ANP Report for February 24, 2012

Racial Comrades: Sometimes it is easier to get a point across, through telling a "story", so that is what I'm going to attempt today.

Once there was a large, mostly White American city, whose Mayor who was a total political whore to the Judeo-Capitalist system, and all of its "blessings" - who to curry favor from his masters - went ahead on his own, and created a real humdinger of an ANTI-WHITE publicity campaign.

This campaign was meant to show the world how "PC" he and his community desired to be. It started off with huge bill-boards showing visuals of White people - especially White WOMEN - whom he felt would be more susceptive to his propaganda ( I personally don't know why, as White women often bear the brunt of "close encounters of the wrong kind" with the dark brethren...) by picturing their faces, covered with anti-White propaganda, ala felt pen writing - BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE for ( oh my gosh! ) RACISM and all the ills of the world that go along with such thinking. Of course, NO non-Whites were depicted (maybe black markers wouldn't show up on their hue's? naw...), as his campaign was to SHOW that ONLY those evil White folks could be accused of THAT!

Well, it seems that the common, White folk - especially the White Working Class people, who HAVE to rub shoulders with the lovely Non-Whites, a heck of a lot more than the "suites" in their gated communities and up-town apartments - started to take OFFENCE! Yep, it seems that "this one" was the ONE that got Old Whitey a little riled up!

In these economic times, where a LOT of White Working Class folks and their poorer brothers and sisters alongside them - are fast approaching the "economic level" of all those "poor minorities" - the "sympathy" that the system USED to COUNT UPON, for all those "deprived minorities" was suddenly EVAPORATING, as more and more White people began to EXPERIENCE their own slide DOWN the economic ladder, into a state where they FINALLY begin to CONCERN THEMSELVES about THEMSELVES - instead of "saving the world", as they USED to be counted upon to do.

Yep, as Old Whitey started to GRUMBLE and then RUMBLE about being BLAMED as the SOLE SCAPEGOATS for just about EVERYTHING - well, Mayor Lickspittle began to get worried and then deeply CONCERNED, that THIS TIME - he had gone a wee bit too far - and he LIKED having his nose in the public trough, and "election time" was coming up...

So he ran off over to the local ADL HQ to talk to his good friend and advisor Irving Greenbaum. As he entered the Kosher Temple - he bowed to the HUGE Star of David banner on the wall, as he had been instructed to do - then as his fat, greasy host bade him to sit down, he explained his plight.

Now Irving was no fool. After all, JEWS hadn't got to where they are in power and control in America - because they are stupid. But, Irving also knew that they WERE where they ARE - in large part - BECAUSE of all the LICKSPITTLE GOYIMS ( meaning "cattle" in hebrew for White people, kinda like "nigger" for blacks, but jews call THEM "svartzers"... ) that HELPED them along the way for PERSONAL GAIN and ADVANCEMENT.

Greenbaum looked in disgust at the pathetic TRAITOR to his own kind, but realizing that Lickspittle WAS a useful ( if kept in hand ) TOOL for the JEWISH agenda, he agreed to help.

"I'll tell you right now" stated Mr. ADL - "You NEVER go off on your own, doing ANYTHING without OUR guidance or approval". Lickspittle grimaced and wiped his brow with his silk handkerchief, "I'm SO SORRY, Mr. Greenbaum", he whined, shaking in his chair and looking like he wanted to up-chuck his recent lunch at "Karemba's", an "exclusive" restaurant that catered to the wealthy clientele. "PLEEEZE, tell me WHAT to DO!

"OK", said the wealthy jewish magnate “Here’s the "spin". The White voters are as pissed as hell. Right now, these Goyim are getting it from both ends WITHOUT lubricant! “And he laughed loudly. "Our Judeo-Capitalist banksters are RAPING THEM with HIGH INTEREST "fees", and literally STEALING their HOMES and BUSINESS'S. Our TRIBAL BROTHERS are sending MANY of their piss-ass JOBS - OVERSEAS, and LOWERING the WAGES and BENEFITS of those still left here - because we wave that BIG WAND of the THREAT of MORE job losses, IF Mr. Goyim doesn’t like it. It WORKS, it really DOES! " He had his laugh, until the snot was flying out of his big, cruel "#6" shaped hooked nose - and even as he was being liberally sprayed, Lickspittle dared not even wipe it off. He knew his place in front of the rich jew, and would NEVER wish to offend him in any manner!

