ANP Report for February 12, 2013

Racial Comrades: In continuing in our review of "how we need to, and can improve this movement" - I would like to continue with some of the thoughts and ideas, that YOU have sent in, per my request.

So far, we have suggested that we need to IMPROVE the "FACE" - ie the "SPOKESPERSONS/REPRESENTATIVES" - that serve as the "PUBLIC FACE" for the NS/WN struggle ( please review the previous ANPReports for 2013 ). As well, we have decided that a PURGE of the HUMAN-GARBAGE that infests our Struggle is also of the highest priority. Good!

Now, lets take a good look at the "propaganda" or OUTREACH, that usually passes in this movement - in the eyes of the masses.

A too huge amount of our "movement outreach" - is NEGATIVE - its 99% always "AGAINST" someone ( jews, blacks, etc et al ) in a stereotypical manner. I believe that a POSITIVE message - ie BEING FOR something - would attract more POSITIVE people. For example - literature that intelligently states "We are FOR the White Working Class, with examples of HOW we ARE for them..." - is going to be received by most folks, in a VERY DIFFERENT manner, than let us say, " WE are AGAINST the NIGGERS and JEWS and...". Well, isn't that TRUE?

IF you were handing out leaflets - which type would YOU feel more COMFORTABLE distributing ( especially if a neighbor, or your boss came along...) in a face-to-face situation? What KIND of outreach materials - would YOU - if you were to be held accountable for distributing by the police, or the media - PREFER to be ASSOCIATED with? IF you're not PROUD to be associated with WHAT you're handing out - WHY are you even distributing it?

Bottom line IS - WHAT KIND of material - REALLY is WHAT - YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE? Is it REALLY the "Gas all the Jews", or "Ship all the niggers back to Africa" types - OR - is it "White people need decent jobs!", or "We need to secure the 14Words!", or "In 20 years White people will be a minority in America, per population trends, if something isn't done soon!"? I know what "KIND" I would prefer, how about YOU? Then WHY in the hell, arenít we trash-canning the NEGATIVE "hate propaganda" - and concentrating 100% on the CORRECT kind of message? Something YOU wouldn't "squirm" at being associated with?

Instead of publishing "funny cartoons" ridiculing all the "OTHERS" - c'mon, people already are AWARE of the attributes of all these "others", if not they're useless to our present Struggle - how about concentrating upon publishing cartoons about OUR OWN KIND? You know, the "WHIGGER" who wants to "ACT BLACK"? The "SPIRITUAL JEW" who ACTS as if he/she was ONE OF THE TRIBE, instead of a nominal "Aryan"? The LAZY, PATHETIC, PALE-FACED "SPORTS FAN" - glued to his couch and the boob-tube, filling their obese body with garbage along with their minds, WATCHING - MILLIONAIRE negroids, playing a KID'S GAME with whatever "kind" of ball it may be at that moment in time? The VARIETY could be ENDLESS - HOLDING a MIRROR up to our Folk, hopefully SHAMING them into seeing their own FAULTS and perhaps CORRECTING them!

I can hear some of you now - "Rock, with your kind of thinking, we would be repelling a LOT of White folks doing that...!". Well, lets be HORRIBLY HONEST here - are these TYPES of pale-faced creatures EVER going to come our way, at least until things get SO BAD - that they have no other choice? Are these DRONES - REALLY expected to fill the revolutionary ranks, at THIS time? NO! Of course not!

But, it would be VERY DIFFICULT - to accuse us of "hate crimes" etc - IF we directed our "ATTENTIONS" towards the degenerates of OUR OWN RACE, now wouldn't it? And while doing so - we WOULD get through with our MESSAGE - to those Whites, who ARE still HEALTHY in MIND and BODY! And NEVER FORGET - we ONLY NEED that special ONE PERCENT of the White population, to SUCCEED!

