ANP Report for April 29, 2013

Racial Comrades: While re-printing the booklet "German Law and Legislation " by Dr. Erich Schinnerer, of the University of Berlin - which was printed by the NS Terramare Office in 1938 - I came across a number of very interesting FACTS, that I thought I would like to share with all of you today.

Btw, if you would like a copy of this booklet, you can find it available in the "merchandise" section of our website - it makes very interesting reading...

I quote "One special factor that played a large part in bringing about an estrangement between the laws and the natural legal instincts of the people was the dominant position which the jews acquired in the legal profession. In Berlin alone 1,835 or 54% of the lawyers practicing in 1932 ( before the NS acquired power ) were of jewish extraction. In interpreting and applying the German law they were guided by the legal ideas of their own race. The difference between Jewish and German ideas of law is indicated by the fact that up to the nineteenth century the jews received special treatment in the courts in view if their different notion of what was legally right and wrong. Special forms of oath were drawn up for them and they could not be punished for receiving stolen goods. The Law of September 15, 1935 put a stop to the further predominance of the jews, but there are still many jewish lawyers in Berlin. Out of the total number of lawyers 943 or 32.6% were jews in 1937. "

Amazing isn't it, that in "EVIL, ANTI-SEMITIC" National Socialist Germany - that FOUR YEARS after Hitlers assumption of power - the tiny jewish percentage of the population - STILL held such a huge preponderance of legal influence! Another point... -

I quote again "The Act for the Protection of German Blood and Honor, which was passed by the Reichstag on September 15, 1935 ensures...the lot of such persons who between two essentially different races, is especially difficult and has been the subject of much discussion. To solve the question it was necessary to make far-reaching concessions. These consisted in laying down the rule that all those who have LESS THAN THREE Jewish grandparents and do not declare their allegiance to the jewish people SHOULD NOT count as Jews and should be allowed to be absorbed into the German nation."

Think about this statement - it's OFFICIAL NS German LAW. It continues... " The German people will be robust enough to stand this ad-mixture of foreign blood if they are in future protected from any further mixture. In special cases the Fuhrer can grant exemption from the Act. "

Another quote concerning - "Courts of Honor to settle labor disputes between employer and employees have passed sentences on account of malicious exploitation of labor for the following actions: the inadequate payment of work in violation of wage agreements, retention of wages, non-payment for overtime, excessive work, bad conditions of board and lodging, refusal of holidays, and breaches of important regulations for the avoidance of accidents. There is also the case of an employer who did not allow the workers to do their jobs in peace and quiet, but was continually bothering them and urging them on with abusive language. An employer was condemned for an offense against honor because he refused to allow the sick children of a worker taken to hospital. His action was an offense against the honor due every member of the working community. "

I'm not making this up folks, this was an official government report.

I quote again - "The Act of July 14, 1933, set forth the legal procedure for the carrying out of a plebiscite ( a national vote by the people upon certain questions ). It authorities the Reich Government to obtain the verdict of the people as a sovereign power, not only on matters of legislation but also on other measures. If a particular law be the subject of a plebiscite the favorable verdict of that plebiscite is not merely an act of approval but is in itself a formal enactment. Within the FIRST FOUR YEARS of the National Socialist regime there have been FOUR Reichstag elections and THREE PLEBISCITES."

Here in Judeo-Capitalist Jew-S-A - whenever some issue have been brought before the public to vote upon, and the SYSTEM hasn't liked the RESULT - WHAT HAPPENS? Why their COURTS - "OVERTURN" - the VOICE of the PEOPLE!

How about the SYSTEM has a few plebiscites on such topics as - EXPELLING ILLEGAL INVADERS, or SAME-SEX MARRIAGE/ADOPTION? No! Not in this HYPOCRITICAL nation that loves to boast "THEY HATE OUR FREEDOMS!". No, its rather - THEY HATE OUR DECADENCE and DEGENERACY! "They" don't WANT all the FILTH, PORNOGRAPHY, DRUGS and DRUNKENESS that permeates this "Coca-Cola" plastic, materialist toilet-bowl - it's THAT simple!

