ANP Report for May 17, 2012

Racial Comrades: I thought that today I would continue to answer questions we have received, hopefully it will both entertain and educate.

My answers will be below the questions...

To the American Nazi Party:

Greetings. I am responsible for writing up a project in American History class and I chose the American Nazi Party as my topic. After doing some extensive research, I have come upon many, perhaps, biased results. I wish to take a fair stance so I wanted to ask you to defend yourselves against several questionable points.

1) Many medical sites such as the Mayo Clinic, Duke Medicine, and Harvard Medicine have published concrete evidence that the white race is no better than other races. They also advocate that confined breeding among fellow people of the same race is a huge contributor towards mental and physical handicaps. These studies show that marrying different blood from other races allows for posterity to maintain a stronger immune system and genetic map. How do you defend the point that the Aryan race truly is, genetically, the strongest race? And in the face of such great amounts of verified research, how can you continue to pursue interbreeding among your white race instead of opting for marrying out of your gene pool?

ANSWER - You mentioning these particular institutions, and their "published studies" as examples of "Higher Learning" only confirms my beliefs in the DUMBING-DOWN of educational standards here in the U.S. It would be like going to a synagogue and getting the peopleís reactions there, about how well jews treat arabs in Palestine - and stating that their responses equal FACT. We all understand that "universities" etc. et al - are hotbeds of either LIBERAL or outright MARXIST "attitudes". Hardly what I would call UNBIASED thinking.

According to THEM - nations of the same RACE of people - like China, are filled with inbred IMBECILES and PHYSICALLY DEFORMED individuals? The same for the CONGO too? It wasn't until the 20th century that RACES had the ability - due to the White races capabilities, on the whole - to RE-LOCATE in large numbers. Are they contending that Aryan Europe was FILLED with "mutants" of some sort, due to breeding amongst themselves? LMAO

As for "superiority" of ANY kind - you can use the ONLY real "test" that provides TRUTH: PERFORMANCE. What group of people or race has OUT-PERFORMED all others, when it comes to CIVILIZATION and CREATION of culture and INVENTIONS? Look around you - REMOVE ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that the White race created. Take it away - and WHAT do you have LEFT? Life in Kazululand? I wouldn't really want to "exist" THERE...

Ever wonder WHY nature herself teaches against the sin of inter-breeding? Robins don't breed with Blue jays. Nor do Cheetahs breed with Lions. Salmon don't breed with Catfish and Rats don't breed with Mice. There IS a REASON for this - and I don't believe you have to be a "University Professor" to figure it out. LOL! Sin AGAINST nature - and you PERISH. Only "MANKIND" seems to be perverse enough ignore natureís rules.

2) You state on your website that America truly belongs to the Aryan race. History has shown that the Native Americans were here before anybody else. Shouldn't America technically belong to them? And if you choose to rebut that point by mentioning that the Aryan race was clearly superior and able to take over America, thus it belongs to them - then isn't it true that the countless numbers of non-white immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and Europe own America now, and not the white race? Also, on your website, there is a complaint that these immigrants are taking over in the economy and politically. Doesn't that just prove that these other races are more capable than the Aryan race? How do you defend yourself?

ANSWER - Yes, it does come down to SOCIAL DARWINISM in the end, doesn't it? IF the White race doesn't step up to the plate to DEFEND what is currently THEIRS - they will LOSE IT. And today, sadly - fewer and fewer White men and women - seem to take their OBVIOUSLY "darkening future" with any SERIOUSNESS. And IF that is to be the case - eventually - the White race WILL lose it all. Look at the SUPPOSEDLY "White Nationalist" community - the people who SUPPOSEDLY "know the score" - how many of THEM are sincerely "DOING ALL THEY CAN" to achieve the 14Words? How many tend to "FORGET THEIR PLEDGEĒ, or are too AFRAID or LAZY to distribute even a tiny amount of outreach materials to their Folk? The White race will GET what it "DESERVES" - through WHAT they PUT INTO the Struggle. Bluntly, I only PITY the small White children who deserve BETTER from their miserable "ADULTS".

3) A lot of your enemies scoff at your figurehead, Hitler. They laugh at his supposed "ignorance and craziness", at his Anti-Semitic tendencies, and at his pitiful, cowardly death. How can you stand firmly behind Hitler and support his ideals? Unless your moral base is off or void, how can you defend his genocide of millions of innocent civilians? Also, do you really support the fact that he killed himself before he had to face justice? Is suicide the "brave" way to deal with things? Does the American Nazi Party believe that cowardly suicide is an accomplished feat? Also, how can you claim that Jewish people are the bane of the world? If you state that they took all of the jobs and were cunning and sly, doesn't that just prove that the Aryan race couldn't match the abilities of the Jewish race?

ANSWER - First off, do you REALLY think that taking your own life is the act of a "coward"? Myself, I believe it would take cojones the size of basketballs to commit such an act. As for Adolf Hitler being a "coward" - odd, he won both the Iron Cross FIRST and SECOND Class in WWI, being wounded several times.

