ANP Report for September 11, 2013

Racial Comrades: Well, here it is Sept 11th - again. Yep, it's getting to the point where I'm getting REALLY disgusted about all the crying and moaning about this "holohoax style" - "Remembrance Day" - propaganda. "HEROES?" This was the WORLD TRADE CENTER folks, right in line with the parasites and vampires on WALL STREET - I find it damn right IRONIC - that of ALL the targets that could have been hit, it was this pack of thieves that got it in the neck! Hell, I only WISH that ALL of WALL STREET could have been "SHOCK & AWE'D".

Btw, how many of you readers know the REASON that Wall Street is NAMED as it is? Back when New York was called New Amsterdam, BEFORE the English took it from Holland - Wall Street was part of the GHETTO that WALLED-OFF the JEWS from the Aryan citizens of New Amsterdam. The name of the street stuck, even after the Brits took over; interesting isn't it? I guess our ancestors were more far-sighted and intelligent, than we give them credit for. They recognized the virus of the jews, and ISOLATED it. Today, Wall Street in the center of Judeo-Capitalism world-wide - and the WTC was an over-growth of the infection that needed more space...

So, it's small wonder that those who monopolize and control the "MEDIA" - ie the JEWS - make such a "BIG DEAL" of getting bitch-slapped by some of their current day enemies. What IS sad, is that so many common White folks, buy into the violin playing, rather than grimly enjoying the fact that for ONCE, the Judeo-Capitalists got a bit of their own stick, in return for their actions around the globe...

Talking world-wide news, ZOG is once again threatening a "FORMER ALLY" - Syria - with another WAR, for supposedly "gassing" enemies of that nation, in the current DE-STABILIZATION CAMPAIGN created BY the ZOG - to put every Arab nation into conflict and disarray for the benefit and security of Israel. It's so OBVIOUS that only a moron couldn't SEE and UNDERSTAND what it's all about.

Look, WHY does it SUPPOSEDLY matter - "HOW" - people are KILLED? Gas? Is that supposedly "meaner" than "SHOCK & AWE", than CARPET BOMBING and FIRE-STORMS, than INCINERATION by ATOMIC radiation and the FALL-OUT that follows? Is a DRONE STRIKE "ok", and less painful or something? HYPOCRICY. Dead is DEAD, and for ZOG to tell OTHERS about killing men, women, children, old folks and any other living creature within their "kill zones", is beyond pathetic...

In any case - I HOPE that ZOG DOES go to war against Syria - as well as EVERY OTHER NATION on planet earth! WE NEED ZOG TO FALL! And IF it takes these evil bastards OVEREXTENDING themselves in WARS across the globe - so be it! GO ZOG GO! KILL EVERYONE! Make so many ENEMIES on planet earth that EVENTUALLY their COMBINED HATE - will be your downfall...

THAT'S REVOLUTIONARY THINKING. As Napoleon once stated : "When your opponent is making a mistake, stay out of his way and let him continue".

I personally DON'T desire war with Syria, nor ANY OTHER country on earth. But, there are times when you HAVE to break eggs to make an omelet. IF by ZOG acting like a maniac, attacking ANYONE and EVERYONE that conflicts with expanding the Global Judeo-Capitalist Empire - to bring eventual SANITY to the peoples of the world, through the destruction of ZOG - better SOONER than LATER. Eventually, the Day of Reckoning is coming ZOG'S way, along with WAR-CRIMES trials hosted by its victims. And there are a LOT of VICTIMS being created every single day...

The right-wing reactionaries, with their mindless "patriotism" to a system that is DESTROYING all that they supposedly hold dear, is very PATHETIC. All that the jewish propagandists need "do" - is wave a bunch of flags, play some stirring background music, and have an "inspiring voice" mouthing stupid platitudes - and it's "Onward Christian Soldiers" marching off to DIE for the benefit of the JEWS and their LACKIES. KILL THOSE HEATHEN BASTARDS! OI! OI! (forget about jews NOT being "Christians" either...) LOL!

RIGHT-WING REACTIONARIES ARE SO DAMN PATHETIC. They are always so eager to KILL and DIE - for the Judeo-Capitalists - and just "WHAT" do THEY get out of it? A "folded flag", and perhaps a few tin "medals". While the wealthy 1%'ers live the GOOD LIFE and LAUGH at their gullibility. Time to grow up Whitey, and start thinking outside the box, and for yourselves for a change...

