ANP Report for May 28, 2012

Racial Comrades: Well, today is "Memorial Day" - to me personally itís about the saddest "day" on the calendar to "celebrate".

The jew-tube is filled with PHONY "war movies" that for the most part - glorify people killing each other - and for a very large part, portraying "hero's" to be freaks and dysfunctionals like "Kelly's Hero's", or "The Dirty Dozen" as those who typified the people who "WON the WAR". Real soldiers who FACED COMBAT must shake their heads in amazement, by the jewís hollywood notion of WHAT real war is really like.

REAL war isn't just about the soldiers involved - itís ALSO very much about the human beings who suffer from the so-called "collateral damage" - isn't that a "nice" word to describe the men, women and children who are killed and maimed, starved, and brutalized by the effects of war? Sounds nice and "PC", almost "clean" - until you take a closer look at it. What about all those families "back home" - who have to suffer the news of their loved ones being DEAD or MAIMED for life? Those whose HOMES or LIVELYHOODS are destroyed and gone? Itís a shame that those who START wars, aren't FORCED to be the FIRST ONES to have their noses shoved right up front into the first wave. IF that were the case, I bet we would see a LOT fewer of these warmongers beating the drums, waving the flags, and telling OTHERS to march off bravely to their doom!

I once asked my father when I was a kid (no, I myself have been lucky never to have been engaged in war) why as a WWII veteran who won both the Silver and Bronze Stars - why he never joined the VFW. I naively thought that he would enjoy being around other veterans, like a club thing. He told me that the people who hanged around those kinds of places, were basically people who never SAW war up close and personal, so these folks basically enjoyed swapping whoppers with other bullshiters. People who KILLED other people, and saw their buddies KILLED and MAIMED - for the most part - wanted to FORGET their time in literal HELL.

In fact, he warned me NOT to join the military - to sell pencils on the corner first, were his words (of course, I didn't listen) - because he said, this system uses you like a tissue, and then discards you when youíre no longer useful. You know, in a way - itís pretty darn sad when a personís "high point in life" - is characterized by KILLING and MAIMING other folks...

Today, look around you - "HOW" is "Memorial Day" celebrated here in the most WAR-MONGERING nation in recent times? Letís be HONEST folks - it seems that here in the Jew-S-A - there is a NEW war, big OR little going on almost CONTINUOUSLY for WHAT? Making the world "SAFE" - FOR - Judeo-Capitalist EXPLOITATION. WHAT does the "little guy" who has to FIGHT those wars get out of it? YOU answer THAT question...

But, back to "Memorial Day". Why first off - itís a day for SALES! Next, itís a day off of WORK - so that people can "PARTYĒ, rather than reflect upon "WHAT" it REALLY is: The DEATH of MULTI-MILLIONS. Then, lastly of all perhaps - it is a day for HOOPLA - yeah, where the EMOTION is stirred within a few, so that they wander over to the RECRUITING OFFICE, and be lined up as MORE cannon-fodder.

If this nation ever put as much emphasis into POSITIVE things - things to IMPROVE the lives of its citizens - as they do for KILLING and MAIMING and DESTROYING, can you imagine the wonderful society that we could live in, instead of "what" America is devolving into?

Sorry folks, todayís address may be a "downer" - but, thatís how I feel. To me, war is the VERY LAST alternative - and should only be based upon SURVIVAL. WARS have reduced our RACE to the point where we see it today. Can you only imagine - WHAT IF - all that MONEY and EFFORT had been put into place for the BETTERMENT of our RACE in the 20th century alone, HOW our lives would be different?

The REASON for war is simple. The WEALTHY who control the POWER over the lives of the "average person" - decide for THEIR personal profit and gain - to engage those "average people" to go off and engage in all the splendor of war, whether they want to or not. Todayís Zog-run wars are mainly fought with "volunteersĒ, so I have little sympathy for them - after all THEY took a "JOB" where basically the "requirements" were to KILL or BE KILLED. NOBODY (except perhaps "circumstances" in their livesĒ) FORCED them to go, like in WWII or VIETNAM ala the DRAFT. Same goes with these "Reservists" - what did they think - that it was an easy paycheck once a month for "playing at soldiers"? Personally, I think that Zog will be bringing the DRAFT back - as they run out of muttonheads - and they'll start up the "patriotic propaganda machine" , but I don't think too many will "answer the call"; people are SMARTER today, than "way back when" - what with modern communications SHOWING what real war is really like. But, they'll TRY. They have no other choice. They'll want to hold on to their current ill-gotten gains, and greed will motivate them for MORE. They are NEVER satisfied.

