ANP Report for January 27, 2013

Racial Comrades, Continuing with my previous ANPReport of last week, I would like to review what I believe we need to "do" within the NS/WN struggle to improve our chances to achieve success. I will be incorporating a number of suggestions that readers have sent to me, per my request that YOU also contribute some positive ideas.

First off, we need to ask ourselves "WHY" our message - which IS so damn CORRECT - still seems not to have gotten through to the masses of disaffected White Americans.

One BIG reason, that several of you passed on to me - was a LACK of QUALIFIED spokespersons within our movement to stand as proper "REPRESENTATIVES" of our struggle. And I believe that indeed, this is a very pertinent one.

Lets be HONEST with ourselves here. How many "movement leaders" or supposed "representatives" of our message - are horribly unsuited? How many are "EX-CONS" - not because of POLITICAL activities - but, simply BECAUSE they broke societies laws for their own selfish reasons? Are criminal personalities the BEST we can do?

How many of these "prominent movement personalities" have NOT lived lives of DECENT, Aryan men? How many have NOT be good, decent FATHERS and HUSBANDS? How many have been LIFE-LONG, habitual UNEMPLOYABLES? How many have been chronic ALCOHOLICS and DRUG ABUSERS? How many have been PERVERTS, DEGENERATES and SOCIAL REJECTS? Get the IDEA?

IF and UNTIL our NS/WN struggle HAS normal, respectable men and women as representatives and spokespersons - as "OUR FACE" so to speak - can we honestly EXPECT the White masses to take us SERIOUSLY? Lets look at it like this - would YOU purchase a used car from an OBVIOUS "con-man", who was down on his luck? And as long as WE allow and ACCEPT "low-lifes" and stumble-bums to BE our "representatives" - simply BECAUSE "we" are too AFRAID to pony-up and accept that responsibility OURSELVES - we can only expect to have these "types" - "leading us" - to continuous FAILURE and REJECTION from the normal, average White citizens of our nation.

Comrades, people MAY be many things, but on the whole the average person can spot a FAILURE from a mile away - and if an obvious LOSER comes to town - even IF he's selling the best product in the world, few people are going to want to buy from "HIM". The same can be said about OUR "product"!

We desperately NEED people as our LEADERS and REPRESENTATIVES who can PASS the "litmus test" - ie, are they DECENT and HONORABLE people? I mean WHAT "crimes" have they committed in their lives, if any? Do they have FAMILY and how do they TREAT them? Do they PROVIDE for their family, and do they have a HISTORY of lifelong EMPLOYMENT? Do they "LOOK" normal - ie do they FIT IN with the average, normal White American, or do their "tattoo's, piercings, hair-style, clothing, etc et al" - set them aside as being "WIERD"?

Do you see where I'm coming from? We desperately NEED to start to "form a connection" - NOT with societies REJECTS - but, with the MASSES of White America. We need to start to DEMAND that OUR leaders and spokespersons LOOK and ACT as we do! We need to be WILLING to CAST OUT those who don't conform to what we have the right to expect of them. The TRUE "face" of NS/WN is NOT some bald-headed, uneducated, unemployed, drunken buffoon covered in "tats" - IS IT? Yet, THAT - IS - the image that the average White person has of us. Of course, on the one hand this has been cultivated by the enemy MEDIA - but, it has ALSO unfortunately been ACCEPTED by US as well - and this MUST change, IF we are to find acceptance of our ideas, by the people who we REALLY need to fill our ranks.

