ANP Report for September 11, 2012

Racial Comrades: Being that the American Nazi Party is now the ONLY serious National Socialist organization left standing in America, after the disgusting EXPOSURE of the so-called "nsm's" OUTING of its "Kommander" Jeff Schoep as having been married to an ARAB woman named Joanna, who does indeed have a BLACK daughter named Amber from a previous marriage to a negro, for the past four years - and who is now divorcing him for adultry - can anybody honestly believe that a RACE-MIXER can lead a NS organization? WHAT WOULD ADOLF HITLER or GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL THINK? Doubt me? Just Google “Jeff Schoep - Race-Mixer” and see for yourself what comes up.

Having said this, I have to come to another topic that fits in to this situation.

Being America's Nazi Party - the ANP is now being approached by various individuals - supposedly wanting to join and help promote our efforts. The PROBLEM here, is that SOME of these individuals are NOT into the National Socialist IDEOLOGY itself, no they are attracted because of the 3rd Reich "history" angle, Or they love the "trappings & symbolism" of National Socialism.

They aren't so much interested in PROMOTING a 21st Century National Socialism, adapted to the NEEDS and CONCERNS of White Americans - as they are, over harping upon "what went on in the 3rd Reich" - as if that era is somehow "carved in stone" for eternity, and if Hitler himself was to suddenly appear - that He would "DO" the EXACT same THING - TODAY" as He once did in an entirely different ERA and SOCIETY!

To me, these people are WORSE than USELESS to a Revolutionary Struggle - they aren't FORWARD LOOKING - in a sense, they are LOST somewhere off in time itself. Wanting to somehow "return" to something that WAS - but, in all honesty - is GONE FOREVER.

Now, I would be the first person to clearly state that I admire and honor many of the policies of the 3rd Reich. But, at the same time I truly believe that like Adolf Hitler - who WAS a PROGRESSIVE in His thinking - we MUST be progressive as well in ours.

One "issue" that one individual who was with us a very short time, and that this individual INSISTED on creating intra-Party drama about, was this individuals personal view on "women".

Like myself, this individual believes in the more progressive viewpoint, that unlike the past where women were ABLE to stay at home and do the VERY IMPORTANT and DIFFICULT job of being a housewife and mother - running a household properly and rearing her children personally, instead of having to "farm them out" to others - that women in TODAY’S society who HAVE to WORK to make ends meet should be HONORED for their SACRIFICE towards their loved ones.

I myself believe that VERY FEW - MEN or WOMEN - enjoy getting up and HAVING to go out and slave away, at often a VERY POOR wage and under VERY STRENOUS working conditions. They DO IT because they HAVE TO.

This kosher boob-tube created vision of well-coifed ladies, wearing fancy expensive clothes, attending liquid "power lunches" , while making huge salaries - is for the most part - FANTASY bullcrap! MOST working women WORK HARD! It’s NOT about "careers", or being "professionals" - it’s about PAYING the frigging BILLS!

On the other hand, there are many NS who believe in that more "conservative" viewpoint, where women SHOULD focus their attentions upon the HOME and FAMILY - IF ONLY such a situation COULD ever be again...

BUT, here is the CLINCHER - I believe that it should be a matter of CHOICE to the woman involved. I do NOT believe that White women should be "FORCED" to be homebodies - IF - THEY wish to seek a profession, and it’s economically feasible.

There SHOULD be - in the NS society that we are striving for - the OPTION for BOTH! Of course, there ARE "limitations" in MY mind about certain "roles" that women are not best suited for. Such an example would be "combat affiliated" careers - unless, of course - our peoples EXISTENCE depended upon such a role, ala the "wild west" days.

In any case, the above mentioned individual couldn't see it my way - and insisted - that ONLY their viewpoint was the correct one. Comrades, we can't have such a situation in the Party. We are NOT out to create a society where ONLY one individuals viewpoint is the "correct" one and that all others must be muted. This individual was ENCOURAGED to continue promoting their viewpoint, and by doing so - to educate others to consider it. Apparently, that wasn't enough. They decided to leave the Party - oh well. No drama now.

The ANP will NEVER attempt to stifle ANY real viewpoints from being discussed or promoted - UNLESS - they are HARMFUL to National Socialism itself. The ONLY "topic" that the Party has put OFF LIMITS is that of "religion" - which we believe is a matter of "personal choice" and or preference - and hence NOT to be publicly discussed by a POLITICAL organization.

