ANP Report for October 16, 2013

Racial Comrades: Every "1st World" nation ( White nations ) on planet earth HAS a National Health Care policy, that is paid through the peopleís taxes - and they cover ALL the needs of their citizens - EXCEPT the Jew-S-of-A. WHY?

Everyone with a working brain realizes that this current Judeo-Capitalist scheme posing as "Obama-Care" - is nothing more or less - than MAKING the populace BUY "medical insurance" from the Corporate Powers that...SELL IT. Yep, under this present SYSTEM - you HAVE to BUY IT! WHY? Well, to make the corporate entities MORE and MORE big PROFITS. And you somehow think that this current evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalism racket is working for YOUR - the LITTLE GUYS - benefit? What, are you INSANE?

Whatís NEXT? Letís say you don't own a car, you live where you don't NEED or WANT one - BUT, the auto industry desires more and bigger PROFITS - will you eventually be REQUIRED to buy one? And like this current "Health Care" abomination, IF you DON'T - you'll face bigger and BIGGER..."FINES" if you don't comply. Too bad. IF you simply would love to have decent health care coverage, but you simply CANNOT AFFORD it, because youíre POOR, ( what, poor White people? WTF ) this "caring" SYSTEM will bleed you with FINES, you can't afford taken from your small budget either...GOD BLESS AMEREEKA, eh!

TRUE Health Care should/would be FREE for a nationís citizens - paid for by OUR tax dollars - gee, what a NOVEL IDEA, actually USING the MONIES collected FROM US - FOR US! Of course, that would mean LESS for the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, and their corrupt pals in government to WASTE killing people around the globe, as a great example. Can't have THAT though!

The Detroit News recently carried a headline article about how 146,000 ( probably more ) citizens are LOSING their CHEAPER insurance, that they already have - to HAVE to go into the systems FORCED insurance SCAM. Yes, if their current policies "don't cover all the essential benefits" of the current scheme - they are going to be dropped, and FORCED to BUY into this so-called "Obama-Care" at ( of course ) HIGHER COSTS to the holder.

Gary Plasko of Walled Lake, a longtime Insurance agent, stated that he received notice that his $381 a month policy was being ended, and after searching he found a Blue-Cross policy for $550, but it has a $6,350 "DEDUCTABLE"! His current policy has ZERO "deductible. Josh Mulder of Wixom had a policy of $291 a month; on the "Health Exchange" the new policy will be around $762.06 a month. Mr. Plasko calls Obama-Care: "...itís the un-affordable care act"! I wonder if HE'S ready to "RESIST"? Somehow, I doubt it...

Also, IF a person "makes too much money" - they will NOT get any "VOUCHERS" - to "help pay some of the costs" of this FORCED insurance scheme! White America - WHEN are you going to GROW a SET - and understand that this nation and its government are NOT "representing" YOUR best interests? YOU are nothing more than a WAGE SLAVE to be SHEARED by the 1%ers!

I really wonder WHAT would HAPPEN - IF - the American people, simply REFUSED to "buy into" this scam, and refused to pay any "FINES" either? Just think on it, TENS of MILLIONS - perhaps MORE - NOT "going along, to get along,Ē for ONCE in their pathetic lives - and UNITED, said in one hell of a collective voice - NO!!! No, too many will just amble along to get sheared like the sheep that they've become. Another domino towards becoming the SLAVES that the 1% intend them to be...

Once, OUR PEOPLE were a MIGHTY race of people. They really WERE "superior" folk, who walked the earth. Today, White Americans on the whole are the most slack-jawed, mouth-breathers that ever stumbled along doing their very best to "be" good little Zog Zombies. PC PARASITES existing on the dung-hill of the most putrid society that ever existed in mankindís history. They are nothing MORE or LESS than WILLING SLAVES - to the Powers that Be!

George Lincoln Rockwell, long ago once asked - "WHITE MAN, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT"? And THAT was back in the 1960's. And just LOOK at how LOW the once "Mighty White Man" has come to. There is no "White Supremacy" of ANY kind, any longer - I'm afraid that any HONEST observer would HAVE to state that "the white man, and woman" - unlike their "inferior" colored brethren across the globe - have become by and large, the most SUBSERVIENT COLLECTION of featherless bipeds that their Masters could breed them to be. Their "HERO'S" are "SPORTS STARS" ( you know, grown adults who make MILLION$ playing kids games ) , or SLEAZY "PEOPLE MAGAZINE" types Ė THATíS who they admire and desire to emulate in todayís sick society.

