ANP Report for August 02, 2012

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to discuss with all of you, the REASON WHY - I believe that the "White Movement" has been such a FAILURE - and WHAT we NEED to "DO" to change this sad state of affairs.

In the past, I have often written about the MANY things WRONG that our White "movement" does - from harping ONLY upon the "race issue", to allowing IN freaks, weirdo’s, mental defectives, the whole "nine-yards" - simply read some of these archived ANPReports. I really don't want to have to re-hash it again today.

But, there IS - ONE - other factor, and I believe it to be a MAJOR one, if not THE most important one of all...

Back when I was younger, I belonged to a softball team. We got together a bunch of guys from work, and joined some league and played games every other weekend. It was fun, playing softball, and the after-game "partying" wasn't a bummer either LOL. The only "problem" was - we STUNK. We LOST every game. It got so bad, that one game, another team called "Bobs Army" or something like that - started batting one-handed, even started pitching with their eyes closed - and we still LOST. It was not only pathetic, it was humiliating.

Now you know WHAT the PROBLEM here was? It was that many of the people on our "TEAM" - refused to take it seriously. Most of them wouldn't even come to "practice sessions" when we called them. This was really prevalent amongst the "interns" on the team - who demanded the "right to play" ( even though they stunk ) who felt that "they" had "better things to do in their off time" than to IMPROVE their athletic abilities. So, we lost, and lost and LOST...

What has this got to do with the racial movement? I'll tell you.

EVERY endeavor in life - is ONLY achieved - by the effort that YOU put into it. IF you’re a salesman, and you want to sell something - you have GOT to get off your ass and HUSTLE if you don't want to starve. IF you’re a farmer - you CAN'T just plant those seeds, and then sit back without weeding, feeding and caring for your crops - if you want a HARVEST. IF you have children - you can't just "pop'em out" and then let'em run wild like savages, or you'll wind up with a typical population like you see in the inner-cities of America. Am I getting THROUGH to all of you here?

COMMITMENT - or, LACK OF - has been the BIGGEST roadblock to any real progress in the Racial Movement that I have personally observed in my 45 years involvement! So FEW want to COMMIT to HAVING to "DO" what is necessary - to ACHIEVE those 14Words, much less National Socialism.

Achieving those sacred 14Words, is SO FAR DOWN on the list of most Movementites priorities - that I honestly wonder WHY in hell they are even INVOLVED "in this". Too so many of these people, "joining a movement group" - is just "another thing to do", to add a little "something" to their mundane, materialistic, boring lives.

It’s unfortunately, NOT something that when they wake in the morning, or when they go to sleep at night - is constantly "ON THEIR MINDS". It’s NOT a "burning issue", to where they are constantly seeking to IMPROVE the chances of SUCCESS for that which they SUPPOSEDLY "believe in".

WHY BOTHER? IF we are NOT out to WIN - to SUCCEED in our endeavors - WHY dabble in it at all?

Personally, Comrades I'm getting pretty fed up with "EXCUSES", with people who want to be "ENTERTAINED" by the ACTIVITIES of "OTHERS". People who make "PROMISES" that they NEVER even attempt to follow through upon. People who "give their word, make their pledge" to others - and who only follow through, IF it’s "CONVIENIENT", when the moment arrives to act - to THEM.

Reviewing ANY historical activity through-out history - whether it was the French Revolution, or the American Revolution, or The NS Revolution in Germany - what one finds, is that it was only accomplished SUCCESSFULLY, because the people involved had that burning desire to WIN - no matter WHAT SACRIFICES were called for - THEY answered that call. Probably, many of those involved wished that the sacrifices they gave weren't necessary - but, THEY MADE THEM. And THEY WON.

Look at this "White Movement". Not only is it funded pathetically, where MANY of YOU could "sacrifice" some plastic-pleasure without any longterm ill-effects. YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE. It also, has so FEW willing to PARTICIPATE in "doing" outreach for example, to make it grow! YOU ALSO HAVE TO ADMIT THAT THIS IS TRUE AS WELL.

The "movement" hosts an "event" - a "gathering” that involves a LOT of EFFORT for the usual FEW who host it - and you refuse to pull your ass out of that chair and attend. The "movement" has a brave soul who is willing to campaign in the political process ( carrying the banner of YOUR supposed beliefs ) and the MOST you "DO" is give a few weak atta-boys from far off on the sidelines. Then you collectively "sigh, and whine" when they lose - without having LENT a HAND! Within the ANP, we have several cities where we have multiple adherents - yet, these people just "can't" seem to get together! Oh, one is "afraid", another is TOO LAZY to drive across town, yet another "makes arraignments”, but then cancels... I have had people complain that they "couldn't make the National Conference because they never received the information pack", or even info ON the Conference? What?! You contact us NOW - AFTER the event? Couldn't YOU have contacted us EARLIER if you were SERIOUS, and we could have worked these problems out?

