ANP Report for March 26, 2013

Racial Comrades: "As useless as teats on a bull" - that's a saying that my grandfather used to use pretty often when I was a kid, to describe certain situations in life. Being a coal-miner and a small-time farmer, he was an "earthy" sort. Honest, but blunt...

Well, Comrades - I think that his saying, pretty much sums up the present status of this so-called "Racial/White Nationalist" movement pretty darn well.

I ought to know, having been involved "in this", since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16. After all that time, I think that I ought to have figured out the ins and outs of what it's DOING, what it's ACCOMPLISHED, and what the hell GOALS it has - IF ANY.

First off, lets review HONESTLY - "WHAT" - it's been "DOING" over at least MY 4+ decades involvement. For over forty years, the "movement" has been engaged in primarily TWO "activities", THREE really - but, I'll get into that third one eventually.

One has been "EDUCATION" of the masses - this IS a positive activity - as long as it's done in an INTELLIGENT and POSITIVE fashion. Unfortunately, its been overlapped by far too much "hate-mongering" and pandering to the "mindless hater, and bigot" element - which has attracted the WRONG element to the forefront of the WN movement. This in turn has blended in with the second prime "activity" - STREET THEATER.

Street theater has been the #1 GOAL of many of these costumed groups out there, who exist it seems - ONLY - to gain ( usually/always negative ) headlines in the jew-controled media. Over the past 4-5 decades, how MANY times has the "movement" gotten itself in the "news" - through its street theater "activities"? Ten thousand? A HUNDRED THOUSAND? MORE?

And what has been the RESULT? Greater NUMBERS of people getting involved? No. "Numbers" are DOWN - to the lowest that I've personally seen since I myself first got involved. PEOPLE GET TIRED OF DOING THE SAME OLD THING, WITHOUT SEEING POSITIVE RESULTS!

What kind of person keeps on DOING the same old thing over and over, with NO PROGRESS BEING MADE? I'm sure you can all answer THAT...

Times are WORSE than ever before, so you would THINK that decent White people would be clamoring for some SERIOUS ALTERNATIVE to what surrounds them - wouldn't you? Yet, the WN "movement" not only STAGNATES - it's SHRINKING! WHY...?

The third thing that the "movement" has engaged in, is - PEDDLING for PROFIT. Indeed, SOME of these PROFITEERS - have gotten quite WEALTHY, selling all the "toys" supposedly necessary to "be" a "real White Nationalist". William Pierce at the time of his death by cancer, was supposedly raking in over a MILLION dollars a year - selling everything from CD's, to BOOTLACES, to SUSPENDERS etc et al! Yet, WHERE did that money GO? Towards FURTHERING the WN Struggle? Most of course, aren't quite THAT successful, but still they make a LIVING off the Struggle, no alarm clocks for THEM!


In ALL of this "ACTIVITY" - WHERE'S THE "GOAL" ? This "movement" seems apparently - NOT - to have one! It's like a dog chasing its tail, or a man marching around in a circle.

Let's face it - yes, it IS unpleasant - but, we could have a MILLION "educated" people, or even TEN MILLION - but, WHAT GOOD ARE THEY, without an END GOAL? The same could be said with "marching in the street". PUBLIC PROTESTS - WORKED in Weimar Germany by the NSDAP - BECAUSE they were SYMBOLS of STRENGTH. Can anybody claim that, that is so with today's pitiful handfulls of "demonstrators & marchers"?

Hitler and the National Socialists WON power - by engaging in - REAL POLITICS. Public marches, etc - were only a PART, a SIDELINE to CAMPAIGNING in ELECTIONS! Something that WN for some strange reason - seldom/never - seriously engage in.

And THAT my friends, IS the key "reason" WHY - WN gets NO-WHERE...BECAUSE the populace sees them as a JOKE! WHO wants to join and take part in a PERENNIAL PROTEST SOCIETY? Especially one that shows no sign of getting ANYWHERE - you know, the guy who continues to do the INCORRECT, DUMB, UNPROGRESSIVE THING - OVER and OVER....


Time IS running OUT - for our White society - yet, our movement seems determined to continue to "march in a circle". ISN'T IT TIME TO QUIT, to STOP and REASSESS - just WHAT it IS we SHOULD be DOING?

