ANP Report for March 06, 2012

Racial Comrades: Todays message will be short for a reason. It is very important, and I want it to sink in.

Often we at the ANP are asked "Why don't you unite” with these "other" so-called NS organizations and form one big one?

Today, I intend to answer that question.

If you go to either the WN resource website, WhiteReference, OR the "anti" website OnePeoplesProject - you will SEE "why".

For many years now, myself and the American Nazi Party have condemned the so-called "nsm" as NOT being in any fashion or form - a REAL National Socialist organization.

Its Chairman is a creature named Clifford Herrington - who is the High-Horned-Hinkydink of the JOY of SATAN cult - certainly NOT a National Socialist attribute!

Now, it has been 100% CONFIRMED - by the so-called "Commander’s" WIFE Joanna - whom JEFF SCHOEP has been married to for about four years - that she is BOTH a NON-ARYAN ( she states that she considers herself to be ARABIC ) AND that she does indeed have a BLACK CHILD from a previous marriage of nine years named AMBER.

That a SO-CALLED "Nazi" could not only marry a NON-ARYAN - but, have a BLACK step-daughter is OBSCENE!

Some "could" attempt to cut him slack for being a FELON-BURGLAR (of a fellow White person), or for being a LIFETIME unemployable, con-man - but, a RACE-MIXER goes beyond ANYTHING. This foul creature MUST be EXPOSED and EXPELLED from the ranks of White Nationalism IMMEDIATELY.

Its speaks badly enough, that this dysfunctional ABANDONED his previous WIFE and their SIX CHILDREN in Minn. - to move in with this Joanna Arab four years ago here in Detroit. BUT, currently he is committing ADULTRY by LIVING WITH his NEW GIRLFRIEND in his wife’s HOME and BED! What kind of a DEGENERATE acts like this? Certainly NOT a National Socialist!

This so-called "nsm" is nothing MORE or LESS that a total EMBARRASSMENT to sincere National Socialists EVERYWHERE. Can you IMAGINE what Adolf Hitler or George Lincoln Rockwell would have thought of such a disgusting individual PRETENDING to be one of us?
Of course you can! Schoep is trying to FOOL people into thinking that none of this is TRUE - IT IS! The FACTS have all been CONFIRMED by his WIFE - Joanna - who is pissed, and telling all who will listen, the TRUTH about Jeff and his degeneracy. Nothing like a woman scorned, eh?

In FACT - she gave the OPP the MEMBERSHIP LISTS of "nsm", written in Jeff's hand - and they PUBLISHED it on-line. Names, address's - Check it out.

For literally YEARS - we have done our best - to WARN people about this collection of misfits. Now, Jeff’s own wife has confirmed the FACTS. "nsm" is NOT an "NS organization" - it is listed in state documents as "TYR PRODUCTIONS" with JEFF SCHOEP as SOLE PROPRIETOR - it’s a BUSINESS! Jeff's CASH COW, so he doesn't have to find a JOB.

It is obvious that the American Nazi Party is the ONLY true REPRESENTATIVE of Adolf Hitlers and George Lincoln Rockwells worldview in North American. After all, with the so-called "nsm" EXPOSED and GONE - WHO else is there... THAT’S "why" the ANP refuses, to associate with FAKE posers and degenerates PRETENDING to be "nazi's".

How dare they.
by Steve Davenport

The amount of chutzpah shown by ZOG's minions is truly shocking and depressing. We are told our economy is improving. That employers are adding jobs. I doubt this is true, considering ZOG's track record for truth. Even if true, this is extremely misleading. The jobs being added are not like those lost. The good pay, good benefits jobs are still overseas where they most probably will remain permanently. The jobs being added are low wage, no benefit ones. Good starter jobs perhaps, but hardly ones that allow a worker to support and care for a family. How is this a good thing? For the politicians it is, since they can claim that jobs are being created, and unemployment is going down. Already the states are reducing unemployment benefits from a total of 99 weeks to 73 weeks max, with more decreases bound to follow. This is a tragedy in the making. Since the system is saying everything is OK, everyone in authority is proceeding as if it is. Unfortunately, if your high pay job has not returned from its sojourn overseas, you're screwed. You'll have to take a low pay, no benefit job, and try to make do. The same system that claims that things are getting brighter, is also the system that is trying to pressure Iran with an oil embargo. This is hurting us common folk, and we are facing $6 a gal gas. That is a crushing burden on the working poor, who are trying to make it on minimum wage. They'll end up having to spend what they make on gas to get to their jobs, to make enough to get to their jobs, and have precious little over for family living expenses. There seems to be a real hatred of the unemployed in this country. If you don't have a job, you must be a bum. The fact that our rich ruling elite sent our jobs overseas to non white cheap (slave) labor countries is ignored. No job, you must be human garbage. The system forces you to take any job, to support yourself, and family. The fact that is pays so poorly a family can't afford its dinner, doesn't matter. To top off the system's economic treachery, not only does it turn a blind eye to the importation of illegal (again slave) labor into this country, but it actively imports workers to this country. We with an 8.3% official unemployment rate, and our elite are actively importing foreign workers to help further to take our jobs. The Aryan people are being squeezed on 3 fronts. Job exportation, illegal immigration, overseas job recruitment for work in the USA.

