ANP Report for September 27, 2012

Racial Comrades: Are you getting tired of LOSING, of seemingly no matter WHAT the Racial Movement attempts to DO - it seems to get NO WHERE? Well, so am I!

I myself have been involved in this "racial struggle" since I was a teenager and first joined Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16 - and that is a VERY long time to "bang your head against a stone wall" of IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, COWARDACE and APATHY of my White brothers and sisters.

With each passing year, things have gotten WORSE - RACIALLY and ECONOMICALLY - for America's White Working Class, and the ranks of those involved in this "movement" have gotten SMALLER. Why? You would think that because of whatís happening, that our ranks would be swelling immensely. Why not?

Well, to be BLUNTLY HONEST - much of it has been because of the "movement" itself. Having been a "foot soldier" for most of my years of involvement - I loyally, and blindly fell into line behind "leaders" who were bimbo's for the most part. People who had little or no imagination, beyond "doing" what was done in the past, over and over - despite the OBVIOUS lack of positive RESULTS.

Most of these "leaders" were con-men who lived off the donations of people like myself - draining us of whatever loose cash we sacrificed to scrounge together and give them, in the hope that it was financing a White people's political effort. Many others, to be honest - were SYSTEM SOCK-PUPPETS - who were PAID to keep us INEFFECTIVE, and acting like scripted "hollywierd nutzi" caricatures of what we were SUPPOSED to be. Think I'm crazy? IF "I" can think of it, what makes you believe that the system couldn't come up with the idea of a "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" - the idea has been around for very long time, and sadly it WORKS.

Many of us went "out in the street" - OUTING OURSELVES - in pathetic "rallies and demonstrations" that were like a wheel going round and round, with the only REAL accomplishment, was that many lost their jobs, or had other "problems" occurring - through these pointless activities. Oh yes! We DID garner "publicity" in its most NEGATIVE form - and had OUR public personalities smeared by the filth poured upon us by the enemies controlled jews-media. What else could we expect, really? Yet, our "leaders" continued to push us out there for MORE. It seems that THEY were incapable of LEARNING ANYTHING from their repeated FAILURES. Or, perhaps that WAS the point of the whole thing?

Well, I myself and a handful of other Comrades DID - LEARN - from this period of useless, and yes, unprofitable period in our lives. We got together and decided that since these other great Poohbahs were incapable of REAL LEADERSHIP - incapable of INNOVATION and EVOLVING into something BETTER - we would try our hand at LEADING OURSELVES into doing what WE knew HAD to be a more PROGRESSIVE chance of bringing SUCCESS.

INSTEAD of doing the same old strategies and tactics - that was like a dog chasing its tail - we sat down and designed an ALTERNATIVE agenda. We sat down and CHOSE our OWN leadership - agreed upon the "game-plan" of bringing forth a REAL National Socialist organization, not just another "race-hate group" based upon the simplistic and childish "white power" platform. Our studies of National Socialism ( something which seems sadly lacking in every other so-called, self-styled "nazi" organization ever created here in America, up until now with the ANP ) showed us that REAL NS was a LOT MORE than simplistic "racism" - although of course, National Socialism IS a "race-based ideology". It also has MUCH MORE involved in it than just THAT.

We determined to engage in that "MUCH MORE". We broadened into many more issues beyond JUST race. Economics, Ecology, Education, Social-Justice for the White Working Class, a Healthy Folk AND a healthy Society - the issues are countless, that we decided to engage upon - ALL as vital to the well-being of our people as the "race issue" alone.

What OTHER "racialist organization" has done this? Not ONE! The shrinking numbers of "movement orgs" as well as their diminishing memberships - has clearly shown - their lack of EVOLVING into PROGRESSIVE attitudes. They on the whole have learned NOTHING apparently, from their continuing FAILURE. WE HAVE. And we will continue to do so...

As you have no doubt noticed, on our website main-page - we have taken ANOTHER - bold step forward, into creating NOT another "racialist clublet" - but, a SINCERE, REALISTIC spearpoint of White peopleís Aryan Advocacy. Another STEP towards ACHIEVING those sacred 14WORDS! And isn't THAT what we are ALL after? VICTORY by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE?

We all are aware that organizations like the "NAACP" as just ONE example - have MANY "white people" as members and supporters. Like it or not, if it wasn't for the $upport of these so-called "whites" - these groups wouldn't have the SUCCESS that they have achieved.

Now, believe it or not - the ANP has in the past, received many messages from non-Aryans of various racial hue's - who SYMPATHISE with National Socialist ideas, and the ANP agenda. Indeed, many of these people stated outright that they wished that they could HELP us achieve our NS goals. Now, after much thought - we have given them that opportunity.

