ANP Report for March 22, 2013

Racial Comrades: My last few messages have been meant from the heart, and I hope that I've gotten through to at least a FEW of you - of the NECESSITY - to re-direct and clean up our Struggle, from the mess that it’s in, what with all the weirdo’s, freaks and dysfunctionals who unfortunately infest it. And turning it from being a FREAKSHOW - and INTO a REAL, SINCERE, White POLITICAL EFFORT. You know - actually CAMPAIGNING in REAL POLITICS?

Well, today - I want to SHOW very CLEARLY to all those who insist on contacting the ANP, and requesting that we "unite" with these "other" groups in the "white movement" - a clear instance of WHY we will NOT do so!

On March 30th, down in Memphis TN. - a couple of these costumed, publicity whore clublets are "holding a rally" - to "protest" the city renaming a park, from some Confederate hero, to something more favorable to the cities black population.

Organizing this photo shoot is a ku kluxer group called the "loyal knights of the klan" and the infamous hollywierd-nutzi outfit led by the race-mixer Jeff Schoep ( who was married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK child from a previous marriage...) the "kommander" of the so-called "nsm".

Well, THIS carnival should really be something to watch! On the 30th, another kluxer "wizard" named Bradley Jenkins ( poor old Gandalf... ) is JOINING with his new friends - the negro street gang known as the "CRIPS" - to COUNTER-PROTEST the rally! Yep, I guess that feeling out of the jews media publicity frenzy - Jenkins is bringing his "united klan of america" pointy-hats to Memphis, to JOIN in the PROTESTORS AGAINST the kluxers/nutzi sideshow.

Confusing? You got it - until you UNDERSTAND that it’s ALL about getting that oh so desirable "PUB-LIC-ITYYY" that these costumed CLOWNS live for. It doesn't MATTER to THEM - that it will ALWAYS be NEGATIVE. That it will always make them appear to be losers and fools - no, JUST GOTTA GET IT!

So here, down in Memphis we will get entertained by two groups of COSTUMED CLOWNS - vying with each other, - screaming, waving signs, and basically acting LUDICROUS...just to get on the JEW TUBE!

WHY in hell, would the American Nazi Party want to be any part of such a cluster-F? We don't and we NEVER will.

And these morons are SUPPOSED to BE - "REPRESENTATIVES" - of the White race? With such "representatives", who really NEEDS enemies...

Lest you think that I'm "making this crap up" - I suggest that you Google "Bradley Jenkins Crips Klan Rally Memphis" - and you can see the jews-news articles, of where Bradley ran to the jews media seeking publicity for his plans with the black gang-bangers.

So, a NEW ERA for the BOWL-MOVEMENT'S "LOOK at ME!" rejects - doing their best to TURN OFF any sensible, normal people in the White population from ever wishing to GET INVOLVED in White racial survival. Thinking that "ALL of US" are the SAME...

Thanks a LOT guys, you couldn't do a better job - if the ENEMY was PAYING YOU! Oh! How did THAT thought ever cross my mind.....?

The age of white domination is over.
by Steve Davenport

The age where white basically ruled, then led the world is over. Gone. Kaput. The USA has a black president. The Roman Catholic Church now has a Hispanic pope. Whites are shrinking in numbers in the US. Hispanics are gaining in numbers, and political power. Soon whites will be a minority in the US. Everywhere in the world white "power", is ebbing. Europe is fast becoming like Latin America. Poor masses ruled by rich elites. Unfortunately, the politicians of America don't give a rat's ass about their people. As long as they make their money, they could care less about the state of the white in America. Look at Obama in Israel. Like his predecessors before him, the American president feels compelled to make a pilgrimage to Israel, to grovel at the Jews’ feet. I find this personally disgusting, and totally insane. For the US to humble itself time and again to Israel makes no sense at all (Except in the context that the Jews run the show from behind the scenes). We whites are fools if we expect mercy and compassion from the non whites. Radical Reconstruction in the American South after the American civil war shows how a minority govt runs. It was a terrible time for whites. Blacks voted for black and Radical Republican candidates. Whites were left powerless. The corruption was on a titanic scale. Obama is a precursor of what we can expect in future.

As we're told we must give up govt services, illegal immigrants are granted all sorts of goodies. Hispanics who are here legally already, are shielding the illegals. They get benefits that they pay no taxes for. We whites seem to have a death wish these days. We're letting all the decent pay jobs be sent overseas. Here at home, we're letting illegal aliens take decent pay jobs away from us. All the while the rich ruling elite pays little or no taxes. The whites are being ground to dust, especially the middle class. Unless something is done, and soon, the white middle class, and working class will simply cease to exist. We whites will be an exceedingly poor and powerless minority, in what was once our land. Expect nothing from a majority non white society. Liberals can't get it thru their heads that non whites will have no compassion for us. They take care of their OWN. No ifs, ands, buts. Pure and simple. White power is a sad pipe dream. Never to be seen again(?). Now we need to concentrate on white survival. Our position is precarious, and getting more so by the day.

Only National Socialism can save us. A white movement, meant to save whites from poverty and eventual oblivion. We whites MUST unite. Only political power can save us. Racial bloc voting. It’s the only thing that will allow us to stop the outflow of jobs. The coddling of illegal immigrants. The kow-towing to Israel. In short, only the ANP can save what’s left of white civilization. Even Europe is declining. Becoming poor due to austerity, which translates as paying off greedy Capitalist bankers, who recklessly and greedily spent money like water on ghastly investments. Now the common people are getting it in the neck. Enough. Join the ANP, and thru it, we can salvage at least something for whites in this country. Don't help, and kiss your lily white ass goodbye. The party needs funds, and volunteers to distribute literature. All to serve the sacred cause of white survival. Recent events show that time is running out for white people. Help, NOW!

Comrades, the March edition of The White Worker magazine is in the mails. I'm sure that you will especially enjoy this issue!

Just a REMINDER about the April annual "SPRING BLITZ" outreach literature campaign, just around the corner! Please order your outreach materials in a TIMELY manner, if you would.

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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