ANP Report for August 03, 2013

Racial Comrades: I'm sure that all of you are by now aware that Detroit has finally cashed in its chips, and has filed for bankruptcy. Here in the "wealthiest nation on earth", a major metropolitan area has reached the point - which I have been pointing out for a decade now, if you'll bother reading our archived ANPReports section - where spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave, "giving the gravy-train" to just about ANYONE or ANYTHING but OURSELVES, with their hand stuck out, has finally REACHED its obvious and ultimate conclusion.

And with a city the size of Detroit taking this route, it won't be long before many MORE metropolitan areas follow suite. Letís face it folks, after MANY DECADES of tossing round money - MOSTLY ALL OF IT ON CREDIT - the proverbial well has run DRY!


The very SAME can be said about the Federal System itself - once this Judeo-Capitalist shell-game, which currently OWES literally TRILLIONS of debt Ė went on a policy on NOT having a BALANCED BUDGET, in order to "have" NOT what it NEEDED, but instead what it WANTED...the die was cast. And folks - just WHAT do you think is EVENTUALLY going to be the RESULT of such behavior? I'll tell you. The LITTLE GUY - YOU and ME - are going to bear the rain of crap that's headed our way, quickly heading down the road... Itís COMING, don't be fooled by the "experts" platitudes to keep you quiet - WHO, but the LITTLE GUY ever bears the brunt being the FALL GUY for the Big Shotsí mistakes?

The fact of the matter IS - that this whole SYSTEM is based upon a SHELL GAME - of BORROW for TODAY, and kick the can down the road for "future generations" to try and deal with... BUT, the KEY here is that the CREDITORS - like here in Detroit Ė are enraged in LOSING the vast majority of their "investments"! "Two to Ten cents on the dollar" is being proposed at the moment! They DON'T take to THAT very well, being the hard-nosed, grasping bastards that they are. Ever TRY talking to a BANKER or a CREDITOR - when youíre having tough times, even when itís NOT of your own creation?

LOL! They ACT like youíre SCUM trying to STEAL "their money" - forget about all those "FEE'S" and HIGH INTEREST RATES that they have been bleeding YOU with all this time - they don't know the meaning of the word "COMPASSION", nor care to. ALL that their concerned with is their filthy, precious MONEY-GRUBBING. WHATEVER and HOW MUCH they can GET - OUT OF YOU.

And, here's the kicker - in the FUTURE - NO MORE "LOANS for YOU", pal! Well, it works the same way with the Jew-S-A - these bloodsucking vampires, have ZERO SENSE of loyalty, or "patriotism" towards America and its citizens - hey, aren't they all "GLOBALISTS"? Do they CARE if by shutting down factories HERE, and moving them overseas (where they can make more money and profits) American WORKERS are left to perish? Of course NOT! Itís the SAME with the BIG PICTURE as well. Uncle Samuel is going to have HIS credit line dried up eventually too! And Comrades, THATíS when the proverbial doo-doo is going to hit the fan!

Here in Detroit, ALL the government "employees" who have been living high on the hog for decades, - are LOSING their ridiculously HIGH SALARIES and PERKS Ė including "RETIREMENT PENTIONS"! And once this Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity can no longer REWARD their TOADIES above and BEYOND the average wage-slave population out there - to keep their asses on the Throne of Power - does their collective "LOYALTY" start to waver a bit? In fact, does it go right out the door, and a feeling of ANGER and RESENTMENT take its place? LOL

The "problem" Judeo-Capitalist "democracy" has, and itís shown CLEARLY by the present situation - is that in this evil, corrupt system - there is, unlike National Socialism, ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY! Detroit and this entire nation didn't get into this mess overnight. Itís been the "policy" since the 1950's. Spend on "give away" programs from welfare types to foreign aid - ALL paid with CREDIT. Same with these continuous WARS all over this planet - to make the world SAFE of Judeo-Capitalist EXPLOITATION. And as one "domino" (ie Detroit) FALLS - so comes more and MORE... The bloodsucking "lenders" are EVIL, but they are NOT stupid - I can't imagine even one of them - RISKING their precious MONEEE, on a sure loser. Can you?

Itís really funny as hell, when you think about it. A major city like Detroit HAVING to SELL - for example - the Detroit Institute of Art - with all its paintings, etc. (which are SUPPOSED to belong to the PEOPLE) to mega-wealthy, rich collectors Ė all in order to "help pay off the creditors"! I'm NOT joking here folks, that's what they are talking about...

