ANP Report for March 26, 2012

Racial Comrades: By now, I am assuming that most of you have read my very important message on the last ANPReport - if not - please go to the "archive" section at the bottom of this page and review it.

Its regrettable that such a topic needs be so important, but UNTIL the National Socialist movement, "cleans up its act" - and TOTALLY REJECTS - those within its ranks who clearly ACT in such a manner as to DENIGRATE and EMBARRASS our sacred world-view, as does the so-called "kommander" jeff schoep, per his unAryan actions and lifestyle - we NS will be viewed as HYPOCRITES and LIARS.

On to a much better topic! On April 1st, the American Nazi Party will launch its annual SPRING BLITZ outreach literature campaign! We do this in honor of Adolf Hitlerís birthdate on April the 20th - and we designate the month of April as WHITE PRIDE month!

During this period, the ANP urges sincere National Socialists to DO THEIR UTMOST - to REACH, EDUCATE, and ORGANIZE - their White brothers and sisters across America, with the intelligent message of 21st century National Socialism!

The easiest and least expensive way to do this, is by utilizing ANP Message-Cards (please review the "merchandise" section of our website) as well as our various NS "bumper-stickers" which look great on any flat surface. All ANP outreach items are available at "COST" - the Party does NOT make a "profit" off of any of its outreach materials.

If with your order, you would like to receive the booklet "I Fight - a Mini Manual for ActivismĒ, please simply request it - it is filled with suggestions of "how" to correctly utilize your outreach efforts - and it will be included with your order free of charge.

Comrades, letís be honest here - like any "product" - National Socialism, MUST be "ADVERTISED" i.e. PROMOTED to the White masses - IF we are to expect to recruit and grow. Unlike so many of these "internet nutzi clubs" - who put up a website, and then expect the masses to COME to THEM - the ANP prefer to put a little effort into our endeavors, and to TAKE OUR MESSAGE directly TO our PEOPLE.

As I have stated before - IF we had 100 people - who were willing to ACT like a true NS, and who were willing to DISTRIBUTE only 100 pieces of literature to 100 people a month - we would by our COMBINED EFFORTS - REACH TEN-THOUSAND new people each month, with the Good Word of National Socialism!

Think about it! Whenever you went "to the store" etc - you carefully left some message-cards laying around on the store shelves, under merchandise, etc - how LONG would that take you? Same if as you left the store and before you got into your car - you put a few cards under windshield-wipers, and a sticker or two on a light-pole - couldn't you REALLY "spare that time and effort"?

A sincere TRUE-BELIEVER could AND would! How about YOU? The cost involved is very reasonable - 100 message-cards are only $5 - 50 stickers are $5...less than you would pay for a pack of smokes! Itís the WILL here that needs to be addressed. IF you don't have the WILL to OVERCOME your "FEARS" or your LAZINESS - you might as well SURRENDER now and get it over with! But, if you have that same burning desire to FIGHT for what is RIGHT - as did the NS Comrades of old - you must ACT like they DID. YOU must GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION.

Between the hammer and the anvil

by Steve Davenport

This system is hazardous to your physical and financial health. Itís literally making it too expensive to live, much less live comfortably. Between the hammer of high health costs, and the anvil of high gas prices, life is literally getting too expensive to live. Our rich ruling elite don't give one damn about us non rich common people. We're highly expendable. The constant wars waged in "our" name prove that. No, our rich ruling elite are much more concerned with paying off the national debt (a noble idea), but at the expense of us common folk. They actually dare to say that Social Security and Medicare should be cut. CUT! They seem to think we all have secret bank accounts in Switzerland like they do. Our rulers, are so divorced from reality, itís truly pathetic. Itís not like Social Security and Medicare pay the bills, they don't. They just help. They were meant to be helps. Adjunct to workers to help make their retirement be a little more comfortable, rather than hand to mouth, and for the truly elderly poor, keep them from starving. Thanks to the same rich ruling elite, good paying, good benefits jobs have been outsourced overseas. This was supposed to help lift nations out of poverty. For the sake of the middle class in India, and China, the American middle class has been allowed to be ground into the dust. Actually, we all know itís really for the truly unholy profits that companies make overseas, that we bid farewell to our jobs. Companies make huge profits, because overseas labor is at slave level. People literally take what they can get, no matter what the pay. The American worker is considered no longer needed or wanted by the ruling class anymore. Now we have an 8.3% unemployment rate. This is the official rate. Unofficial itís much worse. So many workers are out of a job. If they have gotten a new job, itís without benefits. Modern medicine costs big bucks. The technology is highly sophisticated, and highly expensive. It is literally impossible for Joe average citizen to afford it. The people need help. Whats govt's answer: cut Medicare. This just when all the baby boomers are retiring, and will need help. Basically the system is sentencing its very own people to choose between financial ruin, or death. Some choice. This brought to you by our very own ruinous rulers. Why wasn't the budget balanced earlier when we had the money? Why now, the big push? Maybe if the govt hadn't bailed out the banks and insurance companies, to the tune of 700 billion, we wouldn't now have to choose between debt, and people. Paying what we owe is honorable, but not at the expense of the population. Its evil for a govt to choose debt payment, over helping its own people live. Especially people who have been good citizens, worked hard, paid taxes, obeyed the law, and in the end, get betrayed by corporate America's greed for profit.

