ANP Report for December 30, 2012

Racial Comrades: Recently I received a request from a Russian White-Nationalist organization/publication to answer a list of queries, that they wished to submit.

I thought that this would be once again, a good chance to both educate and entertain you with my answers. Please enjoy -

Sending the first list of questions. After your response, I will send a second list of questions, as I may have questions based on your answers.


1. Salute! Introduce yourself and tell us about your organization: when and under what circumstances was established, which sets the target and what is, in fact, the ideology of Ameriñan Nazi Party?

ANSWER - I am American Nazi Party Chairman, having been chosen by the Party's Council of Officers to fill that role, for the past decade. The ideology of the ANP is of course a National Socialist one, as set forth in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

2. Your site says that the Party seeking to free (legal and social) the white working class, both in the USA and around the world. Do you think that in the modern world is still relevant class struggle? If so, can it be said that the ANP is ideologically closer to the left National Socialists (Strasser brothers, Walter Shtennes and others)?

ANSWER - I believe that because of the nature of control, of the ruling elites Judeo-Capitalism - that our Struggle MUST understand - that UNTIL we have defeated this vision of Judeo-Capitalist materialism, which infects our peoples spirit, we will never be healthy and free to pursue the lifestyle that National Socialism demands that we strive to live.

Here in America - ALL of the various "ills" that our people face - have been brought about by ONE source...NOT the red-herring of "communism" - JUDEO-CAPITALISM! Hence, fighting back against this plague, is not only the duty of every sincere National Socialist - but, the only route for the White Working Class, to free itself from its exploitation by these parasites!

Sometimes I wonder what it is about "National SOCIALISM" - that some people just can't seem to comprehend? To be a fighter for SOCIAL JUSTICE for our Aryan Folk, is NOT "leftist" or "Marxist" - it's COMMON SENSE! Our ideology is NOT called "National CAPITALIST" nor "National BOLSHEVIK", it's named clearly by Adolf Hitler himself - NATIONAL SOCIALIST.

3. I know that you've entered in the ANP in 1967 at the age of 16. In general, you are on the path of struggle for 45 years of your life. Please tell us, how does the National Socialist movement USA during this time? Where is progress, what is clear regression?

ANSWER - I will be brutally, and honestly BLUNT with you upon this subject. American "National Socialism", since its advent after WWII took on more of a "RIGHT-WING, REACTIONARY" aspect, than a ARYAN REVOLUTIONARY one.

The vast majority of the people involved - leaders AND foot-soldiers - apparently never cracked open Mein Kampf, and studied it - much less took its words to heart. Here in America, NS became a "flip-side" to the ku-klux-klan, with a Swastika tacked on.

For many of these so-called "neo-nazi's", they neither understood the NS world-view, and instead based THEIR "understanding" ( or lack of ) on a petty "white power" stance. "RACE" (hate) and that ALONE - was to them "National Socialism". Which it is not!

Indeed, many actually BECAME just what the twisted IMAGE of the enemy - attempted to portray NS to BE. In many cases, a bunch of LOSERS - who loved playing dress-up in home-made costumes, and who preferred "putting on a show" ala costumed STREET-THEATER - than attempting to engage as SERIOUS National Socialists in Europe do - in actual POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS.

4. In terms of political struggle which tactic is used by ANP? Your site says that you do not participate in demonstrations and elections. All the activities of your organization comes from the small cells. What do these cells? How cells are fighting for the interests of the White Race in the USA?

ANSWER - The ANP does not engage currently in "demonstrations" for the simple fact, that here in the U.S. we cannot put forth serious NUMBERS of demonstrators to IMPRESS and INTIMIDATE the masses of the population.

When a typical "White Nationalist" organization holds a public demonstration here in America - it is totally OUTNUMBERED by its ENEMIES - and HAS to be PROTECTED by the system and its thugs in blue, often shunted off to some protective CAGE, away from the POPULATION itself. Surrounded by screaming "antis", it looks PITIFUL and WEAK. WHY would anyone want to project such an image, and WHO would want to JOIN in such a PATHETIC attempt? Not normal people.

As well, because the American White Nationalist movement has NO sense of QUALITY CONTROL when it comes to allowing people to join in its efforts - in many cases - they accept the DREGS of SOCIETY. People who cannot find any ACCEPTANCE within society - are WELCOMED with OPEN ARMS by these groups, who for SOME strange reason - feel, that "QUANTITY" is more important than QUALITY in its personnel. This is the exact OPPOSITE of how we operate in the ANP.