"But, they are talking about protests!" Stammered the Mayor "And RECALL!" Lickspittle looked like he wanted to cry. "Forget that shit!" Thundered Greenbaum "These Goyim have been CONDITIONED with DECADES of self-hate propaganda. But, still..." The powerful jew pondered a moment "Still, we can NEVER be complacent. After all, we got complacent back in Germany in the last century, and LOOK at what those bastards DID to US! That Hitler set us back hundreds of years of preparation!" His eyes popping, Greenbaum begin to wave his short, stubby arms. "NEVER AGAIN!" He screamed "THIS TIME THE WORLD WILL BELONG TO THE CHOSEN!".

Lickspittle cringed, after all HE wasn't "One of the Chosen" - would he ALWAYS be a useful tool to these DELUSIONAL MANIACS? But, for now... "Will you help?" he squeaked.

"Yes" Looking hard eyed, the jew spoke "Here's what we will do". Peering out the window of his 30th floor headquarters "First off, we need to DISCREDIT all them potential Goyim troublemakers. I'll make a few calls. Leave it to ME, and from now on in - NO MORE independent thinking on your part, you HEAR?! Gratefully, bowing and sniveling - Mayor Howie Lickspittle ( the "people's friend" who always pledged "I feel your pain" ) groveled his way out of the rich jew’s office and drove off in his new Lexis....

Meanwhile, Greenbaum put the wheels in motion. First off, he called the local tv network and arraigned to have a "special program" that night, on "Honest Jack" Stinkstein's talkshow, that was lauded as being the "most popular and trusted show on the air". It would be about this opposition over the Mayor's PC campaign, and shed "intelligent light" on the true community feelings per such. Stinkstein was a Temple Elder and close friend of Greenbaums and could always be counted on to "promote true community spirit".

Greenbaum also buzzed in an aid, and intructed her to "Get some of those rediculous klan robes out of storage that we have in the back room, and don't forget the hoods and face-masks." He grinned as two stooges entered his office "Look, I want you two to appear on Stinksteins' show tonight as "klan'ers". You know the drill - your crude, hate-filled COWARDS who hide behind MASKS - and are anonymous too - afraid to give your nane, because your EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED about what you belong to." The taller jew grinned "Yeah ok, we're ALSO - STUPID, RUDE, BIGOTED and UNEDUCATED." "Right" grunted the obese hebrew " This will SHOW the gullible Goyim, just WHO and WHAT KIND of dysfunctional filth OPPOSE the Mayor's wonderful campaign for enlightened justice!" The shorter jew chimed in "Its always worked before. We HOLD UP the MOST CRETINIST creatures as 'representatives' of our opposition, and NO-ONE wants anything to do with this issue or that anymore!"

Later, Greenbaum looked somber. " We mustn't be complacent" he said softly to himself. Calling in his secretary, he instructed her “Get our staff on those neo-nazi FORUMS and CHATROOMS" he instructed, “Two prongs this time. First, the WILD-EYED YAHOO's must stoke up anger. Next, the trolls who can accuse anyone of seeing through our efforts - charge THEM with being COWARDS and CONSPIRACY NUTS. IF the Goyim are going to have their little opposition to our plans, well we'll make SURE of the wonderful COMPANY that they will keep, by doing so!"

And so it started. From across the county, the calls went out - to the "HOOLIGAN BOOTBOYS", to the "NIGHT TERROR KLAN", and the "International Kommander of the Union of World Nazi Shocktroopers" (Freddie Cohn) - ALL were TOLD to COME.