As the economic situation deteriorates further, as it will - the "military" will be an "OPTION" - but, its one hell of an "option" folks. Look at the propaganda, fantasy movie coming out "Battleship" - THAT is the systemís "view" of an "enticing military" - attractive, scantily clad girls, fully "integrated" with non-White "hero's" blasting "space aliens" out of the sky in an outdated battleship. LMAO! But, some kids who have never had a schoolyard fight and who were brought up endlessly playing video-games might imagine themselves in the role of "war hero" and wind-up wearing Zogís gear. I sincerely hope not...

In any case, I dedicate my "Memorial Day" thoughts to ALL THOSE who have SUFFERED through WAR. Not only the soldiers, but those people who looked up to the skies and saw HELL raining down on them and their loved ones. To those who raised a CHILD - only to have him/her returned as a corpse, and mangled thing, or a mental dysfunctional.

One day, I HOPE that all these war-mongering SYSTEMITES - will be put on TRIAL before a PEOPLES COURT - for their CRIMES against humanity! After all, WE outnumber THEM by MILLIONS to ONE - IF we ever get ourselves united and organized - there's no telling WHAT could be ACCOMPLISHED. Or, are you still willing to be told by the "master" or the "Prince" that you HAVE to "fall in" for HIS benefit? WHO is the REAL enemy if that IS the case? Or, is there a difference....

One last note - I have run across so many in this "racial movement" who assure me that they are waiting with bated breath for the coming "race war". WTF? WHO in their right mind would WANT a "race war"? Not ME! IF it ever comes, I know I'll be there to defend my Folk - but, I don't WANT it. Not when there are OTHER options.

And ONE big option - is WINNING some POLITICAL POWER - before that doom comes about. White people are STILL at LEAST 50% of the population here in America. In many areas, WE are still a significant MAJORITY. I suggest that INSTEAD of continuing with all this Phase-One "street theater-fantasy nonsense" - that INSTEAD we start to BUILD a REAL POLITICAL OPTION.

That option IS there - the ONLY thing holding us back - is LAZINESS, COWARDACE, and DEFEATISM. Itís VERY simple - you get your name on the ballot (for LOCAL offices) and CAMPAIGN! For every silly and pointless "rally, march, demonstration, cross-lighting, eat-meet-and retreat gathering" - you INSTEAD get involved in RUNNING in YOUR local area - for SOMETHING. BUILD a BASE of REAL POLITICAL POWER across America!

Anyone who refuses to get involve POLITICALLY - will NEVER - get involved in a "race war". That, I assure you. Unless youíre a raging nutter, there ARE many people out in your communities - who more or less - think like you. EVERYONE is a "racialist" to one degree or another, if they aren't a mullato - it might not be the "first, most important thing on their mindsĒ, but itís true. But, RACE isn't the ONLY "plank" in our National Socialist arsenal - like the general population - we believe in SO MUCH MORE. Campaign on THAT!

We CAN make this world a BETTER place. We CAN work towards BUILDING instead of DESTROYING. We CAN put "wars" into their "place" - a LAST RESORT - instead of an everyday option, as in this current, evil, corrupt, materialistic Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity of a system. But, WE have to GET INVOLVED!

Our failed system.
by Steve Davenport

Too many people in this country today, have it wrong. Our system isn't failing, itís failed. This system is hopelessly corrupt. Dysfunctional. There is absolutely no hope whatsoever, or repairing/reforming/fixing it. No hope whatsoever. Why, you may ask? Very simple. The creatures that currently occupy positions of power and influence, will never allow anything that jeopardizes that power. Creatures who are based on venality cannot possibly be expected to deny themselves wealth and power. Good is caring about others, evil is caring about only one's self. This system is total evil. Itís its own propaganda machine that is telling you how good it is.