Yes, with ONLY 1% of the White population - we would HAVE, at LEAST a MILLION people. And, IF those MILLION people - were DEDICATED, COURAGOUS, and WILLING to FIGHT and SACRIFICE towards achieving our common goals - we would have one hell of a political "ARMY".

Comrades, I honestly don't believe that "OUR MESSAGE" cannot connect with ONE PERCENT of our White population. Todayís White men and women are ANGRY and getting ANGRIER and more FRUSTRATED with each passing day. They are in many cases - WILLING to at least LOOK at "ALTERNATIVES" - since they have totally LOST FAITH with the SYSTEM and this putrid SOCIETY that envelopes them. So "Whats the problem Rock, WHY aren't they flocking our way?" The ANSWER to THAT is quite SIMPLE.

YOU and I - "US" - are NOT making a strong enough EFFORT - with the CORRECT "MESSAGE" , to make contact with them. To make them AWARE that there IS a serious ALTERNATIVE out there - NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Note, that I did NOT state "HOLLYWIERD NUTZISM" - I said SINCERE, MODERN, 21st CENTURY NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

For literally DECADES now - we have all SEEN the costumed morons, shuffling, dancing and prancing across our TV screens - doing the TYPICAL jew-promoted "Hate-Monger-Mambo" , like scripted clowns, or 'Rent-A-Nutzi" buffoons, denigrating what REAL National Socialists stand for. THATS the twisted, sorry IMAGE that the average White American has of "US" I'm afraid. We CAN change that image - IF we NO LONGER - ACT the PART! Why else do you THINK that the JEWS-MEDIA always clamors to PUBLICIZING and PROMOTING these "hollywierd nutzi's"? They really ought to PAY these fools, for acting as they do! Perhaps, in some cases they DO...?

Comrades, you ARE here, reading these words, because YOU DO believe in National Socialism, to some degree or another. Is it SO IMPOSSIBLE that YOU are CORRECT in your thinking, and that OTHERS just MIGHT also find the ANSWER in Adolf Hitler's National Socialism?

The "ANSWER" lies in TWO major issues - #1 We MUST finance our Struggle as it NEEDS to be financed. All of us must quit the ability, to find some "excuse" - of "why" - we cannot fulfill our obligation to the Party of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell, anymore than if we don't pay the cable, it'll be shut off. This isn't a GAME or some HOBBY, its a REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE for Aryan SURVIVAL. And that calls for SACRIFICE, the same as it did in 1776. And #2 We must all GET INVOLVED to SOME DEGREE - "large or small" - in HELPING the Party GROW. With some, that means utilizing whatever "SKILLS" that you may have that will help the Party move forward. With most perhaps, it involves OUTREACH with NS literature - something that ALL of US can and must do!

IF we had THOUSANDS of people - each and every day - REACHING OUT to others, with the Good Word of National Socialism, if only with a few message-cards each and every day...we WOULD reach that goal of " The One Million". But, this takes EFFORT. This takes people who are NOT "quitters". This will take TIME - but, its NOT an unreachable goal.

Those "lazy, good-for-nuthin, niggers" did it back in the 60's. Yeah, THEY got OUT of those lazy-boys, turned OFF the "GAME", put the Mad-Dog back in the fridge, and got TOGETHER and WORKED for THEIR Cause - and guess WHAT? THEY WON! Do these NEGROES have SOMETHING that the "SUPERIOR WHITEY" hasn't got? THAT'S up to YOU! Yes, I even seem to have heard of a black "Million Man March", and YOU just "CAN'T" do WHAT, Mr. Whitey?

