ANP Report for December 08, 2012

Racial Comrades: I'm sure that just about everyone reading this knows the seasonal poem "The Night Before Christmas". It was only written a little over a century ago, so its "time-frame" isn't that far off in some unknown ancient days, that we today cannot comprehend it.

Yet, can you imagine the days, when children were HAPPY to receive a "STOCKING-FULL" of presents and gifts?

I remember an episode of the old tv program "Little House on the Prairie" about one of their Christmas's. The girls received in their stocking, - a heart shaped "store bought cookie, a pair of red home-made mittens, a tin cup, and a penny, along with a peppermint stick!" And the children were so damn HAPPY, and the parents were so damn PROUD of giving their children a "Happy Christmas to remember".

WHAT'S HAPPENED to White Americans TODAY?

Today I saw a tv commercial, where the grown female ( wife, who knows? ) wasn't pleased with her snug ski-cap as her gift - she wanted a NEW CAR! No, I'm not kidding...

Our Folk have been so PROPAGANDIZED by the Judeo-Capitalists - with their MATERIALISTIC PROPAGANDA advertising campaigns - that I don't doubt that IF they took a bowel-movement, and wrapped it up with enough "celebrity acclamations", "fancy packaging", and a STIFF PRICE...some people would purchase it!

No, I'm NOT kidding - does anybody remember "PET ROCKS" as a simple example?

Thatís "WHY", when people tell me that "National Socialism will NEVER be accepted by White Americans" - I ask myself - WHY? Hell, they've ALREADY accept such choice items that surround us all today - things that when I was a kid - I honestly NEVER thought would be "accepted" in America.

Yep, I truly NEVER thought that we would have "Gay Marriage", or a "Black President", much less the DEMISE of a WHITE MAJORITY population ( the "OFFICIAL STATS" claim 2021 will be a MINORITY WHITE U.S. - knowing how they LIE - it will no doubt be MUCH sooner! ) in the USA. I could go on and on, but you get my point, I'm sure...

And it was ALL accomplished through SYSTEMITE PROPAGANDA. When I was a kid, growing up in the 1950's-60's - IF anyone had proposed "todayís American society" - they would have been put in a nut-house ( yes, there still WERE nut-houses BACK THEN ). AMAZING isn't it?

Now Comrades, I'm NOT a Grinch - I do believe that in todayís world, as we are more "wealthy" than people a hundred years ago - we certainly can afford to do "better" than a stocking, when it comes to indulging our loved ones - BUT, "where" do YOU draw the line? Do you REALLY - HAVE - to BUY for your boss, your co-workers, your neighbor, your ( oh, so many ) extended "relatives", along with the postman, the butcher and the candlestick-maker? Personally, I don't think so.

Now, of course - the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS, who's whole purpose in existence is to DRAIN YOUR WALLET - will tell you YES, you just "HAVE" to spend, spend, SPEND...OR, you're a "LOSER". But, in REALITY - aren't YOU a LOSER - IF you buy into their propaganda, and don't REFUSE to FILL THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS?

To ME, Yuletide is a time for FAMILY and CARING for them - NOT for purchasing a LOT of Chinese-made CRAP that they REALLY don't NEED. Just LOOK around your home, especially the children's rooms - and SEE all of the "STUFF" that they already HAVE! In many cases, it just sits there - unused anymore. Yet, you spent an arm and a leg, buying that JUNK - that they "couldn't live without". They're KIDS - WHO is the SUCKER here? Are you bringing your kids up to simply BECOME - BIGGER and GREEDIER - CONSUMERS and MATERIALISTS? Is THAT the true National Socialist SPIRIT?

Give the GIFT of CARING and SHARING. When was last time you READ your child a STORY? Or, PLAYED a GAME with them? Or, took time out from the "game" on the boob-tube, or whatever - and actually SPENT some - LONG TERM - QUALITY TIME with them? The same with your SPOUSE. Am I getting through here?

One BIG way to DEFEAT this greedy, evil, corrupt JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM - is to REFUSE to BUY INTO IT - and to REFUSE to play THEIR GAME! Don't "GO ALONG to GET ALONG" like a good little consuming zombie. I often wonder about this idiotic new craze about "zombies-the walking dead" that is so popular now-a-days - what is it that so many find fascinating about it all. Do these folks find some strange AFFINITY about ZOMBIES in their own pathetic lifestyles? BREAK FREE from all this MIND-CONTROL that the system has over so many of you!

PERHAPS if your able to BREAK FREE from ONE aspect of this judaic societies grip on your mind - you'll be able to FREE YOURSELF from OTHERS as well! Like an addict - ONE STEP at a TIME....

OUR fiscal woes.
by Steve Davenport

As our supposed leaders argue about the fiscal cliff, I am feeling totally disgusted. How dare they want to raise taxes on the rich, only at the expense of Social Security, and Medicare. Outrageous. We common folk need more help, not less. I swear, these people in Washington DC, think they're gods. Raise taxes on the rich, and the hell with touching any part of Social Security, or Medicare. Why do we have to suffer, just because the rich have to pay taxes? They get away with murder, not paying their fair share. Many pay nothing at all. How fair is that?

