ANP Report for January 12, 2014

Racial Comrades: Well folks, here it is the year 2014 - and has anything CHANGED - ah, for the BETTER that is? Well, NOW you HAVE to buy "health insurance" from the greedy Judeo-Capitalists, or face a BIG FINE from what is supposedly "YOUR GOVERNMENT". Now THAT'S a "new thing" isn't it? Somehow the GOVERNMENT fining its citizens as a penalty for not buying a "product", sold to make FAT PROFITS for the already obscenely wealthy, that the persons involved feel that they cannot AFFORD - does go a bit over my head!

BUT, as for with so many of the NEGATIVE aspects of today's existence in this toilet-bowl for White Working Class Americans - and I've said it before, many times - YOU GET WHATEVER YOU ALLOW to be done to you. And in this present day, sick society of "sports fans", and consumers of CHINESE JUNK, led like the zombies of the living dead towards the endless drone of - "I WANT MORE, I NEED MORE, I MUST HAVE MORE...!" The ranks of the brain-dead WORK for LESS, EXPECT lower QUALITY, and GET IT - while racking up DEBT further and further to the bleeding blood-suckers with their "easy credit" INTEREST SLAVERY schemes, trying to "out-do" the next fool with the latest gimmick or gadget that the Judeo-Capitalist propaganda machine ( advertising ) convinces them that they just HAVE to HAVE.

WHEN are these types EVER satisfied? It's obvious that today's "service/shelf-life" of 99.9% of products out there, are NOT built to LAST - as were past generation items made back in the "Old Days". No, today's "goods and services" come off the boat, already expiring from Day One, so that you basically "HAVE" to buy a replacement much sooner than before... Folks, are "THEY" really that CLEVER - or, are WE really that STUPID?

Consider your Boob-Tube - once you could buy a cheap TV, take it home and plug it in, and you had garbage to fill your mind with when you were bored. Admittedly, "back in the day" - much of these shows such as Gunsmoke, Leave it to Beaver, and Gilligan's Island were basically "harmless", and you could sit down with your family and enjoy a few hours of entertainment without it being filled with sex, nudity, obscenity, and mindless, repetitive VIOLENCE... Etc, et al. But, you didn't HAVE to pay for it, beyond the set - the COMMERCIALS paid for the programs.

Now, some greedy Judeo-Capitalist felt that "free" sounded pretty lame and created a NEW scam - CABLE TV. Oh, you could have thousands of programs of garbage to chose from - IF - you BOUGHT cable - and so many did, but there was STILL that old-fashioned "FREE TV" available.... UNTIL, "your" government in collusion with the greedy Judeo-Capitalists decided that it was time for EVERYONE to HAVE to BUY CABLE TV - and pulled "free tv" from being available.

People, do we see a PATTERN here evolving? Is the SYSTEM - CONTROLLING - YOUR LIVES more and MORE, beyond YOUR control? Am I getting ANY reaction out there in the "Twilight Zone"? Being an Old Man ( I'll be 62 in Feb. ) I remember an old TV show similar to the Twilight Zone, called the Outer Limits, I believe. It started off with an spooky voice stating from the beginning "We control your screen, we control what you see and hear..." or something similar. Gee, isn't THAT pretty much what we've come to? All they forgot to add, was - "For a price!".

ALL of the wonderful "things" that we "experience" TODAY - I'm being sarcastic folks - STARTED OFF SLOWLY, like the lobster in the pot of water. Only thing is - so many sat there, instead of jumping the hell out of the pot!

Comrades, we're NOT par-boiled YET - but, we're sure turning beet-red. WHEN are YOU going to decide to CLIMB OUT of that hot water and RESIST? WHEN are YOU going to QUIT doing the "EASY THING" - go along to get along - and START DOING the RIGHT THING?

Whether you and yours gets eaten alive by the voracious greedy, appetite of the NEVER satisfied Judeo-Capitalists and their hunger for more, more, MORE - is up to ONE person - YOU! I strongly suggest that you decide to OPT-OUT of this evil society, and instead GET-INVOLVED in the RESISTANCE!

The National Socialist Resistance SUCCEEDS - ONE person at a time. Will YOU be that person?