Our lying Judeo-Capitalist system.

by Steve Davenport

Our system lies like hell. We common folk can't believe a damn word that comes from them. We're told that unemployment is down to 7.7%. This from the same people who have told us how nice it is to have black neighbors. I've seen far too many whites trapped in black neighborhoods, who are harassed every day of their lives. So don't dare tell me to believe in our wonderful govt. The unemployment figures, are total bullshit. Made to make us feel good, that our govt really cares about us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our govt is against us. Like Communism, Capitalism makes "war" on its own people. Not by the gun, but by the cash register. We get a job, get paid a wage, spend the money on needs and wants. That's how things are suppose to be. How do you work without decent jobs. With all our decent jobs outsourced, just what are our people suppose to do for a living? You can't earn with out a decent job. Far too many people have simply given up looking for a job, when its a hopeless endeavor. Can anyone blame them? Our govt can. It only counts people who are unemployed and still looking. Our job numbers look good because very many have stopped looking, and are no longer counted. Think hard on this. How can the following continue to exist, if everything is so wonderful.

Half the country is at or below the poverty line. 100 million get some form of govt welfare. 46 million get food stamps. 1 out of every 6 is poor. 1 out of every 5 kids is poor. The official unemployment rate may be 7.7%, but the unofficial is more like 25%. The national debt is 16 trillion dollars. Are these the statistics of things getting better? Or is it far more like the govt lies, and manipulates us. Trys to con us. We're not better off at all. Our govt won't let us be. It would much rather blow 700 billion dollars on financial bailouts to the already obscenely wealthy. Our govt would much rather spend a billion dollars a week fighting the war in Afghanistan. We have a system that despises its very own people. Why else would it simply stand aside, and let badly needed jobs be outsourced to overseas, leaving the homeland in dire shape? Minimum wage jobs with no benefits, is not OK. This country needs high pay, good benefit jobs, like before. Our govt is just a bunch of con artists. Congress is just a millionaires club now. They're perfectly content to lie, since they live by lies. Just tell us anything good, no need to upset us, with any bad news.

Unless, and until, we change our system, don't expect anything good to come out of it. We need a new system. One not devoted to profit. One that is devoted, to us, to the white race. We can either continue with this system, and its service to self, or we can adopt a new system, based on service to the race. The ANP is working on developing grass roots political orgs. That's right. Organizations from bottom up. The only sure way to go. Donate heavily to the ANP. It has many expenses. It needs all the help it can get. Help give out literature. The word must be spread, and this is our only route at present. Help build a better world. It really is there, white people need only reach out for it. Make up their minds to work for it. We need to stop being fools, who buy the systems BS, and work for our own truth, that of National Socialism.

Comrades, with the winter weather almost over, we need to start getting ourselves ORGANIZED towards DOING massive OUTREACH. I suggest that you consider ordering your Outreach materials, AHEAD of TIME - simply because when the Spring Blitz finally rolls around, we are burning the Midnight-Oil simply trying to keep up with your orders, everybody always demanding them ASAP. LOL

Please review the "Merchandise" section of our website, you will find that the Party still offers Message-Cards 100 for a $5 donation, and the large "Bumper-Stickers" 50 for a $5 donation. On the "support" section, you will find a LOT of leaflets, and other Outreach items that you can down-load, and print off yourself. The Party does not offer leaflets en mass, simply because its too expensive to do so. The same with the multi-colored "small stickers". For "IDEAS" on how to utilize your materials - I suggest taking a look at the "OUTREACH" website - in the "links" section of our website.

One of the BIGGEST differences - beyond of course, of solid ideological direction of the ANP - from "other" race-based organizations, is that the ANP stresses OUTREACH LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION more than any other org around. It is THE primary ACTIVITY that Party adherents engage in, and I believe the most safe and sensible. Through literature distribution, we make contact with many, if not most of our future Comrades. We enlighten the public, to our POSITIVE message and hopefully dispel that wrongful, NEGATIVE "hate-monger" IMAGE that the enemy prefers. No matter "how little" that you might think your efforts may be - ADDED ALL TOGETHER - from coast to coast, it does ADD UP! Please remember what Adolf Hitler wrote about National Socialists in his book Mein Kampf - "IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SAY 'I BELIEVE', a TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MUST DECLARE, I FIGHT!".

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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