ANP Report for May 18, 2013

Racial Comrades: Sorry it's been awhile, I've had some "problems" but they've been resolved and now I'm back in the trenches.

During my absence, I'm proud to note that the Party carried on, with the loyal and dedicated Party Comrades carrying the ball, and continuing our organizations progress as it is organized to do. I personally wish to thank these men and women for their efforts - THEY are what MAKES an organization REAL. As Comrade Bowles often states - it's a TEAM EFFORT!

What's "new" to report upon? Well, not much has changed has it? America sinks ever further and further DOWN into its ever deepening demise as THE toilet-bowel of the 21st century, as its people accept their own destruction as a people, and either become non-thinking drones - which allows them to "fit in" to this Judeo-Capitalist nightmare of a hopeless "existence". Or, they by and large DO NOTHING to RESIST the obvious EVIL that is enveloping them.

A perfect example is this recent situation in Cleveland Ohio - where some Puerto Rican "immigrunt" held three women as sex slave since they were children - for TEN YEARS. I don't really need to go into the story, you all know it I'm sure.

What I DO want to touch upon - is the "RESPONSE" - after these women were helped to freedom...

In any HEALTHY society - this monster would have been LYNCHED by the neighborhood, for what he had done. He would have been given what he DESERVED! Yet, here in the Jew-S-A - I guess the populace is so depraved itself - that that kind of response to a fiend who had KIDNAPPED and BRUTALIZED their CHILDREN....wasn't an "option"?

This is ONLY one more example of WHY allowing third world scum to invade OUR nation - is literally INSANE. DO WE REALLY NEED - MORE - of these Non-Aryan Puerto Ricans to infest OUR land? To give credit where due - it was a BLACK neighbor who finally helped these girls to escape. Kinda gives one pause for thought for those "hater" types - who are so committed to saying that there AREN'T any DECENT negroes, eh?

As for "our white police" who for ten years couldn't find these girls, even though they HAD been called to this monsters house time after time for various issues - perhaps this will convince some of our right-wing reactionary readers - that unless it has a BIG doughnut, or perhaps a "swastika" painted on it - the system's enforcers in blue couldn't find their fat ass's with both hands. Or is it, that their MINDS were TOO CLUTTERED with "PC PUSTULENCE" to "take the chance" of "hassling" Mr. Puerto Rican?

Naw, these were ONLY - "lower class" - girls. IF they had come from the upper-crust - the cops would have been kicking in doors at gun-point, as they had done in whole neighborhoods ala the "Boston Bombers" - LOOKING and SEARCHING.

I guess that SOME things are MORE IMPORTANT than "others", eh? OUR children just AREN'T as important as "anti-system terrorists". What's new? We all should have learned long ago, that the White poor/working class are simply throw-aways when it comes to the One-Percenters. Simply LOOK at WHO bears the brunt of dead/crippled for life - when it comes to THEIR wars to make the world safe for Judeo-Capitalist invasion and exploitation!

Whitey, it's OVERDUE that you LOST your pathetic "faith and belief" in this evil, corrupt, decadent and unnatural society that surrounds you! It's OVERDUE that SOME of you that haven't joined the army of LIVING DEAD - becoming materialistic ZOMBIES who exist to SLAVE and CONSUME at Masters behest - to AWAKEN to the TRUTH, and to JOIN the RESISTANCE and start FIGHTING BACK.

Yes, it WILL take a FEW of your DOLLARS out of your pocket from purchasing plastic Chinese JUNK to financially support our efforts. Yes, it WILL take a little TIME out of your life, from watching the boob-tube, and polluting your brain, DOING a little Outreach ACTIVISM. But, in all honesty - "someone else" cannot DO IT FOR YOU.


IF Western/Aryan mankind has lost its will to fight for its own betterment and survival - then, perhaps it's all over, and we had best get USED to being USED and ABUSED - along with neglected. Perhaps the heyday of Aryan mankind is OVER - for the very same reason that other past civilizations are a thing of the past - they simply SURRENDERED and lost the Will to deserve to survive as a healthy species.

