ANP Report for October 24, 2012

Racial Comrades: Yesterday I had a phone conversation with one of our Party Comrades. This individual has only been with the ANP, for around six months or so, and already I felt a sense of "DESPERATION-ITIS" issuing forth from this fellow.

"Things just weren't happening fast enough" to suit this person. And this isn't the first man or woman, who I've run into, with this kind of thinking unfortunately.

Just WHAT did they have in their minds, when they decided that ďYes! I'm going to get involved in being part of the SOLUTION, instead of sitting back and being part of the PROBLEM". Did they think that "NOW" that THEY are involved, we should wrap this all up pretty damn quick?

At one point in the conversation, he stated - ďI don't know how you can have stayed active in this, for so long Rock". I don't even now know for certain if that was a COMPLEMENT, or a hint at my blunt headed STUPIDNESS? LOL

Yes, I've "been in this" since 1967 - a VERY LONG time. And over these years, I've SEEN with my own eyes, and experience, what Adolf Hitler first titled his book Mein Kampf - ď...YEARS, OF LIES, STUPIDITY, and COWARDICE.Ē BUT, I've LEARNED over those years.

I've LEARNED "what" WORKS and "what" DOESN'T. "What" NOT to "DO" - if itís better NOT to DO something, than to DO IT.

Have "I" been "successful"? Well, looking at whatís "out there" - I've done BETTER than MOST, and certainly NO WORSE than anybody else.

You see, I've come to KNOW for a FACT - just WHAT is NECESSARY, and LACKING in our "Racial Movement" to grow AND succeed - and itís THIS...

First off, you simply cannot "do it alone" - you NEED to have GOOD, TALENTED people working with you to succeed. Next, you must have people who AREN'T INTO - "instant gratification" - ie they understand that itís going to TAKE a lot of EFFORT and TIME to get to where we want to go. If it was "easy", it would be over and done with by now...

Once you have that nucleus of GOOD WORKERS - you NEED Ė (desperately) MONEY, to finance WHAT you intend to DO. And like Commander Rockwell once wrote - "Money, or LACK of it - has thrown more obstacles into our path, than the combined might of the enemy". How right the Commander was! Ask ANYONE - and they'll TELL you - how MONEY CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. And the obverse is true as well. Thatís "why" wealthy people ARE wealthy - they HAVE money - to MAKE MORE money with. NOBODY gets wealthy, starting out BROKE - except on the boob-tube.

Yet, here is the quandary - we, and the ENTIRE RACIAL-MOVEMENT are dependent on DONATIONS to keep our work AFLOAT and GROWING. Pull the plug - when someone gets despondent, because "we're not getting anywhere" - and FOR SURE, we're GOING NOWHERE - FAST! Every project gets put "on hold", others have to be canceled - and all because someone LOST their FAITH in what we MUST either ACHIEVE or PERISH as a racial entity.

The same can be said for "ACTIVISM". There are too many who think - "Well, I went out today and distributed 100 pieces of outreach materials. Surely, our PO Box will be stuffed with new memberships in a couple days!Ē Sorry, once again - itís just NOT that EASY. Or, its - "these tactics just don't seem to be working, maybe we should do what these other groups are doing"? Well, IF "their tactics" are so correct - why aren't THEY surging forward to the goal post? Why, after DOING these same old tactics for literally DECADES - WHY, haven't they SUCCEEDED yet?

MY bottom line is THIS - I have STAYED in this Struggle for so long - BECAUSE it is simply put, the HONORABLE thing to DO. Like Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, I HAVE SEEN THE PROBLEM, AND I CANNOT SIT BACK AND BE SILENT, DOING NOTHING!

IF we LOSE - it won't be because I SAT it OUT, or "had enough" - it will be BECAUSE so FEW JOINED ME, and lacked the moxey to STICK IT OUT, THROUGH THICK OR THIN.

Comrades, I honestly BELIEVE - that WHAT we are DOING is the correct and honorable thing to do. I believe that the ANP is the FOREMOST, and the most LOGICAL expression of the National Socialist ideology on the political scene today. I TRIED the "costumed, re-enactment" phase in my early years, and I KNOW that beyond enticing a handful of "uniform fetishists" and "look at me!" egoists - that the mass of the White public just AIN'T gonna buy into it. This just ISN'T Germany in the 1920's. This is 21st Century AMERICA.

