ANP Report for November 06, 2013

Racial Comrades, well the November, 2013 election cycle is over, and once again - there were NO - that's ZERO folks - NS/WN candidates taking part. NO real choices for those angry people out there, who ARE fed up 101% with the "two party" swindle. That's SAD folks. That's unacceptable.

Instead there is still a smattering of the "usual" nonsense, that passes as "activism" in this so-called "racial movement" - you know, the tiny street-walks of a handful of (usually) costumed caperers, OR the pitiful media-whoring in front of the controlled jew's-media cameras for STUNTS like "creating white take-overs of small towns" - by bozos who present such a poor presentations of themselves, through their own personal appearances, conduct, and in fact - their own personal lifestyles - that a busload of Somali refugee's might be preferable to them, as "new neighbors"!

For years now, I have been putting forth the message that not only is it TIME - but long overdue - that NS/WN - GET OUT of the business of being ludicrous circus clowns and street performers, and INSTEAD start to SERIOUSLY focus on getting involved in REAL POLITICS.

Here in my town, the Mayor ran UN-OPPOSED. The City Council seats were once again battled about, for a seat at the table - by the "SAME OLD" names. Hell, in DETROIT - a "WHITE MAN" (White as in having a pale face...) - WON as Mayor, in a totally BLACK city! (I still can't figure that one out, as he won in the primary as a "write in" candidate) Yet, my "detractors" say - "why bother, we can't win" - yeah, we CAN'T win, IF we never, ever, even TRY.

Now, I'm NOT saying that you should campaign at this time as an "Open NS or WN" - in fact, I strongly suggest that you DON'T. You CAN have "whatever platform" you might wish - but, once again - I strongly suggest that you DON'T come across as some "extremist" who "hates XYZ" or who wants to recreate the holohoax.... I'm sure you get my meaning. We're NOT looking for the NEGATIVE "publicity" - that many of these morons in "the movement" seem to cherish and go out of their way to receive as Big-Bad-Boogiemen. No! Instead, for ONCE in our lives - lets campaign on WHAT we REALLY believe and hold dear in our hearts and minds. Lets cut out the "role" of being Hollywood Extras in some enemy inspired anti-NS/WN propaganda movie - and ACT like we REALLY are!

Of course, I'm directing these suggestions to people LIKE myself, and hopefully YOURSELF - who ARE - NORMAL, DECENT Aryans - who are "in this" , NOT out of "HATE" for "OTHERS", but out of LOVE for OUR FOLK. I realize of course, as no doubt you do s well - that our Struggle IS contaminated by REJECTS, DYSFUNCTIONALS, LOSERS, BUMS, and MENTALLY MIS-GUIDED individuals who relish the part of being a costumed "boogieman" as scripted by the jews and their lackeys. But, THAT'S NOT US. We desperately NEED to TAKE our Cause BACK! We need to wrench it out of the hands of those creatures who DISTORT our IMAGE, and whom the enemy loves to hold up to the masses - as supposedly "TYPICAL" National Socialists and White Nationalists.

In the NS film "Triumph of the Will", Hitler himself speaks of "those in our ranks who are NOT one of us, needing to be purged..." - and we face a very similar situation. Until our Cause QUITS acting like the ENEMY prefers we act, thus SMEARING OURSELVES - we have only ourselves to BLAME for not connecting with the masses, as we OUGHT to be able to do!

How do we do this? It's VERY simple. QUIT accepting every featherless biped who seeks entry within our ranks, as a "brother or sister", IF they DON'T measure up to OUR standards. Just as you would cast out like the plague, anyone who talks illegal nonsense (if you're not a fool, looking to get entrapped by ZOG's stooges) - correct the BEHAVIOR of anyone who tries acting like a HOLLYWIERD NUTZI in a calm, but firm educational manner, but then if they STILL insist on playing the role of "Obersturmfuhrer Belch, the Beast of Belsen" - FLUSH this turd down the toilet where he/she BELONGS. Slapping on a Swastika, and shrieking "Sieg Heil" in everyone's faces, does NOT mean that one is a sincere National Socialist. Sometimes they ARE "misguided" - misled by the enemy propaganda "image" of "how" a "Nazi should act" - but, it is OUR DUTY to correct them. IF they're incorrigible "Look at ME!" fantasists, who KNOW NOTHING about, and CARE NOTHING about our National Socialist IDEOLOGY, and are only out to SHOCK or INTIMIDATE people - Flush'em!

At this present time - we NEED - QUALITY not QUANTITY in our personnel. NORMAL men and women should be OUR norm. As I'm sure a fair number of you already know - a FEW good Comrades, who ARE willing to do the WORK, make the necessary SACRIFICES, and CAN always be COUNTED UPON - are worth MORE - than a score of drones and hobbyists. BUT, just ONE Hollywierd-Nutzi "doing his thing" - can UNDO all of the positive efforts, in the blink of an eye. Once again, WORK ALONE if need be, before "hooking up" with an obvious loser - just to have another "warm body" filling a chair. IF you do eventually succeed in recruiting a GOOD INDIVIDUAL, who has joined for all the right reasons, you honestly run the chance of LOSING that individual, by forcing him to have to rub shoulders with someone whom he despises (understandably so) as a piece of human waste.

Next year, 2014, will be another CHANCE for NS/WN to step up to the plate and to put their NAMES on the BALLOT. Like the Lotto - you can't WIN - if you don't play. In most cases it only requires collecting some signatures, or a small filing fee. How much, or how little you PUT INTO your campaign, is of course up to YOU. The MORE that you DO - the better your chances. People of ALL races in this nation are getting totally FED-UP with this Judeo-Capitalist system AND its political whore, talking head, sock-puppets. Folks, at LEAST it's a healthy ALTERNATIVE to the USUAL NONSENSE that exists with-in the "movement" as it stands.