No, its time we stopped coddling the rich in this country. It will go on though, because rich run it. Congress is a millionaires club. They don't give a rats ass about us little people. They're perfectly content to see us struggle with unemployment, home foreclosure, even hunger. Right now we have a 7.8% official unemployment rate. The unofficial rate is 22%. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. 100 million get some form of govt welfare. 46 million get food stamps. 1 out of every 6 people is poor. 1 out of every 5 kids is poor. Our national debt is 16 trillion dollars. Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, because the rich have to finally pay a few bucks in taxes, no way. We wouldn't be so dependent on govt, if our system hadn't betrayed us. Sending jobs overseas, has hurt the American worker immeasurably. What the hell are we suppose to do for paychecks? Take minimum wage, no benefit jobs? How do we provide for our families then? The powers that be, don't bother to look at why so many of us need Social Security and Medicare. With our jobs gone, we have NO pension to rely on as we retire. What us do the elderly have to live on? That's why these programs were
instituted, to keep people from starving, like during the Great Depression. Those who would cut them are truly heartless monsters.

No, govt programs, were instituted to help us. Keep us alive. Give people some shred of dignity. Do we want Americans having to root around garbage dumps for scraps of food, like they do in so many third world countries? I sure don't. Our people are not packs of dogs, and don't deserve to be treated like same. I think one of the greatest virtues, is Aryan dignity. It can't be maintained, if people are so poor and starving they can only wonder about where their next meal is coming from. Maybe that's ZOG's secret agenda, keep the American people poor and starving, and they'll be obedient little drones. Are you an obedient drone, willing to do anything ZOG commands?

Our kids are struggling to find jobs, since so many have been outsourced overseas. This is not just. Its down right stupid actually, as if in an emergency, what do we do if we need weapons manufactured, or what have you. If we can't take care of ourselves, then what? Who will help us? I notice, in our current financial problems, no nation has come forward with financial help. No Marshall plan in reverse. No, we're on our own. Just as well. Best if you take care of yourself, and don't rely on others. You should be able to rely on your govt, but ours is uncaring. Its dominated, by rich people, who have no empathy, or
compassion. Our rich ruling elite, are quite content to leave us to rot like garbage.

I say, the hell with them. Our leadership in this country is garbage. They're the idle rich. They'll spend tons of money on nonsense, but not a dime to help those less fortunate. This fiscal cliff crap, would never come up in a National Socialist system. NS believes in its people, and would see they get every bit of help they need. In NS, the rich pay their fair share. They may have a little more, but they have to chip in to the common kitty. No free rides, or idle rich. In NS, its OK if you have more, but don't be shocked, when your asked to part with part of it to help your fellow Aryan. That's what a society should be, all helping each other, in unity of purpose, for the preservation of the race.

Donate to the ANP. It needs help to pay the bills. It costs to print lit. Give out lit. We nee help getting the good word out to the masses. Let's work together, to bring about an NS society, that cares, and helps. This system doesn't care, and doesn't really want to help. Ask anybody you know, who has applied for Social Security Disability. Its a true run around. What is suppose to be a program to help, is just the system playing mind games, as it works ways out to screw its own citizens. Enough, is enough.

Comrades, as the year 2012 winds down, those of us who ARE true National Socialist Revolutionaries - are already looking FORWARD to the COMING year of Struggle! The year 2013 will be a year of many more opportunities, per LOCAL ELECTION CAMPAIGNS - and I want many of you to start considering "what" that means, and the "possibilities" that it opens up for us.

Start researching in your local area, at City Hall - just "WHAT" positions are going to be open in 2013, in your area - and "WHAT" is required to have YOUR NAME placed on the ballot. NO, you DO NOT have to campaign as an OPEN NS! In fact, we encourage you at this time - NOT to. Contact myself, or our ANP Advisory Board if you are considering campaigning, and we will follow up with you. PLEASE - do your "homework" FIRST - find out all the necessary details, before you contact us. And DON'T worry about your "qualifications" - YOU certainly couldn't do much worse than the creatures we have running things in America already, could we? At LEAST you'll be HONEST and SINCERE!

The Nov-Dec The White Worker magazine is in the mails. For those of you who haven't received it lately, please consider IF your subscription has run out and needs renewal.

I'll wind things up with a little advertising of our own - IF you would like to receive an ANP Info Pack which is filled with a copy of The White Worker, stickers, message-cards, and other NS materials - you may receive one for a $5 donation. A subscription to our monthly National Socialist publication - The White Worker, is available for a $20 donation. All ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security
envelopes. Please only CASH or MONEY-ORDERS made out to "ANP".

As well, for NS oriented gifts for the holiday season - for those special Comrades - please check out the "Nazi Store" in the "links" section of our website. I have been told that they've added a number of new items and will be adding very reasonably priced dvd's in the near future.

I would like to wish all of you a very HAPPY and SAFE Yultide season! May the spirit of TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALISM fill your home with the fortitude to withstand the attacks of this depraved society with-out your halls!

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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