ANP Report for October 01, 2013

Racial Comrades: Often I write things that make folks "uncomfortable", and or "shock them" by what I believe to simply be the blunt, honest, TRUTH - instead of the "comfortable" PABLUM that is usually fed to people, by the run-of-the-mill talking heads out there.

Today is going to be no different, so if you are looking forward to hearing some "Rah-Rah, we got'em on the run boys!" nonsense - well, perhaps you ought to go back to your video games...

Often, I hear from people who ask "why" isn't the WN "Movement" doing as well as the Golden Dawn movement in Greece? How are THEY so popular, actually WINNING ELECTIONS, and even conducting "Social Programs" for their fellow Aryan Greeks? How is it possible, that OVER THERE in Greece, Golden Dawn can turn out - unlike here in America, where a couple DOZEN people is a "BIG" affair - TENS of THOUSANDS of people marching with discipline in the streets?

Well, I have been in contact with several leading representatives of the Golden Dawn organization for the past few months, and have had discussions about these very facts, as well as others which I will not make public at the present time...

They were confused and astounded by the "state of the American Movement" as I related to them my observations, thinking that BECAUSE of America's wealth and technological advantages - that American WN would be far more successful than unfortunately we are. Like most people on planet earth, they have been taken in by the "façade" and not the substance of the American Struggle - which bluntly is a total HOLLOW SHELL - more of a BOOGYMAN of MEDIA CREATION than any kind of a "REAL THREAT" to anyone or anything - except to perhaps a few who are more of a danger to THEMSELVES by their silly, irresponsible actions and behavior.

Through my discussions, several things were made clear to me of the DIFFERENCE between our European Comrades, and OURSELVES. The "REASONS" for THEIR SUCCESS - and OUR continuous FAILURE have become CLEAR - unfortunately, CRYSTAL CLEAR. And it comes down to basically THIS - it's the PEOPLE INVOLVED.

Golden Dawn is NOT some new "flash in the pan" that suddenly blossomed full-blown, like Venus out of the sea - its been battling for several decades now - to arrive where it is at present. Throughout this period, it has EVOLVED from a "dissident, protest group" - into what NEEDS to OCCUR here - a POLITICAL organization, that actually engages in POLITICAL ELECTIONEERING. Once it became MORE than just a "voice in the streets" - people began to take them SERIOUSLY - and their REAL success story began to occur. To the point, where we ENVY their success, and "WISH" - “if only it could happen here!” Yeah, WISH....

I'll tell you "WHY" they are a SUCCESS STORY - and "WE", the American White National movement, are such a FLOP - it's the PEOPLE INVOLVED. Over there - if GD calls for their adherents to COME to a GATHERING, or a DEMONSTRATION - THEY SHOW UP. Unlike HERE, their Comrades actually BELIEVE strongly enough that THEY make it a PRIORITY over whatever ELSE is going on in their lives - to SHOW UP. WOW! What admirable COMMITMENT to what so many here in the U.S. only give lip-service to...

Of course, WINNING ELECTIONS takes MONEY - ANYTHING in life COSTS a "PRICE" if it's seriously WORTHWHILE - and do you know what? GD has NO - that's ZERO folks - "WEALTHY MONEY BAGS" in their pockets. Except for a few moderately well-off Patriots - they are funded BY their Party Comrades who actually PUT their MONEY where their mouths are. One GD Comrade whom I talked with, had actually SOLD his HOME to help finance GD operations, and now lives with his family. HERE, it's like pulling teeth to get a FEW measly jew-bucks pried out of the hands of most folks, who seem to think that price of a pack of smokes or a case of beer was a HUGE SACRIFICE - "and don't ask me for MORE, too soon guys...".