The media was also INSTUCTED to PLAY UP the imminent arrival of all these scripted "POSTERBOYS of HATE" - way in advance - anybody REASONABLE was to be EXCLUDED and TOTALLY IGNORED. The systems enforcers in BLUE and SUITS - were also contacted - and WARNED of the CONVERGANCE of all these evil, violence seeking, HATE-MONGERS upon the fair city. As well, offers of "ASSISTANCE" and "EDUCATIONAL INSTRUCTION" from the ADL were proffered to law enforcement, and huge files were sent over to every agency - containing "FACTS" about groups, leaders and individuals expected to arrive.

As the controlled jews-media began to continuously pump out its scripted propaganda, about the HATERS who opposed the Mayors campaign - various "Community Personalities" and "Sport Stars" - sprinkled with various "experts" begin to "talk it up" - in SUPPORT of PC and AGAINST anyone who dared raise their voices against it.

Yep, it started off with the Average White Joe & Jill - GETTING ANGRY ABOUT BEING LIED ABOUT, SMEARED and DENIGRATED - and SOME even getting the NERVE to get OFF the COUCH and to finally GET INVOLVED. It COULD have been an honest, sparked WHITE PEOPLES OPPOSITION movement of a sort - UNTIL the PC CROWD let the "AIR OUT of the BALLOON", so to speak - by BRINGING the LOONIE GAS-BAGGERS IN.

Even to the point of abandoning their own best interests - the AVERAGE, NORMAL White person - REFUSED to "get involved" with a gaggling bunch of tattooed, obviously ignorant, and hate-filled yahoo’s, who's ONLY - REAL intent, was to grab some of that ALWAYS NEGATIVE "publicity" that such creatures thrive upon.


Well, friends - just such a similar situation IS currently occurring in Duluth, Minn. The campaign IS real. The "response" from the WN "movement" IS starting to shape up, just as I've written. Only the "names" have been "adjusted" to "fit the story".

What I have related IS "only a story" - yet, MANY of YOU reading this - KNOW that it’s pretty much on target. The FREAKS and WEIRDO'S are already "planning to be there!" - Hence, RUINING any PROPER resistance on the ground, just as I've written.

And so it will go on and on, as it has for decades - just as Mr. Greenbaum planned it should. After all, "THEY" aren't STUPID. Evil- YES! Corrupt - YES! Totally AGAINST the Aryan people and FOR their OWN peoples agenda - YES! …Should it be OTHERWISE?

I have said it BEFORE and I'll state it AGAIN - all this bullshit will CONTINUE - UNTIL the FREAKS, LOSERS, DEGENERATES, CON-MEN and PAID ASSETS, are CAST OUT from within the ranks of White Nationalism. Are these "CREATURES" honestly "REPRESENTATIVE" of YOU? NOT of ME! The "average, normal Jill&Joe" are NEVER going to GET INVOLVED - UNTIL - they SEE people who LOOK and ACT like THEM. NOT tattooed CARNIVAL FREAKS. NOT silly COSTUMED "look at me!" re-enactors. NOT uneducated, green-toothed "HELL RAISERS". NOR, creeps AND Con-Men with CRIMINAL RECORDS as long as your arm. And can you truthfully "BLAME THEM"?

A crushing future.

by Steve Davenport

It’s time to stop living in fantasy land, and face cold HARD reality. Instead of angry birds, we need angry Aryans. As things stand now, the future of the Aryan race in America is in dire peril. Right now, Obama is making all sorts of BS promises, how "he'll fix things. Same old liberal Democrat crap. Tax, and spend. Tax the middle class, and spend on the military and bank bailouts. He talks a good game, but looking at his record, he's a first class liar. Money for student loans, tax the rich, the peace dividend. We've heard it all before. It turns out to be lies. That's what our leaders do. Tell us what we want to hear, then once securely in/back in power, its screw you suckers. This system is corrupt. After all, why are we dissenting anyway? Because everything is OK, or because everything is corrupt and degenerate. We have been, and are being, set up to take a major fall. If we don't get our Aryan act together, its going to be a major fall. One we'll never recover from. Let our politicians make promises till the cows come home, we know from bitter experience, they're false promises. False promises, from false men. Imitation men, with nothing inside them.