The ONLY thing that is going to SAVE our people - is - POWER. POLITICAL POWER. There is NOT going to be some "Turner Diaries" or "Northwest Homeland" - "solution". Anyone who still believes these FANTASIES are either LAZY, COWARDS who want to "push the bean down the road" - as we've been doing for decades, or, just plain NUTS!

IF you desire POLITICAL POWER - you HAVE to GO AFTER IT. No-one is going to hand it to you. And ANY KIND of POLITICAL POWER - no matter how "small" or how "low" - is certainly BETTER than NONE!

Once you HAVE some kind of real-world POLITICAL POWER - people will COME to YOU - seeking aid, and what YOU can DO for them. Thatís POWER. That's where "DEALS" can be worked out. NO POWER - YOU'RE IGNORED.

I have a premise. Currently this "white movement" is as "USELESS AS TEATS ON A BULL" - simply BECAUSE for whatever "reason" - it refuses to accept the END GOAL of ANY supposedly "POLITICAL EFFORT". It does "EVERYTHING" - but, FIGHT for the PRIZE - POLITICAL POWER.

In every election, there are public offices that are not even CONTESTED! There are many more, that are small town, LOCAL elections that ARE winnable with a concerted EFFORT! Not of course, to some raging hollywierd-nutzi waving a Swastika, or some guy shouting racial slurs, dressed up in a Halloween costume with a pointy hat - but, TAKE OFF these DISTRACTIONS, ACT SENSIBLY and it IS - POSSIBLE.

IF we acted "NORMAL" and INTELLIGENT - putting across OUR properly articulated ideas and agendas - WITHOUT literally GIVING the enemy material to use against us, I believe that it CAN be done! There are MILLIONS of White Americans who AGREE with us, enough to get US ELECTED.

But, INSTEAD of wasting all of our TIME, MONEY and EFFORT into organizing "fun-fests", jews-media "photo-shoots", and all the OTHER nonsense that the movement is currently engaged in - we poured EVERYTHING - all that's WASTED on "TOYS" and SILLINESS - INTO serious political campaigns...we COULD start showing some real-world POLITICAL PROGRESS.

Perhaps, all these TENS of THOUSANDS of racialist "forum posters", and their like - who ACHIEVE nothing, typing the same message over and over to each other - would climb on board an effort that WOULDN'T be "threatening", like a POLITICAL CAMPAIGN by a NORMAL sounding White man and/or woman who wasn't a typical "Posterboy of Hate"?

This is "WHAT" the American Nazi Party is all about. Unlike all these "others" in the "movement" - the ANP is geared towards ENGAGING in the REAL-WORLD of political action. We refuse to "out" our Comrades who become candidates, nor do our candidates campaign as "open" National Socialists. The IDEOLOGY is there - the SYMBOLISM and TRAPPINGS are not. We're NOT out to "piss people off", or have folks "LOOK at ME" - we're out to WIN POLITICAL POWER, starting at the very bottom....

Will the rest of the racial-movement follow our example, or will they CONTINUE to be - "AS USELESS AS TEATS ON A BULL"?

Coming misery for the White working class unless...

by Steve Davenport

As we watch Obama on TV groveling to the Israelis, major trouble is coming our way. No, I don't mean Al-Queda. I mean our own govt. The budget sequester is going to really cut hard govt services. We've been told that its needed to help cut the national debt. I feel this is a pack of lies. Our debt was ballooned by the financial sector bailout. Too big to fail, was the mantra cried out at the time. Yet our govt is not too big to fail.

Our rich pay little or nothing in taxes. We outsource decent pay jobs. Now we're going to massively cut govt services. These cuts aren't just going to be annoying. Yes, lines will be longer, like at the airport going thru security. Getting needed permits. Etc. What horrifies me, is that people who are reliant on the govt for one reason or another, are getting hosed big time. Cutting all these social programs. What about the white poor? There are a lot of them. Many hurt by job outsourcing. They need the govt safety net. That same net, that our leaders now intend to cut to pieces. Isn't govt suppose to serve the people? Care for them? Why is ours slapping us in the face?