Gee, actually having people who DON'T "forget" to HONOR their pledges, or feel "too upset" by being asked to "go a little extra" for what we all CLAIM is a LIFE and DEATH situation for our Race ( remember those 14Words? ) is unbelievable, isn't it? I'm going to be BLUNT once AGAIN folks, so you MIGHT want to AVERT YOUR EYES - I seriously DOUBT that there is ANYONE who couldn't MAKE their MEASLY PLEDGE of 33 Cents a Day for ANY "reason". They just don't feel like it. Unlike the GD members, their SO-CALLED "dedication/beliefs" aren't at the TOP of the PRIORITY list, when it comes to having to actually SACRIFICE some "goodie" that gives them a little momentary pleasure. Sad isn't it? Instead of stopping at that "fast food" joint, and going home and eating a peanut-butter sandwich and using the saved money for the STRUGGLE that you SUPPOSEDLY rant about... - what else can I say?

So in summation we have - (A) LACK of COMMITMENT in American WN, unlike GD - to bother to SERIOUSLY - GET INVOLVED in the Struggle, like THEIR adherents DO. (B) Removing the WN Movement OUT of FANTASYLAND of the COSTUMES and silly "street theater" STUNTS, geared towards posing for the jews-media and their ALWAYS negative "publicity" - and instead, ACTING like the GD does - like REAL POLITICAL Activists, involved in REAL POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING. and (C) Putting the SO-CALLED "CAUSE" - BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE in your life, or at LEAST up there on the TOP of your personal PRIORITY LIST!

Look I've been "in this" since 1967, when I first joined Lincoln Rockwell's ANP, at the age of 16. I'm TIRED of being involved in a FLOP - and I can assure you that things haven't gotten any BETTER; this whole society has gone into the TOILET, and it stinks worse every day! I want to see it FLUSHED! How about YOU? How BAD does it HAVE to GET - before we all take it SERIOUSLY? WHEN will YOU in all blunt HONESTY decide that YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE - is worth MORE than the newest plastic garbage that you can REALLY, - YES, YOU CAN - do without, so that you CAN finance YOUR "Cause" to the point where it CAN become a SERIOUS, VIABLE POLITICAL ENTITY?

Personally, I'm getting older, and I'm getting extremely tired of putting everything on the line, for a people who apparently treat this "SITUATION" as if it was some kind of a "hobby" or God only knows what. I shouldn't HAVE to "ASK" you to DO what the Comrades of Golden Dawn apparently "DO" without any qualms or "begging". There are MANY good, brave men and women in the Party, who ARE willing to shoulder the burden of work, AND yes, the RISK of being "OUT THERE" as OPEN, National Socialist Activists - FIGHTING FOR YOU and those 14Words. To them, this is NOT some kind of a "GAME" or personal aggrandizement of their egos. They NEED and DESERVE your $UPPORT!

Folks, time IS running out for White America - does ANYONE disagree with that statement? It COULD have been "done", YEARS AGO - much easier, and simpler - but, too many people averted their eyes and minds, and found "REASONS" for putting off their serious involvement, to the point where we all are at present. HOW MUCH FARTHER WILL YOU LET THINGS GO - BEFORE YOU COMMIT YOURSELF, YOUR RESOURCES, and yes, EVEN YOUR LIVES to achieve those 14Words and Social Justice for American's White Working Class?

The ANSWER can ONLY lay with YOURSELF. You put off DOING - what NEEDS be DONE - by "SOMEBODY", will ultimately mean that YOUR FUTURE will no longer be in YOUR will be in the hands of those Non-Aryans who WERE ready to "DO WHAT IT TAKES" to gain ascendancy over YOU and YOURS.

Perhaps when you’re the MINORITY, surrounded by your enemies, who will be IN CHARGE - you can look around at your old "big screen tv", your collection of plastic "treasures", and your out of date trinkets, and maybe REGRET the fact that you put KOSHER MATERIALISM before your supposed IDEALS. This isn't some "pipe-dream" of an "alarmist", trying to get you to DO the RIGHT THING - the America of TODAY, compared to the 50-60's when I was growing up - is like NIGHT and DAY. Just "WHAT" will the FUTURE be, IF we don't DO EVERYTHING WE CAN - to RESIST this nightmare?

I want you to quit using your "wives" as an EXCUSE, I want you to quit using your "friends" as an EXCUSE, I want you to QUIT attempting to use ANYTHING as an EXCUSE anymore - about "WHY" you simply "CAN'T DO" what you KNOW NEEDS TO BE DONE! The time of excuses in OVER! Golden Dawn HAS SHOWN US that it CAN be DONE - if only WE WANT to DO IT.