The wrong issues.

by Steve Davenport

Our govt is run by a rich ruling elite. They in turn, want the people divided and locked in conflict over other issues, then what they should be concerned about. Its all about misdirection. if we're fighting over some thing, we won't be fighting over others: the real, truly important issues. In his inauguration speech, Obama talked about gun control, gay rights, and gave a nod to ecology. These are issues that are just not that important. No matter which side you're on, these are really non issues. Think about it. If you have no job, you have no money. No money, no gun. It really doesn't matter if you believe in having guns or not. if you can't afford them, its basically a moot issue. While we're arguing about the issues mentioned, the issues we really need to care about are ignored. What about job outsourcing? Obama was silent on this extremely important point. Obama is supposed to be liberal, or socialist. What he is, is just another flunky of the rich ruling elite. We've had this political bait and switch before.

Reagan campaigned on a host of social issues. Once in, all he concentrated on was fighting the Cold War. The domestic issues that would have given him grief, were quietly ignored. Now Obama is pulling the same thing. Ignoring what is important, for those issues less so. Don't be misled. The real issues are economic. We need jobs. First and foremost, we need jobs. To continue to allow job outsourcing is truly terrible. We Americans deserve more then just minimum wage, no-benefits jobs. The American middle class is being allowed to slowly strangle to death. Already a full third of those who were middle class, have lost that designation. Soon, our middle class will be infinitesimal. Sacrificed on the altar of big business profits. Yet, no one is saying anything about it. No big protest marches or anything.

Occupy Wall street was strong for a while, but it is losing steam fast. The corporations have the time and above all resources, on their side. Why do you think we're now locked in this war with Islam? It's not to fight terror. It's to occupy peoples' attention while our real home-grown economic terrorists destroy our economy. The American middle class is being ground down. Sacrificed on the altar of profit. Soon the working class, will be ground down also. The poor already are, that's why they're poor. We've got to focus on the important things, the things that concern our very survival, lest we all perish in the sea of poverty. Face the facts. While we're arguing over gun control, and gay rights, 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth of this nation. This fabulously rich ruling elite are determined to take it all. They pay little or nothing in taxes. This is nuts. We need to focus on stopping the wealth grab, and reversing it. Now, while there is still time. We have no choice, if we wish to survive, and live above animal level.

My God, the rich want to take away all our social programs. Social Security, Medicare etc. THEY don't need them. WE do. I for one, refuse to just lay down and die on request. We are citizens of the United States of America. We're SUPPOSED to have rights. We're supposed to have dignity. I intend to resist the wealth grab. I won't end up living in a dirt floor shack without resisting. I hope you won't just meekly surrender and give in. We can expect no mercy from the idle rich. They only worship money. We're just garbage to them. Stop arguing about non issues. Your lives, and the lives of your children are at stake. Unless you all want to live in a third world style country, unite. Resist. Vote wisely. Better yet, run for office. We need to get involved. Involved on what really matters.

The ANP is fighting hard against the evil that threatens our land. It is very hard work. The evil doers have the bucks. Please donate as much as you can give. Every penny helps the party build the political organization, that can make a difference. Help give out lit. People can't help, what they don't know about. As we run for the small offices, pretty soon we'll be able to run for the big ones. Eventually a united, determined Aryan resistance can be formed, and start to reverse the tide of evil, and corruption that's eating away at the very core of this country. We need to concentrate on what unites us, not what divides us. Don't be sucked into ZOG's manipulations.

Comrades, I have been asked lately, a question that I'm getting tired of going over and over, but since its important - I'll go over it once more. The question IS - "Why don't you unite with other so-called NS groups out there to form one big one?"

Well, first off to my knowledge there is only ONE other supposedly National Socialist organization in America, besides the American Nazi Party, and its referred to as the "NSM".

The "NSM" is led by a self-styled "Kommander" who has never been in any military service, and whose name is Jeff Schoep. Mr. Schoep is a convicted FELON (burglary of another White person while serving as NSM Kommander at the time no less; this is the only major crime he has been CONVICTED of, and others never caught...?) As far as our research is aware, Mr. Schoep has NEVER been gainfully employed in his entire lifetime, except of course peddling "racist trinkets" and living off donations of na´ve White folks... Mr. Schoep has fathered at LEAST a half-dozen children, by various women, whom he does not support. In fact, Mr. Schoep has only MARRIED - ONE WOMAN - in his lifetime, and he lived with her for about four years. She is an ARAB named Joanna, and she has a BLACK daughter ( Amber ), from a previous marriage to a NEGRO named Raymond Smith. Mr. Schoep is a dedicated ADULTERER - in fact - his current "girl-friend" ( who is a wanna-be porn-fetish model...) moved into the family rental house, while Joanna and kids still lived there! Hence, Joanna divorcing him. What a "Nazi" eh?

