ANP Report for April 09, 2013

Racial Comrades: On April 20th, all true National Socialists will remember and honor Adolf Hitler's birthday - hopefully in a manner that He would approve.

Since he was a NON-DRINKER - I sincerely hope - that you are not going to "raise a glass" in supposedly His honor, as that would be kind of disrespectful, eh? It would resemble "lighting one up" in His honor - as He was also a NON-SMOKER!

Gee, wasn't there SOME foible that this man could be accused of? Maybe He ran around with loose women - nope, He had ONE woman in His life - Eva Braun, who chose to die with Her man, rather than face life without Him...

Yes Comrades, Adolf Hitler sure WASN'T like these political-whore SOCK-PUPPETS - who stooge for the REAL RULERS - the wealthy, CORPORATE POWER STRUCTURE, that rule over Western Mankind today!

Instead of these "born with a silver spoon in their mouths" PLUTOCRATS - Adolf Hitler understood just "what" it meant to be POOR and HUNGRY - and to actually HAVE to WORK for a living, to put bread in the belly and a roof over ones head.

He ALSO knew what WAR was all about - NOT "war" sitting in some air-conditioned building, flying a "drone" and killing people from afar - but, instead LIVING in MUD and MUCK for over FOUR YEARS in the trench-life of WWI.

Yes, Adolf Hitler was BRAVE - earning TWO decorations - both the Iron Cross 2nd AND 1st Class, as well as being WOUNDED several times...including being BLINDED by GAS towards the end of WWI... Ever hear of ANY of OUR "Big Shots" being able to say the same? No, - THEY all SEND off the "others" to the BLOOD and GUTS and MAYHEM - THEY DON'T EXPERIENCE IT PERSONALLY!

BECAUSE Adolf Hitler himself KNEW the truths of the HARDSHIPS of the WORKING CLASS - He had COMPASSION for them. He CARED.

One of the canards about Adolf Hitler by His enemies is that He was a "supremacist" over ALL other races and peoples on planet earth. That He "hated" them all, and wanted to "subjugate" and "exterminate" them. How Strange the TRUTH really is!

Unlike the "Western Democracies" who DID - SUBJUGATE and ENSLAVE - non-White peoples, what with their COLONIES and IMPERIALISM - NS Germany had ZERO non-White peoples in thralldom.

Hitler and National Socialist Germany's BEST ALLY was a NON-ARYAN people - JAPAN. Hitler sent NS Germany's armed forces to HELP the ARAB peoples overthrow their oppressors in the Middle-East, against the British and the French Judeo-Capitalists. He even sent air-support and arms to the IRAQIS in 1941 to help them free their nation from English imperialism!

So just HOW could Adolf Hitler and National Socialism be an ENEMY of the NON-WHITE WORLD? Of course, the enemy ALWAYS brings up "THE JEWS" - as if, "because" Hitler and National Socialism stands firmly in opposition of criminal jewish BEHAVIOR - they somehow MUST "hate" all "others" who happened not to be born Aryan. You see, this has been a clever behavior on the jewish side - attempting to get these "others" to side up with THEM - and of course, AGAINST the White race.

Its worked to a degree, simply BECAUSE in the eyes of many non-Whites - they tend to view "jews" AS being "white". So when these EVIL "white" people harm them, as they do with blacks - by being SLUMLORDS and STORE PROFITEERS selling stale food etc, at EXORBINANT prices - they blame it all on the "white man" in general.

What IS sad, is that here in America, unlike in Europe where our people are less "political children" and more astute when it comes to political IDEOLOGIES - National Socialism has become far too often simply another "kkk style" outlook, with a Swastika tacked on.

George Lincoln Rockwell himself helped to CREATE this "Hollywood-Nazi" IMAGE - for a PURPOSE, to BREAK THROUGH into the enemies MEDIA which at the time insisted of giving him the "silent treatment" - and to make people aware that he and the ANP even EXISTED. He wrote in his first book This Time the World - "At once I had the answer! By being an ARROGANT, OPEN, ALL-OUT NAZI...with the Swastika, Stormtroopers, and open declarations of our intentions of gassing the jew traitors...I would make an end of their filthy silent treatment". ( read the whole book on our website...)

