ANP Report for February 26, 2014

Racial Comrades: Often I'm asked, "How can you expect to win? The system is so powerful and entrenched that it's hopeless to resist them. Is it REALLY?

This evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity is in DEBT by the TRILLION$ of dollars, and every time the "debt limit" is reached ( seems like every year...) they all agree to UP the ANTE' and BORROW MORE from the International Bankers. "SOMEDAY" that debt is going to HAVE to be PAID - that, and all the INTEREST that it is accruing - and folks, just WHAT do you think is going to happen THEN?

As well, this nation's INFRASTRUCTURE on the whole, is OVER a hundred years old - and it's DECAYING rapidly.

Pause and THINK about it a moment. The SEWAGE, the WATER, the BRIDGES, the ROADS, the POWER, just about everything that operates and runs America is wearing out like an old man on a walker - how LONG can this situation continue? Not too long friends...

Even "IF" this system HAD the monies to fix things - HOW would they go about DOING IT? You can't just rip up entire cities like New York or Detroit to replace the worn out underground - it's all rotting away! They never thought to build it well, and perform significant maintenance - duh.

Let's look at Detroit. This is a typical major American metropolis that has been allowed, through systemite GREED and CORRUPTION, to look like it would fit in more in the so-called "Third World" than a White-Western society. It's "estimated" that Detroit has well over a HUNDRED THOUSAND abandoned, empty HOMES. Homes that when I was a kid living there, were well kept and livable. Detroit WAS the "motor capital", full of people, industry and jobs. And Detroit is only one TYPICAL example of MOST major cities across this land. And it's in BANKRUPTCY for many BILLIONS of dollars!

Can you SEE where I'm coming from, and getting at? This mess can only go on for so long...

I hear now, that the system is wanting to CUT that OH, SO SACRED COW - the MILITARY BUDGET - to a force level below that previous to WWII. I guess that all these WARS around the globe to make the world safe for Judeo-Capitalist EXPLOITATION is finally hitting the system's pocketbook! Good! It seems that all these Vets, needing all this "medical care" for years and years, is an unexpected glitch that the systemites hadn't seasoned into their plans for world conquest and domination. Everyone with a working brain knows that unless it was totally necessary - such draconian budget cuts, would NEVER cross a political whore's mind. But you see - they're RUNNING OUT OF CASH!

Here in Detroit, the pensioners who served the system, are getting a real WAKE UP CALL - the 1% Banksters - like the jew Shylock, are DEMANDING their DUE. All these folks who sucked off the system's teat for so long, and who were paid like princes - are NOW going to LOSE BIG, when it comes to what was "promised" them - and the Money Crowd Inc. is getting their "investment" money BACK. Boo Hoo! Just "WHO" do you THINK the system's "courts" are going to decide in FAVOR of? The PEONS or the Wall Street Banksters? You got it!

And as this spreads across the country, as it will - well, a LOT of former patriot-tards and system stooges, are going to have a totally NEW ATTITUDE toward their former beloved Masters. Don't you just love it! I do. It's soooo sweet!

For many decades now, the system threw money around like a drunken sailor on leave. Need money for some "new social program", or "studying the sex lives of tree frogs", or "foreign aid" to countries that hate us, trying buy their friendship - why just BORROW MORE to pay for it! Want more anachronistic billion dollar "aircraft carriers" to carry your "big club" across the globe? CHARGE IT!

Yep, this decaying nation is on the slippery slope of fast DECLINE. It's only a MATTER of TIME before the U.$.$. Uncle Samuel starts to SINK like the Titanic . And we all know what HAPPENS to the rats, when the ship starts sinking. NO MORE LOANS. CREDIT CALLED IN. HIGHER INTEREST PAYMENTS that CAN'T BE MET. These INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS are just THAT. They hold no "loyalty" to ANY nation. GREED and MONEY are their watchwords, and to hell with the penniless!

And...unlike the "Great Depression" where yes, the factories were closed and empty - at LEAST there WERE factories to be re-opened. WHERE is the "idle industry" TODAY? Why "our beloved system" has SHIPPED them all OVERSEAS! There is NO industry to revive, and get going again! It's FOREIGN LANDS.