The Party has decided to create a "NON-ARYAN SYMPATHISER" club. Since these people could not officially JOIN the ANP, as our ranks are open ONLY to White-Aryans - we decided that to exclude whatever HELP that they might wish to offer us, was not only FOOLISH, but TREASON to ACHIEVING those 14WORDS.

What MATTERS to a SINCERE National Socialist Activists - is ACHIEVING OUR GOALS - NOT doing everything in our power, for WHATEVER reasons, doesn't really make much sense to me. Its not so much "HOW" the battle is WON - in as much as that it IS won!

I believe, per what I've stated above - that there ARE a fair number of Non-Aryans out there - who for THEIR OWN reasons, hate the SAME ENEMY as ourselves, and admire the National Socialist doctrine. Perhaps itís Arab vs the Jew, or just about EVERYBODY vs this evil, corrupt, cancerous JUDEO-CAPITALIST vampiristic, INTEREST-SLAVERY abomination that we are ALL forced to exist under. The option is there, and so is the SOLUTION...

EXCEPT for these hollywierd nutzi's, whose "understanding" of National Socialism is limited to Time-Life and/or the enemyís propaganda programs, that are so incessantly shown on the boob-tube, over and over - REAL NS know that National Socialism was NOT a bigoted "hate" ideology, directed to "exterminate or subjugate" the Non-Aryan elements of planet earth. Indeed, it was the JUDEO-CAPITALIST and JUDEO-COMMUNISTS who did just THAT.

NS Germany, unlike the "allies" - had very GOOD relations with Non-Aryan peoples, and many Non-Aryans actually FOUGHT ( something these hollywierd nutzi's have never done ) to preserve and protect the existence of Adolf Hitler and NS Germany itself! Please review the link-page to our new "SYMPATHIZER" section, for examples of this.

I'm sure that we will hear howls from the peanut gallery, and those whose interest in attaining the 14Words is limited to being ENTERTAINED by those IN the ARENA - who honestly cares what they think? These are the same ones, whose $UPPORT is never forthcoming beyond ďatta-boys,Ē or criticism of the usually moronic kind.

For MYSELF - there is literally NOTHING - that I'm not WILLING to TRY to bring SUCCESS. If nothing comes of this ( but I truly believe that itís worth a shot ) oh, well. IF giving Non-Aryans an opportunity to HELP us create a WHOLESOME and DECENT world for us ALL to LIVE and PROSPER in - I'm glad to have been a part of making it happen.

YES! I am a proud RACIALIST. I believe that I have PROVED that over my LIFETIME of Service to the Folkish Struggle. At the same time I refuse to believe that out there amongst the Non-Aryan people's, that there aren't SOME if not many - who in their own manner are as decent as you or I - and that they too would prefer a National Socialist society to "what" we have afflicting us ALL today.

Those of you whom would condemn EACH and EVERY Non-Aryan - for the actions of a portion of their people - OUGHT to take a good CLOSE LOOK at the state of the WHITE race today! While I may be taken to task for being so TRUTHFUL in saying this - I believe that the current wearers of pale-skins - are by and large the biggest WASTE of mouth-breathers ever to walk this planet earth. You want to KNOW the "WHY" we are ALL in this toilet-bowl of a situation that we find ourselves in? I'll tell you. ITíS BECAUSE OF US.

Yes, US. We, the White race - not only ALLOWED all this to occur - far too many of US colluded into MAKING it HAPPEN - by going along to get along, by taking part, and by REFUSING for WHATEVER "reason" - NOT to GET INVOLVED in making it RIGHT with EVERYTHING we've GOT.

Hey, if some wealthy Arab comes along and drops off a big box of money to help us achieve OUR agenda, you want us to throw it in the garbage? How about YOU showing that Arab how itís done RIGHT.....?

Interchangeable parts.
by Steve Davenport

The 2 major US parties use to have some differences. That ended long ago. Now there's not a damn bit of difference between them. Sure, they still talk a good game. Truth is they both sold their souls to the system long, long ago. Both serve the system. The US system. A system that is corporatist, imperial, and built on a military-industrial complex of a staggering magnitude, and incredible wealth and power. In this unholy satanic system, Mammon (money) rules all. Our rich ruling elite only care for profits for themselves. They turn their nose up at the non-rich. We common people are considered irrelevant at best. An outright annoyance at worst. We frankly don't count. We're just a minor irritant that the political class has to put up with, and manipulate.

