ANP Report for July 17, 2012

Racial Comrades: I realize that this latest ANPReport was very late in coming, but in all honesty, I personally have felt a bit overwhelmed by all that needed organizing for our ANP National Conference that took place this weekend, here in Metro-Detroit.

I know that I state that every year, its bigger and better - but, this year's WAS the most successful I've hosted. I honestly feel sorry for those Comrades who couldn't afford to attend. To those who COULD have afforded the trip, but were too lazy - well, you missed out on a very good gathering. Hope to see you next year.

This year the Party rented a large conference room at a suburban area recreation center, with kitchen facilities, which had more than enough room for the 47 National Socialist Comrades to interact, which also had a play-area for attendee's children immediately outside - which kept them occupied and busy (our one "casualty" for the weekend, was a bee-sting, which our SA Medic attended to) - while Party Comrades took turns monitoring their activities. The parking area was also continuously monitored by our SA, perchance any "outsiders" sought to cause any "trouble". There was none. My personal THANK YOU to Comrade Kozak and those SA personnel who bore the almost 100 degree heat in intervals, for their dedicated protective service!

Unlike most "movement" activities, there were no costumes, or "fancy-dress" being worn - we LOOKED and ACTED like what we ARE - NORMAL White Americans, fighting for the achievement of the 14Words.

The Day started around 11:00 AM and lasted until 6:00 PM. We had reports from around the country, by ANP Organizers, as well as the usual speeches by myself, Comrade Axl Hess who spoke on ANP Media, Comrade Dan Schruender who spoke on real-world political organizing, Comrade Susan W., and Comrade Taylor Bowles' who's address was heartily received by those assembled, speaking about his becoming the FIRST National Socialist Lobbyist in American history, and his activities involved so far.

We had a great meal of Chicken, several salads, watermelon, pastries, soda's, along with all the trimmings. A big THANK YOU to both the men and women Comrades who made this possible by their combined efforts! In the ANP "women" are NOT relegated to the "kitchen" ALONE.

During the afternoon, awards for service were duly awarded, new appointments, and a raffle was held, where various books and NS items were handed out. We also had a vigorous "round-table" discussion period, where Party Comrades were able to voice any concerns, or suggestions about ANP operations.

Later in the day, ANP Leadership held a private session where future plans were discussed, and current programs were assessed. All in all, it was both an enjoyable and productive weekend!

The next day, on Sunday - those Party Comrades who didn't have to leave because of travel arrangements - about 15 of us - went to "Greenfield Village" - where "America's (White) History Comes Alive" and toured the village. Itís truly a wondrous place, and if ever you are in Michigan I advise you to go there. Henry Ford actually MOVED from various locations around the U.S. and the world - entire structures - like the bicycle shop where the Wright Brothers worked, or the courthouse where Lincoln argued cases and filled these structures with period furnishings. Because of the ticket prices, and I suppose just being what it IS - keeps the attendee's to about 95% White - unless you count the Oriental tourists.

I myself felt like I wished that I could LIVE there, both the atmosphere surrounding me as well as the people were so clean, wholesome, ARYAN - like, I suppose America once WAS at one time! Old time cars and buggies traveled the streets, and we were smart enough to bring our own refreshments, as what they offer is based upon TODAYS Judeo-Capitalist prices! LOL

All in all, this weekend was a very enjoyable affair, it focused not "ONLY" on political activism for White people - but, it ALSO drove home to many of us - just WHAT we ARE fighting for, both the past-present AND future! Thank you to EVERYONE involved! I know it "recharged my battery" - I hope it did the same for all of you!

Death by money, lack of.
by Steve Davenport

We, the Aryan people are letting ourselves be nickel and dimed o death by the Capitalist class. It is fast getting to the point, where it is getting too expensive to be able to afford to stay alive. In the quest for cheaper products, we let ourselves be played for suckers, and gave the predator Capitalists the green light to look overseas for better deals. The result has been little more than catastrophic to the US economy. Vast numbers of good pay, good benefit jobs were outsourced overseas. It helped India, and China, but has doomed the American middle class. The American middle class has shrunk by a full third, with more shrinkage to follow. The once prosperous and happy American worker, is now being damned to poverty, and if lucky, subsistence wages. The vaunted American middle class lifestyle is becoming unaffordable for most Americans. The net result is a country becoming poorer overall. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. Half the country gets some form of govt assistance. 1 in 5 children live in poverty. The Capitalist, and political classes just sit back and count their profits. In the meantime, the common people starve, and face foreclosure on their homes.