Our rulers are determined on war with both Iran, and Syria. The 2 greatest foes of Israel. My, what a coincidence. It seems we common people aren't worth the bother to be asked, if we're willing to give up our lives for ZOG, and especially Israel's sake. This is really disgusting, even for ZOG. Our rulers are like a pack of rabid dogs, out to bite everyone they can, providing they're an enemy of Israel of course. This war hero mentality even affects Obama. He hasn't done very much but talk, like with national health insurance, but he's just itching to go to war with Iran. Naturally our leaders give us the ‘aw shucks’, got no choice rhetoric. Don't you believe it. They're ready and willing. The common soldiers of this country are just playthings to them, as they once again play god. Since Congress is all millionaires, there is no one in the "people’s assembly" to really speak for the people. There is no one to say, we regular joes, don't want to get shot, especially when we're in reality fighting someone elses war. I suspect strongly, we're being kept at low wage jobs, and no jobs, so everyone will volunteer for the military. Soldiers to police ZOG's world empire. I for one am unalterably opposed to ZOG's new world order. Making the world into cookie cutter duplicates of the Capitalist democracy USA. A world where each nation is ruled by a rich banker elite, while the rest of the people are in poverty. Where there is no longer any kind of national identity, or distinctiveness, just a Capitalist economic model that is based on interest slavery, and a "democracy" that is bought and paid for by the rich, and corruption is rampant as money is the only god permitted. Is it really going to be a happy world where every single nation, is just a poor copy of the USA? It sure isn't so far. This country's economic imperialism/colonialism, is stealing the national identity of all nations, so these days, one is just like the other. The distinct variety of the world’s nations and peoples is being ground away, all in the cause of profit/wealth/power. The satanic trinity. The religion our rulers would have us bring to the world. Those who balk can expect vilification, and destruction. After all, ZOG has plenty of soldiers, and keeping everyone poor, will continue to do so.

I am incensed, and indignant. There is currently no one running for prez, who's for peace. Everyone wants war with Iran. Considering our experiences with Iraq, and Afghanistan, you'd think our rulers would have cause to pause and consider. No ZOG is perfectly content to send our boys into harm’s way. They think in terms of dollars, not lives. Our rulers are pretty nervy. You let them be. How long would ZOG pull its crap, if enough angry Aryans told it no? My question, is why even have a system that ends up with rulers like we have now? Rulers who are the true human garbage, not some poor unfortunate unemployed worker. We need a new system that lets us out of the tar pit of corruption we currently inhabit. A National Socialist govt believes in a strong defense. It does not believe in fighting in causes that are not its own. An NS govt will absolutely not be an enforcer for ZOG and/or Israel. We'll be concentrating on instituting a real national health system. One where you're cared for under govt auspices, not some govt contracted insurance company that your its virtual property, like some health care form of feudalism. NS will give education its proper due. The quest for knowledge shouldn't be left up to how rich you are. There will be a real back up system to help those in financial difficulty. Not just mouthing words as now, but real aid to families in distress. No Aryan should have to surrender pride in order to receive help from its own people. We believe in unity. Help of the community, on a community basis. We are all one. Descended from common Aryan ancestors. Our people pulled together to help each other survive. That's why we're still here. We need to do so again. Aryans unite, we must resist this economic covered evil that is draining the life out of us. Aryans, stop being slave, use your mouth, and speak up and out.

The ANP needs help. We're the mouth of the Aryan people. Its champion willing to speak out on its/your behalf. We need funds, to print out our message. We need your physical help to spread said message. A united Aryan people can elect a pro Aryan govt, if we all unite in a mighty effort. It can be done, and must be done. If you choose not to, then you condemn you and yours to continual servitude for ZOG, and deserve to be treated as dirt, like the system does now, and will do so even more in a minority white America.

Comrades, once again I urge you to PREPARE for the up-coming ANP Spring-Blitz literature/outreach campaign coming soon! Get your materials ASAP - so that YOU TOO can TAKE PART in this historic, annual effort!

As well, the ANP National Conference will take place in JULY. Information and registration slips will be mailed out with the March issue of The White Worker magazine.

For White WORKER Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

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