We utilize "Cells" which are made up of several trusted Comrades, in their local area. They work together in literature, propaganda Outreach activities, and basically "do" political work in an organized manner.

Some Cells take part in political campaigns in their local areas. Unfortunately, America being as large as it is, with no decent, affordable public transportation system, our Party adherents are more widely spread, than is the case in Europe and more difficult to assemble in one place at any given time.

We also strongly stress the need for Individual Activists to continue with Party propaganda efforts, so as to recruit those quality individuals, so as to form new Cells where we have both the proper leadership and numbers available.

This is a long, repetitive, and very necessary task towards building a "skeleton" to eventually "flesh-out" if and when that time arrives. And it IS possible. Who would have thought of the almost overnight demise of the Soviet Union? If it happened here in the U.S., the WN movement wouldn't be in any position at this time to take serious advantage of it.

5. What caused the denial of party uniforms and party hierarchy? As I know, in ANP uniforms entered the founder of ANP - George Rockwell.

ANSWER - It's very simple - the ANP is a POLITICAL PARTY - not some "re-enacter club", or some para-military militia. By doing away with "uniforms" (costumes really), we do not attract those people who wish to play "Halloween" all year round - and instead attract - those who are interested in the National Socialist IDEOLOGY itself. The same goes for "ranks & para-military titles" - we are NOT an ARMY - what REALISTIC political party has "majors, generals & exalted cyclops'"? Do the Republicans or the Democrats? Of course not! All this ego-driven "silliness" in the WN Movement - only DRIVES a WEDGE even further - between the MASSES of the White population, and itself. If you seek to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY, you HAVE to ACT in a SERIOUS fashion.

What was once done in the 1920's OR the 1960's - is NOT "carved in stone", never to be altered - this is the 21st Century, and NS needs to EVOLVE in its strategies and tactics, if it wishes to SURVIVE and GROW. Only our IDEOLOGY is UNCHANGEABLE!

6. Do you have your printed publication? Magazine, newspaper, etc.

ANSWER - Yes, we are one of very few WN organizations, and the only NS one that bothers to publish hard-copy anymore. Our monthly magazine - The White Worker - varies from around 20 to 30 pages an issue. Far too many organizations tend to depend upon the internet far too much. I wonder what they would do, if the plug was suddenly pulled?

Honestly, I think its more laziness and cheapness than anything else. What they don't spend on producing hard-copy materials - stays in the pockets of the Mighty Poohbahs, many of whom LIVE OFF of the White Nationalist Struggle.

Few orgs even have the talent on hand to produce a creative and interesting publication of varying topics and issues. "I hate niggers" gets pretty old after enough repetitions.

7. You come in contact with other nationalist's organizations in USA, and some organizations in other parts of the world?

ANSWER - Since the American Nazi Party is a sincere revolutionary National Socialist organization - we feel no need, or purpose - in associating with "other" organizations that DON'T share our views, such as reactionary right-wingers. As well, the ANP does seek to pursue QUALITY CONTROL in its adherents, and to what good purpose would it serve to "mix them up" with the dregs and human-garbage that infest so many of these racist-clubs? None.

An example would be this so-called "national socialist movement" led by a confessed felon-burglar named "Kommander Jeff Schoep" - this year alone its been reported - Jeff Schoep was outed as having been married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who had a BLACK child named Amber, from a previous marriage to a negro. Btw, the "nsm chairman" Clifford Herrington was outed by us, as a "JOY of SATAN" cultist. Some "neo-nutzi's", eh?

A month or so ago, the "nsm chief of staff" and head of their "costumed ss section" - Duke Schnieder was exposed by us as being married to another negro woman! The "nsm's presidential candidate" Brian Holland - exposed himself this year as an FBI mole and asset.

Several prominent "nsm leaders" also made the news - one Jeff Hall their West-Coast leader was shot by his ten year old son in the head, for abusing his family. A "nsm leader" in AZ. J.T. Ready shot and killed his entire family, including a baby, before killing himself. The Neveda "nsm state leader" was arrested for kidnapping and sexually molesting little White children. Need I go on? I could...

And this is the "LEADERSHIP" of this SUPPOSEDLY "NS" outfit. Hitler would have rounded up, the vast majority of these "neo-nutzi" freaks and given them a fast trip to a re-education camp! THATS the state of "American Naziism" and has been for decades, with outright JEWS like Frank Collins/Cohn and Andrew Greenbaum "leading it"! Get the sorry picture? And the rest of this "racial movement" is pretty much as disgusting....