This country needs the automobile. We just don't have the public transit we need in place. The price of gas is a deadly threat to our way of living. I don't mean just going out to shop. We need our cars to get to work. The distances are too great for anything else. Yet our ruling elite is helping to destroy us yet again. Outsourcing jobs has hurt tremendously. Gas at $6 a gal, is a body blow that could prove fatal to whatever is left of the "American dream". Yet our rich ruling elite, is determined to make war. Putting the world's oil supply out of whack. What did our rulers think would happen when they slapped an oil embargo on Iran? With oil in short supply, and many nations competing for reduced supplies, naturally the price is going to go sky high. Basic economics. Yet a basic tenet of Capitalism is ignored or missed by our supposed all-knowing MBA's. I'm sure there's plenty of good old fashioned price gouging going on. This Capitalist vulture society always has those ready to take full advantage of the nationís misfortunes. Our leaders are millionaires. Congress is a millionaires club. They're insulated from the trials and tribulations of the real world. Only us common everyday people have to worry about the price of gas, and whether we'll be able to keep up affording to go to work each day. With unemployment benefits being cut, due to jobs (minimum wage/no benefits) becoming more plentiful, people are being forced to settle for whatever they can get. For people once making $100,000 a year, now getting $30,000 a year, these gas prices are a major threat. You need a car, and gas, but how can you afford it on a minimum wage job, when the price sky rockets. This situation will immediately reach crisis proportions, if ZOG gets its way, and launches yet another war on an Islamic country.

This has to stop. This system is dedicated to your destruction, not salvation. Why else would our rulers put us in such dire circumstances? Is oil worth war? Our economy is so fragile; it won't take much to send it off a cliff, and us with it. To put it at risk, and condemn its own people to destitution is criminal. Certainly callous and uncaring. This country's population is getting older and sicker. We need a govt that will stop military adventurism, and honestly address the job, health care, transportation needs of this country and its people. We aren't going to get it with this mess of a govt system in place. A National Socialism govt will provide national health care. It will stop sending jobs to overseas non white nations. It will definitely stop supporting Israel with a blank check, and let them fight their own wars. Our armed forces are meant to protect the USA, not Israel. NS is devoted to the idea of the racial state. You take CARE of your own. You see to your peopleís needs. Itís a system dedicated to people, not profit. People come first; profit is nowhere to be seen. The ANP needs donations to meet expenses. Expenses only, not some jet set lifestyle as in other groups. We need your time to help give out lit. There just aren't many ways we can get out the word. We need you, because from the above, the Aryan people desperately need a champion. This system is your enemy. It doesn't care, and will gladly let its people suffer. Capitalism has NO conscience.

Comrades, I would like to mention that along with the March mailing of The White Worker magazine, was included TWO slips - one was a registration for the ANP National Conference here in Michigan in July - while you do have until June 1st to return this registration slip if you wish to attend, I ask you not to put it off too long if possible. Secondly, the "other" slip is per your choice - if you prefer NOT being put into contact with other Comrades in your area, we will certainly respect your wishes - for those of you who HAVE sent in the slip, we are going wait a reasonable period to see who and how many people there are involved, before we start the interaction. This will be an ongoing program.

Finally, I would like to make the following statement per any "nsm" members who have decided that remaining in the "nsm" is impossible, due to the revelations about Jeff Schoeps race-mixing and adultry. As long as you yourself have NOT been involved in RACE-MIXING, or SATANISM within the "nsm" - we will view your request to join the ANP as we would any other newcomer. As long as you come to the ANP in Good Faith, you agree to follow the agenda of the ANP and its policies - you are welcome to join our ranks. Entering into the ANP, former "nsm" followers will note that the ANP operates DIFFERENTLY from Schoeps so-called "nsm".

The ANP concentrates upon building a sincere, POLITICAL EFFORT - we are NOT into "outing" our adherents in undisciplined "street theatrics" - we instead concentrate upon LITERATURE OUTREACH - where we get OUR message DIRECTLY into the hands of our Folk - NOT through the "filtering" of the controlled JEWS-MEDIA ie "publicity" , which ALWAYS presents our message in a totally NEGATIVE light - which in truth achieves literally NOTHING. Itís NOT enough for people to know that "nazis exist" - of course they already DO - its whether they SEE our TRUE MESSAGE through OUR efforts, or a slanted version put forth by our enemies - ie the "jews-media".

Just "BECAUSE" you happened to run into an organization that was operated by a disgusting, race-mixing degenerate con-man - does NOT mean that you need throw up your hands ( they must ALL be like that! ) and quit the Struggle forever. Please remember THIS - all the LIES told you about the ANP - WERE told you by the very same creature who NOW stands EXPOSED. Take that for what it is worth...

Comrades, spring is almost here - letís all - GET BUSY!

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

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