The Obama budget sounds good, it isn't. Think. A budget that promises 4 trillion in budget reduction. Our deficit is 16 trillion. That's money we have to borrow, and pay interest on. 12 trillion as opposed to 16 trillion. Not much of a saving/difference is it? This is the American peoples cross to bear. Unfortunately, our children, grandchildren, ad infinity. How can we be sure Obama will do as he says? He didn't when he got in. He'd really be free to run amok in a second term. Tax the rich, my ass. Obama is rich. Tax himself, not bloody likely. Obama is a weakling. He's been a total pushover for the Mega Capitalists to manipulate. To think he'll develop the strength he lacked in his first term, in his second, to tackle the big money boys is right up there with children's fairy tales. Total make-believe. The Republicans are the party of the rich. I totally discount them to help the common person, just as they discount the common people.

No, in this time of budget cutting, I see the US doing a Greece. In the name of budget cutting, everything gets cut. Student loans, health care, Medicare, Social Security. Whatever we're told now, after the election, it won't matter if Tweedledee, or Tweedledum gets elected. The American people will have a great fall, and down will come all. Greece is accepting austerity, and more, and more. Its rulers, are allowing the Greek people to return to the living standards of ancient Greece. All in the name of austerity, which translates into submission to Mega Capitalist greed, and hard heartedness. Just to please their international financial masters, the leaders of Greece are agreeing to condemn their people to poverty. A decent standard of living, millennia in the making, wiped out at the stroke of a pen. We too are in grave danger of the same fate. International finance controls the world. Do you really think we'll be spared? Look how things are so far. So much has already been cut. Even things like police, and fire protection. Schools are being cut to pieces. Our kids are staring a third world existence in the face.

One in five kids is poor in the USA. We have 46 million poor. Half the country is on some kind of govt assistance. The middle class has been reduced by a third. Half the country is at or below the poverty level. The unemployment rate (official) is at 8.3%. Who knows the real number, our system doesn't like to give bad news. May upset the natives, and spoil the rich elite’s pleasure. In life you either enjoy its pleasure, or suffer its pain. If you think a minority white America is going to have heaven on earth, your crazy. The non whites will be out to settle some scores, and we whites will be too outnumbered, and broke to resist. Our politicians, are just that, politicians. Out for re-election. They want to placate us common folk, yet continue to please their rich elite masters. As much as they talk, about jobs, there is not now, nor ever will be, talk about bringing jobs home. Not a damn word. To the mega predator Capitalists, free trade is dogma, never to be questioned, let alone challenged. We and the Greeks may be fellow Aryans, but I do not wish to become poverty stricken like them. They trusted Capitalism too long, and too hard, now its too late. With Capitalism, the inducement of today, is the give back of tomorrow. Don't trust this system. The betrayal of the middle class in the mortgage meltdown should be definitive proof of that. 700 billion for the banks to save their bacon, only 23 billion to help save the middle class housing. A 23 billion with much red tape, and catches, I may add.

If you want a guarantee for survival, it’s National Socialism. A system that has entirely different values then Capitalism. A system to which race is the ultimate value, won't abuse its citizens, but treasure them, and care for them. Makes sense doesn't it? Capitalism values money, and makes use of GREED to function. Is it any wonder, people get chewed up, and spit out? The ANP needs you, to help it, and yourselves. Give as much as you can in donations. We use our donations to pay expenses, not make payoffs. We print our lit, and need you to pass out the lit. We are passing out info lit, not patronage/favors. We stand for something. Not standing in the way of our peoples happiness. We can't afford to wait any more. We must build a unified org to contest elections, and eventually sweep this system out, and the ANP be swept into power. To save all we hold dear, including our necks.

Comrades, Spring is soon upon us, and it’s time to start PREPARING for the annual SPRING BLITZ literature Out-Reach campaign! Every year has surpassed and been more successful than the previous one. Can we count upon YOUR taking part? Will YOU swear to GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION - instead of sitting back, and BEING - the PROBLEM?

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Let’s do this TOGETHER - for our CHILDRENS sake - if not your OWN!

For White WORKER Power!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

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