9. Tell us about the political situation in USA? What organizations and movements represented the nationalist camp? Anti-nationalist camp are strong in USA?

ANSWER - I don't know what kind of picture you have in your mind, of the American "movement" - but, it's SMALLER and more worthless than at any time I've been involved. Of course, the JEWISH SYSTEM tries to make it out to be a "threat" - so as to put fear in the masses, and to enact more POLICE-STATE laws - but, it's a total JOKE.

Whereas, back in the 1980's the WN movement could put out 500, even a 1,000 people for marches - today, its a great "victory" - if a couple dozen assorted weirdo’s from various groups can be gathered together, like Hitler wrote about the "eight cripples arm in arm.." in Mein Kampf. And in my mind, that's GREAT! Why? Because its OVERDUE that INSTEAD of prancing around like circus clowns, entertaining the jews-media - perhaps the WN movement MIGHT learn to follow the lead of the ANP - and start getting involved in ELECTIONEERING. Yes, that’s right - actually START campaigning for LOW LEVEL political positions - such as school-board, city-council, sheriff, alderman, zoning-commission etc et al - in SMALL TOWNS and CITIES - where we HAVE a possibility to gain some REAL political POWER! And you DON'T even HAVE TO acknowledge your "TRUE BELIEFS" - ie take a page out of the Communist's tactical play-book. It's POWER we WANT - whether it comes with the "trappings" or not, what does it matter! And instead of running these "Bozo for President" SCAMS like some of these "prominent movement personalities" just LOVE doing - to rake in the donations of sincere, desperate, but gullible and naive WN - we GO AFTER positions from the BOTTOM - UP and BUILD a political support BASE to utilize in our larger attempts at greater eventual political plums.

This so-called "WN Movement" in America is a FRAUD - it's all SMOKE & MIRRORS - where "prominent movement personalities" - PRETEND to be "doing something" on the INTERNET, like a TV "preacher".

It's basically ENTERTAINMENT of a sort - "exciting websites" - "forums" where "anonymous" loudmouths can spew forth nonsense that they would be afraid to say in public. ALL monitored by the system's police, and added to by their paid provocateurs to stir up trouble and glean INFORMATION.

10. You were born in 1951 and during the racial segregation in the United States, the fight for equal rights for blacks. How would you describe this time?

ANSWER - This is a painful subject. I have LIVED in an era where RACIALISM was LAW and White society was much more healthy. Over the decades that I've fought, I have lived to SEE the changes that today makes my homeland a veritable SEWER. And I've come to UNDERSTAND the "why" that it happened.

The Judeo-Capitalists were the REAL ENEMY - oh, they prattled on about the "Big Red Scare" - all the while it was THEM who was converting America from a 90% White nation, with healthy instincts - to a "South American" style, poverty ridden garbage-can - where 1% control 90% of the WEALTH, and the rest of us are wage-slaves or worse - unemployed.

And just "HOW" did all those battle-hardened ex-military men come home from the wars and ACCEPT THIS? It was gross MATERIALISM. Yes, they would be willing to go and KILL and DESTROY their racial brothers and sisters, because they had NO CHOICE being drafted and forced to go. But, when it came to DEFENDING their RACE and their CULTURE - well, the most common EXCUSE was "I can't do that! I might LOSE this or that plastic pleasure!" Well, the chickens have come home to roost - so many Whites have gotten themselves into DEEP DEBT with the kosher leeches and usury BANKSTERS - that they're losing it anyways! LOL

Now, with the Judeo-Capitalists bringing in TENS of MILLIONS of CHEAP NON-WHITE labor - they are going to LOSE their own COUNTRY TOO! Unless, White people find some COURAGE and SOON - in a decade or so - Whites will be a MINORITY in the U.S.

Like in South Africa - I ONLY PITY THE SMALL CHILDREN - who deserved BETTER from their materialistic and cowardly adults! The OLDER ONES brought it all upon themselves, by "having something better to do" than look out for their own best interests. I'm honestly going to enjoy watching them squirm after all these years facing their scorn! LOL

11. Many of the Russian National Socialists believe that the USA (and France) lost a race war. Do you agree?

ANSWER - ALL of the various Euro-Aryan tribal nations - including Russia - LOST WWII, if that's what you're alluding to. If you're alluding to AFTER WWII - hell, there's been no "race war" from MY perspective. White people simply became materialistic spiritual jews, and thought more about their "plastic treasures" than their own children.