We're being left behind

by Steve Davenport

We keep hearing non stop how the economy is improving, and the stock market is rising. Big deal. This just means the rich are getting richer. The ordinary working stiff, is losing out. We common workers are being left behind. Losing more and more ground, day by day. The ordinary workers are facing stagnant wages. In far too many cases, workers are now having to take pay cuts. The corporates are strong arming workers into pay and benefit give backs, or face the loss of their jobs. Workers still get double crossed, no matter what good little drones they are. Overseas workers are scabs. They help break strikes, and serve as a weapon against workers who get too "pushy". Asking for a decent wage, that helps pay the bills, and keeps your head above water, falls on deaf ears in this country. Our rich ruling elite are bound and determined to make as much profit as possible. If it's over the backs of labor, so be it.

The economic news is good only for the rich. They keep making money hand over fist. What about us little guys? We're ignored, and even penalized. This is a society that benefits only the rich. Congress is little more than a millionaires club. Every govt decision taken is based solely on who makes how much money. Like our wars. We're constantly at war. Supposedly to fight evil, but really for the military industrial complex to profit at the max. I truly hate how my hard earned money is taxed and then spent on bullshit prestige projects, that do absolutely nothing to lift people out of poverty, educate them, or care for their illness. No, our elite spend their money on things like 50 million dollar yachts. The hell with us common folk. I need my benefits. I need medical/dental/vision insurance. My family needs them. I can't afford these on my own. Yet, I don't get them. This being OK with our system.

Obama care is just a give away to the insurance industry. Backed by force of law. Putting the populace under the thumb of the insurance industry does not seem like progress to me. God forbid, we ever get a true national health insurance system, like Germany has had since 1870. No, our system preaches rugged individualism. Thing is, things are far too expensive for the average worker to afford. The rich, being rich, don't need help. We average-wage types do. Desperately, as the cost of medical care continues to skyrocket. The cost of education, especially college, is astronomical, for people just living paycheck to paycheck. Yet, they want to do away with college loans, as being too expensive for the US budget. Maybe if they stopped wasting money on constant wars, we'd be able to afford them quite easily.

We workers are falling further, and further behind. Our leaders don't care. Maybe we need new leaders, and a new system. A system of govt that actually cares for its people, not just paying lip service to the idea. National Socialism believes in caring for the individual. It's oriented to the race, and taking care of same. It won't let you stay poor and starving. This current society is only too glad to write you off. Our current system just uses you as a tissue. Just blows its nose with you, and then discards you into the waste pile. Our workers work damn hard. Too hard. Breaking their backs for just barely enough to survive. All the while, our financial masters live in opulent homes, and enjoy the finer things of life. This isn't fair. Remember the old saying: "a fair days wage, for a fair days work"? National Socialism is totally dedicated to this proposition. Our current system has it backwards. It rewards the indolent rich, while penalizing the hard working middle class and poor. Letting the ordinary worker be used and abused for not even a living wage.

Donate to the ANP. Give of your time to give out lit. Its cause, is YOUR cause. It stands for looking out for your welfare. Enough of rule by the uncaring rich. We need a united racial state. One that cares for us all, under the banner of race. For people to enjoy every comfort because they're rich, while most live lives of dire poverty, is a true crime against humanity, and especially the race. Let us unite, and work towards righting the inequality that dominates this society. Its the right thing to do. The necessary thing to do. Future generations should be freed form poverty, not condemned to it.

Comrades, the Sept. issue of The White Worker magazine is in the mails. I hope that you enjoy it, and appreciate all the hard work, and effort that went into making it happen. I personally wish to thank those Comrades whose efforts made it possible. I only wish that those Party Comrades who work with such dedication and loyalty were given the recognition that they have earned through their many efforts. These are the days of the "Silent Soldiers", who deserve so much from so many, and who continue the Struggle with so little thanks or support from the many, who refuse to get into the trenches beside them, or even to provide them with the "ammunition" so desperately needed to WIN. I truly salute you all!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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