ANP Report for August 29, 2013

Racial Comrades, Once again "Labor Day" is coming up, and true to form, everything BUT - the HONORING of America's White Workers - is in full play. Oh, there are the "SALES", and the "Bar-B-Q's", and and the carnival-like nonsense - but, WHERE is even a MENTION of the PEOPLE WHO BUILT this nation out of a wilderness?

In all honesty, beyond the occasional babbling about non-White "civil-rights hero's" - does this sick, degenerate, Judeo-Capitalist society EVER "honor" a NON-WEALTHY Aryan anymore? Not to my knowledge...

Until the advent of the American Nazi Party, even amongst the comical collection, of costumed fantasy stumblebums - the INTERESTS and ISSUES of America's White Workers - always took a back stage to their usual meanderings about "niggers and kikes", always carefully AVOIDING mentioning the WEALTHY 1% of the population that HELPED "all of this" sickness to be foisted upon all of us - for PROFIT and CONTROL. And these bastards had PALE FACES if you seek to be truthful about it!

The AMERICAN WHITE WORKER - BUILT this NATION - through their SWEAT, their TEARS, and their BLOOD! What the White Worker - male AND female - have SACRIFICED, since Day-One, is a totally unrecognized story. One that we all ought to pause and think about while we're stuffing our faces over bar-b-q and beer.

What gives me pause, is how so many of today's White Workers are SEEING the ROLL-BACK of all of the RIGHTS that they have literally FOUGHT for and yes, DIED for over the past centuries - be eroded AWAY right before their eyes - and letting it pass. It's just the SAME as the one-time dominance of the White Race here in America - slowly they LET it erode AWAY - until VERY SOON, the White population will be a MINORITY in the land that WAS once THEIRS!

IF things continue as they ARE - soon White Workers' RIGHTS and BENEFITS will be a thing of the past - and this nation will have become ANOTHER "third world land" of PEONS and the WEALTHY 1% OVERLORDS. Back to the feudal days, or similar to South America.

And if YOU don't have what it takes to STOP that erosion NOW - do you honestly think that when you're a PEON or a PEASENT - you're gonna suddenly "MAN-UP" and FIGHT against the "MASSA"? I doubt it....

The American White working man and woman are at the "11th hour". It CAN be halted and turned around - but, it's going to take a NEW outlook on life. One that puts YOU and your FAMILY'S best interests at heart - rather than that "BIG SCREEN TV" made in China, or that Jap automobile parked outside collecting rust.

You're going to HAVE to find NEW INTERESTS - beyond the BOOB-TUBE, or WATCHING "SPORTS" - such as GETTING INVOLVED in PRO-WHITE WORKER POLITICS. Or, are you STILL going to "LET SOMEONE ELSE" try and "SAVE" your lazy ass, without YOU being bothered? Good luck. TODAY'S "politics" are dominated BY the very same people who got you into WHERE you ARE. Are you STILL going to "trust them" and their stream of LIES? If so, YOU ( not your little children, they deserve better ) are going to GET what you DESERVE!

The old saying is very pertinent here - " Fool me once, shame on YOU, fool me twice shame on ME" - and we all have been fooled by these systemite political whores MORE than ENOUGH to know not to put ANY "trust" in ANY of them, no matter "WHAT" bullcrap vomits from their lips.

Everyone reading these words, IS a "free agent". Everyone CAN "do something" ( little OR big ) in our SELF-DEFENCE against the forces facing White America. Even the CHOICE of whether or not to GET INVOLVED is up to the man or woman in the MIRROR. NO ONE is HOLDING YOU BACK - EXCEPT YOURSELF. I've never heard of a people walking so docilely into serfdom...

Mixed information.

by Steve Davenport

The very latest economic data from the govt is a mixed bag. Actually it's really highly confusing. On one hand, the govt is crowing about how 153,000 jobs were created in the past month. Yet at the very same time, it turns out the OFFICIAL unemployment rate went up from 7.8%, to 7.9%. This is a puzzlement. How can jobs created, result in higher unemployment? What gives? This is just the very latest, in a very long line of govt misinformation and confusion. I guess we're lucky our govt civil servants know how to open the door to the office. They obviously don't know the REAL employment situation. Do you? I do. It's very bad. I don't need a battery of computers to tell me things are bad. The very many houses up for sale in my area tells me that. Far and away more then is normal at this time of year. What does this data mean? We get no explanation. What KIND of jobs were created? If the vast majority are minimum wage, no benefits, they're good as worthless. We need jobs that help families afford to live decently. We're not getting them. Look in the newspaper. Unless you're an engineer or computer programmer, you're out of luck. Most jobs listed, don't pay near enough for a family to live on. I for one, don't want a job where I break my back, and still can't make enough to afford my family's dinner.