Sometimes we are told, "Hey, I haven't heard from you for at LEAST a MONTH" - is it OUR fault, that YOUR mail didn't get to you? WHY haven't you sent us an e-mail, it doesn't even cost the price of a frigging stamp?! Did you JOIN the ANP to have it SERVE YOU - or, did YOU JOIN to SERVE the Party? There is a saying - “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR PARTY CAN DO FOR YOU - ASK INSTEAD WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR PARTY".

Those people on the softball team, who had "better things to do" than come to practice - SHOULDN'T have been ALLOWED to PLAY in the game. If THAT was true, perhaps through their new COMMITMENT to the whole TEAM - we in all probability would have played better. The SAME goes for this "movement" - through COMMITMENT - this movement will have a better chance for that ultimate goal - SUCCESS.

Through the same old/same old - we will GET the same/old - a JOKE. This is SUPPOSED to BE a POLITICAL MOVEMENT that we are involved in. Over in Europe, they must laugh and think we are PATHETIC - by the stupid, silly ANTICS that the American "movement" continues to engage in. In Europe, the American WN fascination with idiotic COSTUMES ranging from "colored clown-like robes" to “homemade uniforms" must make them shake their heads in disbelief. While THEY are getting ELECTED to Public Office - the "BEST" that the American WN scene can come up with, is a pathetic handful waving "protest signs", or "DEMONSTRATING" ( no NOT "rallying", let’s not get the terms confused here folks ) in a CAGE surrounded and protected by Zogs cops, while anti's pelt them with trash and obscenities. And each "event" is more poorly attended than the last. And why not? Such "activities" are not only useless; they are downright DANGEROUS to those who are foolish enough to involve themselves in.

Like Commander Rockwell wrote, WAAAY BACK in the sixties - this "movement" insists on putting the "parades and hoopla" - BEFORE the real battle even STARTS! Quote - "They spend so much time and effort ENTERTAINING the troops, that there are NO RESOURCES left over for the FIGHT" - This Time the World.

The "computer-age" has been both a Godsend and a Curse to the Struggle. On the one hand, it has allowed us unthought-of ability to bring our message to the masses, cheaply, professionally and intelligently. On the other hand - it has allowed people to HIDE BEHIND THE COMPUTER SCREEN - tapping away on "forums and BB's" instead of GETTING INVOLVED in REAL WORLD political activity. People with "ten-thousand posts" on some forum - OUGHT to be ASHAMED of their COWARDACE! Could you imagine the IMPACT that they might have HAD - IF, they had spent all that time and effort - instead distributing TEN-THOUSAND pieces of intelligent OUTREACH materials to the White masses, instead of rehashing the same old stuff, to the already converted? Preaching to the choir...what a waste of time and effort. A SLAVE already KNOWS his "problem" - but, KNOWING it will never set him FREE. It takes COMMITTED ACTION.

Our sinking ship of state.
by Steve Davenport

The US ship of state is sinking fast. No wonder, since we have a bunch of morons running the show. Even if a new bunch are elected, we still have the same problem. Our system. As the USA is currently set up, our people are against each other. Actually quite cruel to each other. A big handicap is the multi culturalism we have here. Europe is more homogeneous, hence more united. We can easily overcome the disunity, by becoming more united. National Socialism’s great gift to the masses is UNITY. A sense of purpose. The creation, and maintenance of a united racial folk community, actually dedicated to each other. Our current system just mouths words. Its actions or rather lack of, show the true intent of our rich ruling elite.

What kind of a society is it, in this day and age, that offers no health care to its citizens? 1 out of every 11 employers is planning on dropping health care benefits for their workers. Many employers no longer cover the family, even spouses, even at reduced rates, or later ages. It’s no coverage period. The US answer to a national health system, is Obama care, which puts everyone under the thumb of the insurance industry. Instead of the govt dictating your health choices, you have private insurance companies, which I personally feel is far worse. When it comes to the bottom line or your well being, which do you think will win out? Insurance resists covering experimental treatment already. We actually had to pass a law to make them cover pre existing conditions. I can't see anything, but grief, when the insurance industry starts making the life or death decisions. Expect mortality rates to skyrocket, as we are told, there is nothing that can be done to save you. There is no way, on God's good earth, the average person can afford health care. The cost is prohibitive. Yet our leaders just talk. The problem isn't addressed much less dealt with. Likewise, our kids are losing their student college loans. There's plenty of money for negative attack ads during the elections, but not enough to help our kids thru college. Again, the cost of college is beyond the financial means for the common person in this country. The loan money is vitally needed. Yet our politicians just talk. We can't get anyone elected in this system that gives a damn about the common people’s welfare.

