ANP Report for November 24, 2012

Racial Comrades: You know folks, the reactionary, right-wingers in this country never cease to AMAZE me! They are ALWAYS looking for an "easy way out" - and "DOING" the most useless, nonsensical nonsense to AVOID DOING what really needs to be done - simply because what needs to be done, will take HARD WORK and SACRIFICE.

The latest SCAM that they have come up with - AFTER playing around with the "Tea-Party" fraud, which turned out to be REPUBLICRAT "pressure valve" ( where the disaffected blow off a little steam, before they get angry enough to do something serious ) operation that was intended for ONE THING - and it did it well, marching all those, disaffected White people who are UNHAPPY and ANGRY with this Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum system, down the DEAD-END as it was intended to do. And either "burning them out" and dropping out from any resistance, or at LEAST wasting all the time, money and effort that they poured into these Trojan Horse operations - rather than putting where it COULD do some REAL "change".

Yep, rather than FINALLY dumping ANY FAITH in this "Two-Party" FRAUD of a political system - once again - these numbskulls WANTED to "REFORM" it - through pressure group tactics. Can't they get it through their heads, that this system simply CANNOT be "REFORMED"? NO! It MUST be SMASHED and REPLACED with a HEALTHY - PRO-WHITE, ONE! It's simply too far gone.

Well, NOW these simpletons have been fed a NEW fantasy to chase after - and like the Tea-Party scam - it's spreading its wings across the entire country. Its the "SECESSION" game! Yes, all across America, these folks are pushing PETITIONS demanding that states, or even regions are allowed by ZOG to "SECEDE" from the Jewnighted States!

Yes, you heard me correctly - these folks actually BELIEVE (at least the ones SIGNING these petitions, nevermind about those DREAMING them UP for the suckers to believe in) that Old Uncle Samuel, after getting these pieces of paper, is going to cheerfully wave bye-bye to those seeking to walk away from this disgusting Sodom & Gomorrah of the modern world! NO, I'm not kidding!

Need I even go into ALL of the many REASONS why this would never come to pass? I didn't think so - the words "CIVIL WAR" should be in and of themselves ENOUGH.

Yet, in a world where the reactionary right-wing dwell - the TRUTH is never enough to quash a FANTASY wet-dream!

What REALLY makes me want to LAUGH so hard - is the example of these TEXAS pale-faces wanting to "SECEDE". As I type these words - Texas IS - a MINORITY White state! You heard me right - White folks in Texas, are CURRENTLY - a racial MINORITY. Now, IF these people DID "secede" - they would find themselves as citizens in a NON-White ruled "Republic of Texas"! Or, are they intending on driving OUT the MAJORITY of Texas's population? More than likely, THEY would be the ones DRIVEN OUT!

The reactionary right-wing movement in this country just LOVES its - "PROTESTS", its "PETITIONS", its idiotic fantasizing about "SECESSION" - ANYTHING, but - GETTING INVOLVED in REAL POLITICS!

If only they would put ALL this TIME, EFFORT and EXPENCE into REAL POLITICS - they MIGHT just HAVE a REAL VOICE in America - backed up, with some REAL POLITICAL POWER, eh?

Sure, at the PRESENT TIME - campaigning for ANY "higher political office" - IS pretty much a total waste of time, money and effort...they simply don't have ANY grass-roots, LOCAL political power as a BASE to operate from. But, that COULD change - IF they got REALISTIC and SERIOUS.

LOCAL elections offer the best chance of BUILDING that "power base" - IF across America - there were hundreds OR thousands of WN elected to low-level political positions, think about the POWER that that would give us to BUILD upon, for further efforts.

IF we could CONTROL the "BASE of the TRIANGLE" - the tiny few at the "TOP" - would certainly have a difficult time, lording it all over us. And getting elected to Sheriff, City Councilor, School Board, Water Commissioner, etc et al - IS "do-able" - especially in ALL of these "smaller" cities and towns, where the systemites DON'T have a TOTAL lockdown on "who" can campaign, and "who" can' for the "higher" political offices.

These "secessionist" types, don't even have LOCAL CONTROL on the ground - how in hell do they expect to "create a republic" - out of NOTHING? They're just going to awaken one fine morning, and hoist up their "new flags" outside the capitol, and everyone will yell "Yea!" and then they'll receive the keys to the Throne Room and "life will be good"? I KNOW - but, as unrealistic as it sounds - these people are trying to "sell" this crap, AND some folks are buying!

Or, ARE they "BUYING" - could it just be - that once again, this whole scenario is just ANOTHER instance of the reactionary right-wingers "BUYING for TIME" that they just DON'T have to deal with getting involved in the serious business of DOING the REAL THING? You know - CAMPAIGNING in the REAL political world.

How much LONGER, are people who KNOW the SCORE - going to DO "ANYTHING" - rather than that which they KNOW deep in their hearts, MUST be DONE...IF they seriously intend on reversing the downward spiral of America's White population?

The ENEMY can set up all kinds of "PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE" operations, such as this "secessionist" nonsense as DIVERSIONS - but, do we REALLY have to swallow them continuously, hook-line-and sinker - as they HAVE for decades now.

SOME DAY - dissidents will HAVE to bite the bullet and grasp the bull by the horns - IF they are SERIOUS - and have the courage to DO what is NECESSARY.

And just "WHAT" am I asking? Its SIMPLE. IF every single "organization", "outlet", "club" and what have you - in the WN Movement - INSTEAD of "doing" what they have been piddling around with, determined to RUN just ONE person for a serious ( as they can make it ) POLITICAL CAMPAIGN...we COULD have HUNDREDS of candidates out there campaigning. And SOME - WILL - WIN. And THEN - we do it all over again!

