ANP Report for February 27, 2013

Racial Comrades: This month, I turned 61 years old. Not a "big deal" to just about anybody on planet earth, including myself - except perhaps that in one year, I'll be able to get some of that money that I've been paying into Social Security most of my lifetime - BACK - before ZOG decides to cut the whole program...

Yes, that’s the direction America seems to headed, for an old coot like myself. Boy, have I seen the CHANGES in the U.S., since I was born "waaaay back" in 1952! It's certainly NOT the America that I was born into anymore.

For you younger folks, who have been born into all these "changes", I suppose that you THINK that America was ALWAYS this way? And perhaps THAT'S "why" many of you aren't as disturbed as I am, by this current, selfish, sick society? YOU think that "this" is the way that America always WAS - and IS - and heaven only knows "WHAT" most of you will "accept" for its future.

Getting old, I often wonder - as I suppose Old Folks do - just WHAT will become of the future. You know, MY CHILDREN'S FUTURE - YOUR FUTURE. Being the age I am, I expect that I'll live to see White people BECOME a MINORITY in what WAS once - THEIR land. The system itself "estimates" that by 2040 - White people - will BE a racial minority here. Seeing as how this system always LIES - I'm guessing SOONER - probably 2025 or 2020. ESPECIALLY, if they grant "AMNESTY" to the tens of millions of non-White invaders already HERE and continuing to flood into the U.S. - BECAUSE, once they DO grant them "citizenship" ( and BOTH Republirats AND Democruds are falling all over themselves to give them the keys to the nation...) they'll be BRINGING IN all of their EXTENDED FAMILIES, so you can DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE? - when that occurs....

And, with ALL of these people who have NEVER PAID ONE DIME INTO Social Security - demanding and getting all sorts of "handouts and freebie's" - its going to cause the "well to run dry" - for EVERYBODY. That's YOU.

Already, local and state governments are RAISING new "TAXES" on "EVERYTHING" ( at least here in Michigan, same with YOU? ) - as income continues to FALL - and there is only ONE segment of the American population that is protected like an endangered species - the already GROSSLY WEALTHY, - 'can't tax these folks, no sir!' WHY NOT? BECAUSE - THEY - ARE in CHARGE, you idiot. THEY CONTROL THIS EVIL, CORRUPT SYSTEM that the rest of us suffer under!

And YOU sit there, mumbling and grumbling, and not much else...

I like studying history. And I'll tell you folks, I've NEVER seen such a PATHETIC bunch of servile SLAVES as the current population of this country! From Whites to the blacks - you're ALL as sorry a bunch of UNHEALTHY, SILLY, MATERIALIST-DRIVEN bunch of CONSUMERS as the RICH ELITE ever created and ruled over. The so-called Third-World - despite their "backwardness" - are MORE of a HEALTHY, NATURE-ORIENTED mass of people - who ARE "tough enough" to FIGHT for THEIR perceived self-interests, that they put the mass of "white people" to SHAME.

So the Muslims BELIEVE IN their brand of "supernaturalism" ENOUGH - that they are willing to FIGHT and DIE, over a perceived slight to their "religion". White people can have PEDOPHILES pawing THEIR CHILDREN - and BECAUSE that supernatural entity is WEALTHIER than most third-world nations - they GRUMBLE a little and then settle-down and "ACCEPT IT"?! WTF! In the PAST - the peasants would have STORMED the TEMPLES and DRAGGED OUT these monsters, and crucified them! Not today - maybe they'll "file a lawsuit" AND, the SYSTEM - PROTECTS - NOT the CHILDREN, but this MONSTEROUSLY WEALTHY - "BUSINESS" - yes, because THAT'S what it IS you know.

And this is only ONE instance of the putridness of "God Bless the Jew-S-A" TODAY.