And let's be bluntly honest here friends, there are only so many "SERVICE JOBS" that can be created, to SERVE the WEALTHY and those that got it. And the rich are flooding the country with all these non-White ILLEGALS, to take those jobs - at SLAVE WAGES of course!

And you want to know "WHO" is to "BLAME"? Why, just LOOK in the MIRROR. We're where we're at - BECAUSE - we ALLOWED it to OCCUR. Yes we did. Far too many people, were too engaged in "living the materialist American nightmare" - to CARE about anything beyond their "sports nonsense", or the latest "fashion trend", or maxing out those "oh so easy, INTEREST-SLAVERY credit cards" - buying plastic JUNK, and building up the economies of China, India, and the rest of the Turd World at OUR future's ( today's ) expense .

"POLITICS"? I'm having too much "FUN" to want to get involved in THAT! Why, I trust those smiling faces on the TV to do the right thing - yeah, do the right thing - but, for WHO? Looking around, it's hard not to SEE - WHO BENEFITED and WHO'S BEING LEFT HOLDING THE BAG.

"But Rock, it's too late..." Hells bells, it's NEVER "TOO LATE" to DO THE RIGHT THING - to FIGHT with all you've got - FOR YOURSELF and those whom you LOVE! Or, have they honestly turned you into real-world ZOMBIES - like those they provide for you as mindless "entertainment"?

Comrades, is our scratch-to-get-by existence today - REALLY - "living the American dream"? Or, is what we're engulfed in a horrible NIGHTMARE? I can assure you that it's only going to get WORSE. It won't be too long, before the White population in the U.S. becomes an ever smaller growing MINORITY. Every year, our numbers shrink....

When the proverbial Sh*t hits the fan economically, HOW do you think WHITES will be treated? Is there going to be "set asides" for the WHITE MINORITY, in a "pie" that is sliced according to the POLITICAL POWER wielded by the various racial/ethnic entities? CAN YOU TRULY TRUST your PALE-FACED "representatives" who have gotten you INTO this situation in the FIRST PLACE? Let's be serious, of course not!

The "ANSWER"? In my mind it's SIMPLE. First off - GET INVOLVED YOURSELF - in accruing some REAL POLITICAL POWER, in your own best interests. "HOW"? Once again - campaign and get elected to "LOWER POLITICAL OFFICES" and we'll build from there. "FIRST STEP" - become involved in a SERIOUS organization, that is NOT some silly, costumed, "protest society". BECOME the POWER. But, for God's sake DON'T just sit back and "pretend that it's not happening"!

For a long time, I thought that the White Man had lost their manhood towards overcoming tyranny, and that the Non-Aryan world were the only HUMAN BEINGS WILLING TO FIGHT BACK like freedom loving peoples, against incredible odds. The recent events in the White nation of UKRAINE has revived my spirits. IT CAN BE DONE! But, you HAVE to be WILLING to "put it all on the line" if you value your FREEDOM and a HEALTHY, DECENT LIFE - for yourself and your children.

Now, I'm NOT advocating you go out there and commit acts of violence, as it's not necessary - we STILL HAVE the limited "freedoms" to take part in the electoral process. And don't let the system's provocateurs convince you, "Chicken Little", that it's "hopeless, all is lost - surrender, the systemites are too powerful". THAT'S a defeatist LIE! The system's power is CRUMBLING along with this nation's INFRASTRUCTURE - their power DEPENDS upon people "going along to get along", to SUBMIT but like this "Obama Care" scam, to FORCE people to HAVE to BUY "insurance" from the For-Profit Corporations, what HAPPENS when people DON'T, WON'T or CAN'T AFFORD the COSTS? IT FALLS APART! The Insurance Industry is already whining that not enough people are "signing up", and that the political whores ought to BAIL THEM OUT with TAX DOLLARS so that they can continue those BILLION DOLLAR BONUSES.

White men and women - WHEN is ENOUGH is ENOUGH? I've already made MY decision - WHAT'S YOURS? Get involved today!

Our children

by Steve Davenport

What's happened? America used to have such a sterling reputation, as the land that cared about its kids. In so many other countries, they treat badly their very own children. Kids overseas face hunger. Brazil has been known to hire off duty cops to kill street kids.