Community VS self

by Steve Davenport

Remember the good old days, when things worked and functioned in our society? Not the total dysfunctionalism we have now. That's because our country was based on a spirit of community. Not self. Community. The good of the whole. How can we expect a society based on self to work well? Certainly not fairly. The corruption we have now, is because Americans are encouraged to think only of themselves. The good of the community is ignored. How can somebody selfish, be expected to be caring and generous? Just doesn't fly. ZOG wants everybody out for themselves. This weakens the body politic, because everyone is against everyone. Everyone is too busy battling everyone to care what happens. Only in a spirit of community is there real strength.

Our Congress, is literally a millionaires club. Do you really expect them to feel for the little guy? With self dominating American thinking, how can this collection of millionaires be anything but a collection of bastards out only for themselves? Our current political system is made up of political opportunists. They represent not our society, but the dominate idea of looking out solely for one's self. Hence the greed/corruption that infects us.

The Great Depression, and Great Recession, were based on personal greed. Reckless investing, just to make a few extra bucks. The bailout of the Great Recession, 700 billion bucks worth, were greedy people in political power, saving greedy people in the financial industry. The common people said no, but our rulers care only for their own pockets, and so proceeded. It wrecked our economy, but our so-called representatives no doubt were getting big rewards for doing so. It's the American way these days. We need a change of belief in this country. A system that says self is wrong, and community is the highest ideal. National Socialism stands for the racial folk community. The whole is important, the self, not so much. Unless we change to a society-friendly system, our society will continue to slide down the slope of corruption and decay. Great changes can be made in American society, but the first step is the return of the belief in community, and the rejection of self as the highest goal.

The ANP is fighting to change minds/beliefs. It wants a society based on the racial folk community state. Selfishness has no place. Help it. Donate to it. Become a supporter. Haven't you had enough of the depravity that has become American society? School buses have to take kids right to their front door, because of the fear they'll be kidnapped or killed. Every day, the media has some corruption scandal story. Our rich ruling elite are constantly wanting to jump into some war, regardless of the feelings of the common people. Our rulers are perfectly willing to leave us uneducated, and free to die of disease, because they only care about what benefits them, and that the common people are unimportant, and not worth the expense of financial help programs.

Examine your surroundings. How good are things? Is everything great as people think of only their own welfare, or would things be far better, if everyone worked together caring for each other? If you wish to join the racial folk community, then donate to the ANP. Give out literature to help spread the good word, and change minds. Give your kids the gift of a united, determined society that is dedicated to the one goal of taking care of its people. Free yourself, and especially your kids, of a society whose mantra is screw the other guy. Change can come if we will it. Unity of people, with unity of purpose can achieve our freedom from the evil of selfishness. Hasn't there been enough suffering from people whose gospel is self?

Comrades, some News from the Frontlines - Yes! Due to those Comrades who put the Party ahead of "another present" that is probably already collecting dust, or is broken - we have acquired an excellent, new FULL COLOR copy machine for our organization! This will allow us to, for the first time, produce very PROFESSIONAL hard-copy materials, including The White Worker magazine. The Jan. issue, will not only be a combined, larger issue, but will be printed beautifully in color through-out.

I can only say most sincerely, how much I am grateful to those who helped to make this possible. I'll be honest here and state that I was very worried that we wouldn't accomplish this vital goal, especially because of the "time of year" that our difficulties fell upon us, but I guess that I hadn't truly counted upon the true spirit of those National Socialists who are a part of the ANP. I'm sorry for any misguided "lack of faith" in you, and your steadfast dedication towards our mutual goals of attaining those 14Words as well as Social Justice for the White Working Class...

As well, the Party has a beginning "line-up" of people who have pledged to get involved in political campaigning this election year. If you yourself are seriously interested in campaigning for local office, NOT as an "OPEN NS", but as simply a White man or woman who has NS values - please get in touch with us ASAP, so we can possibly assist your efforts. Remember, NO EFFORT = NOTHING GAINED. In this country, local politics is similar to a lottery - just get YOUR NAME on a BALLOT and who knows?

Isn't THAT "what" we're SUPPOSED to be ALL ABOUT? The ANP is NOT a costumed, fantasy, reenactor club - we ARE a White peoples' political Party. Lets leave the "movement" floundering around in the past, acting like scripted clowns from a Hollywood comedy, while WE pave the way FORWARD into the REAL WORLD of PRACTICAL political activism!

The year 2014 , COULD be, CAN be the "breakout year" for NS/WN Struggle in America. Join our efforts!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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