ANP Report for February 02, 2014

Racial Comrades: While there seems to be an over-abundance of self-styled "Mighty Poohbahs" out there, who are willing to "lead" the great Victory Parade - there are very few "TEACHERS" - I consider myself to be a teacher in regards to those who are willing to listen and consider my words and thoughts.

What I am about to relate, might sound unnecessary to many if not most of you - at least I HOPE so - since it seems to be only common sense, to myself. Yet with "this movement", and the continuous nonsense that it engages in - I often shake my head - wondering HOW such OBVIOUS stupid behavior, such as I'm going to discuss today could even occur.

I'm sure that many of you are aware of the recent attempt in SD, to "take over" a very small community by "racists" and turn it into a WN "Community". In the very beginning I voiced my opinion that this was bound to FAIL - and of course it did. Why? Its very simple. It was the people INVOLVED.

The person who launched this, was a "racist" named Craig Cobb. Reportedly, Cobb is a millionaire's son, who has never worked a day in his life, and who is used to pretty much having the money to gratify his ego, per his "role" as "racist activist". Despite having money, Cobb LOOKS like he lives under a bridge, with long shaggy hair and beard, and clothes that appear to have been tossed from the Goodwill... Perhaps his affluence has given him the attitude of "who cares", per his personal appearance, yet it sure poses a VERY POOR image of a "typical White racialist" in my eyes.

In any case Mr. Cobb went to this small town and started buying up empty properties located there. The town itself contains perhaps two dozen residents; it's pretty much a Ghost Town out in the middle of BF Egypt - but, the "plan" itself WAS perhaps DO-ABLE - IF, he would have used some COMMON SENSE. But, perhaps that's asking too much of this "movements" so-called "leaders" and "big thinkers"...

Cobb bought up about a dozen properties for basically peanuts, and then started handing them out to other "Mighty Poohbahs" that he's pals with, such as "nsm's" Jeffery Schoep, "Terrible Tommy Metzger" ( whom I would have thought knew better ), etc et al - hoping that they would send their followers into town to populate it as voting citizens. Cobb also went ANNOUNCING IT to the JEWS' MEDIA. BAD MOVE right off.

Number ONE - IF this was a SERIOUS endeavor, WHY give the ENEMY a HEADS-UP? Why not instead, do it QUIETLY and SLOWLY - working to build this "White Haven" with QUALITY folks? Then, Number TWO - he INVITES the WORST "representatives" of White Nationalism to hold a "rally" there - and WHO SHOWS UP? Why about a dozen of the Hollywierd-Nutzi, freakshow circus and co. - who SCARE the HELL out of the local residents, by their APPEARANCE and BEHAVIOR.

Now in all honesty, "I" wouldn't want most of these Bozo's as MY neighbors either - would YOU? So the community reacted as could be expected, considering even to the point of dissolving their city and merging with some other entity. Really well done guys!

Then, as the locals are outraged over these morons, Cobb and an "nsm" member who had a wife and three small children, are enticed by the "Mighty Kommander" to move from Washington state, and relocate as Cobb's first new "citizen". Btw, Cobb's "house" is a dilapidated wreck, with NO WATER, NO SEWAGE, etc. ( I understand that the city recently condemned it as unfit to live in...) and yet, THIS was the generosity as the "home" promised to this family by Cobb and Schoep - what wonderful "leaders" eh?

So Cobb and the "nsm" apparently decided to "up the ante" - by walking around the town, with loading long-guns - intimidating the unfriendly locals. What ever happened to "WINNING the HEARTS and MINDS" of the populace you desire to recruit? Duh. Along with this "activism" - the duo proceeded to post up the most "Hollywood Hater" style of signs all over, which endeared them even more with the locals. They attended "town meetings" where they were so belligerent that they were tossed out by the Sherriff...really smart move guys!

IF it wasn't for Little Richie-rich utilizing his own monies for this farce, I would suspect a system set-up - but, when you have such IMBECILES running around in "movementland" - who NEEDS the system to monkey-wrench anything?

Latest word is that Cobb, after appearing on a BLACK tv-show ( I wonder why media whore supreme Kommander Poop wasn't there too, as he just loves ANY KIND of opportunity of getting his mug in the jews-media...), Mr. Cobb and his single "nsm boots on the ground" - were ARRESTED on TERRORISM CHARGES per threatening the locals while armed, and the poor gullible bonehead's wife and kids were bussed out of town by the locals chipping in, as it gets COLD in ND in the winter and they felt COMPASSION for them, while the father sat in jail. Kinda sounds like the actions of DECENT White folks to ME. Too bad they had a sorry taste of "white racialism" forced into their lives, by the totally WRONG people to accomplish it...

So WHAT does this TEACH us? First, the "IDEA" is not a bad one, and COULD have been accomplished. IF first the properties had been purchased and REPAIRED, and KEPT UP. Next, IF the racialists MOVING there had been NORMAL LOOKING and ACTING folks. Folks who TOOK the TIME to "FIT IN" and made FRIENDS with the LOCALS. Folks who DIDN'T attempt right off the bat to FORCE their "BELIEFS onto the local population - utilizing the WORST "images" carefully built up over decades by our enemies to "turn off" White Americans like Pavlov's dogs.