Personally, I'm a believer that people "get" what they ALLOW. IF a person doesn't want to lose their "cable programs" - they sure as hell - PAY their BILL. Why not show that level of COMMITMENT towards your supposed BELIEFS? As a Party Comrade - are YOU in "GOOD STANDING" with your pledge?

Are you one who ALWAYS makes sure that you WATCH your favorite "show" on the jew-tube? Can't you show that SAME level of COMMITMENT in setting aside a LITTLE time and effort for Outreach literature distribution?

You get out of something per the same amount of COMMITMENT and EFFORT that you put into it. Need I say anything MORE?

Call of the Warrior.

by Steve Davenport

Whites have become too apathetic. Whites in the US, let non whites walk all over them. This bolstered by law no less. The civil rights legislation may have helped blacks gain their "rights", but at the expense of white rights, and livelihood. I hate being a doormat. I wish whites would unite, and stop taking non white crap. The Aryans of Europe, were at one time, masters of the world. Literally. Now Europe is sinking into poverty. Due to austerity. Due to having to pay off debts rung up by reckless ruling elites. The European peoples have been slaves, serfs, and doormats for thousands of years. Their warrior spirit seems dead. Hopefully it will return. What's white Americans excuse? To be shoved aside from being able to get jobs, because we're white, is rather shameful. Why do we take it? The govt is dominated by liberal non white lovers, and greedy Capitalist elites who only feel about money making, and nothing else. Our people have let all these pro minority laws be passed. Laws that throw us whites aside. We have to take bullshit now, because it's the law. If we whites united, we could reverse the pro minority trend. Hear the call of the warrior. Whites were once great, and feared warriors. We need not engage in combat as in war, but we need to be assertive. Bravery needs to make a comeback among whites. We need to arouse our inmost selves. Vote for pro white candidates, and support pro white laws and campaigns. To let ourselves be pushed around is both cowardly, and quite stupid, considering we're the majority in this country. Unfortunately, on the horizon, will come a day when the white will no longer be the majority in the USA. Mestizos from Latin America, are coming here. In droves. Soon, they will become the new majority. Liberals think that whites being a minority won't matter. We'll all just get along. Bullshit. Non whites don't like whites. They will take advantage, to avenge wrongs, real or imagined. Whites must find their inner warrior. Being a warrior doesn't mean combat. It means finding your backbone, and saying NO to ZOG BS. It means sticking together, to press for white rights. It means voting white. It means raising your children to believe in their race. That being white is an honor, and privilege, not a curse. After all we've done for this world, whites deserve respect, not the contempt we currently get. A black president is merely the beginning of the end of white majority rule. It need not be the end of white civilization, if we all stick together. I can't stress that enough.

Donate as much as you possibly can give to the ANP. Give out literature. It's called being a political soldier. It means working, and BEING, part of a group fighting for white rights, and even existence. It means pushing petitions to right situations that are harmful to white interests. The ANP is the ONLY party left,, that is organized, and dedicated to improving the position of the white race in the USA. Support it. SUPPORT it. The 2 major parties are worthless for whites. The Dems only care about non whites. The Republicans, about money. The ANP is for us. You need to be for it. Otherwise, the white future in America, will be pretty grim.

Comrades, the May issue of the White Worker monthly hard-copy ANP magazine will be in the mails soon - for those Party Comrades who DESERVE it, and who are in Good-Standing. Please if you're not current with your pledge, do so asap.

We will be posting up on our Party website soon, a complete issue of The White Worker, as a "sample" issue for those who are interested in reviewing it and eventually subscribing - $20 for a one-year subscription. All ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security envelopes. Please make out money-orders out to "ANP".

As well, Party Comrades in Virginia will be hosting a new ANP blogsite, concerning their efforts in their state - check back frequently on our "links" section of this website.

Join with those who HAVE chosen the path of COMMITMENT to National Socialism - if not for your own sake, then for that of your children!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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