So often, because we are so small in numbers - we tend to accept just about "ANYTHING" with two legs and a big mouth - simply, to "have another member". I think that this has caused more HARM than GOOD. Anyone in a leadership position knows what I am stating is true. In the vast majority of cases, "losers" drive off good people, also losers in real-life tend not to be "winners" simply because they happened to join your Cause. In fact, they are what I call "useless warm bodies" since usually they don't want or can't seem to stay focused on what needs to be done, and need constant "excitement and prodding" to DO the most SIMPLE of activities. As well, most of the time YOU have to "instruct them", or "correct them", or spend an inordinate amount of time and effort "encouraging them" - and IF they don't get enough "fanny-pats" they lose interest, and "disappear" ie DESERT, probably when you need help most. And ALL of that TIME and EFFORT that you spent - "TRAINING and EDUCATING" them - is wasted. Mussolini once said about his Italian people vs the German people, per their "military ability" ( now, I'M not denigrating Italians, I'm simply quoting ) "You can't make a marble statue out of clay...". What I believe he was saying is similar to another old saying - "You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear...". What it basically MEANS is THIS - you HAVE to accept REALITY, even if it IS distasteful - and don't EXPECT to get MORE out of a person, than they're capable of. IF an individual hasn't got his/her OWN LIFE in order - per a proper Aryan lifestyle - ( NOT a "monetary success", as judged in this Judeo-Capitalist society, which judges everything by "gain" ) how can you EXPECT them to do any BETTER, just "because" they joined your organization, and mouthed a few slogans?

IF we want our struggle to BE a SUCCESS - we HAVE to STOP coddling and recruiting "LEADERS" and even "FOOL-SOLDIERS" - who wind up doing more HARM to our Cause, through belonging, than if they weren't associated with us in the first place. This does NOT mean that everyone HAS to be a "genius" or "financially well-off" - what it DOES mean - is that every person who is ACCEPTED into our struggle, MUST be a person who can be HELD UP as an EXAMPLE of "WHAT" we supposedly REPRESENT. This is so simple...

A National Socialist CANNOT be a RACE-MIXER in any degree or fashion! A National Socialist CANNOT be a PERVERT, a LIFELONG CRIMINAL, a DEGENERATE, a LIFELONG UNEMPLOYABLE, a reject as a PARENT or SPOUSE! Get the idea? Is it REALLY that DIFFICULT to CLEANSE our ranks of such UNDESIREABLES - even IF it meant a momentary decrease in "NUMBERS" within our ranks?

A prime EXAMPLE of this would be the Old NA. The NA "was" probably the "high-point" of WN organizations in the 20th century - UNTIL William Pierce bought the bone-head "Resistance Records" and started peddling "skinhead music". Previously Pierce had wisely tossed out ALL the "fun" that movementites tend to LOVE - NO "uniforms or costumes", NA stressed education of its membership, and engaged in ZERO "Phase One" activities. Unfortunately there was nothing beyond "making money" off the movementites - that was the apparent depth of Pierces vision - as it turned out in the end.

Unfortunately, Pierce's biggest money making operation WAS selling this so-called "music" which previously he viewed as "CRAP" - and since he couldn't very well EXCLUDE these bone-heads ( his best customers ) from JOINING the NA - soon it collapsed, WHY? Simple. Because as the "skinheads" came IN - the GOOD, NORMAL, VALUABLE people LEFT. He tried getting them to put on a "shirt and tie", ( along with their boots, braces, and jeans lol ) but, the old adage about taking the "so and so out of the jungle..." applied here as well. COSMETIC changes alone, didn't change these boneheads from what they principally ARE! The good, normal, valuable NA members didn't feel comfortable around them, and they walked. I wish many of them would consider walking OUR way, we could certainly use them.

What IF our entire movement EMULATED the "codes" of the Old NA when it comes to peoples involvement? What IF we ALL - DRESSED WELL - SPOKE WELL - ACTED NORMAL, cutting out all the SLURS and OBCENITIES? Wouldn't THAT put on a much BETTER and MORE ACCEPTABLE "FACE", for our outreach to our fellow White brothers and sisters? Whether you LIKE to accept it or not - "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" - are very important. Once made, they're very difficult to change. At present - the IMPRESSION of most White Americans today, of NS/WN - are that of some KOSTUMED CLOWN, FOUL-MOUTHED with obscenities and racial-slurs, along with incomprehensible, in many cases, un-intelligent speech.

We are vastly perceived as NEGATIVE - anti this or that - NEVER postulating anything POSITIVE. This MUST change, and will be the subject of my up-coming ANPReport...