Another individual insisted on "copying" the 3rd Reich era, per "uniforms & ranks" - even down to the terminology! Apparently, this individual had procured for themself a "costume" of sorts, and badly wanted to parade themself around in it. What can I say? There are re-enactment groups out there, who "play" WWII - I suggested that he avail himself of that opportunity - the ANP is a serious, POLITICAL organization, NOT some historical play-group.

As the Party continues to grow, no doubt we will be attracting others like this - people who don't get along well with other serious minded adults - we have seen this in other so-called "nazi" styled groups in the past - the so-called "nsm" comes to mind. THEY actually had a pathetic "ss" styled branch, filled with out of shape posers and dysfunctionals, who wouldn't even have been allowed to polish the boots of the 3rd Reich era SS! Another short-lived costumed club had a "Reichsfuhrer" ( no, I'm NOT joking ) as its mighty poohbah! LOL

IF I was to die tomorrow, the thing that I would be so proud about concerning the ANP, is that for the FIRST time in my 40+ years of involvement in this "racial movement" - we have created a racially-based NS organization that is NOT a feeble-minded costumed "hate group" - mindlessly "hating others" NOT for so much WHAT they may DO - but, simply because they happened not to be fortunate enough to be born as Aryans.

As well, for the FIRST time we have created a NS organization that is NOT - ONLY - based upon "RACE" alone. We have introduced ECONOMICS - along with a host of other sensible issues - into the political jargon of racialist politics.

Alongside these promising facts mentioned above, is that for the FIRST time - we have made possible a NS organization that HAS - QUALITY CONTROL. The PROOF in this statement is that there has not been ONE instance of the type of things that have occurred in the so-called "nsm" in our entire history of existence! NO "baby killers" , NO "sex criminals", NO "drug dealers", NO "animal abusers", NO "Fed Agents", NO "satanists", NO "race-mixers" - ALL of WHICH have been found in the ranks, from top to bottom of the so-called "nsm" degenerates, just as an example.

Comrades, we have in reality - ONLY CREATED - the EMBRYO - of what we hope to accomplish. As I often state - we are REVOLUTIONARIES in a PRE-REVOLUTIONARY time - BUT, we MUST work, sacrifice, and continually strive to ACHIEVE MORE. But NOT by "cutting corners", or overlooking "flaws" that will eventually come back to bite us on the ass in the future.

Sure, we ALL desire to see our numbers swell - but, NOT at the price of taking in ANY "warm body" that gives us a hint of being "NS friendly". In the ANP - every individual MUST - PROVE THEMSELVES, by their ACTIONS, not simply by their words. As the old saying goes - "TALK is CHEAP". A true Comrade - FINDS a WAY - to HONOR their PLEDGE. To "MAKE TIME" in their daily schedule - to BE a NS "Johnny-Appleseed" - and to DO outreach to our White brothers and sisters. And as Party Comrade Taylor Bowles recently related on his Blog - to DO all these things in a TIMELY manner! To DO this as you would - ALL the OTHER "priorities" that you have in your life. WHERE does the Party come in, in the list of YOUR "priorities"?

The ONE big thing that has made the success of the ANP possible - despite NOT being showered with jews-media "publicity" through acting like scripted buffoons, by not being funded by selling trinkets and other crapola that serious, political activists REALLY don't NEED to "collect", by NOT accepting freaks and weirdo’s as another "warm body" to shove out on the public street as an embarrassment - is that WE work as a TEAM! NO friction, NO drama, NO personality cult. Just Aryan TEAMWORK.

I invite anyone who is serious, and a team player to consider joining our efforts to achieve those 14Words. What could in all honesty be more important?

America's straitjacket.
by Steve Davenport

The people of the USA have bound themselves into a straitjacket of their own making. Economically, politically, and racially. Self-imprisonment. Of course, our leadership loves it. Like self-policing, self-imprisonment saves the rich ruling elite a lot of trouble. People put voluntary limits on themselves, and the elite are spared the trouble of enforcing their decisions.

Economically, the American people accept the mega Capitalists outsourcing their jobs overseas. Oh, the common people don't like it, but the elite know they'll merely grumble. That there will be no repercussions at the ballot box. No, the people will continue to put up with a system that ships their jobs overseas, and lets them wallow in unemployment, and poverty. You'd think that with the dismal economic news, people would be up in arms, and there would be massive protests in the streets. No such activity. There is Occupy Wall Street, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to what size crowds you'd think would be out there on the streets. The US economy is a mess. The official unemployment rate is 8.1%. The unofficial rate is 15%. 1 out of every 6 Americans is poor. 1 out of every 5 American kids is poor. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. 100 million people receive some form of govt welfare. 46 million are on food stamps. The national debt is 16 trillion dollars. Yet, the rich ruling elite continue to ship our jobs overseas, and the citizenry is mostly silent.

