ANP Report for May 01, 2012

Racial Comrades: Well May 1st is upon us! Yes, "May Day" has been a long understood Day of Honoring the WORKER around the world - all except of course, HERE in the JEW-S-A - EVER WONDER WHY?

Itís very simple - here in the Judeo-Capitalist utopia - the "land of milk and honey" - HONEST WORK - PRODUCTIVE LABOR, has been something "looked down upon" in this corrupt, decadent kosher society.

Yeah, itís so much BETTER - to be involved in shuffling paper - than SWEATING to earn your daily bread. Of course, we all KNOW "who" came up with an attitude like THAT! Itís the same creatures who put a HIGHER VALUE on the cretins who grace our "popular press" as SUPPOSED "idols to strive to become". You all KNOW "who" I MEAN - their faces are constantly SHOVED into YOURS - whether itís in the print-media, OR the jew-tube. The grinning "SUCCESSFULL ONES" - the ONES WITH THE BUCKS.

Nevermind HOW they GOT all those bucks - they are the ones whom we are all to HONOR and PRAISE and EMULATE (in our dreams) to want to be!

They make "People Magazine", or "Business Today" - flashing their smiles along with their cash - right in the FACES of all those who literally MADE them WEALTHY and POWERFUL, by being EXPLOITED and ABUSED by these vermin. Did YOU ever wonder WHERE all their WEALTH - hence POWER and INFLUENCE - came from? It didn't just float "out of the air", you know. It DIDN'T come "from hard work" - hell, 99.9% of these creatures NEVER really WORKED a day in their lives!

It CAME from YOU and ME - and in all honesty - THEY STOLE IT FROM US.

Oh yeah, I know - they didn't hold a gun up to our heads and literally "rob" us. No, they ROBBED us in a slightly DIFFERENT fashion. Through the use of their WEALTH and INFLUENCE - they got their controlled SOCK-PUPPETS in this Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM - and its "GOVERNMENTAL REPRESENTAIVES" to "LEGALLY" do it FOR them.

And whatís the DIFFERENCE if "Al Capone" personally robs you, or one of his flunkies? YOUíRE still ROBBED. And folks, we've been ROBBED and good.

White Workers have not ONLY been robbed of their ECONOMIC standing, but of their PERSONAL standing as well. Here in Judeo-Capitalist America - unless you happen to be "one of the club" - despite their propaganda LIES, that "everyone has a shot at making it" - unless you happen to MARRY "into it", you've got about a snowballs chance in hell to now-a-days "climb that economic ladder to success", much less SURVIVE and keep your head above water!

I know SOME of you reading this, are shaking your heads and wobbling your eyes - BUT, more than likely YOU still HAVE a decent job and think that you'll still have that job next year. So you'll avert your eyes, or pull those blinders a little tighter over your eyes, and try hard to avoid noticing all those "OTHERS" out there who thought that as well - not too long ago.

But, for those of you who ARE awake, who have FACED losing your employment - and CAN'T FIND ANYTHING DECENT - you know that I speak the TRUTH! For all those reading this - who GOT that "DEGREE" - and now CAN'T FIND a JOB, you know I'm speaking the TRUTH!

We are all heading BACK into a "FEUDAL" economy - thatís WHY the "MASTERS" in power are bringing in all these ILLEGALS - itís CHEAP LABOR. Itís labor that won't DEMAND decent "BENEFITS", like "HEALTHCARE", etc et al. They'll be GRATEFUL - coming from a garbage-can society - FOR a JOB. Not like Old Whitey, who's USED to living in a FIRST-WORLD (Aryan devised) society - where humankind has come to take it as a "given" - that ALL workers DESERVE certain things, ALONG with a paycheck - like MEDICAL, VACATIONS, SICK-DAYS, and YES (gosh/gasp) even PROFIT-SHARING for the PRODUCT that THEY PRODUCED through their sweat, effort and PAIN.

Workersí RIGHTS are like MUSCLES - in that IF they aren't constantly USED and EXERCISED - pretty soon they are a thing of the past. And White Workers are losing ground in this area like a snowball on a hotplate.

Now NOBODY is saying that we want "communism" - where "everybody gets the same" - thatís the mantra of the WEALTHY, in DEFENCE against our reasonable demands. We are only demanding OUR FAIR SHARE - is THAT "wrong"? Is it "WRONG" to want what we've HAD for generations - but, now is being ROBBED from us?

