ANP Report for January 17, 2013

Racial Comrades: The year is now 2013, as we have already mentioned on our last ANP Talk-Shoe radio-show, this year MUST be somewhat DIFFERENT than all the other years gone bye.

As we discussed on the radio-show, the current "state of NS/WN" compared to the PAST - is DISMAL - and is GROWING MORE DISMAL as we speak. Compared to the past, both NUMBERS of people taking part, as well as the "RESOURCES" available are shrinking, rather than growing. I realize that the TRUTH hurts, but its time we accepted the TRUTH, rather than wishful thinking. We CAN turn this around...

In the 70-80s - the NS/WN Movement as a whole - could turn out HUNDREDS and in some cases THOUSANDS of people when it came to public activities. Today, a couple DOZEN is considered a "success".

"Back then" there were dozens of NS HQ's, bookstores and resource-centers across the country - along with numerous "compounds" etc - today, there is NOTHING that I'm aware of. The Old "Redneck Shop" in SC was the last to disappear last year.

Organizations USED to have full-blown Chapters and Units in almost EVERY major city across America - last year, the once "Mighty NA" - held ONE demonstration in the midwest, and was able to gather FIVE people to participate!

There USED to be MANY hard-copy newspapers and magazines, across the spectrum of the racial movement. Today, ONLY the ANP publishes its hard-copy The White Worker monthly magazine - WHO else does?

The "answer" seems to be that the "INTERNET" has become THE "outlet" for NS/WN. That rather than MEET - FACE to FACE anymore - people "communicate" electronically. EVERYTHING seems to have been "EATEN" by the "NET". WHAT HAPPENS IF/WHEN the INTERNET is CLOSED to NS/WN? Isn't THAT a pertinent question to ask?

I could go on and on about how TODAYS "movement" is but a SHADOW of the PAST - but, I'm sure that you get my point.

The QUESTION that needs POSING is - WHAT needs be done - to bring LIFE back to our Cause?

I propose to list a few of my thoughts. I would like YOU to THINK hard - and get back to me with YOUR proposals, and I'll share them in future ANPReports.

First off, I believe that we need to QUIT being too cowardly and fearful about actually MEETING with other sincere people like ourselves, and to ORGANIZE. Yes, REAL-WORLD interaction. No, I'm NOT talking about attending these silly "protests" held by these costumed clowns for the benefit of the enemies TV cameras. What I am talking about is getting together with other people in your area, who belong to the SAME organization that YOU do. NOTHING beats sincere, intelligent people UNITED and WORKING towards a mutual goal - TOGETHER!

Secondly, I believe that it's LONG OVERDUE for the NS/WN movement to GET RID OF - the "COSTUMES". These costumes have been a DIVERSION for far too long - over WHAT we SHOULD be doing. Lets face it - COSTUMES - are no longer "IMPRESSIVE", nor are they INTIMIDATING to the public. They are a source of RIDICULE and LAUGHTER. Our SKIN as Commander Rockwell stated - IS OUR "UNIFORM". Costumes both SEND the WRONG message, and ATTRACT the WRONG kind of people. The "LOOK at ME" kind of people, and that brings is to the next BIG step....

We desperately NEED to pull ourselves OUT of "PHASE ONE" - silly, weak, pathetic, and pointless ACTIVITIES that we have done for DECADES now - with ZERO "SUCCESS". IF these "streetwalks" and "demo's in a cage" PROTECTED by our enemies police-enforcers - had WORKED - would we find ourselves IN the pathetic conditions that we ARE in today? They don't work!

Are we a POLITICAL movement, or not? IF we ARE a POLITICAL movement - why aren't we engaged IN - POLITICAL activities - instead of acting like some kind of "THEATER GROUP", providing an afternoons ENTERTAINMENT?

POLITICAL organizations take part in POLITICAL campaigns! Does the NS/WN movement DO THAT? NO! Its time we STOPPED EVERYTHING ELSE - and CONCENTRATED upon Pro-White POLITICAL CAMPAIGNING.

NOT for unobtainable positions like "president" or "governor" or "senator" - we have neither the organized PEOPLE nor the RESOURCES to achieve those positions. BUT! Low-level political positions in SMALL and MEDIUM sized towns and cities are a very different proposition! In many cases, these political positions are UNOPPOSED on the ballot. ALL you HAVE to DO - is CHECK it OUT at your local City Hall, and see whats available etc, et al. Whats MORE important - having a SEAT on the local City Council, or School-board - or, holding a FLY-BY-NIGHT "demonstration in a cage" somewhere? You ALL - KNOW - the realistic ANSWER!

The AVERAGE - "NORMAL" - White American, just MIGHT get involved in a SERIOUS political campaign effort - IF, its NOT expected that he/she has to get dressed up like a buffoon, and "ACT" like a costumed HOLLYWIERD-NUTZI, or a pointy-hatted, multi-colored KLU-KLUX-KLOWN screaming HATE, and acting in an ANTI-SOCIAL manner.

Nooo, we NEED to start LOOKING and ACTING - "NORMAL". Can't we get our MESSAGE ACROSS without "racial slurs" and OBCENITIES? Can't we grow out our hair, cover our tattoo's, and dress decently - like a PROFESSIONAL political advocate?