You know, IF someone HAD told me about "what" America would be "like" 40-50 years ago, I would have thought that they ought to have been committed - to a NUT HOUSE - oh yeah, that’s ANOTHER thing that they did away with - we DON'T HAVE "nut houses" anymore, do we? We just let the mentally ill "RUN FREE"... It's CHEAPER. And THAT'S what it's all about - it's not PROFITABLE to HOUSE and CARE for those who nature unfortunately created LOONEY - we don't KILL'EM, nor do we CARE FOR THEM. But, then again - we don't CARE for the ELDERLY or the SICK anymore either, do we?

WHO DO WE CARE FOR? Is it YOU? Is it ME? WE lose our jobs through no fault of our own, usually through JUDEO-CAPITALIST GREED - when "THEY" ( the already grossly wealthy ) send OUR jobs OVERSEAS, for MORE and BIGGER PROFITS. Yet, when the JUDEO-CAPITIALIST BANKSTERS got TOO GREEDY and F-EVERYTHING UP - the CONTROLLED SYSTEMITE POLITICAL WHORES - RUSHED to THEIR rescue with a TRILLION DOLLAR "BAILOUT" - they were supposedly "TOO BIG TO FAIL"! What about YOU? What about ME?


The system is finding today’s "white males" so LACKING in FIGHTING ABILITY - that they now want to PUT LITTLE GIRLS into the FRONT LINES in their military! Yeah, they'll give them a few extra bucks for "combat pay", and Prissy and Kayla can play Rambo - just wait until the non-White grunts start to get a taste for CAPTURED "White Honey" - of course, ZOG's Mercs don't leave the fortified compounds too often; they might die if they didn't have their daily Coca-Cola and Big-Mac in their air-conditioning...

WEAKNESS, lack of DICIPLINE, and zero spirit of SACRIFICE is the mantra of today’s Jew-S-A - "I WANT IT NOW!” - of course, with NO REAL COMMITMENT required by anyone involved. Well, sports-fans - one thing for sure - YOU'RE "UNIQUE" in the annals of HISTORY! When someone wants to spout off about DECADENCE - don't tell me about ancient Rome - LOOK AROUND YOU TODAY!

And just WAIT! Next week - you'll PROBABLY see LAWS for BEASTILITY passed by "OUR" governmental "REPRESENTAIVES". NO? Never thought - years ago - that I'd see "same sex marriage" EITHER. Nor, 99% of these "OTHER" measures that pollute this current society.

And lets NOT go "blaming it on those jews" - listen pal - the JEWS are a TINY percentage of the population, WHERE were YOU as all this was going on? The "jews" couldn't DO nothing - IF - YOU had gotten INVOLVED. Are YOU ok with "all this"? I must assume that YOU are, UNLESS you're FIGHTING AGAINST IT.

Or, do YOU "have something better to do"? Or, perhaps YOU "just can't get involved"? Or, are YOU simply a COWARDLY piece of crap, who DESERVES everything that YOU allow?

NOBODY gets a PASS! From the YOUNGEST to the OLDEST we can ALL - DO SOMETHING. IF we REALLY wanted to! How many of YOU out there - REALLY, HONEST TO GOODNESS - just CAN'T send in a CONTRIBUTION ( even ANONYMOUSLY ) to support those who openly FIGHT? How many of YOU - just can't DISTRIBUTE, carefully and safely, OUTREACH literature, to spread the word of the RESISTANCE to others who might feel like YOU? REACH - EDUCATE - ORGANIZE!

The ALTERNATIVE? I suggest that you read that "Nightmare" chapter, in George Lincoln Rockwell's book "White Power", on our website - I've already put away that "last cartridge", because I personally don't want to "exist" in a future of slaves and weaklings, where the depraved and the merciless rule the land unopposed...