Politically, the white race is being ever more marginalized. Again without as much as a whimper. Non white minorities are still considered sacrosanct, by law, as laid down in the Civil Rights Laws. Racial hiring quotas continue, supposedly to fight discrimination. With a black president, that rings so very hollow these days. With jobs so scarce, and getting scarcer, you'd think the white populace would raise a stink. Unfortunately not. At least not yet. Why white people act so meek and mild, when they're being discriminated against is beyond me. In this time of economic misery, when jobs are very scarce, allowing jobs to continue to be “reserved" by race is outrageous. Even more so, is how whites accept the situation, like whipped dogs. Eventually whites will become a minority in this country. Without the political power, that majority status imposes, whites will be an impoverished powerless minority, in a land that was once theirs to command. By then, protests will mean nothing and accomplish nothing. Whites will be the equivalent of nothing.

As I said, whites are fast becoming a minority in America. Massive influxes of Hispanics and Asians are flooding our shores. Legal immigration is bad enough, since there aren't enough jobs for people now, but illegal immigration is allowed to flourish with no real concerted, PROLONGED effort to stop it. Launching a few immigration raids is not stopping the problem. Illegal immigrants need to be caught, and deported, they don't belong. People who violate American law, to sneak in, obviously can't be counted on to be law abiding citizens, now can they. Yet our rich ruling elite, looks upon them as a cheap labor source, (especially since they can be controlled thru blackmail) and a ready-made source for union busting. Yet the majority of Americans sit home in front of the TV, watching the news, instead of making it thru massive protests.

I guess the age of street protest is over. Just as well. I never thought street protest really ever accomplished anything but momentary headlines. What counts in the long run is voting. Building up a grass roots politically united bloc, whose numbers, and economic muscle (campaign contributions) is what gets things done, and influences the rich and powerful. This is what the ANP is trying to accomplish. Mold whites into a united bloc, determined, and dedicated to championing the white cause. The white race has let its leadership position slip in this society, and the ANP is trying to revive it. Never mind white power or even white rights. The ANP is mostly concerned with simple racial justice. That whites shouldn't be discriminated against, or used. That whites be given back their dignity. Whites deserve jobs. They shouldn't have their jobs outsourced to overseas non white nations. Whites shouldn't constantly have to step aside, so some non white minority gets it based on outdated, and outmoded, racial quota systems. As I said, just simple racial justice. The powers that be don’t pay attention to street protests. They just might, if there is a party with enough political muscle, to make them take notice. Help the ANP be such a party, and political force. Donate to the ANP, and help it in its struggle to build a grass roots (the only kind with staying power) political party. Money is needed for expenses, not CONventions. Help give out lit, so we can build our party org just that much sooner. Time for the white race to take off its straitjacket, and bring some sanity to the current lunatic asylum that is American politics today.

Comrades, a couple of things I would like to mention - first off, the September issue of The White Worker will be mailed soon. Unfortunately, it will not be as large as the last two big issues - why? - because we need intelligent, on-topic articles to fill it with. We refuse to publish fluff. A lot of our writers have had "something better to do" than write for the magazine this issue. Sad, but I prefer TRUTH here - perhaps it will embarrass you to do your job - if not YOU - then WHO as Comrade Schruender likes to tell me?

Secondly, about "pledges" - while most of you do make your pledges each month and I thank you - could you possibly consider sending them in a wee bit earlier than some of you sometimes do during the month? The reason - we need funds to produce the magazine, etc - and IF we have to wait until near to the end of the month to receive them and add them all together, it really doesn't give us much time to purchase the needed materials, and get our job done on timely basis.

Thirdly, yes, the ANP Talk-Shoe radio program is returning soon - watch the button of the front page of our website for time and date - and please feel free to CALL IN and PARTICIPATE.

Lastly I would like to mention that you may receive our monthly, National Socialist publication, The White Worker - for a $20 donation. You may also receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation. Please either US CASH or MONEY ORDER made out to "ANP" - NO "personal checks", too many seem to "bounce" I'm afraid. All ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security envelopes.

Remember, even a "LITTLE" - be it donations OR activism - added TOGETHER - make a LOT! Don't let "it’s so little it won't count" be your EXCUSE for NOT doing ANYTHING!

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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