MY biggest "PROBLEM" that faces me as Party Chairman - is to SOMEHOW infuse our adherents with that FAITH - that "EVEN IF" we don't succeed, we still NEED to fight for those 14Words and a NS future for OUR CHILDREN!

I'll be blunt with you here, I really THOUGHT over these years - that ONCE things got "BAD ENOUGH" for White people that they would WAKE UP. That they would find the gumption of their ANCESTORS - and start to UNITE and FIGHT BACK - for THEIR OWN self-interest, if for no other reason. WHERE are YOU?

WHAT DO YOU "EXPECT" from those of US ON THE FRONT LINES - before you DEDICATE - YOUR LIVES, and YOUR "TREASURE" to the Last Battle of the Aryan Race?
For it IS the FINAL BATTLE - SOON - you will BE a MINORITY in your own land, ruled by a heartless class of wealthy race-traitors who intend on turning North America into ANOTHER version of South America.

The ANP of the 60's had a slogan ďWHITE MAN, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT"? Unfortunately, itís a question I still have to ask today. WHAT will it take?

In this FIGHT to the FINISH - will YOU be THERE? ARE YOU THERE - NOW? As things in America WORSEN for White people, ESPECIALLY the POOR and WORKING CLASS Whites - I have to shake my head in wonderment at their "RESPONSE" or LACK of one!

To those who ALREADY KNOW the PROBLEM - and the POSSIBLE SOLUTION - but, who have "lost faith", I say to YOU - what else IS your option - but, to FIGHT? Fight with EVERYTHING that you've got! If not NOW - WHEN? When the situation has even WORSENED? Will it be EASIER then? If so - HOW?

Sometimes I am so ASHAMED of todays "younger" (than me) White males. Even the so-called "racially aware ones" are no-where near, as COMMITTED to this Struggle as I have been and am. Oh, Rock is blowing his own horn! Yes, I guess I am. I'm one of the FEW, who has laid it all on the line, all my life - for WHAT? For WHOM - to "pass the baton"? Some costumed caricature of a "hollywierd nutzi"? Some person who is an "internet fuhrer" who is AFRAID to use his own name, or a picture of his face? Maybe, another "kosher nutzi" like Frank Collins-Cohn, or Andrew Greenbaum can get you all titillated by "getting on the jews-media" stating things that Hitler would be embarrassed and ashamed of?

Right now, we have a supposed "nazi leader" who was/is married to an ARAB woman, who has a black child from a previous marriage to a negro. Yes, the jews-media just LOVES to tout this individual as "America's Nazi Fuhrer" - and showers him with "publicity" from the foolish stunts that he directs his few costumed followers to take part in - ie, PICKING UP GARBAGE ALONGSIDE THE ROAD, or holding idiotic "rallies" like something off that episode of "The Twilight Zone" or the "Blues Brothers". And yet, there are STILL some WN out there who want to give this race mixer a "pass", all "because" he disgraces our Holy Swastika in public, like a paid jewish stooge.

Has our National Socialist Struggle REALLY fallen to such a low and pitiful pass, that such a person is "representative" of ADOLF HITLER and GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL?

I refuse to believe this. I REFUSE to BELIEVE that amongst at LEAST 150 MILLION White Americans - that there aren't MORE like "ME" - people who WILL fight for a LIFETIME, and who WILL give it their ALL.

Itís TIME, itís OVERDUE for ALL sincere National Socialists in America to quit dinking around, and to JOIN the ANP and from it - to CREATE that NS organization that we all long to see. It CAN happen. All it takes is for YOU to make that decision, to MAKE it HAPPEN.

We have the OPPORTUNITY here, to join TOGETHER and create a REAL NS POLITICAL PARTY. Not another costumed club, where "great titles" abound, and overflows with the trinkety image of the 3rd Reich long gone. But, instead an organization built around the IDEOLOGY of Adolf Hitler - will YOU grasp that hand, reaching out to YOU? Those of you who have read Mein Kampf will understand...

Really big trouble will soon be hitting us. No matter who wins the election, we lose, and lose big time. Don't fall for the phony statistics. Our current rulers will say anything to shaft us. They want to con us, into thinking they can save us. Save us from what? It should be them that we're saved from. The politicians that serve this evil system are all liars and general scumbags. They'll tell us anything because they want to win. Itís the doing that is the important part. Actions not words. As far as action goes, there won't be any. The rich ruling elite are determined to run the show. Sacrifice profits, not on your life. They'll let you and your kids starve first.