The US is no longer caring for its kids. Our children are back to facing hunger once again. This time though, there is no Great Depression. Just neglect. Our govt wants to eliminate social welfare programs. It feels that they promote laziness. The view of the rich ruling elite, is that if you can't cut it on your own, you must be lazy, and suffer. Our elite can't seem to make the psychic connection that without jobs, people can do nothing. They ignore the fact the sending jobs overseas, deprives Americans of a chance to support their families, hence starving children. Our govt wants to eliminate student loans. Their view is that if you can't afford college, oh well, your out of luck.

Since when has eating, and education been a mere privilege in this society? What about medical care? Right now medical care is a privilege because so many have no money. Kids go without care, because families literally can't afford it. Obama care is just a giveaway to the insurance industry. Instead of eliminating the middle man, Obama care enshrines it. Expect medical care to become chaotic, and remain expensive. God help our kids then. They get short shrift now. In future, our child mortality rate will rise, as care gets bogged down in bureaucratic crap.

In National Socialism, children are held in the highest regard. They are the future of the race, which is the highest moral duty of NS. As a footnote, Hitler liked children, and enjoyed their company. Just look at the newsreels from back then. You can't fake the enjoyment Hitler had with kids. I digress.

Our kids deserve far better then their getting. Starvation, and ignorance now, cannon fodder when they reach adult hood. This is Capitalism's gift to our kids. Misery. No future of any consequence. This is its more serious sin out of very many. How can YOU support a system that harms, or allows YOUR child to be harmed, and cheated, and treated like dirt. Is this really the future you want for your kids? Its all you can expect from a Capitalist system that is solely concerned about money. Money. A system that promotes greed, can NOT ever be caring. Our parents were fooled, but we should know better by now. We need a kid friendly system, that is kid caring, and child oriented. One that at least takes care of our kids, if not us adults. Children deserve every break in life, not to have their lives broken by poverty. Capitalism offers our kids a future of joblessness, and hopelessness, without any hope of proper food/medical/education. If Capitalism won't give us just the bare basics, why keep it?

Comrades, the Feb. issue of The White Worker magazine has been printed and mailed those Party Comrades whose sacrifices have made it possible. It is a very impressive issue, with even more color than the last. Feedback has been very positive, about both the QUALITY of printing as well as the informative, interesting articles that it contains. I urge you too get yours, and for those writers, to please continue your input of important informational writings.

In TWW you won't see pictures of soldiers of a long lost era. You won't read racial slurs, or ridiculous boasts of creating useless mayhem from the enemy's controlled media. What you will see is insightful information on issues concerning the average White man and woman - America's White Working Class - from a perspective of National Socialist revolutionary thinking. Like the old adage "you are what you eat" - well, your mind is also what information you feed it. Get a fresh outlook on life - without the garbage, pablum and filth that this system's media tries to force into your brain. It only will cost you a few bucks a month...and isn't reading something for once that you agree with, worth it?

Our operation is only able to "do" what YOU will allow it to DO - per your pledges, donations, and activism - like a mighty oak tree, that starts from a tiny acorn, so must our efforts be. Nothing worthwhile is ever "easy" nor "costless". The success of our National Socialist Struggle will depend upon those few who have the dedication that so many in today's world seem to lack.

Its easy to put on some costume and occasionally stomp around like fool in public, acting like one of the Village People for the benefit of the jews' media cameras. These types are not National Socialists; they're more like kids playing trick or treat, or better yet, cowboys and Indians. Does anyone honestly believe that if Adolf Hitler was around today, that he would approve of such childish antics? I'm sure that He, like us, would be incredibly embarrassed by these "re-enactors" and would wish that they would disappear and quit betraying His beliefs and ideas.

Comrades, IF we ARE true National Socialists - we MUST always - LIVE the LIVES of being a sincere, honorable Aryan. The kind of person that Adolf Hitler himself would admire and approve of. And being a National Socialist, we must recognize and hold dear to ourselves that statement that Adolf Hitler wrote so long ago in Mein Kampf - " OBSTACLES DO NOT EXIST TO BE SURRENDERED TO, BUT RATHER TO BE OVERCOME!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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