Letís pause and consider THIS - would PAYING a DECENT LIVING WAGE, along with HEALTHY BENEFITS to the people who actually "MAKE the WORK" happen - actually HARM the ALREADY WEALTHY? Would it REALLY deny any of these "princes & princess's" ANY of their TOYS or change their extravagant LIFESTYLES by ONE degree? HOW MUCH "MORE MONEY" DOES A WEALTHY PERSON REALLY NEED - at the EXPENCE of OTHERS? Of US?

WHY should there even BE - BILLIONAIRES - isn't being a MILLIONAIRE - ENOUGH? Especially, when there are "FELLOW AMERICANS" without a JOB, or FOOD, or a HOME, not to mention "LUXURIES" of any kind! Boy I tell you - "THEY" sure remember "US" when itís time to FIGHT THEIR WARS. Just WHO is the CANNON-FODDAR? Itís sure NOT the children of the WEALTHY, now is it? Nor, when itís time for "tightening our belts" as a nation - is it the WEALTHY who get down in the trenches with the "unwashed" to "sacrifice" - hell, in the Great Depression the lives of the WEALTHY weren't changed one iota. Anybody here ever read the book, or saw the movie "The Grapes of Wrath"? THATíS "how" OUR kind are appreciated by the greedy rich....

Comrades, for FAR TOO LONG - the American "racial movement" - has been in the control of the REACTIONARY, RIGHT-WING mind-think of a SERF or a SLAVE. ALL that it has ever gone on about was "race, Race, RACE" - while at present - its own economic FUTURE is quickly becoming that of the "niggers" they like to ridicule. Back in the Old Days of the 60's-70's the CONTROLERS of the reactionaries got them all worked up over the "BIG RED SCARE" that was "gonna take over Amereka!Ē And while they were all focused upon those "commies" - it was the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS that FORCED - CIVIL-WRONG LAWS, GAY-RIGHTS, FEMINISM, DEGENERACY of all STRIPES, etc et all UPON US.

Now, itís the "MUSLIM SCARE" - hell, WHO'S LETTING ALL THOSE "MUSLIMS" IN? Don't you GET IT? Keep you OCCUPIED upon "this" - so you WON'T focus on "WHO"?

Even today, I hear those right-wing retards calling Obama a "SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST". What the hell? Since WHEN is a MILLIONAIRE ever a "SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST"? He may be a MARXIST-LIBERAL - but, ECONOMICALLY he is a JUDEO-CAPITALIST of the first order - otherwise he WOULDN'T BE "president" in this Corporate USA. Are these reactionaries REALLY that STUPID - or, is it SOMETHING "ELSE"? Are they simply AFRAID to own up that all this while they've be HAD - and it WASN'T those "commies" that they should have been leery of - it was the REAL bastards who put White Workers into the position that they now find themselves in?

White Working class America - YOU have a LOT to be PROUD of! YOU through your sweat and pain BUILT this NATION. YOU keep it GOING. IF all the wealthy disappeared off planet earth - EVERYTHING would keep on going, through YOUR efforts. IF - all of YOU - disappeared - the WEALTHY ELITE would either COMMIT SUICIDE or DIE OFF through their own LACK of abilities to "DO" anything productive!

The WHITE WORKER - either by HAND or MIND - IS the backbone of Aryan CIVILIZATION. And on MAY 1st - YOU - SHOULD be HONORED for all you have DONE and all that you DO.

That here in Judeo-Capitalist Jew-S-A - you are IGNORED - only SHOWS how the Ruling-Class seeks to further denigrate you. Understand that in a NATIONAL SOCIALIST society - YOU - would be recognized in a place of HONOR far and above ANYTHING else. Hail the White Worker!

Last stand or rebirth
by Steve Davenport

We Aryans are at the crossroads of our history. Things don't look good. In Europe, many are fleeing the imposition of poverty increasing govt austerity. Govts are being forced to divest themselves of all assets, in order to get EU bailout loans. This is interest slavery in its starkest terms. To get their precious loans, whole countries are being pauperized, and govt spending is becoming nonexistent. This means that needed govt programs, like aid to education, and national health care are being savaged. These populations have been conditioned like cattle after millennia of repression. Democracy is just elite politics based on money rather than birth.. Hence the people are despoiled. What kind of mentality puts the paying of loans, over and above the welfare of its people? A Capitalist one. To the new rulers, who are BANKERS, paying and getting loans is the very reason for being. Hence the loans get repaid, but at the very high cost of the people of Europe. The banker rulers only worry about money, not human life. Not even, if said lives are their own countrymen. To them, money is at the center of their universe. The be all and do all of life. Hopefully, the people will rebel, and embrace National Socialism, as they did once before. It doesn't look good.