Yet, didn't the government "BAIL-OUT" the WALL STREET BANKERS a few years ago, to the tune of a TRILLION bucks? BILLIONS for JEW BANKERS - ZILTCH for the PEOPLE.

Oh, I'm mistaken there, sorry - WE are the ones who are going to be SUFFERING down the road in so many un-thought about SERVICES that citizens OUGHT to EXPECT in a decent nation.

People, this "movement" is a Tard-Zone - 99.9% of its so-called "leadership" is STILL going on and on about the "niggers & kikes, et al" - while ONLY the American Nazi Party - has the intelligence to understand that White America has much more pressing problems facing it. Letís face it Comrades, there would BE no "race-mixing", no "wiggerism", etc et al - IF our Folk were a HEALTHY people. And THATíS the ANP's policy - lets work upon getting OUR people HEALTHY, and OUR RACE will be just fine, no matter "WHAT" we need to face. And that's another instance of ACCOUNTABILITY that is seriously LACKING in our people! Our Folk have LOST the "NEED" for ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILTY that once made our Folk great. And until our people CAN imbue themselves with those lost virtues - we will continue to slip further back in obscurity as a racial people.

It WASN'T our ENEMIES who have made US "what" we have BECOME - we as a race, have adopted the MATERIALISTIC outlook of the SEMITE. Itís no longer WHAT we can DO Ė itís now - WHAT we HAVE. Even IF itís plastic junk, made by foreigners, and purchased with INTEREST-SLAVERY "CREDIT". The Aryan has willingly SOLD his/her SOUL for the Semitic longing to "acquire". And the COST is all coming due - personally, and as a nation!

IF we HAD National Socialist ACCOUNTABILITY - we could then hold those in government ACCOUNTABLE - for what has been brought upon us and our future generations. But, "WHO" in this Judeo-Capitalist pig-sty "DO" we point the finger at? MOST of the doom-bringers have got PALE-FACES folks, IF you seek to be HONEST. Sure, the "JEW" had a hand in it - BUT, they could never have got us in such a predicament UNLESS so many "elitist whites" WENT ALONG with it all, for their own PRIVATE GAIN and ENRICHMENT. And WE, the "average White American" sat back and LET it all HAPPEN, - "because" - we had "other/better things to do", than bothering to GET INVOLVED.

Well, it COULD have been corrected years ago, but it wasn't... So, do we collectively CONTINUE to sit there with our slack faces, amused with "zombies" and "comic book hero's" diverting our minds from REALITY? Do we CONTINUE to watch the boob-tube, where millionaire non-whites play KID-GAMES with various shaped balls, while we guzzle beer and munch on unhealthy snacks? Is that latest "electronic gizmo" from CHINA or INDIA still at the top of your priority list, rather that funding The Cause that is TRYING to save your ass? Does the FUTURE of YOUR CHILDREN come ANYWHERE into the equation beyond, letís face it, worthless LIP-SERVICE?

Comrades, I'm sure that you've noticed that our Party website has been brought down twice in the last few weeks, through massive Denial of Service attacks - apparently, "someone out there" (with enough "punch") thinks that what we're attempting to do is worth attempting to stop our efforts. They HAVE failed, and will continue to fail, as long as we have YOUR confidence and $upport. And your $UPPORT is vital, to keep our operation viable. Up-grades to keep our website up and functioning has, I'll admit, been costly. Like anything in this world, it takes MONEY to make things HAPPEN.

In this case, our survival as an organization has been enabled by a handful of dedicated National Socialist Party Comrades, and I sincerely thank them for their faith in our National Socialist struggle. I can only state that IF we had a literal ONE HUNDRED people who were willing to put the NS Movement BEFORE selfish personal "desires" - not NEEDS - but, "wants", we could REALLY cause a little heart-burn amongst those who crack the whip over us all as Lords and Masters.

Even "IF" amongst those adherents we already have, dedicated themselves to UPHOLDING their PLEDGED WORDS upon joining our efforts as Party Comrades - in a TIMELY and ACCOUNTABLE manner - and FULFILLED their pledged obligation as an Aryan should, we would be in a solid position...

Comrades of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell, IF we NATIONAL SOCIALISTS fail to behave as we all KNOW we should AS National Socialists - how can we ever expect to set the proper EXAMPLE for the rest of our Folk? Itís NOT going to be a "numbers game" that will make our agenda victorious - it will be the KIND of men AND women that we can assemble together, working and sacrificing for OUR shared dreams and goals! What made the Spartans SUCCESSFUL? Their NUMBERS - NO! It was their willingness to WORK and SACRIFICE for the COMMON GREATER GOOD! We need to adopt that spirit....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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