ANP Report for October 13, 2012

Racial Comrades: The ANP has been getting numerous messages from sincere people, about "WHO" the Party is supporting in this yearís electoral shell-game.

I would have THOUGHT by now, that everyone would have figured out, in all honesty, it doesn't REALLY matter WHO gets elected - NOTHING is REALLY going to CHANGE - except for the WORSE!

How can I make such a statement? Well, itís quite simple - in order to affect REAL CHANGE - we HAVE to CHANGE this whole rotten SYSTEM! Simply putting in a new sock-puppet, OR keeping the old one isn't going to affect squat. Itís the SYSTEM thatís utterly BROKE and CORRUPT.

I will tell you this - I myself WILL be voting on all the "AMENDMENTS" and "MILLAGES" that will be on the ballot though. At the present time, these ARE about the ONLY issues that America's White Workers CAN have as a real VOICE in this system's circus - until the system's COURTS decide to OVERTURN the peoples decisions if it negatively effects the system's evil agenda! What a JOKE!

Now of course, IF you ARE lucky enough to have a REAL, Pro-White advocate campaigning in your area - NS or otherwise - I strongly urge you to get out there and cast a VOTE for them! No, itís NOT "wasting your vote" - Comrades, its MAKING a STATEMENT! Voting for the "lesser of two evils" is STILL supporting EVIL.

The REAL "WASTING your VOTE" would be - voting for - either a mullato who is the standard bearer of the systems "status quoĒ, OR a beady-eyed MULTI-MULTI-MILLIONAIRE who is determined to RAPE this nation and its citizens as much as he and his party can, for the BENEFIT of the already, grossly obscene 1% of the population who control 90% of this nationís wealth.

And PLEASE - DON'T tell me - that youíre voting for the beady-eyed, PALE-FACED scumbag, simply BECAUSE you "want that negro out of the white house". Isn't it BETTER that as our people suffer under the corruptness of the Judeo-Capitalists - that this anti-White system has a PROPER "FACE" ( ie a NON-White one ) put upon it?

IF Romney gets elected - too many reactionary White folks - are going to sigh with relief, thinking "Oh, one of us is back in charge" - conveniently IGNORING that up until Obama, itís ALWAYS been a White STOOGE in the Oval Office - giving US the SHAFT!

Yep, ALL of WHAT we are suffering under TODAY - was brought to YOU in the first place - by a POLITICAL WHORE race-traitor wearing a PALE-FACE. DON'T YOU GET IT YET?

Folks, no matter if George Washington was re-elected in November - UNLESS - he CHANGED this Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity, and implemented a decent, wholesome one - one FOR the PEOPLE - NOTHING would/will CHANGE for the BETTER.

Thatís WHY itís so damn IMPORTANT for DECENT White people to GET INVOLVED in this political system - and CAMPAIGN for those OFFICES - that ARE obtainable. LOCAL LEVEL politics! Where we CAN build a real, "grass roots" political base, towards changing the whole face of America's politics, and eventually working our way up as far as it is possible to go. Building ORGANIZED White RESISTANCE all along the way!

You don't HAVE to campaign as an "open" NS/WN - you CAN run "under the radar", to increase your chances of WINNING, if you prefer. What MATTERS is WINNING, getting some kind of POLITICAL POWER - you KNOW just "WHAT" your agenda is going to be, IF you succeed. YOUíRE not going to flip-flop - going back on your words - AFTER your elected, like all these "mainstream" political whores DO.

And IF - you, for some good reason - decide that YOU cannot place your name on that ballot, as an alternative to the evil men and women who DO want a place at the public trough, to snuffle their snouts in - EVERYONE CAN $UPPORT in one way or another, large or small - those brave White men AND women who ARE willing to get up off their ass's and GET INVOLVED.

Folks, this "racial movement" has a sad reputation for being carnival-like, "STREET PERFORMERS" - fully dressed in various exotic costumes - and little else. For some odious reason - so many WN don't mind going out in the public eye, and acting like caricatures of the jew-hollywood created version of "nazi's/racists", to gain jews-media (always negative) "publicity" - yet, they SHIRK campaigning for public office - where they COULD/WOULD get "publicity" and a grudging degree of "RESPECTABILITY" that goes along with taking PART in that "sacred political process" - WHY? WHY, do so many of these "movement leaders" actually PREFER the COMEDY ROUTINE of playing dress-up and making FOOLS of themselves in PUBLIC, acting like scripted loons - when they COULD act like political STATESMEN? Are they just plain STUPID? Are they PAID to play the role of the "dog chasing its tail" - in an endless round of - "we did it before, letís do it again" - even though WHAT they DO - has gained NOTHING positive in all the times they've done it?

In FACT - it HAS done NEGATIVE things for many of those people brave enough and dedicated enough, - to "FOLLOW their LEADER" on these silly, unprofitable circus's, simply out of blind faith that their Mighty Poohbah "KNEW" what he was doing.

Why not turn ALL that ENERGY and RESOURCES into something POSITIVE? Something like ACTUALLY - ENGAGING - in REAL POLITICAL ACTIVITY... Isn't THAT "what" we're SUPPOSED to be involved in - a POLITICAL EFFORT - NOT a "theater group", or a free to the public, "entertainment" society!

Itís not only this SYSTEM that needs revamping and changing - this entire "RACIAL MOVEMENT" needs desperately to "RE-INVENT" itself - into the mode of our European counterparts. It CAN be done - but, it STARTS with YOU!