Its a WIN-WIN situation - they can have all that wonderful "publicity" that they crave so badly. They can gain the grudging RESPECTABILITY of BEING a political CANDIDATE for public office, as they do in European WN circles. And, for ONCE - they have the potential of SUCCEEDING in what they are trying to accomplish! Did you know that this last election - hundreds of public office seats were UNCONTESTED, and or UNOPPOSED? WN could have simply won in some cases, by simply FILING a candidacy!

And think about THIS - those who get elected - can provide SUPPORT for upcoming WN political campaigns, through the influence of the power that they hold! There is even ANOTHER plus-side to campaigning for local political office. At present, the enemy loves to denigrate WN as a mere "fringe" that "NOBODY" supports. Well, if one of us runs - and lets say they get a thousand votes - they can proudly POINT OUT that they speak for a THOUSAND voters, who voted FOR their agenda - instead of being a pitiful, pathetic handful in a cage, holding a protest demonstration.

THATS what the ANP is all about. We are determined to break OUT of the racial movements stagnation, and to start to emulate our WN brothers and sisters in Europe in taking part in REAL-WORLD political activities.

No, you WON'T be seeing ANP adherents filmed on the courthouse steps, dressed in a perculiar costume, shouting behind a protective cage and ZOG police-lines, as masses of the enemy threaten, abuse and ridicule us. It would make campaigning for public office very difficult if photos of our candidates, acting like scripted "hollywierd nutzi" loons, were made available, everytime one of our Party Comrades attempted to campaign, now wouldn't it? And YES - our adherents DO campaign "under the enemies radar", NOT as open NS - our intention is to WIN. Our AGENDA is National Socialism - NOT the display of "symbols & trappings", for the sake of the DISPLAY itself.

It's simple - support a SERIOUS political effort like the ANP, or continue to support the "entertainers" who are more like COMEDIANS, than political activists. It's not so much "HOW" we WIN - as long as we DO!

Our financial peril.

by Steve Davenport

With all the talk of the fiscal cliff, the system wants you to overlook the real state of economic affairs in this country. Its terrible. The media, owned by the rich, wants you to feel good about the system. Hence all the feel good messages about how things are getting better. They aren't, and never will be. We're trapped in a stagnant economy, and society for that matter. We're all just the working poor. Struggling to just survive. There is no job security whatsoever. Our jobs are being outsourced every minute of every day. This apparently is not going to be stopped. The rich ruling elite is bound and determined to make money. Lots of it. If we all fall by the wayside, they could care less. There are plenty of workers, both foreign and domestic to pick up the slack. We are in the greatest peril, of becoming totally irrelevant to this country. Look at how things are. 7.8% official unemployment. 22% unofficial. Half the country at or below the poverty level. 100 million on some form of govt welfare. 46 million on food stamps. 1 out of 6 poor. 1 out of 5 kids poor. The national debt at 16 trillion. We whites are being marginalized. A full third of the middle class has lost ground. The rest of us are sure to follow. Jobs are being outsourced overseas every minute of every day. Jobs we whites need to survive. The rich ruling elite don't need us. They prefer foreign slave labor. Here at home, they prefer illegal immigrants, since they can get away with paying them a pittance. its really sad how low whites have sunk. We're not even of value in our own country.

The elite was only too glad to pony up 700 billion to save the financial industry. Their reward for the mortgage mess. For the common folk, a lousy 23 billion tied with govt red tape. Whites have lost their political power. Now non whites call the shots, with their bloc voting. Whites still think they control things, but we don't. We're fast becoming outnumbered, and out maneuvered by non white bloc voting. Our mangy dog politicians will do whatever to get non white votes, to be elected. Does anyone really think non whites love us, will play fair with us? Wait till non whites are the majority, the fun will really start. The will of the American people is ignored every day. A billion dollars spent on the war in Afghanistan every week. While here at home, we're told we have to tighten our belts because of the great national debt. We're being told to give up things like college student loans, national health care, Social Security and Medicare. All the while the elite does as it pleases. Usually to the detriment of us.

Unless and until whites stop hiding their heads in the sand, we'll just keep losing out. We need a new system. A better system. We need National Socialism. A system based on race, not self. You'd never find an NS govt giving its jobs away. NS cares for its people, so it would never allow social programs to be eliminated, especially because of debt incurred by corruption and idiocy, like in this nation. NS doesn't believe in crusades, so no constant wars like this system loves. Help the ANP. Donate generously. There is much to do. Every dollar counts. Help give out lit, every minute counts. This past election shows that time is against us. We must build a united grass roots movement quickly, if we are once again to prosper. I wish the fiscal cliff was all we had to worry about. Far from it. This system is structurally unsound, if your non rich. We need to jump ship, and embrace a society fit for us and our kids. Before its too late.

Comrades, the holidays are now upon us - to sincere NS Revolutionaries - this does NOT effect our efforts one iota. Or, it SHOULDN'T. The Struggle DOESN'T stop - simply because its that time of year, to make those kosher cash-register bells jingle! In all honesty, the holidays are a time for FAMILY and COMMITMENT to CARING for them - NOT to worship crass MATERIALISM like a good little consumer zombie. There are many more ways for a National Socialist Comrade to show his love and devotion to their family - than purchasing a bunch of worthless, Chinese junk - simply because the JEW-TUBE tells you to!

National Socialists are NOT like the average, White lemming who follows Master ZOG's instructions to the letter....

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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