Face it, our economy is mess. 1 out of every 6 people is poor. The "war on poverty" has been lost. 1 out every 5 kids is poor. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. Half the country is receiving some form of govt assistance. Our national debt is 17 trillion dollars, and rising. The official unemployment rate is 8.2%. The unofficial is more like 14.5%. Too many job seekers, too few jobs. Far too many jobs outsourced to non white overseas nations that are little better then slave labor camps. Add to our woes, all the Hispanic, and Asian immigrants flooding into this country who compete for what few good jobs are left. We're fast becoming a NON white nation. With whites as a minority, that's when things will really be hard for whites in the US. We can expect no help, and no mercy.

What does it take to convince you, that this system is no good, and is intrinsically hostile towards you? The mortgage mess should convince anybody about how our rich ruling elite feels about us common folk. The financial industry, sells toxic (bad risk) mortgages, to make profits. When the mortgages come due, and can't/won't be paid, the economic sector practically collapses. Millions of people lose/still losing their homes. The govt response? Give the financial sector 700 billion bucks in bailout money. As soon as Obama got in. 3 1/2 years later, in an election year, the common folks get just 23 billion dollars wrapped in govt red tape.

Notice how our political candidates, both pay homage to Israel. With all the problems here at home, they both feel compelled to make a pilgrimage to Israel, to get its blessing. How sad is that. Whoever wins the election, expect war between the US/Israel, and Iran/Syria/Mali. The anti Islamic crusade is in Israel's interest, and so there will be war. As per usual, the wishes of the common people of the US don't matter. Our leaders will continue to battle Islamism, at ZOG's behest. The Jewish lobby's bucks always in the background.

Unless, and until, our govt attempts to stop, or curtail job outsourcing, the US economy will continue to limp along. Yet neither candidate will even mention it. Obama said he'd penalize companies for outsourcing as a candidate, but once elected, he has been silent. This system is literally its own enemy. It sends jobs overseas, weakening its own economy. Because the people who are doing it are rich, they are allowed to do it. Money calls the shots in this system, and the Constitution, and Bill of Rights are ignored, or circumvented. Talk is cheap, and easily bought. Hence all the rich elite mouthpieces around. Actions show the true picture, and mindset.

How much longer can this go on? How much longer will YOU let it go on? Choose National Socialism. It is a system based on the safety, and welfare of the racial folk community. No fat cats selling us out as is today's situation. Choose the system that protects and supports you. A system dedicated to seeing its people have education and health care. A system that would never betray its people by giving away their jobs to overseas nations. Donate to the ANP to help it fight its political/electoral battles. Printing costs money. Creating a local political base is resource consuming. Help give out lit to enlighten our people. They need to know. Help the ANP as it struggles against this corrupt system we have now. If we stay committed to this current system, we'll simply sink and drown in a sea of poverty.

Comrades, sometimes I think that few of you take the time to review our website - if you go to the "links" section you will see a number of new informational sites, and more will be coming as we get regional ANP Blogs operating all across America. If these Comrades operating these sites are in your area, CONTACT THEM and WORK WITH THEM - the contact-info is on each site.

Review the new OUTREACH website - study and utilize its growing information base, and add comments of your own "on how to do it better".

If you are a Party Comrade in Good-Standing, and YOU would like to start up another ANP information blogsite in your area - contact the Outreach Director in the "e-mail" section, and they will be happy to assist you in getting underway.

Also, if you have written for our monthly publication- The White Worker –in the recent past, please keep sending in your articles and honor your promise to be that reliable contributor we need you to be.

Finally, we are offering a valuable apprenticeship opportunity for Official Supporters (only) who are good with computers and would like to expand their technical knowledge in the areas of programming and web development. Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Comrades, there is SO MUCH to "DO" - to make our National Socialist vision a STRONG REALITY - it CAN be done. But, ONLY - IF - YOU and I have the COMMITMENT needed to ACHIEVE IT.

You CLAIM to be the followers of ADOLF HITLER and GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL - IF - They were to stand before you today...could you honestly grasp Their hands in the knowledge that YOU are DOING all that you could, for our Common Cause? For the National Socialist Cause that THEY SACRIFICED, FOUGHT, and DIED FOR....

For White Worker Power! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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