welcomes illegal immigrants, because they can serve as scab labor. Help crush unionism in this country, and substitute peonage instead. Have an army of poor laborers who are so desperate for work, they'll do anything, and swallow any insult and/or abuse.

Is this America the beautiful, the land of the free and home of the brave? Seems more like to me that this country is well on the way to becoming a giant Hispanic dominated sweatshop, just like so much of Latin America is. We white Aryans deserve better. God knows our children sure do. I don't want to see the children of this country–become just an army of poor desperate workers who will do any thing at the lowest possible wage—to just survive. We Aryans must unite. We must join together and support the ANP. We must give of our money and time. Give out lit. Do what we can to rally our people, before it is too late. Join in helping the ANP. It is white Aryans' only defender. Help it do so. Otherwise our children face a very bleak future.

Comrades, the March issue of The White Worker magazine has been printed and is in the mails. Its cover is a beautiful, full color picture of Commander Rockwell standing before our Party banner, in the old Chicago HQ building in 1966. I doubt if many of you have ever seen it before, and it's suitable for framing and hanging on your wall.

One item that I would like to address, is towards operating an ANP Blogsite. The success of your blogsite depends upon several things. First, the more often that you update your blogsite, the more often people will come back again and again to review your efforts, hence more "hits" and the building of a larger, more regular audience. Secondly, I strongly suggest that your CONTENT is probably the most IMPORTANT aspect of your site. What I would like to see, is more emphasis centered in each State/Regional website towards articles about WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA - rather than just "typical" NS/WN topics. This will draw more INTEREST from not only the people in your surrounding area - but, help enlighten people OUTSIDE your local, about your events/news from a National Socialist perspective.

Since not ONE area of the U.S. has been LIBERATED from the evil grasp of the Judeo-Capitalist octopus - nor likely to be soon - I cannot fail to assume that there is PLENTY of items to write about, accompanied with a NS perspective. Is EVERYTHING just GRAND where you live, that you have a lack of suitable topics? Sorry, but I just can't accept that that is so. If you're having "writers block" - I simply suggest that you procure a local jews-media rag - review it - and re-write the "news" from OUR point of view. The NS point of view. We OUGHT to have blogsites like this, operating all across America, in fact in every state!

The positive thing is that they are FREE - what's lacking apparently, is the determination to give yourself a VOICE - and DO IT! And once again - IF NOT YOU - WHO? I'm pretty much assuming that EVERYONE who has joined in our efforts, has done so BECAUSE they feel ALIENATED and outside of this putrid mess that we are forced to live ( honestly exist ) in. Then SPEAK OUT about it, with your own thoughts and feelings! You don't have to use your "real name"; utilize a "game name" - in fact I strongly suggest it! But, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Finally, if we wish to see The White Worker magazine expand, as I do and as all of our readers have intimated to me that they do - GET INVOLVED - in writing some interesting and informative articles for it! The e-mail addy for the Editor Axl Hess is listed in the e-mail section of our Party website, contact him for pertinent info on HOW you can GET INVOLVED in making our publication better than ever.

I look forward to ALL of US working TOGETHER to make 2014 the best year ever, in the resurgence of National Socialism in America!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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