This is why the American middle class is dying. It's lost a full third of itself up to now. More will fall in the very near future. Our rich ruling elite are cheapskates. Their miserliness is part and parcel of Capitalism. Money worship. Make all the profits you can at everybody's expense. Burn the other guy. They intend to keep outsourcing till the cows come home. They only care about profit, not country or people. So the good jobs continue their overseas trek, while here at home, we get low wage, no benefit jobs. The job creation is made a big deal of, by the system, because false hope is far preferable to no hope, if the rich ruling elite is to keep power, without massive protests. If the official unemployment rate is 7.9%, the UNOFFICIAL unemployment rate is no doubt far higher. More like 25%. Yet it's practically ignored. Only a few words mentioned. This is just the latest in ZOG's continuing campaign to give out only good news. Cover up bad news. Our rulers know if we got the real unvarnished truth, the populace would become rather irate. There would be demonstrations, and protests, that would make Occupy Wall Street seem tepid by comparison. Such occurrences would be bad for business. God forbid anything would interfere with making money. So we get this media pablum, to keep us confused, and above all quiet. Expecting anything like the truth from our ZOG controlled media, is truly wishful thinking. Never going to happen. The Capitalist class have the bucks to ensure always favorable media stories. They buy the media, and then control it. The media just mouth the rulers line, as long as they get their paychecks. The truth is sidelined, if it is too uncomfortable.

Unlike Capitalism, which sees people as a "resource" to be used, National Socialism believes there should be a bond between boss apposition of returning worker. Labor should be one side, not in a constant state of civil war as in Capitalism, and especially in this country. Employers in this society take terrible advantage of workers. They're obsessed with making profits at any cost. National Socialism takes a very different tack. It believes the workplace should be one of cooperation, not constant class conflict. Workers matter in NS. Remember the old saying: "fair days wage, for a fair days work"? It may sound corny, but this is gospel to NS. You workers need the unvarnished truth, not mind games. How can we achieve, when we have no idea what the true situation is? Another old saying:"honesty is the best policy". That goes triple for NS. The people have a right to know. We need honest answers to questions. We need to know the true situation. We need a system that gives a damn about our welfare. The current system just blows off the terrible plight of the worker in this country. NS would work to improve it. In a system where race, not money, is of the highest importance, the state of the worker is always going to be of the highest importance. NS cares. Consider where we are now, compared to where we could be. NS would stop job outsourcing. The current system offers NO job security what so ever. NS won't allow workers to be burned as offerings on the altar of profit making. Think of your kids. What kind of world are they going to inherit from such a corrupt system? Don't they deserve job security, and decent wages? Capitalism offers man as machine, where everything is sacrificed to profit. NS won't sell its soul for profits. The worker is sacrosanct. NS cares for its greatest resource, its people.

Comrades, the National Socialist internet operations are still apparently under attack by our many opponents - recently three of our Blog-sites were removed "because" of "hate content" - they HAVE been rebuilt, or are in the position of returning soon. As Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - "Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be overcome". THAT is what a true National Socialist believes and lives their life by.

The August issue of The White Worker magazine has been in the mail for over a week now. IF you haven't received yours - was there a "REASON"? It kind of reminds me of the old canard tossed around in "movement circles", about those "lazy niggers, who always have their hand out wanting something for nothing". Well, since I certainly DON'T want to treat any fine up-standing White Folks like a "nigger" who wants "something for nothing" - I simply figure that IF you DON'T want our materials ( per lack of any $upport - even one single dollar bill ) I certainly DON'T want to give YOU a "HANDOUT" for free. After all, you're BETTER than all of THEM, ain't ya?

Comrades, let us this month remember Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, who long ago in 1967, on August 25th gave His life for what we believe in today. Let the memory of His sacrifice give us both the strength and the determination to carry His banner forward...! Gone, but NEVER forgotten!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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