ANP Report for June 13, 2013

Racial Comrades: For literally years now, I have been stating that the land that we live in - the Good 'ol Jew-S-A - despite all the smug proclamations that "we are the land of freedom, hence our 'enemies' hate us" - is a LIE.

We live in a POLICE STATE, pure and simple - and these latest exposures of ZOG's SPYING on America's populace are simply ONE MORE example - of WHAT ( because of a very brave young man, who put everything in his life on the line to bring this to light ) this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity IS capable of!

White man and woman - this is no longer "YOUR" government. It's been bought by the most evil creatures, who greed and grasping for TOTAL POWER over everyone who is not "one of the club" - that makes our collective lives a constant MISERY.

But, the one SHINING thing that comes out of all of this is - that these 1% CONTROLLERS are doing "all of this" - OUT OF FEAR! Yes! They FEAR the PEOPLE so much, that they act rashly - they "over do it" - and hence SHOW THEIR HAND.

IF they didn't FEAR the PEOPLE - would they be SPYING on them SO COMPLETELY? Of course not! That's the action of someone who KNOWS that SOMEWHERE down the road - the PEOPLE are going have FINALLY had had ENOUGH - and they are going to start shouting like that guy in the movie who yells - "...I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!". And despite ALL of their MONEY, despite ALL of their POWER, despite ALL of their PROPAGANDA - the PEOPLE are going to start throwing monkey-wrenches into their operations.

Remember just "WHO" let the cat out of the bag about this latest government spy scandal - it was a "nobody" who worked as a "contractor" for one of these private corporations who makes BILLIONS working for the system. This "private company" had NO qualms DOING the DIRTY WORK for the system. Hell, ZOG could request these "private corporations" to KILL YOU - and IF paid enough, they would no doubt gladly comply.

But, ONE brave "little guy" was so APPAULED by what he saw was being done to the American people, - that HE couldn't sit back and allow it to continue, unhindered. Maybe ZOG will call down a "drone strike" on him and his family - in the sacred name of "national security", or pay the Mafia to do it like they did to the Klan back in the 60's in the South?

It will be "little people" like this hero, who eventually will bring Zog down. Eventually, enough "little people", like YOU and I will have had ENOUGH - to GET INVOLVED - in whatever manner available in our abilities, our capabilities and our resources, to make this land a BETTER and more DECENT place to live.

This young man COULD have kept SILENT, he COULD have LOOKED the OTHER WAY, he COULD have reasoned with himself that "why risk my neck, nobody really cares" - But, he DIDN'T! He KNEW deep in his heart and mind that what "our government" was DOING - was WRONG, and he ACTED.

That's what DECENT people DO. That's what Aryans are SUPPOSED to DO. How about YOU?

Has it all gotten BAD ENOUGH - YET - for YOU to GET INVOLVED, in the "SOLUTION" to our Race and Nation's problems? Or, can you honestly come up with some "EXCUSE" of "WHY" you still are PART of the PROBLEM? Because friends, unless YOU involve yourself - even if only in a minor way, as yet - in HELPING the SOLUTION - you are an abetter of the evil and corruption that CONTROLS America...and through your INACTION, allow it to grow like a cancer.

Being a National Socialist MEANS that YOU accept RESPONSIBILITY - for GOOD or EVIL. A National Socialist CANNOT "ignore" issues that he/she KNOWS are bad for our Folk. A true NS simply CANNOT - "look the other way" - is that YOU?

They say that "mighty oaks start from a tiny acorn" - perhaps you believe that your actions won't effect much - well, they certainly won't do squat, IF you NEVER get involved. And that's just what the enemy is HOPING for - that you'll feel BEATEN before you even get to the battlefield.

We all know now, just how FEARFUL the enemy really is - otherwise, they wouldn't be DOING the things, like this illegal SPYING that they are. They KNOW how much the populace HATES, DESPISES their collective actions, and their UNTRUSTWORTHY ratings amongst the people are off the scale!

