ANP Report for April 20, 2012

Racial Comrades: One of the things that baffles me, within the "white nationalist movement", is how FEW any of these people understand "WHAT is IS" that they want - ie are supposedly FIGHTING for.

I AM a NATIONAL SOCIALIST - and HAVE BEEN - ever since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16. National Socialism IS "what I want" - and since it is an IDEOLOGY that one can STUDY and wrap one's brain around - I find it the ONLY possible example of a political world-view for our embattled Aryan race to utilize for its survival and hopefully its upward growth into "ALL that we can BE" as a racial Folk.

Being the Chairman of the American Nazi Party, I have a great opportunity to converse with a broad stratum within this WN movement, and I am often astounded by the "shallow" or lack of depth - in many who I talk with.

They fall into several categories - (A) these are looking for "friends or pen-pals" because they feel alone in this degenerate PC society. They aren't REALLY "into" wanting to WORK or SACRIFICE - "FOR" anything - they are simply lonely souls... (B) Sadly, these are the ones who actually buy-into the "IMAGE" of what NS/WN are SUPPOSED to BE - ie, a "hater", a "bigot" - who enjoys belittling "others", because I guess it makes THEM feel "superior" somehow... (C) Then there are the "LOOK at ME" crowd - these types are attracted to NS/WN simply BECAUSE they can attract attention to themselves, through various silly antics like DRESSING UP in a COSTUME of some sort - I guess they really enjoy being in the "limelight" even if they are being RIDICULED at the time! (D) Then there are what I call the "floaters". These come in small fry AND big fish categories - BOTH believe in little to NOTHING - and they float from group to group, LOOKING for SOMETHING where they can "fit in", and be accepted. Since these types have no firm CONVICTIONS - they find it easy to float to various types of organizations, no matter how DIFFERENT, like a chameleon changing its colors.

Sadly, there are VERY FEW people who HAVE firm convictions, and understand WHAT it IS they are involving themselves in, and make a STAND FOR THOSE CONVICTIONS - even a LIFELONG STAND - even IF they have to do it, standing ALONE!

In the ANP, we NEED - STAND ALONE - people. People who BELIEVE IN our IDEOLOGY and ARE willing to WORK and SACRIFICE for it - even IF they are the ONLY ONE within a hundred miles. People who DON'T need their "HANDS HELD" like a small child - STRONG people.

With America, we have a HUGE nation. Yet, within its borders - there are a very small percentage of the population that BELIEVE in MORE than - simply CONSUMING and BREATHING the AIR. These are the JEWELS that the ANP has to pry out of the dungheap, and REACH, EDUCATE, and ORGANIZE into a NS Revolutionary force!

These people are SCATTERED - unlike the Old Country - where in Germany for instance, a trip from one border to the next was a matter of HOURS rather than DAYS. Where great numbers could easily be gathered together, for various events and actions through a network of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - which of course, doesn't exist in Judeo-Capitalist Jew-S-A - where "EVERYONE" just HAS to own a CAR ( or two, or three) , which many can no longer AFFORD to "FEED" these days. Hence, assembling large numbers of people in one place - is a challenge. A challenge ONLY a FEW seem willing to face up to, and overcome per willingness to SACRIFICE for the good of the Cause.

Often people ask me to put them into contact with others who are like-minded. This is difficult. Often we have several Party Comrades in the same city - but, because of (you name whatever "reason" you wish) many do not want to make contact, preferring to remain "alone".

I am going to tell you HOW you CAN have other NS in your local area. Itís SIMPLE. I know, because I myself have done it. BUT, itís going to take some REAL EFFORT on YOUR PART - as well as some "expense".

You simply need to start DISTRIBUTING ANP OUTREACH LITERATURE. The MORE literature that you DISTRIBUTE, the better are your chances of "hooking" that "fish" - to use an analogy. Yes, itís going to take TIME. Yes, itís going to take EFFORT on your part. But, we all KNOW that "out there" - in any given local - there ARE people with our basic convictions.

Youíre NOT going to "hook them" by ACTING like a LOONY - they aren't loony - so WHY should they be attracted to YOU if you come across as one!

Your propaganda HAS to concern itself with SOMETHING that they themselves ARE concerned with. THINK about THAT...

YOU might think that the leaflet youíre holding looks "cool" what with all those "SWASTIKAS" and those PICTURES of "Nazi soldiers", and those SLOGANS from the 1930's - BUT - will THEY? Same with those RACIAL SLURS - oh, someone MIGHT giggle a bit when they see it - but, are THEY going to want to hand them out THEMSELVES? And that is where itís at - as Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - propaganda is NOT written for the enjoyment of the producer, but FOR the people who RECEIVE IT! Does it ATTRACT or REPULSE your audience? IF youíre only out to "shock" or "repulse" - well, no doubt you'll be successful at that - but, I thought you were TRYING to ATTACT folks to embrace your beliefs. And the FIRST IMPRESSION of ANYTHING is of the utmost importance.

ANP HQ does NOT have a cupboard where we store "people to send your way". In FACT - the Party EXPECTS its adherents to WANT to help build our National Socialist movement. Yes, itís very important that you became an ANP Official Supporter who has pledged to donate each month towards our organizationís expenses. But, does it REALLY have to end there? Isn't there room in your life SOMEWHERE - where you can "fit in" - a LITTLE outreach efforts? And a LITTLE added TOGETHER creates a LOT.

