ANP Report for March 07, 2013

Comrades, This March 9th, will be the birth-date of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, and to HONOR this great Aryan Hero - the American Nazi Party is launching a NATION-WIDE - DAY of DISTIBUTION, all across America!

This weekend, I urge each and everyone of you who claim to be a National Socialist, along with ANY sincere White Nationalists who APPRECIATE what Lincoln Rockwell SACRIFICED during his entire life for our Folk - to TAKE PART!

The weather has gotten good enough throughout much of the nation, that STICKERING can be effective. As well, OUTREACH LITERATURE campaigns are EFFECTIVE all year round.

IF - EVERY PARTY COMRADE distributed "ONLY" ( and I know that many of you will do much more ) - TEN PIECES of Outreach materials ( message-cards, leaflets, posters, etc ) - we would have THOUSANDS of new White people contacted with the message of the Good Word of National Socialism. The GOOD WORD of ADOLF HITLER and COMMANDER GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL....

IF you need "ideas" - please review the "OUTREACH" link posted on our website in the "links" section. AS well, it might be the perfect time for "new" NS, to re-review the "Rockwell" section of our main Party website, for information about this outstanding White Warrior.

The only things being cut, are our throats.

by Steve Davenport

All the uproar over the sequester spending cuts is just hot air. It's just the politicians chance to cry wolf, and play the blame game. Nothing substantial will come of it all. Considering its past track record, can anybody seriously believe anything our govt says? Besides, even if the cuts are made, it's 85 billion this year, and 1 trillion in 10 years. I trillion in 10 years budget cuts. Our national debt is 17 TRILLION now, and growing all the time. Making these cuts is virtually meaningless. Just smoke and mirrors for the politicians from both parties to crow about. Big deal. The budget cuts are just a colossal con game. Make it look good, while the middle class slowly dies, and the other classes continue to suffer. The non rich of this country are being forced to bear the burdens of keeping things going. The rich pay little or no taxes. They sit back and enjoy their money, at all of our expense. Is this just? Is this even intelligent? Making those who can least afford it, carry the financial load. Govt is suppose to provide services. That's why you have it. Yet govt services are being reduced or eliminated. We're all being forced to do without. Why? Because the financial sector got greedy and reckless, and "had" to be saved. So our major parties saved them, to the tune of 700 billion dollars. In the meantime, the tax base shrinks, because jobs are shrinking. Jobs in this country continue to be outsourced. If people had decent pay jobs still, the financial burden would still be unfair, but not onerous as it is now. No jobs means no tax base, hence no money from taxes to support any govt programs. In other words we common citizens can expect nothing from our worthless govt. Our system protects the RICH, and even pampers them. They get help, even though they don't really need it. On the other hand, we common folks get the royal screw job. We're expected to pay our govt in taxes, but get nothing in return. Our money is used to pay our colossal debt to China, for all the manufactures we buy from it, that rightly should be made here. Once they were, but our mega Capitalists decided it was more profitable (the magic word in Capitalism), to manufacture overseas, and import into the USA. The fact that our workers end up jobless, bothers them not a whit. Eventually, the budget cutters intend to get rid of student loans, Medicare, Social Security, and other programs that help the less fortunate, and especially the middle class. A healthy middle class, is a stumbling bloc, to rich rule over the land. The poor and starving don't have time to oppose, they're just trying to eat.

None of this nonsense would be found in a National Socialist state. Rather then screw its people, an NS state would move Heaven and earth to help them. NS values the racial folk community, and will do all it can to help it. There are no parlor tricks like our govt, with these constant budget battles. In an NS govt, everyone is on the same page. All united. None of this us vs them crap our govt seems to relish in. Help the ANP. Donate to the party. Help defray expenses. Help give out lit. We need to get our people united, pronto. Both in Europe, and now here in the USA, the Aryan people are being cast adrift, by Capitalist controlled govts, bent on repaying debts rung up by reckless rich. Do YOU want to be the one holding the bag? Have YOUR programs cut, because greedy reckless scum ran up super big debts? Whose govt is it anyway? Right now, it's the rich. The ANP is working overtime to change this. HELP! We can't do it alone. Sit and do nothing, and soon the budget cutters will have their way, and we'll all end up with squat.

Comrades, I would like to mention that our WV Comrades have been busy along with their Outreach efforts, in building their new blogsite - which you may review in the "links" section of our main Party website. Please check it out and give them some NS support! They should be getting up a local "contact point" soon, for those in the area to write to.

We have several more new projects in the pipeline, which we hope to have up and running soon, as well. One is a blogsite from a "NS Woman’s Perspective", and the other is a website committed to educational "NS Visuals". These are made possible - BECAUSE - of COMMITED NS Party Comrades, who are willing to put in the effort to make DREAMS into REALITY! Is that YOU too...?

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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