I'll be honest - IF White people HAVE degenerated so badly from their ancestors - perhaps they DESERVE to be wiped from the face of the earth, by more viral and healthy peoples. My "hope" if there is any - is with you Eastern European peoples - yes, those "SLAVS" whom so many "Germans" supposedly denigrated will be our Folks' last BASTION. Unless, of course, your new rulers turn you all into collectors of plastic Chinese junk, like us.

12. On your website is written that you are willing to accept the assistance of non-white people who sympathize with your struggle and ready to help. What you think: White National Socialists must to work with non-White National Socialists (both within their countries and in non-white countries)?

ANSWER - Pause for a moment and THINK - WHY? - would we be FORCED to accept HELP from ANY source, to ACHIEVE those 14WORDS? Could it possibly be that like a soldier behind his machine gun, we're running out of ammo and WHO CARES "where" the ammo we NEED comes from?

Is it POSSIBLE, that some NON-Aryan is willing to provide SUPPORT for our National Socialist agenda that we need so badly - and we accept it - simply BECAUSE our "white brothers and sisters" AREN'T COMING THROUGH?

Believe it or not, there ARE Non-Aryans who respect and agree with National Socialism. If the NAACP, and other non-white organizations are happy to accept WHITE support - why on earth shouldn't WE?

They are NOT allowed to JOIN the ANP, only offer us support to utilize as we see fit for OUR agenda. I don't care if support comes from ISREAL - which it hasn't of course - it all spends the same, when it comes to paying ANP bills.

13. How would you describe "The Order", KKK and NSM?

ANSWER - The Order was the highest effort ever put forth by, sincere but very NAIVE White Revolutionaries.

I say naive, simply because they wasted all those millions that they liberated, giving it to PHONY "leaders" who spent the money, not on the Revolution but on themselves and their degenerate lifestyles.

So often I'm asked "why" the wealthy "Arabs" don't finance the anti-zionist movement with millions of dollars. The answer is so damn SIMPLE - why would they give money to LOSERS and BUMS? They aren't stupid you know. They review the movement scene and WHAT do they SEE? Do they see ANY real PROGRESS being made? No. What they DO SEE - is a bunch of reactionary, right-wing low-lifes - denigrating "muslims" as "sand niggers", and advocating killing them, like a jew would.

Odd, but NS Germany had EXCELLENT relations with the Arab peoples, oriental too. But, then again - the Third Reich wasn't a bunch of bigoted, mindless RACE-HATERS, when it came to anybody who wasn't White.

I've already described the so-called "nsm". The various "klan" groups are pathetic too. No one takes them seriously anymore - the "spooky costumes" went out in the 1800's - and calling themselves "Exalted Cyclopes", "Imperial Wizards", and the like only makes them a subject of ridicule amongst the masses. How can you take a guy in a mutli-colored "robe" with a cone-head on top, seriously?

Boneheads, in America are NOT like European skins - ours are drunks, druggies, criminals, and societal losers for the most part. Most have ZERO knowledge of political thought beyond "white power", and have ZERO interest in learning. Thank god, it was a phase in the WN movement that is just about over.

You see, American WN's on the whole have preferred to dabble in just about ANYTHING - whether it was "skinheadism", or "I'm a REAL JEW - Christian Identity religion", you name it - than GET INVOLVED in serious, REAL-WORLD POLITICAL activity.

But you see, that’s what comes of having a narrow philosophy of "white power" and little else. Hitler didn't succeed because he went around yelling about "niggers and kikes" and "white supremacy" - He was a REAL POLITICAL statesman, with an entire World-View. And the people took him to heart.

14. You were personally familiar with the warriors of 'The Order'?

ANSWER - I met several of them during my career.

15. ANP is the first American National Socialist organization, which I know, which focuses on the environment. Among the American National Socialist environmental issues are not important?

ANSWER - No, as I've stated - its pretty much "white power", with a tiny bit of lip-service when the need arises, to try and not look too much like uneducated imbeciles. If you don't know about, or truly understand National Socialism - how can you promote it?

16. As I know, the USA government is actively fighting with American National Socialists. Does your organization have comrades who are sitting in prison? If yes, how you are giving them any kind of help?