Good pay, good benefit jobs are still being outsourced overseas. That leaves minimum wage, no benefit jobs for here at home. What kind of perverse system would rather take care of external people, then its own home front? Itís mighty hard to raise a family on a minimum wage job. Add in the fact of no benefits, and families find they're really up against it, trying to survive. A national health system would be a really big help to struggling American families. The choices offered are like choosing between being shot, and being hung. There is no way, the ordinary family, can afford medical care. The cost is truly exorbitant. This is the go it alone school of thought. Take care of yourself, to its logical conclusion. Only who can afford to, except the rich. The other school of thought is to let the insurance companies handle things. This is economic/medical serfdom at its worse. Insurance companies don't like to pay for experimental treatment. They don't want to pay period. They're profit making companies, and letís face it, taking care of non-rich sick people, just isn't profitable. Unless of course, itís the very rich. In Capitalist land, those with money do OK. Those without, die. Survival of the monied.

Same with education. The system is constantly crying how it needs more and more trained and highly educated kids, to grow up, and compete on the world stage. Yet they are cutting student loans back, and back. Like in the bad old days, education becomes the privilege of the rich. In Imperial China, they had civil service tests. They were based on the knowledge of the Confucian books. Study took years of preparation. Only the rich had the time, and money to do so. The peasants were too busy working to keep from starving, to study lit books. Ours is a system with a split mind.

Instead of throwing them in jail, far too many of those responsible for the mortgage mess, simply changed posts. The financial institutions that brought on the mortgage meltdown get 700 billion dollars in bailouts, to save their asses. The people who end up on foreclosure row, get a lousy 23 billion dollars, a true drop in the bucket, with lots of red tape to wade thru. The "American dream", of owning your own home, is quietly dying. The people in power are rich, and uncaring for any who are non-rich.

The most damning of all, to me, is that our govt is constantly at war. Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq. Now the ruling elite want war against Iran. We are told, anything bad for Israel, is bad for the USA. This is utter nonsense. Israel has its own agenda, and the USA should stick to issues that concern it. A global crusade against Islam, is not in the US's best interests. If we weren't slaves to ZOG, we wouldn't have problems with Islam.

In Jan 2009, a gallon of regular gas was $1.85 a gallon. Now the average price is $3.87. Thanks to greedy short sighted leadership, the USA is still dependent on foreign oil. That's why warmongering is especially stupid, since like it or not, we need these countries. Our leaders only care about profits. You getting to work, paying thru the nose for gas, means nothing to them. People with 50 million dollar yachts and who routinely have champagne and caviar for breakfast, cannot be expected to care.

The choice is National Socialism, or oblivion. An NS govt would take care of you, and not let you starve. It will make sure you have a job. Job training will be paid for by the state. You working people will never be allowed to fall behind in job skills. Continuous job training funded by the state is the way to go. After all, isn't govt supposed to aid its people? It is important you become a supporter, and donate as much as possible. The party has many expenses, such as printing lit, and repair of printers. Please give out lit. A little can go a long way. Itís called word of mouth. Our enemy is terrified to let everyone hear the NS side. They want to keep our people in the dark. Uninformed people can't act. If they really believed in their Capitalism, they'd let it be spoken about openly. Instead they try and hurt those who are too prominent. One day NS will be able to be preached freely. It all depends on Aryan unity, and strength of purpose. As this system continues to melt down, the choice of NS, or destruction will become undeniable. Aryans will flock to the only party that can save them.

Comrades, a few further notes I would like to share with you -

The May White Worker magazine is in the mail. All orders for outreach materials were also filled this weekend, so you should be receiving them soon as well.

A note to those who send in an ANP Official Supporter application - you MUST send in your first months pledge along with your application - or it cannot be processed.

I would also like to mention, that the Activity Report - which is downloadable from our websites front page - is NOT only for SA (Security Arm) personnel. ALL Party activists SHOULD be sending them in each month along with their "return slip" to Party HQ. This allows us to know "whatís going on, where", and if in future you wish to seek advancement within the Party - these Activity Reports will play a role in that decision making process.

Comrades, all we "know" about you - is what you tell us. Same with your activism. I know that there are many Comrades out there, per their ordering of outreach materials - who are very busy promoting our National Socialist message - let us hear from you, and how things are progressing! Communication is a TWO-WAY street!

Lastly, the Party has a NEW Outreach website - please check out the "links" section of our website - there is a lot of useful info there for Party Comrades to utilize!

For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

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