The economic vise.

by Steve Davenport

We who aren't rich in this country, are in an economic vise grip, that is crushing the life out of all of us. In this society, the rich run the show. We common folk have no real say, and are left to suffer economic privation, on a massive scale. Unless we Aryans unite, we'll slowly whither away into nothingness. This isn't conjecture. Its happening every minute of every day. Our current economic plight is as nothing, compared to whats coming. Besides war, we can expect from our rulers, NOTHING. They don't care one whit about us, and are quite willing to let us wallow in poverty.

Look at our current situation. 7.8% official unemployment. (unofficial its 22%) Half the country is at or below the poverty level. 100 million get some form of govt welfare. 46 million get food stamps. 1 out of every 6 is poor. 1 out of every 5 kids is poor. The national debt is 16 trillion dollars. This is now. What will tomorrow hold? How much worse will it get? I don't know the specifics, but we're in for a rough time. As long as we're outsourcing jobs to overseas countries (the fact that they're non whites is just insult to injury) we'll be stuck sinking into the sea of poverty. No job, means no money. No spending money means no consumer society. No consumer society, means hard living for all us non rich.

Our govt currently spends a billion dollars a WEEK on Afghanistan. Check it out yourselves, rather then just take my word for it. Such expenditures are grotesque in these times of economic desperation, when many are unemployed, and facing loss of their homes due to foreclosure, an expenditure like this is criminal. Especially, when its being spent on a totally meaningless hopeless war. Now our govt wants to attack Iran, over its supposed (remember Iraq WMD) nuclear bomb program. I'm so disgusted with our govt these days, I'd believe the Iranians before I'd believe the US govt. How can we possibly trust ZOG?

Our govt wants to spend money on everything, but what it should. They want to cut or eliminate Social Security, Medicare, student college loans, and any social programs. Cut retirees source of income, when its the only thing left for the elders retirement, after their jobs were outsourced. How low. When you have a govt of/by/for the rich, what else can we expect? Does our govt deserve our loyalty, when it treats us like mangy dogs? Why do we cling to a system that has shown time and again outright hostility towards us? Needless to say I'm fed up. Wish more of you were. We're only going to get beat up more, as WE are being pressed to give up our precious social programs, to help pay the national debt. Leaving the rich to go on not paying a dime towards it. This is truly nuts. To let the rich pay no taxes, while we common folk struggle increasingly to survive.

I'm for the ANP, not because of hate for others. Its not because of a negative, but a positive. The ANP is for us white people. Its our champion, to help us fight. Notice I said help, not do our fighting for us. It is the only force in American politics that's really for the white working class. The middle class to. The 2 major parties are worthless from a white perspective. All they want to do is take from us, and safeguard the rich. Screw that. I work had for every penny I make. Always have. If you want to be a patsy, that's up to you. I don't. I want a new system, one friendly to me and my interests. I support the ANP. You should to. Donate as much as you can. They need all the help they can get. Help give out lit. The word must be spread. We need a new system. National Socialism. We need a govt that helps, not one that squeezes us like oranges to gain every penny from us to spend on things the rich want in spite of what we think. Enough nonsense. We need a real govt. A truly dedicated govt. We need NS. Badly.

Comrades, many of you should have received the Jan issue of The White Worker magazine by now. We have received many compliments of both the size and quality of 2013 first edition. We certainly have come a LONG WAY - from when "I" was editor, and the present time - and Comrade Axl Hess deserves most of the credit for it!

One thing he does wish for me to ask, is that MORE of our Party Comrades submit interesting and pertinent articles, so that we can keep the present size, as well as eventually increasing it. Surely we must have a LOT of budding "Dr. Goebbles" out there amongst the Party Comrades? This is YOUR chance, to share YOUR views with other NS, even worldwide! Write to Comrade Hess, and offer your services - his e-mail addy is on the Party website main-page. This is a "safe" activity that need not even utilize your "real name" - use a "by-line" if you wish. Comrade Hess will be happy to work with you, suggesting topics, editing your submitted material, and basically mentoring you in every way possible. Please GET INVOLVED.

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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