ANP Report for November 05, 2012

Racial Comrades: By now I'm sure that all of my many readers are aware that the so-called "nsm" hollywierd nutzi circus, commonly referred to as the "National Satanist Movement" (because its Chairman Clifford Herrington, is the High-Horned-Hinkydink of the "Joy of Satan", no kidding) has as its "kommander" an individual by the name of Jeff Schoep - who was/is married for four years to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who, previous to her marriage to the kommander - had been married to a NEGRO for nine years and has a BLACK daughter named Amber from her coupling with him. Itís a wonder that after four years of sex with Joanna, Jeffy didn't produce some mulatto's of his own, eh?

All of this is pretty common knowledge - all you have to do is Google-Up the words "jeff schoep-race-mixing" or "nsm race-mixing" - and you can research and check the FACTS for yourself. Pretty EASY to PROVE or DEBUNK for yourself, eh? Go ahead, see if I'm lying!

Well, ANOTHER disgusting episode about this bunch of costumed dysfunctionals has recently arisen, which is ALMOST comical, except that it adds ANOTHER "straw" to "break the camelís back" so to speak, about these hollywierd nutzi clowns disgracing National Socialism.

Yes, it has been widely reported through-out the WN Movement - that "nsm's" Chief of Staff, and head of their costumed "SS" re-enactor club - is himself ANOTHER race-mixer! Yep, but this time he was wedded and bedded to a obese NEGRESS! Apparently, what is good for the Goose ISN'T good for the Gander - and Jeff Schoep EXPELLED him from his group - for RACE-MIXING no less! Can everyone spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

Comrades, ONE of the things that I have dedicated myself to achieving, since I became ANP Party Chairman - was to do my UTMOST - to "clean up" the distorted image of National Socialism created by our enemies, to discredit us. This has caused a LOT of misunderstanding in some quarters, and anger and dismay in others.

In the first camp, there are people who think that the ANP's campaign to CLEAN UP American National Socialism is somehow related to "organizational feuding". They seem to feel that our EXPOSING the "bad eggs" involved in NS style outfits is more of a "pissing contest" - rather than our SINCERE wish to CLEANSE American NS of the evil elements that currently sully and infest it. This is of course, not true! Our whole intent and purpose is to cast out - as Adolf Hitler stated in the movie Triumph of the Will - those who DO NOT BELONG within our National Socialist ranks. WHY? Because, these creatures infesting present day National Socialism, with their evil doings and degenerate lifestyles - are similar to a DEVIL-WORSHIPER being a Priest in the Christian Church - they simply do NOT belong there, BECAUSE they are NOT "what" they "claim" to BE!

The whole basis of what the entire ideology of National Socialism revolves around IS - HEALTHY RACIAL PURITY - and "WHY" a RACE-MIXER would even WANT to PRETEND to be one of us - is beyond me! Itís insane! And itís a SLAP in the FACE to each and every man and woman who has WORKED, FOUGHT, SACRIFICED and DIED - FOR the ideals of National Socialism - from the very first day that it was founded.

The second small group of people who oppose our turning the SPOTLIGHT of TRUTH on the cockroaches in our National Socialist movement, are those GUILTY of the CRIMES they commit. Like roaches in the light, they squirm and scurry in anger, at be EXPOSED!

Are these people losers, outcasts from society who seek to "get revenge" by, in THEIR minds - "flipping society off" - by using the TRAPPINGS and SYMBOLISM of what the ENEMY constantly tells anyone who will listen - that NS is sooo "bad, evil, monstrous, ect et al" , so they adopt and wrap themselves up as a walking-billboard, like some mixed-up kid re-inventing himself as a "tattooed, pierced punk", complete with a "special look" - in this case a "hollywood nutzi" inspired one - to gain the ATTENTION of "OTHERS" that they so desperately desire?

OR, are they simply REALLY - EVIL, DEGENERATE CREATURES - who ARE attracted to "neo-nazism" BECAUSE of the horrendous, rotten FALSE IMAGE that the enemy has created about National Socialism, with their ever out-pouring, non-stop hate-propaganda?