Lets take a page out of the enemy's (successful) playbook - and slowly "worm our way into SOME power" - at the attainable LOCAL level. Let's BUILD a BASE across America, that perhaps CAN be built upon, in the future.

IF the Klan (and all the other "look at me" fools) had - instead of Rallying in the cow pastures across the South in the 1960's - had INSTEAD directed ALL of their efforts into gaining real POLITICAL CONTROL and POWER, instead of relying on LYING political whores, giving them a "wink and a nod", all the while SELLING them OUT...America today might be quite a different place to exist in. But, I guess HARD political WORK, wasn't as much "fun" as playing dress-up, and "acting" like "bad-asses".

The Bottom line IS - we ALL KNOW - that we cannot TRUST any of these political whores out there. NOT ONE. No matter what "crumbs" or "winks and nods" they MIGHT throw our way - they NEVER HAVE nor will they EVER - be sincerely FOR the White Folk. "WE", the White Folk do not have ONE political figure that gives a damn about us. They never have, and as long as we are impotent as a political entity, - they never will! They have ALL sold out to the Powers That Be - in order to suck on the systems teat - and GET AHEAD by GOING LONG - with our peoples demise.

The ONLY - REAL OPTION - is for US to GET INVOLVED, in obtaining some POLITICAL POWER, no matter "how small" for OUR people. Nothing else will work, no matter how "feel good" it might be.

If you feel that you might be willing to get involved in real, political efforts, ala campaigning next year - CONTACT US - we can advise and help you...

There is an old saying that this country was devised by geniuses, but is ruled by idiots. How very true. It's painfully apparent that Obama is a totally weak, empty, sorry excuse for a man. He can't make a decision to save his life. Rather than take action, that he says we should, he dumps it on Congress to make the decision for him. Disgraceful. What the hell is he president for then? Notice how Congress talks that it wants peace, but when a peace plan comes along, they're angry and suspicious. Notice too, how the hawks are for the most part, people who have never gotten anywhere near a battlefield. I have no doubt, that our so called "representatives", are just following Israel's instructions. Its much too coincidental that all our wars against Islam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now probably Syria, happen to be enemies of Israel.

All this saber rattling, while our very own American people are starving. Yes, starving. A new poll has come out, that 1 in 5 adults can't afford to put food on the table. They and their families are going hungry. Hunger in America! We sure don't hear the media trumpeting that one. They did harp about it in the sixties, but that was about black hunger. Now that it's whites who are hungry, it's ignored. Our rulers would much rather war across the world, then feed their own people. Horrible.

National Socialism has taken it on the chin from 1945 on. It's called evil, and many other insults that can't be put into print. Well, guess what, it's a better system then what we've got. Far better. National Socialism believes in defense of the racial state, period. No military adventurism. No trying to force other cultures to be like itself, unlike Communism and Capitalism continue to do. Hitler welcomed Degrelle's efforts to adapt NS to Belgian Walloon conditions. He was angry that Moseley, the British NS leader, just copied him, without trying to adapt it to British needs. No, NS only cares about defending the homeland. No empire building. NS is denigrated as evil, and blood thirsty. Yet it resists war, while our Capitalist system relishes it. National Socialism sure wouldn't let its people starve. To NS, the race is uppermost. All things are to be done to help it, NEVER harm it. Our current system is only too glad to let its own people starve. 700 billion dollars in bailout money, to help reckless greedy rich Capitalists out of a jam. Yet we common white people are being left to starve, because there is supposedly no money to feed them. Money for bailouts and wars, but not to feed the people. We're being left jobless, while our rich ruling elite sends our jobs overseas, the better to make a bigger buck. Our unions are being allowed to die, as jobs go overseas, and jobs at home are taken by illegal immigrants, who work for peanuts, and no benefits. They want to shut down govt programs like Medicare and Social Security because there is no money. Yet we continue to dole out foreign aid to every shit hole country on the planet. NS believes in caring for its greatest resource: its people. Which system is really truly evil?

I'm disgusted and fed up. Are you? If not, then go and slowly die, as our masters don't care. If yes, then DO something. Send donations to the ANP. Help it in its great task, of combating the corrupt, evil system we live under. If we don't change our system, our children face a very bleak future. War, and hunger. Is this what we really want for ourselves, and them? HELP! Lives are at risk. Not in some future, but right here, right now!

Comrades, the "holiday season" is fast closing upon us, what with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year - all draining your financial resources, making those kosher cash registers gaily ring, and the Judeo-Capitalists bank accounts grow fatter and fatter. While you're putting a big smile on Izzy Goldenbloomers face, as he chortles "What a friend we have in Jesus..." let me humbly remind you that the fight for those 14WORDS and SOCIAL JUSTICE for the White Working Class - YOU and YOURS - still carries on. I won't dare request that you put those items at the TOP of your PRIORITY LIST - but, I do HOPE that they won't be FORGOTTEN entirely either. Nov-Dec-Jan have unfortunately always been "lean months" for the National Socialist movement's struggle, its strange, but that's how it stands. And being so, it always sets the Party back, having to TRY and springboard a New Year without the hoped for, and needed funds of a quarter of a year, not being available.

Please consider YOUR organizations needs, we're fighting for YOU and without YOUR $upport - who else can we count upon?

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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