Our official unemployment rate is 7.8%. Yet the unofficial unemployment rate is more like 22%. Quite a difference huh? That's because the political sock puppets want us to believe in them. They're total scum, but they think they can fool us into trusting them, and going along like good little drones. Half the country is at or below the poverty line. 1 out of every 6 Americans is poor. 1 out of every 5 American kids is poor. 100 million Americans get some form of govt welfare. 46 million Americans get food stamps. These stats are deplorable, yet the political big Whigs try to tell us everything is OK. As I said, they want to tell us just good news, even if they have to make it up.

The real truth is that our rulers sold us out long ago. They outsourced our jobs to overseas. They like China with its $1.00 an hour wages, then letting their fellow Americans make $17.00 an hour with benefits. To them, profits are all that matters. Hence, the outsourcing continues. Shameful, but that's how it is. Notice how you're not told anything. All very hush hush. If you knew the truth, you'd get mad. Very mad. You might actually want to do something, like vote for another party. A dissident party. No, the elite can't have that. So we get all sorts of bull crap, to lull us into a false sense of security. Itís all make believe. Nothing will change, because the people in charge will never change, and this system will never change. Our deficit is at 16 trillion dollars. This is outrageous. Yet our rulers say and do nothing. They tell us, our social programs will need to be cut. Bullshit. The rich need to pay taxes. This inane system of the rich paying nothing, while we carry the burden needs to be stopped. Don't cancel our Social Security, and Medicare. How dare you let our elders suffer, after a lifetime of hard work. Don't eliminate student college loans. Education shouldn't be a privilege for the wealthy. Do give us a true national health system. Don't have us under the insurance industry's thumb. We want a system dedicated to our welfare, not company profits.

Stop wasting our money on wars. A billion a WEEK on Afghanistan, while the country closes everything public to save money is totally insane. Winning the Cold War has done nothing for the average citizen. We're struggling, while the govt throws money into wars we shouldn't even be fighting. Why the anti-Islam bias? I think itís to protect Israel and its empire. The Jewish lobby sees to that. Remember we live under ZOG. They'll fight to the last American. I say, enough. Let Israel fight its own battles. Get our troops home, and stop getting them into messes that cost lives, for no real purpose.

Only the ANP can deliver us from evil. We need a new system, led by a party dedicated to principles, not just being the rich ruling eliteís mouthpiece. National Socialism, values the race/racial folk community/people. We matter to an NS govt. People are its greatest resource. Self doesn't exist. The race is everything. Donate to the ANP as it struggles to be about a new system. Money is desperately needed to pay expenses. It costs a lot to do anything in this country. Give out lit. We need to get out the word. We need a new system that will help us. The current system just lies to us, and tries to con us into supporting it. Open your eyes. Face the facts. We have no future under our current rich ruling elite and its system. Their system, not ours.

Comrades, the Oct. issue of The White Worker magazine is in the mail. Those in Good-Standing should be receiving it soon. The rest of you probably couldn't give a ratís ass anyway, which is somewhat pathetic isn't it?

It would be REALLY nice, if the situation deserves the attention - if some of you who operate Party blogs might find the time to up-date them if needed. As well, can anybody out there, pull yourselves away from the jew-i-vision/nigger ball long enough to research and write some decent articles for The White Worker occasionally? I would have thought, truly I do - that being published in the Party magazine would be an honor and sought after privilege by EVERY National Socialist Comrade. Or, are you the type who prefers being ENTERTAINED by OTHERS rather than putting some PERSONAL EFFORT into building National Socialism?

Gee, Old Rock's being SOOO MEAN! Whatís ticked him off? Well, I guess that I've been looking introspectively after that phone call, at my life and how I've spent it. And, I guess that I've been wondering IF any good has come from what I've attempted to "do". And I guess I'm wondering just "WHAT" is going to BECOME of MY CHILDREN - if Old Whitey doesn't get off of its ass, and get COMMITTED to its own SURVIVAL in a SERIOUS and DEDICATED and DETERMINED manner. And right at the moment - it doesn't look too good.

Itís kinda like one of these "Halloween scary movies" that you see, the hero is trying desperately to WARN the "others" about "whats gonna happen to them, if they don't get up" - and THEY DON'T SEEM TO CARE. They IGNORE him! THATíS how I feel right now....

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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