Think of the coming layoffs from govt service. The huge increase our unemployment figures are about to face. It will no doubt strain the system, perhaps to breaking point. We're in a national debt mess, because our govt unwisely bailed out the financial sector, instead of letting it take its lumps. The financials sold worthless mortgage notes to unsuspecting buyers. Who in turn sold them. On down the line. Once the mortgages went into default, many were left holding the bag. Do we, the common people deserve to be burned at the stake for the folly of the rich and greedy? I wish the only problems would be waits, like going to Yellowstone park etc. No, many people will be in need of jobs. Add in outsourcing, and the illegal immigrant worker problems, and our system is dishing up a total mess. A mess that we non rich common folk will have to bear. Right in the neck.

National Socialism wouldn't have this madness. It believes in the value of its people. The racial folk community. It values its people. Considers them a resource of strength. National Socialism BELIEVES in a bond between govt and people. We support the govt, and we get help from same, when needed. A National Socialist govt won't let you be poor. It will make sure you have enough to eat, medical care, housing. To National Socialists, every Aryan is valuable. It takes care of its own. It lets other groups/races take care of their own. That's the natural way of doing things. National Socialism is dedicated to its race. It won't screw us, as this current system does constantly. This latest atrocity, is to cut our govt down to shreds. All the while, job outsourcing continues unabated. Illegals continue to filter thru. We're in a state of continuous war with the Arab/Islamic world. Our leaders, from both major parties, feel compelled to make pilgrimage to Israel to pay homage to the Jews. Yet our govt, turns its back on the needs of its own people. Tax the rich, not us.

The common people are what this country runs on. The system is dedicated to the rich. This is a PLUTOCRACY. Govt run by the rich. National Socialism is totally opposed to this. The rich ruling elite have no compassion. National Socialism does. At least for its own. Any ethnic group can have a National Socialist state of its own. It's not a magic formula. It's a way of doing things. A system of beliefs. Attitudes. How a racial group of people look at themselves, and the world. An National Socialist govt would tax the rich. Make them pay their share. The rich can pay the national debt a lot better then we can. Especially as they leave us few decent pay jobs. Our govt wants us common people to carry the national debt cross. This is very wrong. Picking on the weaker, because the stronger don't want to be bothered.

Help the ANP. Send donations. Literature costs, There are other expenses. Help the cause that wants to help you. Help give out literature. Our people need to read the words, in order to get the ideas. Help give our kids a future. What can they expect from the current system now, and in future? Help us help you. Help us, help your kids, and their future. Things are going to get a lot worse. Help ANP fight for YOU, and the preservation of white civilization.

Comrades, each year in the month of April - which is the month of Adolf Hitler's birth-date ( April 20th ) - the ANP has declared April to be WHITE PRIDE MONTH.

To honor Adolf Hitler, the Party makes an EXTRA SPECIAL EFFORT - and launches the annual SPRING BLITZ OUTREACH LITERATURE campaign, - where National Socialists make a special effort to distribute as much National Socialist propaganda to the WHITE MASSES as possible.

Can I count upon YOU to TAKE PART?

For "IDEAS" - I suggest that you review the "OUTREACH" website - in the "links" section of our main Party website. There is plenty of "suggestions" there to review and consider.

For Outreach materials - the ANP offers ANP 100 Message Cards, or 50 ANP "Bumper Stickers" for a $5 donation - please review the "merchandise" section. Or, please review the "support" section for FREE DOWNLOADS - that you can re-print yourself.

All I request is that you do NOT waste your propaganda "agitating" non-Aryans - try to distribute your materials in "mostly White" areas, as difficult as it may be now-a-days.

After the "Rockwell Day" blitz this March, we received a surge in inquiries - if we do an even MORE EXTENSIVE effort in April - even better results can be expected. Some so-called admirers of Adolf Hitler think that its "enough" to bake a cake, wear a t-shirt, or raise a glass to the Fuhrer in remembrance. Others, "pause for 88 seconds in silence" thinking "great thoughts". Remember what Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - " IT IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A NATIONAL SOCIALIST TO STATE 'I BELIEVE' , A TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MUST DECLARE - 'I FIGHT!' "

Comrades, let's FIGHT!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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