Obama is a con man of the first order. His vaunted national health care, amounts to no more than putting everyone at the mercy of the insurance companies. How is this a NATIONAL health care system. Already a major trick of the insurance companies is to jack up their deductibles, to oppressive levels. What was a $200 dollar deductible, overnight, becomes $1500. For us baby boomers, who are getting older, and sicker, by the minute, that can run into pretty big bucks. It seems that Washington DC intends to let the insurance industry run amok. Only the American populace will be totally under their control, by govt fiat.

Use to be, insurance companies covered not just workers, but whole families. Well, covering the kids stopped a while ago, but coverage of spouses dragged on, but now itís a dying practice. The typical medical insurance policy covered a spouse for free. Then insurance companies said only spouses 55 and up would be covered. In other words, if you're 54 and very sick, you go bankrupt, or die from your illness, as youíre too much of an expense to the profit margin. Now, the dodge is that only spouses that are 65 get coverage, but then the worker must pay the full amount for coverage. What the hell benefit is that? The cost of health care is hugely expensive. Unless wealthy, the vast majority of American families can't possibly afford it on their own. The timing couldn't be worse, with the graying of American, especially the baby boom generation.

No job, means no money. No money, means no home. Our system is helping to impoverish its own people. Itís also helping to destroy it, by making health care unaffordable. The insurance industry will be worried about profits, not patients. It has actually taken a law by Congress, just to make them stop refusing to insure pre-existing conditions. The federal govt, under the "party of the working man" Democrats, went running to save the financial sector from its misdeeds by giving it a 700 billion dollar bailout. After 3 1/2 years, in an election year, those in mortgage distress, got 23 billion dollars, with govt red tape. It is unmistakable who is running the show, and just in what utter contempt the common people of this country are held in. The rich ruling elite, are quite content, to let the common people rot away. Let us become poor, and sick. Have no jobs, and unable to afford medical care. No, they prefer to wage wars, like the current anti Islamist crusade. They prefer to outsource our jobs, and leave us with nothing. They prefer we die, as itís too expensive to care for us, besides, with all the illegal immigration coming into the country, we can be easily replaced at the menial jobs the lucky few of us do have.

Is this the system you wish to stay loyal to, and support? Yes, support. If you're not donating to the ANP, youíre quietly nodding your approval of this systemís behavior toward you and your family. The only reason anybody could support and approve of this system is if you're fabulously rich, or a masochist. This system is for rich folks and Zionists only. All else are being destroyed. Our jobs are being allowed to be sent away overseas to non-white sweat shop countries. Our schools face massive cuts, especially student college loans, all so we can send our armed forces to do battle against ZOG's enemies the Islamists. We're being allowed to sicken and die, because health care is frightfully expensive, and our govt doesn't want to be bothered footing the bill to save you. Our country is facing a massive influx of elderly, due to the graying of the baby boomers. Yet our rich ruling elite, feels it best, if we eliminate programs like Medicare, and Social Security.

Time to signal you've had enough with the nonsense. Itís time we had a new system. National Socialism supports and cares for its people. Care of the racial folk community is the top most priority. It worries about the state of the race, not the state of corporate Americas bank accounts. The ANP needs donations, as it builds a political party organization. Local first, then onwards, and upwards. It needs money to pay for printing costs and other expenses. It needs volunteersí time to give out lit. It is working on building a future for the Aryan existence here in the USA. What is the system building? The system is more like digging, a grave for the Aryans of America. Don't jump in that grave. Support the movement that stands for the life of the Aryan race: the ANP.

Comrades, because of the Party Conference, the June White Worker was not published - the July issue will be a combined double-issue and will be mailed out next week.

If nothing else, this Conference clearly SHOWS that racially aware White people do NOT "have" to be "entertained" or "enticed" to get-involved - through "CONCERTS" or "RALLIES" - OR - that we need be "FEARFUL" that holding our own gatherings means that automatically that we are going to be attacked by "anti's" or bullied by systemites - IF - we think and act OUTSIDE the BOX of the USUAL "normal movement circus'sĒ.

So, we of the ANP - DIDN'T - go "out in public", FLAUNTING our NS imagery in the faces of those who HATE US or are ambivilent towards OUR ideas. We STILL held our gathering SUCCESSFULLY - and isn't THAT what counts? Who in their right minds counts "success" by how many autos were trashed, by how many attendees were injured or arrested by Zog enforcers or hooded punks wearing masks? OUR objective was NOT to appear in the enemies CONTROLLED jews-media and be denigrated, it was to gather, conduct business, network, and have a pleasant time. We ACHIEVED all those goals! I suggest that some in the "movement" need to RETHINK their agenda...

For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

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