Careful, HARD WORK - built on YEARS of effort - COULD have made this a SUCCESS. But, when you’re dealing with MEDIA WHORES like Cobb and Schoep - who prefer the "immediate temporary gratification" of "rallies, marches, etc" over actually BUILDING something credible and solid, which they ironically gauge by the amount of NEGATIVE "publicity" that ensues in the ENEMY’S MEDIA - what COULD you expect from the git-go?

What honestly amazes me, is that not ONE of these guys involved in this, had the GOOD SENSE to say to the others, that what they were doing was a cluster-f**k - not Cobb, nor Schoep, nor Metzger - NONE of THEM! Un-believable!

Is it any wonder "WHY" this so-called "movement" has been such a frigging JOKE for so many years? When you're "led" by costumed KLOWNS and pathological LOSERS - NO. I sincerely HOPE that that young man and his family has LEARNED SOMETHING from all this. I HOPE that we ALL have!

I have a feeling sometimes, that this "movement" gauges its so-called "leaders" - by HOW MUCH - (always negative) "PUBLICITY" that they get showered on them by the enemy's controlled media. I can't comprehend "WHY", because getting slimed by the jewish lies is not something that I'm eager to accumulate for the ANP. I much prefer being IGNORED than being CRAPPED UPON, as certainly I nor the Party feel COMPELLED to cater to "DOING" - "WHAT" - the ENEMY feels we NEED "do" to be "noticed". It must be some "ego" quirk to need attention, even if it's constantly filth that you're being covered in...

Well, have we all LEARNED our LESSON for today? IF you wish to be ACCEPTED by your community, and to gain and build INFLUENCE - you HAVE to make yourselves APPEALING to the members of that community. And apparently, the creatures involved in this sorry mess, were as UNAPPEALING to the residents of that little burg, and they are to ME! Lesson learned.

Way past time

by Steve Davenport

It is way past time we, the Aryans, did SOMETHING to help ourselves. Day in, and day out, we put up with ZOG's shit. WHY? Do you people out there enjoy being treated like crap? Enjoy being made fools of? How can we, the once proud white Aryan race, continue to let our corporations, with govt connivance, ship our jobs overseas wholesale. This is nuts. We're letting our chance for a decent life be taken from us. Is silence going to save you. No. So why be silent. We need to face facts, that even if we walk on our knees, nothing is going to save us. Our rich ruling elite is determined to make profits, and it doesn't care if the common folk are left high and dry. If you people out there think by being passive, you'll save yourselves, you are wrong. Your being good little drones, and still losing your livelihoods. My God, Congress is a millionaires club. Do you really expect them to save you. Even give a damn about you. Our official unemployment rate is 7.2%. Its come down, but NOT by job creation, but by people losing hope, and giving up and leaving the job search. People giving up looking for work. How is that good for the country. Obviously, very many people feel its hopeless looking for work, because jobs continue to be outsourced. People are no longer seeking work, because they feel they'll lose out to an illegal immigrant who will work for next to nothing. People who have stopped trying to find a job, because of the fact that if they're white, they'll lose out to a non white who has the protection and support of race quotas behind them.

We white Aryans need to unite. Work together, as we once did. Work for ourselves, to save ourselves. No one is going to help us, but us. We need to unite, as in joining the ANP. We need to work together to help ourselves as in giving generously in donations to the ANP. We need to work for ourselves, being giving out literature for the ANP. The pro white message of National Socialism, is just that. Pro white. This is why our govt, try's at every turn to prevent our message dissemination. They want you a good little drone, who they can use and abuse. White people shouldn't be ZOG's whipping posts. We should be running the show. Do you really expect mercy, and compassion from a liar/weakling like Obama, and all the non white masters who will come after him? This system is crap, and gives out crap, and will be crap always ad infinitum. Get real. Get on the National Socialist band wagon. The ANP is the only political party with a pro white message. Read it. Compare it to all the others. Who is on YOUR side? If you choose the ANP, then help it. It needs your time, and money. What it doesn't need is non-stop complaining, with no action. Deeds over words. Support the party that supports you. Enough of this mindless passivity. Do something. For your kids, if not for yourself.

Comrades, many of you have received the Jan issue of The White Worker magazine. It is VERY impressive in my eyes. Not only was it 28 pages, but FULL COLOR throughout! I am most happy that the ANP has totally entered into this PROFESSIONAL stage of our work. Over time, ALL of our hard-copy media will be reproduced in this highly professional manner - we have already produced our "White Power" bumper stickers in tri-color and they look great! As well, being inked, instead of "toner-printed" as previously done - they will stand up to the weather much better as well.

My current goal, is to PROFESSIONALIZE the organization as thoroughly as possible - this is a wonderful "first step". I sincerely thank all those whose dedication and sacrifice made this possible!

Once more, I would like to mention that 2014 is an ELECTION YEAR - and we strongly encourage all of you to at least seriously CONSIDER campaigning in a LOCAL OFFICE race in your area. You do NOT have to campaign as an "open" NS/WN - in fact, we suggest that you DON'T. Simply campaign as a WHITE MAN or WOMAN - with your personal IDEALS per your platform. The Party has an Advisory Board available to assist your efforts - contact us - and we will be happy to work with you, if we can.

Comrades, this year is off to a great start, lets KEEP the MOMENTUM - GOING and GROWING!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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