The Great Clown Show by Steve Davenport

Who are they trying to kid? These elections are little more than sick entertainment. Two grown men yelling at each other. Itís like watching a fight between two kids in the schoolyard. No discussion of issues. Just total bullshit. They both say how much they love the lower classes. The hell they do. They love having money and power. NOT us. Our elections are just a big show. Entertainment for the masses. Verbal gladiatorial games. All to avert our eyes from the terrible truth. The American lower classes are doomed. We face class conflict at every turn. We face military conflict as soon as the election is over. Like the great WMD hoax, we're expected to fight Iran, as if having the bomb will really mean anything. All it will mean is Israel won't be the nuclear bully in the neighborhood. ZOG wants war. Itís subverted both parties to its will. Whichever/whoever wins in November, we lose. Lose big time.

How can these millionaires possible love us? Congress is a mere millionaires club. Think that's why our economy is a morass? These millionaires are part of the great rich ruling elite. They have about as much in common with us, as humans do with earthworms. Consider. 1 out of every 6 people in the USA is poor. 1 out of every 5 American kids is poor. Half the country is at or below the poverty line. 100 million people get some form of govt welfare. 46 million people get food stamps. The official unemployment rate is 7.8%. The unofficial rate is more like 22%. Does this sound or seem anything like the rich ruling elites gives a damn about the classes below them?

The national debt is at 16 trillion dollars. To pay the national debt, instead of the rich paying their FAIR share of taxes, we're told that programs like Social Security and Medicare must be cut. CUT? How are our elderly supposed to survive? Or are they? Instead of jobs being outsourced, why not keep them here at home, or at least make an effort to keep them here. No, our mega Capitalists are determined to make every extra buck they can, even if it means promoting slave labor conditions in non white countries, and massive white unemployment here at home. Notice while the candidates are yelling at each other, not a word gets said about these terrible racial hiring quotas, which hurt white employment, especially for govt positions, just when the job market is extremely tight. Whites in the USA, have no champion in either major party. Very sad. Its truly a tragedy that whites have let themselves, and events trap them in this mire of poverty, and coming financial ruin.

Look at the mortgage financial mess. Congress and Obama couldn't wait to bail out the financial industry. The very same people who have caused world misery, have been saved with OUR tax dollars. They deserve jail. They offered mortgages to people they knew couldn't possibly keep up with them. Then, they turn around and sell these bad debts (IOU's) to unsuspecting buyers. The notes come due, the holders find they won't be paid, everything goes to hell. Eventually the people being foreclosed on get 23 billion in red tape help. 700 VS 23 billion. You tell me who really has the Congress favor, and what group is really running the show.

I feel itís time to stop laughing. I am not amused. Our govt is a joke, but it shouldn't be. If we're all to survive, it must not be allowed to be. We need a govt, and system based on survival, not entertainment. A govt that protects the Aryan race, not sets out to destroy it. Between the financial pressure put on the lower classes, specially the middle class, and the influx of hordes of Hispanics, and Asians, the position of Aryan America is precarious to say the least. Only a system DEDICATED to its people can save us. National Socialism is a system so dedicated. To it, race is everything, self-aggrandizement is nothing. Itís a race based, people based philosophy of how to live and work, and above all survive. The ANP is doing its best to bring system change to this country. Donate to the ANP. There are many costs involved in political/educational work. Printing costs for example. Help give out lit. The people need to know there is some group that is really on the level trying to help them. Stop laughing at the clowns who call themselves our rulers. Itís not funny anymore. They and their evil system need be replaced. It can, and must be done.

Comrades, I have a few announcements to make - First off, the Party has appointed Comrade Ian O'Shea as our new ANP National Organizer of Party Activists. What this position entails is - that Comrade O'Shea will attempt to reach out and make contact with Party Activists across America, and will organize and mold them into a more effective role as ANP Political Soldiers.

If you are interested in net-working with him, I suggest that you contact him at - [email protected] . His e-mail is now also listed on our contact page. Through ORGANIZATION and UNITY comes the power to make positive things happen! The ENEMY is totally ORGANIZED - in order to COUNTER-ACT them - WE must be ORGANIZED and DICIPLINED in our endeavors as well.

Next, the Party has several Comrades campaigning in this yearís electoral cycle, for local offices - they have all chosen to run "under the enemies radar".

Comrades, I must admit that personally I prefer at this time to have National Socialists campaign "under the radar" - BUT, eventually we will HAVE to "fly our colors", and get that "toe in the water". If YOU are interested in running for an ATTAINABLE local office as well PLEASE contact our Political Advisory Board for help. See our "Contact" page for the info.

Comrades, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year holidays fast approaching - along with them comes the usual, unfortunate slump in Party fund-raising. It seems that even among NS/WN - the urge to fill those jingling, kosher cash-registers - outweighs, in priority status - the needs of the National Socialist Struggle. Sad, unfortunate, yet only too true.

Comrades, I don't know "WHAT" to say, that I haven't stated in the past, numerous times - but, YOUR Party NEEDS your financial $UPPORT to function as you would all like to see it operate and grow. Political effort takes MONEY. Over this "holiday season" - couldn't you "SACRIFICE SOMETHING" - even if only a WEE BIT - to make the vision of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell a growing REALITY? Aren't things "BAD ENOUGH" yet - to place the Party a little higher-up on your priority list? Honestly, HOW bad does it have to get....

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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