Here in the US, we're just as vulnerable. Our leaders are determined to serve their Capitalist masters, at any cost. This means that we too, here in the USA, face huge cuts in govt services. Our govt wants to despoil us too. Supposedly, we're the beacon of freedom that everybody came to, in order to have a new life, and escape Europe's class straight jacket. Hasn't quite worked out like that huh? We have a rich ruling elite, in THIS country, just as arrogant and greedy as anything any European empire ever had. Our rulers hate us. Right now its class hate. No doubt to be followed by class conflict, followed by class war. Not to get ahead of myself. Our govt wants to CUT programs, to help pay for the 17 trillion dollar national debt we currently have. The programs they want to cut are things like student loans. The govt has failed utterly to develop a national health system. Obamacare's putting everyone under an insurance company is a crock. Can you really trust a profit making entity to give you the best care? Or will it be more like how can we get rid of you at the cheapest possible cost and the greatest profit for us? No, the financial sector does not mean us well. Look at the foreclosure mess. The country is still suffering. Will continue to suffer. After like 3 years, the govt came up with a 23 billion dollar rescue fund. Contrast and compare that, with the 700 billion dollar fund, set up to rescue the banks and insurance companies. This shows only too clearly where our leaders true loyalty lies. To Wall st, rather than Main st.

Why is it our leaders want to cut the programs meant to help make the common person's life more bearable here in the USA? They want to cut Social Security, and Medicare. What the hell are our elderly supposed to do? Any help that was supposed to come from private pensions took flight along with the jobs that have been outsourced to overseas. Most Americans have nothing else now. Govt is the last recourse. This is especially damning as they want to eliminate the programs that are becoming the ones most needed as the baby boom generation retires. If our rulers want to save money, they should stop making war all over the planet. They should withdraw our military contingents from overseas. Having some kind of military presence from advisers to armies in virtually every nation on earth is stupid. To defend against what? Or is it to send a message to the nations of the earth, that the world's superpower is watching you. In which case, we're no better than the colonial empires we use to condemn. I for one, have no wish to recreate Imperial Rome. I think itís sick, that the great freedom refuge is now a nation bent on world control. Our rulers use us, to gain wealth thru exploitation of other nations resources.

We're just a weapon for them. Is this the kind of country you want your kids to grow up in? Do you want YOUR kids, to be foot soldiers in the ruling elite's wars of conquest and control?
Europe's populations are now fleeing economic austerity that is literally choking the life out of them. Especially southern Europe, with its double digit unemployment rates. Here in the USA, half the population is at or below the poverty level. Half the country is on some form of govt assistance (They can't all be lazy no-goods). 1 in 5 kids is in poverty. Our unemployment rate is officially 8.2%. Unofficially, God only knows, but itís bad. We have a 17 trillion dollar debt. The foreclosure rate keeps going. The US divorce rate is 50%. Our families are under great strain. The country has lost much potential, due to illegal drug use. We need a new system to live under, new values to follow. National Socialism offers just such as we need. We need our people to be oriented towards race, not self. There should be no higher goal then to serve the racial folk community, rather than self. From this core tenet, all else can flow. Sure beats greed and self doesn't it? Please donate what you can, to help pay expenses. Lit costs money to print. Please give out lit. The people have to know that they can be masters of their own destiny. That we needn't be stuck with the current nightmare any more. Either the Aryan people unite and work for a new and better system, or we all just rot with this rotting system we now live under.

Comrades, although the Spring Blitz outreach literature campaign has ended - the FIGHT still CONTINUES. I urge all of you to continue, or get involved in spreading the Good Word of National Socialism to our White brothers and sisters across this land.

I also want to draw to your attention that on the bottom of the front page of our Party website, we have made links to both Mein Kampf and White Power - please READ these books for a clearer, more comprehensive understand of our National Socialist world-view. They have been set-up in an easy to read form that you can come back to time and again, without "losing your place", or for quick review.

I personally am of the belief that a clearer UNDERSTANDING of what one supposedly believes in, leads to a more DEDICATED and WILLINGNESS to SACRIFICE for that belief. Don't be one of those who "slaps on a Swastika" - but, knows LITTLE or NOTHING behind that symbol.

For White Worker Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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