One thing IS for sure - NS is like a Holy Image - that has had literally DECADES of FILTH poured over it, again and again. And it is MY JOB - to go to that National Socialism - and with my spatula, SCRAPE and CLEAN AWAY the layers of filth - so that the TRUE IMAGE of what NS really IS can come SHINING THOUGH, bright and bold! So that MY FOLK - the White-Aryan race - can SEE and LEARN for themselves, JUST "WHAT" TRUE NS is REALLY all about.

And as I work away, doing the best I possibly can to bring forth those TRUTHS about WHAT National Socialism REALLY IS - along come these self-styled HOLLYWIERD-NUTZI's - BESMEARING it over and over AGAIN, doing an excellent job of RE-ENFORCING that NEGATIVE IMAGE alongside the jews and their allyís anti-NS propaganda! Can anybody wonder at my ANGER and DISMAY at these HELPERS of the JEWS - who do MORE damage, through their PRETENDING to "BE" an NS - by their horrendous, UN-Aryan behavior and lifestyles?

Comrades, recently I e-mailed several of this groupsí published contact points - to SEE "if" the "average nsmer" was AWARE of the degeneracy within the "nsm" itself, AND its pathetic leadership. I wanted to KNOW for a FACT - IF the entire "nsm" membership was "ok" with the RACE-MIXING and DEGENERACY within the "nsm" - or, if they were even troubled by it.

Below is an e-mail exchange I had with one of their "SS Officers" (God how I hate it, when they dishonor the REAL Comrades of the SS, with their pathetic attempt at "letís pretend"). Please read from the bottom up. Apart from the fact of this individualís need for "ghetto talk" - he totally IGNORES my - I think pertinent questions.

My image of this person, is that he is what used to be called when I was a kid, "white trash", a scrawny, bald-headed "hillbilly bonehead type" (NO, I'm NOT denigrating true Southern GENTLEMEN, of whom I know a fair number) who's "into" HATING OTHERS - in as much, as it makes him feel somehow better about himself.

When he goes stomping down the street, shouting and screaming his slurs at "others", I honestly DOUBT if he knows ANYTHING about National Socialism and its world-view, and/or of the SYMBOLS that he's flaunting. To HIM it could, or just as well might be - a "rebel flag", as it is currently a Swastika that he's waving around. He's FOR "white power", his end-game is "white supremacy" - NOT - National Socialism. And as any true National Socialist KNOWS - NS is RACIAL SEPARATIST - NOT - SUPREMACIST, for to BE a "supremacist", you HAVE to HAVE Non-Aryans around you - to be "SUPREME" over. Real NS don't want to be around Non-Aryans - we desire OUR OWN place in the sun, free from the Non-Whites and their problems.

And Comrades, THAT'S the PROBLEM. We have NON-NS supposedly "REPRESENTING US"! This must STOP! And it CAN be STOPPED - IF - EVERY SINCERE White Nationalist, SHUNNED these posers and REFUSED to ASSOCIATE or CONDONE their existence! DON'T take part in their antics! How can ANY - SINCERE NS or WN, stand side by side with RACE-MIXING RACE TRAITORS? Itís that SIMPLE.

When you knowingly AID or ASSOCIATE with someone who has committed the ULTIMATE SIN to Racial Nationalism - just WHAT does THAT make YOU? WE the PROUD men AND women of the Aryan race - while we may be small in numbers at the present time - MUST keep our CONVICTIONS, and NEVER bend them for temporary ILLUSIONS of "we need every warm body we can get" attitude.

Comrades, it MUST always BE - QUALITY over QUANTITY - when it comes to "WHO" is allowed to become "ONE of US". Remember what Adolf Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf, concerning the "Eight Cripples". Each and every "CRIPPLE" that we ALLOW to contaminate OUR ranks - ONLY MAKES US WEAKER. IF we refuse to MAKE "standards" regarding "WHO" we HONOR in allowing them our association - and KEEP to THEM - we are only HARMING and FOOLING ourselves. WEAK LINKS eventually BREAK and cause us HARM when we least "need" it. Itís OVERDUE to CULL the HERD!