YOU can make a DIFFERENCE - YOU can TIP the SCALES towards a wholesome society - it's certainly NOT going to be easy, or an over-night success. But, it didn't "GET THIS BAD" over-night either - it took many years of YOU - DOING NOTHING, and allowing this evil to grow, to the point it is now.

Isn't it finally time, that YOU decided to GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION?

We're here to help you

by Steve Davenport

Contrary to our enemy's propaganda, the American Nazi Party is not just a group of haters, just sitting and stewing about who they don't like. The American Nazi Party is dedicated to HELPING the white Aryan race. To protect its rights, and help battle injustice. The party is available at all times to advise whites who want such advice with the issues that confront them. The party actually has a full time lobbyist, to fight for white friendly policies, on issues that affect whites. It has on staff, experienced activists, who can advise on how to confront ZOG, and its white hostile policies. The party can NOT, and will not do your fighting for you. Fighting someone else's battles, never works. There is literature available from the party on proper methods of activism. Whites today are in a mess of their own making. Their lack of courage and/or conviction has allowed non whites to walk all over them. We now have a non white minority govt, headed by a black president, because whites won't act. We can't fight your battles, but we can help you resist tyranny. Let us help YOU.

Our methods are simple, and quite legal. Even non whites could follow our methods if they were so inclined. They don't bother, because they run the show at present. The party's principles rest on care for its own race. That is its central core. Its not out to make a buck at its peoples expense, like the major parties in the US today. We want to make life better for whites. As a partnership, the party and the whites of America, would make a formidable combination. Able to roll back at least some of ZOG's evil. We need you. You need us. If you've decided you've had enough nonsense, and want to do something about it, but don't know what, ask us. All we ask in return is a donation, to help us keep helping. The party has expenses, and is always in need of financial help. Turn to the ANP for help, and especially guidance. It's the only pro-white party. The major parties are just sell outs to the rich ruling elite. Choose to resist, and we'll do our level best to help. You have to fight your own battles, but you need not fight alone.

Comrades, there are MANY things that YOU can DO - to help the ANP achieve its goals and agenda.

The FIRST one involves YOU financially $upporting our work, by becoming an ANP Official Supporter at 33 cents a day, or $10 a month. Please review the "support" section of our website.

The SECOND is to EDUCATE yourself ABOUT "what" National Socialism REALLY is, (not the "hollywierd nutzi" version that consists of hating everyone who wasn't born White) the REAL ideology of Adolf Hitler, that is concerned with OUR Folk, in a totally POSITIVE fashion.

The THIRD is to become a Party Activist, someone who carefully distributes ANP Outreach literature to the White Working Class population who are hungry for answers. Please review the "Outreach" website , in the "links" section of our main Party website.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE reading this message has some personal talent, or abilities that could be put to good use in our NS Struggle - review yours - and decide "what" you could offer our movement, and let us know.

At present, the NS Movement is a "tiny acorn" compared to what needs to be done - but, it CAN grow and SUCCEED - only IF people like yourself will HELP it achieve its agenda.

The American Nazi Party is a political-educational association - we are NOT some "street theater" outfit, that plays "Halloween dress-up" and attempts to fulfill the fantasy desires of those who have a desperate "LOOK at ME!" personality flaw. Nothing positive has been accomplished by these buffoons, and nothing ever will - the normal White population rejects them, as rejects. The enemy simply LOVES them and their hapless antics, as to drive home the point of their anti-NS propaganda - hence their constant "holding them up as examples" of "what supposedly NS are" to the masses at large. Do you think that the jewish controlled media would do this - IF - they hadn't a purpose of their own, which suited THEIR agenda?

The ANP seeks to eventually BUILD a PRO-WHITE POLITICAL movement, from the bottom up - low-level political electioneering, local offices - to where White Working people will HAVE a sincere VOICE and CHOICE of their own, one that is CLEARLY - FOR and OF themselves!

But, that takes WORK, that takes RESOURCES, that takes YOU. Aren't YOU ready YET?

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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