We follow the ideology that Adolf Hitler created - National Socialism - simply because it is the BEST, the most INTELLIGENT and the most WHOLESOME belief-system that mankind has ever developed. It states that the SYSTEM is in place to SERVE the best interests of the PEOPLE it REPRESENTS - unlike this current, evil, materialistic Judeo-Capitalist kosher monstrosity we all live under today. National Socialism is in tune with NATURE and REALITY - something lacking since 1945.

As per the "jews" - let me ask YOU something. WHY is it that WHERE-EVER these jews seem to go - that the indigenous population winds up DIS-LIKING them? Check your history - jews have been expelled and/or served rough-justice to - in EVERY European nation that they ever migrated to, since they left the Middle-Eastern region. WHAT is it that these JEWS - "DO" - to gain an attitude like that? Is EVERYONE ELSE - wrong - and simply evil, nasty, bigoted peoples when it comes to these wonderful JEWS?

Yes, many jews DO have PARTICULAR "traits" which the White/Aryan race cannot match, nor even come close - USURY is just ONE peculiar "trait" that jews seem to have - that Aryans do not, unless they have become INFECTED and CORRUPTED with "spiritual jewism". In Old Europe, USURY or "INTEREST SLAVERY" was banned in White nations - the Christian Church FORBID IT - even the Moslim religion outlaws USURY today. Yet, this is what jews are noted for and best at procuring their wealth. Btw, NS Germany OUTLAWED USURY - one big reason "why" Judeo-Capitalism AND its supposed "deadly enemy" Judeo-Communism united - BOTH were determined to destroy Hitler AND his NS idea before it SPREAD throughout the White-World.

4) A lot of different sources portray your organization in a violent, derogatory, ignorant, and negative light. How do you defend yourself? Note that many of these journalists are white themselves.

ANSWER - There is an old saying " The victors write the history books " - as well, letís face it - 99.9% of America's "MEDIA" ( whether it is "news, "entertainment", "History" or what have you ) is in the HANDS of the JEWS, or in the hands of their LICKSPITTLES who are well paid to toe the "jewish tune". Who in their right mind could expect their ENEMY to say "nice things" about them? Like any GUILTY creature - the jews FEAR the resurgence of the National Socialist IDEA - hence their CONSTANT regurgitations of HATE PROPAGANDA against that which they fear MOST! Allow me to give you a litmus test - when "someone or something" has ULTIMATE POWER and CONTROL - you dare not "criticize them" lest you fear REPRISALS. WHO in America is it that you DARE NOT speak even ONE negative word? You CAN make negative comments about "arabs", or "christians", or even "negroes" - hell, you can even dump crap on the PRESIDENT himself! But, WHO is it that you DARE NOT mention in a negative fashion - the JEWS. IF you DO - you will find an avalanche of HATE coming your way - from the MEDIA, the POWERS that BE, the PROMINANT-PERSONALITIES, your EMPLOYMENT, just about everyone who will go out of their way - to SHOW/PROVE to the jews, that " I'm not like that" ! Look at Mel Gibson - he simply states his opinion that he believes jews are war-mongers (which they are!) and, after the jew hate campaign against him - this ultra-wealthy man who could live high on the hog until he died, and btw admired by MILLIONS - caves in, and ultimately grovels before them! The jews meant to "teach him a lesson" as an "EXAMPLE" for any others that MIGHT have the courage to SPEAK OUT. Think of WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED if Gibson HAD stood his ground - ala his "MOVIE HERO ROLES". Ha! He's just ANOTHER phony ACTOR, who forgot his "place" in jew-controlled Hollywood.

In a sense, youíre correct. IF White people continue to grovel and do the evil, degenerate bidding of the jewish power structure - with LITTLE or NO sign of SERIOUS resistance - they HAVE forfeited their "place in the sun" to a literal HANDFUL of hook-nosed WORMS who are infesting them like parasites. I myself, am standing here like "Braveheart" (lol) awaiting those to JOIN ME on the battlefield - WHERE are THEY? WHERE are YOU?

Thank you for your time.

A curious student.

Comrades, a few notes to mention - The White Worker for May is being printed - unfortunately, itís a wee bit smaller than earlier editions. WHY? Because, we need WRITERS to WRITE material. Too many contributors decided that they had "something better to do" this issue... I hope that we can see a correction by next issue.

The weather is getting warmer, even though it ISN'T even summertime yet - and we're MISSING some of your (UGH! OOH!) DONATIONS already. I really don't know "WHAT (ELSE)" I can say, that I haven't before. Enough said.

Per the July ANP Conference - the cut-off date for Conference attendance slips, as earlier stated is JUNE. IF you wish to attend, please get them in to our National Office asap - otherwise, it will be too late - no exceptions. Info for the Conference will be sent out in early June.

Also, please feel free to call-in to our scheduled "Talk-Shoe" radio shows - see our website for date/times. INVOLVEMENT is the KEY to any ultimate SUCCESS...

For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

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