We're holding the bag.

by Steve Davenport

The vast majority of the American people are getting the financial screws turned upon them, while our leaders in Washington DC debate bullshit issues. Gun control, and same sex marriage are NOT, repeat not, important while our taxes go up, and jobs flow out. Without DECENT paying jobs, we're royally screwed. You don't have a good life, in a money-is-all-that-matters society, without money. Obama's state of the union is important for what he DIDN'T say. Not a blessed word about jobs being outsourced, and his determination to stop it at all costs. Obama is a corporate tool, plain and simple. The 700 billion dollar bailout of the financial industry showed that quite clearly. We have a charlatan as our leader. A man, and I use the term loosely, who lies with every damn breath. He likes playing president, and being world leader. He'll do anything for headlines, but nothing of substance. Reagan was the same way. He said he'd tackle social issues, but instead just concentrated on the cold war. Same with Obama. He says he's for the people, yet he just wants to play war leader against the Islamists. You can see, if you look between the lines, Obama has no intention of angering his true corporate masters, and bringing real reform to govt. He just wants to grab headlines from battling overseas. Both major parties are traitors to the American people. They do nothing to help us. They're just collections of millionaires who are busy struggling among themselves for wealth and power. Look at how our tax deductions keep disappearing. Look how our jobs keep being outsourced. Look how illegal immigrants are still coming in with no real effort to stop them. The Hispanic bloc is growing massively. Places you'd never expect a Hispanic to be, like the Southeast, now have massive communities. These people are rivals for jobs for us white folks. Nobody is on our side in govt, or the media. They insist on giving us the liberal line of crap. Do you really love someone who is taking a job YOU should have? Who has no business being in this country, because they came in illegally.

Our govt owes a massive bill. Our national debt (officially) is 16 trillion dollars. That is mega bucks. Who is to pay? WE are. The rich are not going to pay a dime if they can avoid it. Hence they buy off Congress. Congress in turn, protects the Rich's interests. Hence jobs get outsourced still. Even worse, common folk taxes are going up. The once sacred tax deductions that helped us common folk are being slowly but surely eliminated. Just raising the payroll tax means having to pay an extra $2000 a year for every worker in this country. With minimum wage jobs, who can afford that. Raising the minimum wage is not a remedy. Why do you think they call it minimum wage? American workers need HIGH wage jobs, to be able to afford the cost of living. We need jobs that allow us to live, not merely survive. Is that too much to ask of the mightiest, wealthiest nation in the world? No, the rich ruling elite of this country, are bound and determined that YOU, the common worker, get stuck with the bill. Hell, the rich call pocket change, money that would be a common worker's yearly salary. Yet help they will not do.

Frankly, National Socialism would not be engaged in any of this bullshit. It knows only too well, its the economy that keeps things running. Not side issues. NS would bring the rich to heel. Your allowed to be rich, but not miserly. There is a big difference. NS would make sure everybody pays their way. No free rides for either poor, or especially for the rich. NS finds it incomprehensible that jobs are being allowed to be outsourced. To allow the country to be so damaged by job outsourcing is inconceivable. The race comes first. Everything that helps it, gets done, period. Worker and boss united, not constantly tearing each other apart. if whites don't unite, they face disappearing from this country in a sea of Hispanics. If your white, it shouldn't matter if your rich or poor, helping the race is all that matters. We'll never get that from the current 2 party system. We need NS, badly. Help the ANP bring it about. It's working hard, but it needs help. Money help, and time help. Our white people of this nation are broken. Only NS can fix them. Resurrect racial pride, and racial unity. Make being white something to be proud of again. Otherwise, we'll continue to be squeezed financially, till we're all poor, except for a rich elite. Sound familiar?

Comrades, the Feb issue of The White Worker magazine has been mailed. As Comrade Schruender has already mentioned on his blogsite recently (see “Sense and Sensibility” on our links page), if you haven't received it - I guess it doesn't matter to you.

This Old Man is getting pretty damned tired of hearing piss-assed "excuses", and "sob stories". As you grow older, you're SUPPOSED to LEARN from all of your experiences throughout life. One big thing I've learned, is the capacity of today’s pale-faced Americans - to deny responsibility - and to avoid sacrifice at all cost. And just LOOK at the America AROUND US!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.,com

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