Comrades, have ANY of YOU ever read OR even heard of what I've written here today, on your enemy controlled "educational-entertainment" versions of National Socialist Germany? Of course not! They were all too busy ferreting out EACH and EVERY Joooo - and shoving them into Easy-Bake ovens! LMAO

I seriously suggest that you order this booklet, if you are seriously interested in just "what" WAS the TRUTH concerning NS Germany, and its laws concerning its citizens. Its difficult to argue the TRUTH, without the FACTS.

Us vs Them

by Steve Davenport

This is a war of morals. Of good vs evil. Of humanity vs the inhuman. What do we/us, the American Nazi Party, stand for? Marriage, but especially family. We KNOW that society cannot function without stable family life. It's just that simple. Either we act as caring human families, or we be animals who just rut, and exist. We value race, nation. Religion for those who have same. We insist on respect for elders. Their years of toil entitle them to it. We honor the worker, who toils for the daily bread in order to live, and have the family live.

What do our opponents stand for? First and foremost, STUFF. Materialism. Can't get enough possessions. As if human contact means nothing anymore. They/them are perfectly content with a 50% divorce rate. Far, far worse, they don't want children. They want stuff, and having children gets in the way of that goal. This is why they push for same sex couples (marriage), and childless marriages. Why have kids, when you can have HD TV and exotic vacations. Why have kids, when you can have a 5000 square foot house, and new car every year?

Them. They have nothing but contempt for the elderly. They consider them worthless garbage, since they can no longer be of use to make money. They, have only contempt for the worker. A worker to them is just something to exploit to make profit, and discard as garbage when no longer of any use. They crow about the right to vote. Vote for who? All we get as candidates, are system approved sock puppets. People who are meant to help the rich ruling elite, not us common folk. The "right" to vote, is just the freedom to participate in farce elections that mean nothing. That just end up with a system sock puppet in power. Someone who loves you not, and means to do great evil against you.

Do you know why the ANP is not listened to? No, it really isn't because of the holohoax. Its because Nazi Germany didn't provide everyone with a 72" HD TV. Materialism, has become the be all, and end all, of existence on this planet. The Gospel of materialism. Preached according to Judeo-Capitalism. The joke is on you. Capitalism only helps a few get rich. The many suffer poverty at the hands of the rich. Check your history. Right on down thru the ages.

Time for you to CHOOSE. Which side do you pick? The side you choose will rule this planet. I would hope its us and humanity. Choose them, and I hope you have a very strong stomach, as this planet continues its descent into a hideous materialist hell. Think things are bad now? They can, and will get much worse, if you continue to allow them to run the show.

Comrades, I wish to report that the April edition of The White Worker magazine has been mailed to all Party Comrades in Good-Standing. For anyone not receiving their copy, perhaps there's a "reason"?

I also wish to thank those Comrades who took part in the Partyís annual Spring Blitz literature Outreach campaign! The amount of materials this year, sent out from Party HQ to Activists, has far exceeded any prior year - well done!

I would like to mention - we could certainly use MORE writers for the Party magazine, if we wish to continue enlarging it. Could this be YOU? Axl, ( the Editor ) assures me that even IF you might think that you aren't a "great" writer - still, you OUGHT to give it a try. Practice makes perfect - and as long as your articles are written in the TRUE SPIRIT of National Socialism - they CAN be "tweaked" and "reworked", until you're "Dr. Goebbels" reincarnated! LOL

This isnít "MY" organization, nor is it "YOURS" - it's ALL of OURS. And in that case, it means ALL of US need to pitch in TOGETHER to "do WHAT we can" - to make it a SUCCESS!

After all, "Its NOT enough for a true National Socialist to state 'I believe' - a TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST - must swear, I FIGHT!"

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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