From: rocky suhayda
To: "NC-NSM"
Date: Friday, November 2, 2012, 8:08 PM
Thank you for your most enlightening response! I wanted something to post on my upcoming ANPReport from an "nsm source", out of the horse's mouth so to speak - and YOUR answer, or kind of lack of one provided me with what I needed. Your reply, clearly shows both the intelligence as well as the depth of racial feeling that a "typical nsm Officer" holds towards the awful, unforgivable sin of race-mixing. They simply DON'T CARE! Parading around in a costume in public, shouting " LOOK at ME!" like a hollywierd nutzi loon, supposedly demonstrating about the "dangers of White people race-mixing" - are not something that you REALLY hold close to your heart, is it? Its all for "show". Seeing as how your e-mail is listed as an "Official nsm Representative" - people do have the right to know just how you REALLY feel. I'm going to give them nationwide that opportunity! For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

--- On Fri, 11/2/12, NC-NSM wrote:

From: NC-NSM
To: "rocky suhayda"
Date: Friday, November 2, 2012, 7:40 PM

dude do not email this email again. fuck off

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 10:30 AM, rocky suhayda wrote:

Racial Comrades: I am writing you to get confirmation about a message I received today. Is it true that "SS" leader and NSM Chief of Staff Duke Schnieder was expelled from the NSM for being a RACE-MIXER, in as much that he was married to a BLACK woman? I was very surprised, simply because it is a well known FACT - that Jeff Schoep was/is married to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK child named Amber from a previous marriage to a negro Mr. Raymond Smith, for nine years, I believe. You can confirm this by simply Googling-up "jeff schoep - race mixer" to view the proof for yourself. Do the research. Now my question IS - why is race-mixing 'ok' for Jeff, but not the rest of your organization? I honestly thought that the NSM membership was 'ok' with race-mixing, am I wrong? If I am, I wish to sincerely applogize! If you ARE all 'ok' with race-mixing, I would like a statement to that effect as well... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!


Comrades, a few up-dates. The Oct. The White Worker magazine is in the mails, you should be receiving them, when the U.S. Post Office gets around to delivering them....

Next, in order to modernize into the 21st Century - the ANP Security Arm (SA) has now set new uniform standards. Instead of the black "para-military" look - which to me smacks of a "costume", and we don't really want to walk THAT walk any more, it draws too many "costume fetishistsĒ, instead of serious, POLITICALLY MINDED adults...

So, here are the new dress requirements for the ANP S.A. - black footwear (boots OR shoes), black slacks with black belt. Long-sleeved white shirt, with a red tie (color of the armband). And of course, where appropriate the Swastika armband and Party pin. I also wish to strongly stress, that SA Men are expected to "keep up" their appearance, per hair-cuts, shaving, etc. YOUíRE the "posterboys/representatives" of American National Socialism - enough said.

I believe that our SA's new "look" is more appropriate to our times. Itís relatively inexpensive as well. Without the armband, it fits in with a normal appearance, yet still gives a cohesive appearance to the men of our Security Detail.

I honestly believe that it will serve the Party much more effectively, than some "para-military" look. Todayís Struggle ISN'T the SAME as in Germany in the 1920's - there and then just about EVERYBODY belonged to some group that wore a "uniform", even university students had "uniforms", and wore them proudly...

No, itís TIME for AMERICAN NS to ADAPT to the current times, and not remain in the past - simply "because" thatís "what they did back then". The ONLY thing that is carved in stone - is OUR IDEOLOGY. IT shall never change!

This positive move will also DISTANCE ourselves even MORE - from the reactionary, right-wingers of all stripes - who INSIST that wearing some "cool costume" is part of the FUN in joining up in one of the "alphabet-soup" clublets out there in "movement-land".

The ANP is a POLITICAL PARTY - just like the Republirats or the Demecruds - albeit a NATIONAL SOCIALIST one, and IF we seek success with the average White masses, we need to "look" more NORMAL and PROFESSIONAL to them.

National Socialism is so much MORE than slapping on a Swastika, and yelling "Sieg Heil!" - Its LIVING a LIFESTYLE that Adolf Hitler would be PROUD OF! Never forget - that YOU REPRESENT something wonderful and currently misunderstood by many, who hopefully someday WILL through our efforts and all those NS who SACRIFICED and SERVED before you - awaken and grasp our outstretched hands. Letís make them proud!

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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