ANSWER - I am quite proud to be able to state, that under my tenure as Party Chairman - we have not had ONE Party Comrade sent to gulag. Its this simple - I myself have NEVER gone to Zog's gulag - WHY? - because I'm NOT stupid, and I try not to DO stupid things.

99% of these "white warriors" ARE in Zog's gulags - simply because they committed CRIMES - not "because" of their political opinions.

The ANP does not bother with these incarcerated people, simply BECAUSE - WHERE WERE THEY, before they were incarcerated - and mostly, WHAT can they DO to help the Revolution inside a prison wall? We can't afford to waste precious resources on people who cannot take part in the Struggle. The "best" that can be offered by their incarceration is to serve as EXAMPLES for OTHERS - NOT to be as STUPID as they were! So many of these boneheads think that "American History X", or "Romper Stomper" is a "blueprint" on how to behave. No, its a kosher attempt to instill idiocy into the minds of those too dense to think things out properly. Sadly, it has worked all too well.

17. Continuing the theme: Have ANP pressure from the U.S. government?

ANSWER - ALL dissidents in the U.S. - from racial ones, to environmental groups - are under Zogs microscope. It goes with the territory. Far too many WN still "believe in the Constitution" and or "the law" - they're right-wing reactionaries, not REVOLUTIONARIES. So they often act stupid and "open the door" for Zog percecution and Zog complies.

18. Do you know anything about the All-Russian Fascist Party (leader Vonsiatsky) deployed in the USA in the 30's of the 20th century?


19. Probably, the first National Socialist organization in the USA was "German-American Bund", formed in the 30's of the 20th century. Does this organization is the Father of American National Socialism?

ANSWER - The German America Bund (League) was an organization for GERMAN Americans, basically a fraternal club. It wasn't a political party. Their flaws were NOT being for ALL Aryan Americans, and for having basically a "foreign" leadership - it wasn't "home grown", so it felt "alien" to most Americans.

20. In early 2012, ANP has registered first lobbyist in the US\A government. How has affected this fact on the activities ANP?

ANSWER - Just another step towards building a real and sincere political effort towards NS progress in America. Mighty oaks grow from a tiny acorn.

21. If you watched the struggle of the Russian National Socialists in Russia, you should know that the Russian National Socialists are under heavy pressure by the government. About 3000 Russian National Socialists were in prison. Some comrades were trying to leave Russia, to avoid arrest and imprisonment. For example, Vasily Krivets (killed 15 blacks) tried leave from Russia to Ukraine, but was caught by security forces. Or, for example, a girl Vasilisa Kovalyova tried to hide on the territory of Moldova, but was captured.

If this happens, that some of the Russian National Socialists to escape the Russian special services in the USA, if they can count on a little help from the ANP?

ANSWER - Only a government sponsered "honey-pot" organization, would openly tell you "yes, we'll break the law and help your Comrades". How could you even suggest such a thing? And in any case, how in the world would COMING to the JEW-S-A be an "escape" - this is the worst police state on the planet earth!

Btw, what GOOD did "killing 15 blacks" achieve? Myself, I would much more prefer seeing 15 WHITE TRAITORS dealt with! You know, ALL of our ( the White race ) problems - can be laid at the feet of our own "pale-faced" brothers and sisters. IF you got our own Folk "in line" - these "other peoples" are only SYMPTOMS of WHAT those in CONTROL allow to happen - much of our races "problems" could be dealt with fairly quickly.

Instead, those in power, get US to fight with these OTHERS - and we leave the REAL CRIMINALS alone! Pretty clever, eh? If those 3,000 WN would have chosen OTHER, proper "targets", perhaps they might have made some real difference? There's always MORE "others" - brought in by the systemites - for every one eliminated, and we have so few sincere and dedicated Political Soldiers that can be wasted on useless activities...

Comrades, since this is so long, I'm going to wait until my next ANPReport, to give my "State of the Party" message, along with a basic breakdown of 2013's agenda for the ANP.

I wish to sincerely thank all those Comrades who upheld their pledge in December, and as for those of you who "had something better to do..." - well, honestly aren't YOU the "problem" that the White race is facing, rather than the SOLUTION?

I must admit, that after around 45 years of being continuously involved in this Struggle, it was kind of nice to just kick back and "do the minimum" of Party work this past month. Sorry, if I "disillusioned" anyone - but, I really NEEDED this short break from everything. But, now its time for all of us to saddle-up once again....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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