Let's review the US economic situation shall we? The official unemployment rate is 8.1%. The more accurate unofficial rate is 15%, because it adds in people who gave up looking for work. 1 out of every 6 Americans is poor. 1 out of every 5 American kids is poor. 46 million people are on food stamps. 100 million people get some form of govt welfare aid. Half the country is at or below the poverty line. The national debt is 16 trillion dollars. Many millions of people's homes have been foreclosed on. The American middle class has shrunk by a full third.

Just what do our ruling parties do about this mess? Not a damn thing. Jawboning doesn't mean squat. We need action. We get none. Look at the vaunted bank bailout. 700 billion dollars, for what? Saved the financial industry's bacon in general, and the mega rich in particular. Hasn't done anything meaningful, to save the common person's home, or dignity. The foreclosures continue unabated. Offering 23 billion dollars 3 years later is bullshit. Not nearly enough money, and far too late. Add in the red tape, and it comes up of no real benefit. Neither party has addressed this issue in meaningful form. The foreclosed are left to languish. Forgotten and ignored, because they don't count to the rich ruling elite. When it comes to helping the lower classes, neither party cares, because they're just puppets of the rich ruling elite. Two horns on the same goat. No great rush to the rescue. No calls for the punishment of those responsible, even though many were guilty of outright fraud, and definite unethical business practices. Neither party took up the call for justice for the common folk. They have yet to push for justice for the defrauded.

Neither party cares one iota for peace. Itís a case of the tail wagging the dog. In this case itís a ZOG/Israel tail, wagging the American dog. Our country is dog like in obedience to Israel, and the Jewish lobby. War with Iraq, and Afghanistan wasn't enough. Now both parties intend to make war against Iran, and Syria. Mali, and Somalia too. Both parties are messing with China. They don't care that their interference will embroil us in a war with China, they only care about newspaper headlines about their tough talk. Meanwhile, our economy continues to decay, as our industries are outsourced overseas. The tough talk against China is a smokescreen to cover up the fact that both parties are in corporate America's pocket, and allow continued job outsourcing. The rich ruling elite want their profits. As far as their flunky politicians are concerned, whatever their paymasters want they get. Even at the cost of their nation and its workforce. Notice how neither party says or does anything to curb job outsourcing, in the slightest. What the rich ruling elite can't get by corruption and manipulation, they resort to force. They raise the alarm that some nation is an enemy, then they exploit said "enemy" after its defeat. Itís the same old game of pillage and plunder, like the barbarian hordes of Roman Empire days, only much more sophisticated. Both parties play the enemy card. Neither wants peace where profits are concerned. Our govt is nothing but organized crime that we vote into office. We have govt loansharking, in the form of aid loans, and muscle to smack recalcitrant borrower nations. Either pay up with your resources, or get the American military bitch slapping your nation around. In the meantime, common soldiers risk life and limb. The common people continue to be despoiled. On and on it goes. No one in power or authority does anything to stop it. Where is the so called party difference?

Itís time to break out of the major party loop. We need real parties that actually believe in ideals. We need to get away from govt by auction. Only National Socialism holds the key to our freedom and salvation. We need a party with ideals. A party that offers its people real policies, not just claptrap. The ANP, as NS standard bearer, holds our race in the highest regard. Only a party with an ideology can achieve any meaningful real reform. It values race, not money. It values US, the common people, over the rich. It will protect our interests, instead of exploiting us. Donate to the ANP. Help it, in its struggle with our Capitalist masters. If we don't change our system soon, we'll have nothing left. They'll be nothing left of the white race in the USA. Give out lit, help your people learn about NS. Far too many are in darkness. Kept there by the system. With the creation of grass roots support networks, the ANP will eventually be able to displace the party tyranny we have now, and bring forth a system that is white friendly once again.

Comrades, the September The White Worker magazine is in the mails. All those who honored their pledge this past month should be receiving it soon.

There will be another ANP Talk-Shoe radio show this weekend, I urge you to tune in, and participating in it - America's ONLY National Socialist radio-hour.

Once again, I would like to sincerely URGE each and every one of you to go to the ANP's websites front-page - and to STUDY the BOOKS at the bottom of the page - White Power and Mein Kampf are a NECESSITY for anyone who claims that he/she is a National Socialist. How can you claim NS as your belief-system - IF - you honestly don't know what it involves? That would be like a Christian who never opened a Bible! It is set up easy to read, and easy to keep your place, as you read it. I'm SURE that as you READ Adolf Hitlerís own words, you will be quite SURPRISED at "WHAT" he DIDN'T believe, according to the enemyís propaganda-lie machine. Now, doesn't THAT perk your curiosity?

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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