ANP Report for July 20, 2013

Racial Comrades, well here it is July already and I'd like to take the time to review the Party's progress so far this year.

Unlike most organizations out there, the ANP produces HARD-COPY materials for its adherents - both OUTREACH and educational. I'm happy to be able to state that our monthly magazine The White Worker hasn't missed a publication date in 2013 ( the 20-page July Issue, has been published and is in the mail to those who DESERVE IT , ie are in Good-Standing per their pledges and $upport ) and the quality has not only keep standard, but improved with the current issue!

The ANP "Twitter" account ( )has now risen to 3,429 recipients and it continues to grow daily!

The ANP now has at present 13 "NS Informational" blogsites and informational websites, including the new "ANP VIDEO" website that has proven to be highly popular, and hopefully a great source of INFORMATION and EDUCATION - for those who prefer "moving pictures" to reading.

Our very popular Talk-Shoe Radio Show has grown to around 50 shows, and I wish to sincerely thank those who participate in the program, making it so much more informative and entertaining, that the USUAL - ONE "talking head" who plays "music" and tells "jokes" per LACK of intelligent conversation, which is the par with most "racialist radio".

Outreach literature continues to be shipped out to the Party activists each month in a steady stream, totaling into the thousands, and I want to thank all those National Socialists who PROVE their commitment - by DEEDS, and not just "WORDS". We must NEVER forget Adolf Hitler's opinion, that " A TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST PROVES HIS/HER DEDICATION BY WHAT THEY DO FOR THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT'S STRUGGLE..." NOT by shouting "white power" at the top of their lungs, or by slapping on a Swastika and acting like some kind of a street performer...

I DO have a few OTHER thoughts that I would like to share with you tho...-

The future is dark.

by Steve Davenport

Time is running out for the Aryan race in the USA. Hispanics are taking over. Their numbers increase. Aryan numbers continue to decline. Our jobs continue to be outsourced, with neither govt, or business leadership caring. Rather then help us poor folk, our rulers want to cut desperately needed social programs. Programs like student loans/Social Security/Medicare. All to lower the deficit. Yet, the most obvious, and easiest thing to do, raising taxes on the rich, is ignored. This is outrageous, and totally unacceptable. Obama is worth 3 million, personally. This is no doubt why he's perfectly willing to cut peoples' pensions. HE doesn't need the money. Us poor folk, who desperately need the help of social programs, are left in the lurch. Our rulers love us not. Otherwise, they wouldn't treat us so shabbily.

Unemployment is still a problem. Job creation is piss poor. The only reason the jobless rate is going down, is because people are dropping out. They've given up looking for work. With decent-pay jobs outsourced, with only minimum wage/no benefit jobs left here at home, what can we expect? It is a hopeless situation.

We're told that there are plenty of jobs for computer programmers. Like everyone can just become a computer whiz. Real life doesn't work like that. Many people, thru no fault of their own, just don't have the smarts to be computer programmers/doctors/engineers. Are they to be tossed to the wolves, because they can't be geniuses? What kind of society do we really have? It sure isn't a caring one. Not when peoples' jobs get sent overseas, and at home, the social programs that are needed are up for cutting. Our rulers want to write us off. We who have been loyal, good citizens. Now that we are old, and sick, we're facing the loss of everything. Our life lines are to be cut, while the rich make their money.

National Socialism values its people. It would never treat them as our current Capitalist one does. Like garbage. Like not worth anything. Like why bother about us. How many of us can now look forward to retirement? Damn few now. We were told that we'll be able to retire, and enjoy our "golden years". BS. We've been led down the garden path. Told about great wonders, to keep us quiet. Now, we can expect nothing but hard work, till we drop. Time to stop being chumps, and look at what this system really is. It's toxic to us non rich. We're slated to lose all. We must join the ANP. Only white unity, transformed into solid white political power can save us. Where we can successfully oppose our beggarization. Donate to the only political party devoted to we the whites of America. Donate your time to give out literature. We must start organizing, so we can resist, and win elections. Local at first, higher office later. Unless we oppose it together, the marginalization will only continue, and get worse. Our economy is in bad shape. Our rulers lie about it. We're in trouble, and we better start doing something about it.

Comrades on the last radio-show, I presented a few comments, that I would like to reiterate here as well.

First off, purchasing various "items" from one of our adherents "satellite" websites, or sending them some monetary "$upport" to help them with their activities - DOES NOT - count towards your PLEDGE as an Official Supporter or Full Member of the ANP. The Main Party Organization (MPO) neither KNOWS nor RECEIVES any of your communications OR donations not made DIRECTLY to ANP HQ. While the MPO does not discourage such support for these various efforts, still your primary obligation as a ANP Official Supporter MUST be MET by yourself - directly with the ANP HQ.

Next, the MAIL. Please SEAL your mail SECURELY and make sure that your $UPPORT cannot be SEEN inside your envelope, per holding it up to the light! Simply wrapping it in a piece of paper is enough to block any "viewing" by snoopers and thieves... As well, please DO NOT put "slogans" and/or "Swastikas" etc et al on the outside of the envelope. It would probably be just as well that you addressed it simply as "ANP" - rather than "NAZI" - understanding the "TYPE" of people who work in the post office, and this sick society in general...for OBVIOUS reasons.

Now I would like to address the issue of ACTIVITY REPORTS. We ship a LOT of Outreach materials out to Party Activists each month - oddly, we receive a much less than expected response of Activity Reports in return. If you wish to receive "CREDIT" in your Party file, per your activism - you MUST send in an Activity Report. I suggest that OS simply do this when they send in their Monthly Pledge. Activity Reports can be down-loaded from the front-page of our Party website - or, you can utilize a plain sheet of paper and simply designate to be an Activity Report if you haven't a printer available. Advancement and promotions are mostly BASED upon a Party Comrades file, and unless we have KNOWLEDGE based upon your Reports, we often have little to go upon to make our decisions.

Like just about EVERYTHING in life - you GET out of it - WHAT your willing to PUT IN. IF we all wish to see a VIABLE , GROWING and SUCCESSFUL NS Movement in America - WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! The Old "Movement" of Barnum and Bailey sideshow bunkum is OVER - virtually DEAD and BURIED. Good riddance! Its finally time to get OFF the BEATEN TRACK, or should I say the SAME OLD RUT - of silly, useless nonsense of costumed street-theater, based upon POSING for the controlled enemy JEWS-MEDIA and their allies like STOOGES, - and INSTEAD concentrating upon BUILDING a SINCERE, INTELLIGENT, 21st Century - WHITE POLITICAL EFFORT! A from the BOTTOM-UP, GRASS-ROOTS effort! It CAN be DONE - but, it takes YOU to decide to seriously GET-INVOLVED. A YEAR-ROUND, 24/7/365 days a year effort! Are YOU up to THAT White men and women? If NOT - WHEN? If not YOU - WHO?

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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