ANP Report for August 21, 2012

Racial Comrades: Soon, within a few months we will once again be called to the polls and asked to pick another sock-puppet, in this tweedle-dee tweedle-dum farce called "democracy". What a JOKE!

Look at your so-called CHOICES - a MULLATO MILLIONAIRE and a PALE-FACED MILLIONAIRE - wow, what a selection! And here was little ol' me, thinking that we were SUPPOSED to be CHOOSING a "REPRESENTATIVE" fellow American - that represents ME, my lifestyle and my best interests. Well, I guess that the JOKEíS on ME!

Itís been a VERY long time - since WHEN? - That ANY Governor, Senator, Representative, OR President - was in any way, shape or form - a MAN of the PEOPLE. Hell, even unless you live in Yokesburg BF-Egypt - the LOCAL officials are uber-WEALTHY. So much for POPULAR REPRESENTATION, eh? So much for "DEMOCRACY".

NO, what we have in this misguided nation is a - PLUTOCRACY - of the WEALTHY. The rest of you get to pick WHICH wealthy bastard that you desire as "YOUR" ruler. And after the smoke ( or shall we say - FOG ) disappears - no matter who gets to sit on the Throne of Power - it will be BUSINESS ( with a capital "B" ) as USUAL.

Folks were so damn hungry for CHANGE - that last shell-game - they even voted in a supposed mullatto "Superman", rather than the same old smiling Pale-Faced FRAUD. Yep, they were that DESPERATE. Did any of you SEE - ANY real, positive CHANGE - in ANYTHING? Even the negroes who thought that the "Days of Milk and Honey" had arrived - got NOTHING. ONLY the WEALTHY have CONTINUED to PROSPER.

NO foreclosures on WALLSTREET - not even ONE prosecution of these CRIMINALS! Maybe a SMALL "fine" here and there - but, whatís THAT to THEM - they just PASS IT ON to YOU and ME.

YOU want CHANGE? REAL CHANGE? Then you are going to HAVE to QUIT following this entire JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM - and REPLACE IT with ANOTHER. Itís that simple.

You CAN'T "reform" this cess-pit any more than you can "reform" the MOB. Itís simply INGRAINED in it! WE HAVE TO REPLACE this rotten, corrupt, evil, usurious, entity called "CAPITALISM" - with something BETTER. Something more WHOLESOME, HEALTHIER, more NATURAL - NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

You say - "it can't be done - Americans wonít accept National Socialism...Ē I say - THEY'VE "ACCEPTED" - ĒGAY-LIBERATION", "FEMINISM", "PORNOGRAPHY", "RACE-MIXING". "ILLEGAL INVASION"...NEED I go on? White America is so STUPID, or JADED, so F'-UP - that they won't accept DECENCY?

Is THAT - YOUR - "EXCUSE"? So YOU won't feel the Call to GET-INVOLVED? Listen, IF - ONLY - 1% of 1% of the White population DID stand up and GET-INVOLVED...we would have a literal "ARMY" that couldn't be stopped! Youíre thinking as the slave-master WANTS you to think - that itís "HOPELESS" - that you better get down on your knees, keep quiet, and hope his restless eye doesn't happen to fall upon you, toiling in HIS "fields".

Sorry, but I'VE never had that slave mentality - I myself REFUSE to "accept" - I prefer to RESIST! And I know in my heart, that there ARE others out there like myself. I'm NOT asking you to don a silly costume of some sort, and wave a placard on the street corner. I'm NOT requesting you to "stock-pile arms" for some fantasy "revolution", that will never occur. What I would like YOU to CONSIDER is getting involved in REAL POLITICS - with a REAL "alternative" POLITICAL EFFORT - the American Nazi Party. Whatís your answer?

Half the nation cannot be lazy.
by Steve Davenport

There are currently 80 different US welfare programs. Approx 100 million people get some kind of welfare payment from the US govt. I'll repeat that. Approx 100 MILLION people in the USA get some form of US govt welfare payment. You can't tell me all these people are shiftless and lazy no-goods. Rather, this shows just in how bad a shape our country really is. So very many in need. Yet our rich ruling elite could care less. The Tea party wants to help no one. They're from the "very" old school that people should strictly help themselves, and govt should do nothing but law enforcement and defense. Leave 100 million people to their own devices. Not a good idea in my book. The naysayers want to eliminate all govt aid programs.

Obama, or Romney, there's actually damn little difference between them. Both are lackeys of the rich ruling elite. Obama couldn't wait to help the financial industry when they took their mortgage mess fall. He gave them a 700 billion dollar bailout. Only when election time rolled around, did he give those being foreclosed on a 23 billion dollar red tape aid program. Quite a difference wouldn't you say? Both of the prez candidates want war with Iran. Or rather will wage war against Iran, at the bidding of ZOG, and Israel. You really didn't think they went to the "Holy" land just to pray and visit? All these people in need, need medical help too. All they've gotten so far is a national health insurance plan that is in reality a national health insurance COMPANY plan. Just dump everyone into the lap of the insurance industry, making them virtual medical serfs. Forced to take orders, and be price gouged with the governmentís blessing. Deductibles are constantly rising now. Once we're firmly in the insurance companies grasp, we're dead meat. They'll have all power over us, and I very much doubt our best interests at heart. After all, in this country, the bottom line is sacred. Your life, or an extra few bucks profit, now which do you think the profit making insurance industry will choose to follow more closely? Hmm?

Our people are in need, because our hard-hearted mega-Capitalists, in their insane quest for profits, have outsourced almost all our industry, to non white slave labor camp type nations, that are little more than human ant colonies. Can American workers survive on a few cents a day? Should they have to? No, for a few measly bucks in profits, our people have been sold out, or rather overseas. How in God's name our country is supposed to defend itself, or do anything for itself for that matter, when everything is done for it overseas? We've left ourselves practically defenseless, as everything an industrialized society needs, and does, is now done elsewhere, then our native shores. Now all these people, approx 100 million of them, need govt help to keep from starving. Welfare pays you only enough to keep you from starving. That means, all these people getting help, are barely surviving. This in the so called "land of plenty". Itís only a land of plenty, if you have plenty of money. This is our Capitalist society in a nutshell. The rich don't want to pay any taxes, since then they'd have to settle for a smaller yacht. In the meanwhile, people's, whose livelihood got sent overseas, for money, now have to struggle on the edge of survival. These people aren't parasites as the rich ruling elite would have you believe. They're victims. Victims of utterly callous, ruthless people, whose only love is money. People who are totally ruthless, and will stop at nothing if they can get away with it, to make money. The more the better. These people, I use the term very loosely, are insane with greed. There is literally never enough to satisfy them. This is almost like financial anarchy. Let me make money, any way I can, and let me keep my money, any way I can.

This is what our Capitalist system has come to. Massive numbers (nearly half the country), in dire need. I use the word dire, because with all the loss in dignity, associated with applying to receive welfare, you can be sure, only those most needy bother to go thru the abuse. Half the country gets some form of welfare. 100 million. 1 out of every 6 people is poor. 1 out of every 5 kids is poor. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. The OFFICIAL unemployment rate is 8.3%. The national debt is 17 trillion dollars.

We can either keep going on the Capitalist way and end up even more poor and wretched, or we can choose National Socialism. Choose a system that will defend our existence, and lend assistance to our struggle to survive. You won't find so many people on welfare in an NS state. They won't need it. NS will keep the jobs here at home. It won't let things get to the point that Capitalist America has. Help the ANP to change things. Donate to it, so it can build a grass roots party, that can eventually make things right. Help give out lit, so our people will know there is an alternative, and that this need not go on forever.

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For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

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