We have one Party Comrade, who - ALREADY this year alone - has distributed over THREE-THOUSAND pieces of ANP outreach materials! Now, I cannot expect EVERY ANP Comrade to do as much (but, it WOULD be wonderful wouldn't it?), but surely this Comradeís EXAMPLE is one for every National Socialist to at least TRY to emulate.

Our dismal future.

by Steve Davenport

Our future, the future of the American white middle/working classes, the future of the Aryan people, is looking rather grim for the moment. The programs we need, and expect, are to be denied us. The help we expect from our govt and leaders is not, and will not be forthcoming. Our rights are non-existent, and shall remain so. We are being fed the line that the presidential race, between rich man Romney, and black man Obama, is the great divide. That it is a stark choice between total opposites. This is pure, and total, bullshit. Obama is just as much a company man as Romney. My God, how can you think anything else, the way Obama has been his first term. He was no sooner thru the door of the Oval office, then he was giving the FINANCIAL industry (known to be heavily Jewish by ethnicity) a 700 billion dollar bailout. Since when does a "socialist" save the bacon of super Capitalists to the tune of multi billions? Maybe central casting made a mistake? This guy sure doesn't come across as a "man" of the people. More like a pawn of Wall st finance. Romney has had money in overseas, and off shore accounts such as Switzerland, and the Cayman Islands. Not exactly the act of what we expect from a president. Perfectly predictable from a mega Capitalist point of view.

Letís face cold, hard reality. There is not now or will there be any hope for the common people of America. Frankly, we'd be better served by a skid row bum, then the scum that are running to be our "leaders". This system is of/by/for the rich. Us common folk, don't amount to a hill of beans. We're just an annoyance to be dealt with, before the fun starts. Playing god with the world. All the great pronouncements. Great for the ego. All the while, behind the scenes, the big money people call the shots. Their agenda is no where close to our agenda. They want solely to concentrate on empire building. Their attitude is Ďthe hell with the little people.í Our ruling elite don't care about us, and will never give us anything, if they can avoid it. A true, decent national health system is a case in point. Either we get Obama care, and become thralls to insurance companies, or we don't get it, and face economic catastrophe along with any health catastrophe that should happen to befall us. Some choice. Imperial Germany (Kaiser) had national health care in 1870. The USA, supposed land that cares for its people, is still struggling with it in 2012. Whatís wrong with this picture?

The USA has half its population at or below the poverty level. Half the country gets some kind of govt assistance. We have an official unemployment rate of 8.2%. The unofficial rate (underemployment, those who gave up job hunting) is far higher. 1 out of every 5 children is in poverty. We have 2 million people in prison. Our national debt is at 17 trillion and rising. Our jobs continue to be outsourced overseas (to NON white nations). To compound the jobs problem, we have massive illegal immigration, making competition for jobs far worse. So what do our present/future rulers intend to do about all this? Absolutely nothing. Our rich ruling elite is all talk, and no action. Why should they care, they're rich, and we're not. To them, we're just some mass to be manipulated. Care for us, and about us, not hardly. They have their own agenda. It ain't us common folk. Our rich ruling elite, and it doesn't matter who it is, or what party they claim to be a part of, is determined to continue to wage Capitalist wars of conquest. Either economic, or military, but they are determined to control it all. Itís not one world govt that's the coming enemy, its one world COMPANY. Their agenda is to carve the planet up. Nations will be little more than corporate divisions. Judged by who is profitable, and who is not. Nations that are "unprofitable", face extreme austerity. Like Greece today. Nations that show a profit, like China, continue to get support. In this case, US jobs get diverted to China.

Our rich ruling Capitalist elite want our constitution to be a balance sheet. They want an accounting ledger to be our bill of rights. To them, only money is god. They want to paint the white house gold, like the Roman Emperor Nero's golden house. To these "people", and I use the term very loosely, human life only has value, if it helps you to make money. Their religion is money worship. How can any of us little people expect mercy from the merciless? The answer is we can't. Expect nothing from this system, and you won't be disappointed.

Realistically, our ONLY hope is National Socialism. A system of govt, economics, and morality based on race, not money. Democracy isn't free. It costs a lot to be able to participate meaningfully. Hence the super PACS. A lousy joke to play on the poor. NS means peace. No more anti-Muslim warfare, especially to help serve greater Israel. NS will give us a true national health system. It believes in the care of its people. It will provide student loans. Really help people find jobs. Keep jobs at home. It will give everyone a govt paid 2 week vacation. Your tax money spent on you the taxpayer. It won't be some elitist assholes spending YOUR money, on THEIR agenda. Please donate generously to the ANP. Please give out lit. Itís the Aryans only hope. Only a party dedicated to us, can save us. Save our kids. As the US becomes increasingly brown (mestizo), whites will become marginalized. The problems will get worse, and the only people who could have helped, will need help. We must unite, and become strong in unity. Only a united political party will have the political power, to force thru help from a millionaire race traitor Congress. Our future depends on us.

Comrades, this White Pride month's Spring Blitz has been a great success so far - letís keep it moving forward! As well, Comrade Taylor Bowles' great success in launching our new ANP Lobbyist campaign was heralded with WORLDWIDE coverage - a big salute to him for his innovative and progressive activities. Well Done!

The April "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" issue of our The White Worker magazine is in the mails!

The ANP is off to a great year - letís keep the momentum going!

For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

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