This behavior was meant as a TEMPORARY tactic. In 1967, at the June Party Conference - he proposed ENDING the "hollywood-nazi" era - and EVOLVING into a more serious NATIONAL SOCIALIST program. The "PURPOSE" of being an "all out" CARICATURE "NAZI" was no longer NECESSARY. People were AWARE that Rockwell and the Party existed, and it was overdue to move FORWARD - into a more SERIOUS Phase of activity!

Sadly, after his death - what was left of so-called National Socialism in America - found itself STUCK in a RUT. Whether it was simply STUPIDITY on the part of those claiming "leadership", OR lack of IMAGINATION, and/or UNDERSTANDING of "WHAT" National Socialism REALLY IS - in any case, American NS took on a continued pretense of being a "race-hate" philosophy and LITTLE ELSE. ONE amongst MANY competing factions of "NSRP/KKK/AN" etc et al of alphabet-soup groups espousing NOT - TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALISM - but, simply varying degree's of "white supremacy", ala the Hollywood created IMAGE. The IMAGE that the PUBLIC wouldn't "buy" - simply BECAUSE it was ALL NEGATIVE with few if any POSITIVES being promoted.

Any TRUE National Socialist who has STUDIED the NS IDEOLOGY understands that it is built around POSITIVE GOALS - NOT - "SUPREMACY" or "RACIAL HATE". The Aryan world would NEED the principals of the NS World-View - even IF there were NO - non-Whites on planet earth!

This month especially - true, sincere National Socialists will HONOR Adolf Hitler and His National Socialist IDEOLOGY - by engaging in the annual ANP Spring Blitz literature Outreach campaign! Please read more about it, in my last post before this one.

By REACHING, EDUCATING and ORGANIZING the THOUSANDS of our White brothers and sisters with the Good-Word of National Socialism - we WILL be DOING what Adolf Hitler WOULD approve of! POSITIVE NS ACTIVISM.

Don't be fooled and taken in by these silly costumed re-enacters, whom Adolf Hitler would have LAUGHED AT and RIDICULED as creatures STUCK in the PAST - as He mentions in Mein Kampf, the " warriors who don bearskins and helmets with horns, always harkening to the PAST rather than the PRESENT and the FUTURE ". Are these modern-day "warriors" hiding BEHIND - ZOGS POLICE and in WIRE CAGES - really ANY different, than those that Hitler contended with?

I suggest asking YOURSELF - WHAT WOULD HITLER DO? Then - DO IT!

In Remembrance

by Steve Davenport

The birthday of Adolf Hitler is coming up. As we celebrate, we should honor the man, but even more his message. Hitler died for something. Love of his race. Just remembering him the man, isn't enough. We must remember and honor his message, that whites need to be united, and work for the common racial good. Hitler wanted to put an end to the constant European blood letting. He felt that whites could achieve so much more, if they weren't killing each other. He also wanted white workers treated with dignity. The inequality of Capitalism sickened him. He wanted to do away with it. He failed, but not for lack of trying. His enemies overwhelmed his forces, and he was defeated. Never in history was a leader as close to his people as Hitler was. Hell, he was one of the common people. He could relate. Can our current politicians relate to us at all, on anything? Our current Congress is all millionaires. They have nothing whatsoever in common with us, the people they rule. Don't get wrapped us thinking of Hitler the man. Rather, work for the goals and beliefs he died for. We must persevere, so that he didn't die in vain. Nazi Germany shouldn't be looked on as the end, but as the vanguard of white unity. Of whites thinking, and acting as one. The global white racial folk community. Where each person had dignity, because as an Aryan, they deserve dignity. It's all right to be defeated, as long as you don't stay defeated.

Hitler fought to the last. We, the generations after him must pick up the torch and carry on. Commander Rockwell, did so. He revived National Socialism. He admitted to himself, and all who would listen, that whites had fought on the wrong side. It cost him much personal anguish, but he felt it must be said. We all must work for the white race. United, and determined. Whites these days are treated terribly. We're pushed aside for jobs by privileged non whites. Our children our taught self racial hate, by our enemies, so that whites will surrender to non white masters, and eventually slip into oblivion. Hitler the man wouldn't take it. His message makes that very clear. Above all, let us uphold his message, and struggle on behalf of the white race. We owe it to him, Rockwell, our ancestors, and above all, ourselves and our children.

Comrades, Once more please take part in our annual Spring Blitz - its NOT meant as a "one day" affair - its ALL APRIL LONG. Success in ANY endeavor takes EFFORT - if not YOU - WHO?

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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