The Chairman of the so-called "NSM" is a person named Clifford Herrington. Mr. Herrington fancied himself the "High Horned Hinkydink" of the JOY of SATAN cult, along with his non-Aryan wife. I think this says enough about him...

Mr. Schoep appoints the "NSM Officer Corp" - the head of his "SS Security" was a Duke Schneider - while wearing a homemade "SS uniform", he was secretly dating a BLACK woman, whose weight rivaled his own (300lb's+? What a sight!). When ANP exposed this, as we did Mr. Herrington's Satanism - both left the public eye...

The "NSM PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE" in the last election was a certain Brian Holland - besides acting abnormally weird ( Schoep personally hand-picked him, btw ) - it turned out, he was a Fed agent! So was a guy in Florida whom Schoep appointed as state leader there named Gletty, who eventually like Holland, "came clean".

Let's not forget "Dr, Plussman", whom Mr. Schoep appointed NSM "Propaganda Minister" - he was an OBVIOUS JEW INFILTRATOR - who was writing a book, on "neo-nazi's". I guess he got PLENTY of JUICY material to smear NS with. Along with the Kosher Doc, is Willy Weiss - the NSM big-mouth, who got himself put away for advocating killing folks, one-line of course. Many consider Willy to be the re-incarnation of self-hating jew Frank Collins ( real name Cohn ) of "Skokie" fame. Both can lay the claim of doing more damage to the image of NS, than if they were drawing a check from the ADL, with their jew-baiting, hate-mongering antics.

Other appointments made by the mighty Kostumed Kommander include - JT Ready, "leader" of AZ - he killed an entire family, including a tiny baby, when his girlfriend threw his insane ass out of her life... In CA Jeff Hall was the NSM mini-fuhrer. He abused his children so badly that his ten year old son shot him in the head one night as he lay drunk on the couch. In NV the NSM appointee there, a guy named Davenport, was arrested for kidnapping a little White girl... And in Indiana, the NSM honcho - Jon Snyder - made it onto "America's Most Wanted" tv show for sex crimes...

Not to be outdone, several NSM boneheads in either KY or TN - killed a young White man, and chopped him up into tiny pieces with a hatchet and a bowie knife... I COULD go on and on, but enough IS enough!

Folks, as Party Chairman - HOW - could I ever seek ANY KIND of association with such a collection of freaks, misfits and outright UNDESIRABLES?

The old adage of "ONE BAD APPLE..." , would in this case be multiplied by ALL the ABOVE , plus the "unknowns" that are somehow even ATTRACTED by such a dysfunctional, fantasy club for the literally twisted and insane! WHAT would the ANP GAIN - "NUMBERS"? NO! Inclusion of the BAD - would quickly drive OUT the GOOD. We as true National Socialists - MUST STRIVE for QUALITY always - NOT "quantity"!

First off, these "NSM'ers" ( and others like them ) are NOT National Socialists. National Socialists DO NOT - RACE-MIX. Nor, do they commit CRIMES, or live DEVIANT LIFESTYLES.

A true, sincere National Socialist strives to live a life that serves as a POSITIVE EXAMPLE to our other brothers and sisters, of WHAT we could and should be as Aryans. These "HOLLYWIERD NUTZI'S" who slap on a Swastika, and ACT like scripted POSTER-BOYS of HATE - as the enemy media LOVES to portray NS as being - are serving their twisted fantasies and are "attracted" to the jew Hollywood "IMAGE" simply BECAUSE they actually LIKE the sick IMAGE that they THINK NS is "SUPPOSED" to be. Hence, we see the ENEMY always SHOWERING THEM with "PUBLICITY" - whenever they do some idiotic stunt - hoping to "SHOW THE PEOPLE" - just "WHAT" those Nazi/White Nationalists are REALLY ( supposedly ) all about.

In all honesty, these sick creatures SERVE the enemies PURPOSE so well - that IF they didn't exist - the enemy would CREATE some of them. Bottom line is - the ANP will NEVER lower its true NS principals and standards, simply to "boost numbers". IF there ARE any quality people in these "other orgs", they are welcome to join our efforts as INDIVIDUALS - the ANP prefers to stand STRONG and ALONE, as Adolf Hitler recommends in Mein Kampf.

I sincerely hope that I have made clear our position on this question for some time to come...

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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