Are YOU one of those, or do you FIGHT the SYSTEM and all of its decay, with ALL of YOUR might and resources? DO YOU - DO ANYTHING, - to repel the EVIL that infects our people and our land? LOOK in the MIRROR when you answer that question....

Leaders VS Clowns.
by Steve Davenport

Are we a nation led by leaders, or just a bunch of clowns led by fools? This govt shutdown is yet another example of the foolishness, and futility of this system. From the Watergate circus, to the national embarrassment of the Clarence Thomas hearings, to this current disaster, we continue to have ample proof that this system is corrupt, and totally incompetent. Nothing is done without idiocy to the max. The world follows us at present, because we're their paymaster. As we go broke, and can no longer dish out the bucks, we can expect the world to wipe us from their collective shoe. Who wants to follow a pack of idiots? Our so called leaders are just the PAID flunkies of the ruling mega Capitalist elite. For them, itís what their paymasters want, that they do. Never is anything done simply for the sake of the country. How can you cut off govt spending when so many depend on govt aid for their very existence and survival? If the ruling rich elite didn't outsource our jobs, workers would be able to support themselves, and they wouldn't need govt aid. As a nation, we have a right to honest, competent leadership. Instead we get these constant comedy shows that demonstrate all too clearly, that we're led by a bunch of buffoons. Isn't it considered tyrannical for a govt to turn its back on its own people? Yet ours does constantly. Our govt would rather go off and fight Islam, like now in Somalia, then take care of the needs of its own people. Our govt should have as its priorities the health and education needs of its people uppermost and on its need to do list. Instead they want to do away with college student loans, and national health care. This is truly sad. Even sadder is the fact that the American people just sit back and take it. Day in, and day out.

A National Socialist govt would never, ever, be in the situation our current Capitalist govt is in. NS values the race. The welfare of the people is where it begins, and ends. You'd never see an NS govt shut down. Nowhere near it. It would be open morning, noon, and night, seeing to the needs of the people, i.e. race. To NS, the racial folk community is its top priority, and a happy healthy race its utmost goal. Idiotic political squabbling would be totally alien to it. YOU, the white Aryan, your care would be its sacred, solemn duty. Is this what our kids can look forward to? Our grandkids? A govt of constant bickering, where nothing gets done, except to have govt do less and less towards the care of its own people? We need a change. Desperately. Help the ANP work toward the goal of the racial state. Help with donations. Help with your time giving out lit. HELP! Our current system has shown it is dedicated to only more partisan bickering that accomplishes nothing. The ANP wants to bring in an NS system that gets things done. That takes care of you and yours. Enough of this political farce. Time for a system that cares for the race, first, foremost, and always.

Comrades, the Oct, The White Worker magazine has been printed ( 20 pages this issue! ) and will be in the mails shortly. I sincerely hope that we can send it to you - of course, that means sending in those pesky little "pledge slips"....oh damn. Old Rock just HAS to bring THAT up again.... Maybe the Party ought to invest in buying Lotto Tickets, rather than expecting White people to "Do the White/Right Thing"? Sorry folks, that was a sorry-ass joke... After all, everyone KNOWS that the "White Revolution" will be bought with pocket change, and be over on a weekend that doesn't interfere with the Superbowl Game, of course being successfully carried out by that world famous "Other Guy". He must be some comic book

Btw, have you heard about this "Daniel Sandler" ( sounds kinda jewish, eh? ) who liked dressing up in an "Elmo" costume and rant about "JEWS" in Time Square etc - getting arrested for "threatening the Girl Scouts"? I wonder how many people this creature infected with "these anti-semites are all nuts" way of thinking... Well, it gave me a clever idea too - you know how so many "movementites" really love CALLING IN on these various radio talk shows out there, and trying to "DEBATE" the (usually kosher or reactionary) hosts, and getting made fools of? Well, how about INSTEAD - they PRETENDED that they were RABID JEWS - and said all sorts of ANTI-WHITE WORKER type nonsense, of course DECLARING their JEWISHNESS and HATE for ARYAN MANKIND! Wouldn't THAT give the listeners something to think about! And them being the Chosen One's, the hosts would hardly dare cut THEM off the air..."Black Propaganda" folks, itís time we started using our heads...

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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