Well, thats enough for this "rant", I'll continue next ANPReport. Please - send me YOUR suggestions.... [email protected]

Capitalism at its worst.

by Steve Davenport

The CEO of AIG bank, a certain Mr. Greenberg, 85, of Jewish ethnicity, has announced his company's plans to sue the US govt for 25 billion dollars. Apparently, in saving his, and his companies collective asses, the govt was just too rough. 183 dollars of taxpayer's hard earned cash goes to save pond scum, and they want to turn around, and sue over it. This behavior demonstrates beyond a doubt the truly heartless, and soulless nature of Judeo- Capitalism.

Capitalism hasn't changed since Dickens time, with prisons and workhouses for the poor and destitute. Since greed is the heart and soul of Capitalism, worship of the self, we shouldn't be surprised by such despicable behavior. Its part and parcel of such a system. Consider. The US govt violated the very laws of Capitalism, by which its supposed to abide. The govt in a shade of Socialism, came and saved the financial industry's bacon from being totally barbecued. The govt lent AIG 183 billion to save its sorry financial ass. Now it intends to sue. What chutzpah. All this, after the same financials wrecked the economy with the causing of the mortgage mess. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

The bailout was opposed by most Americans. Many wrote their ELECTED representatives, as I did, saying NO to any bailout. The Congress being ALL millionaires, went ahead and bailed out the financials to the tune of 700 billion dollars. TAXPAYER dollars. People who ended up being foreclosed on because of the greed and recklessness of the financials got a lousy 23 billion dollars, 3 years too late. A drop in the proverbial bucket, to really save any homes. Yet we continue to live in this cesspool system. We might as well have organized crime rule us direct, because it does indirectly.

Not one person has been brought to trial for the mortgage mess. All the bad loans sold to unsuspecting investors, as solid securities, when in reality they were worthless. Actually, this is Capitalism in its most basic form: Screw the other guy. It has been so, since the beginning of civilization. 5000 years of civilization, and we're still following a system like this. No heart, no soul, just great wealth for the few, and abject misery for the many. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't think of a better economic/social system to live under. Unbelievable. There have been attempts to develop something else, FASCISM/COMMUNISM/NATIONAL SOCIALISM/ISLAMISM, but they have been destroyed, or violently opposed. Capitalists want to operate around the entire planet. No place must be off limits for them to be able to make a profit. A system based on greed, and selfishness, doesn't want any competition. Might lessen profits.

Many people say Obama is a Socialist. What a sick joke. A Socialist doesn't spend 700 billion dollars to save mega Capitalist companies. Just like Obama's solution to the health care crisis in this country, is to give it all to the insurance companies to handle. Supposed free American citizens, now find themselves, prisoners of the insurance companies. Tied to them like serfs tied to the manor. Some freedom. No, only the rich ruling elite do well in Capitalism. Not by the MYTH of hard work, but in reality by ruthlessness, and cunning. Worship of the self, has brought nothing but utter misery to the world. Every place, in every time. Poverty rules in a Capitalist society. How can it be otherwise? People get into debt. They end up owing their shirts to the money lenders. They literally become slaves, as they must work ever harder, just to pay the interest on a loan, never mind the principal. You can never catch up. Not when employers pay minimum wage, without benefits. That's if you even have a job, as our corporate types are now outsourcing our jobs overseas. Reducing a once happy, and prosperous land to grinding poverty and misery. With no hope of betterment whatsoever.

We've endured this state of affairs for countless generations. Enough is enough. We need a new system. This time one that sticks around. National Socialism, allows profit making. However, it won't hesitate to put its foot down and bring companies to heel when it needs to. Corporations are not considered collections of gods, as Capitalism does.

NS believes labor and management must be united. No US VS THEM crap, as our current system allows, and even encourages. No, only the well being of the racial folk community is what matters. Self, is nowhere on the radar. If we continue with this current system of Capitalism, we can only expect more scandalous behaviour. More poverty. The gradual destruction of our planet, as the Capitalists dig it up to make a buck. Our workers can only expect more of the same ill treatment. Abysmal wages, and rip off prices. NS offers relief. Not a panacea, but at least a decent standard of living for everybody. The rich paying no taxes is insufferable. Sure wouldn't happen with an NS type govt. The ANP is struggling to bring forth an NS govt. Its hard work. Money is a constant problem. Please donate generously. Please devote your time to giving out lit. Our kids deserve a better future, then the same old, same old Capitalist clap trap, and skulduggery. Way past time for a change. 5000 years is more then enough time with the same system.

Comrades, the Jan. issue of The White Worker magazine is printed and will go into the mails next week. Its enlarged to 28 pages this time, and very impressive. I encourage you to continue to send in pertinent articles to the Editor asap for next months edition.

The ANP has added another blogsite to its listings, this time its the Party Comrades in WV who are operating one. We congratulate them for their dedicated activism!

2013 is an election year for LOCAL POLITICS - I encourage Party Comrades to consider getting-involved - remember we suggest that you do NOT campaign as an "OPEN NS" - rather campaign "under the enemies radar" and WIN! Its WINNING that counts - NOT another jewspaper clipping denigrating National Socialism that counts!

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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