ANP Report for February 11, 2012

Racial Comrades: The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes "conservatives" as, ďone disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions."

Now, I would like to take the time today to ask just "WHAT" is there in this current Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM - that one would like to "maintain"?

Is it the ECONOMIC SYSTEM that is based NOT upon "Free Enterprise" - but rather upon the USURY-INTEREST SLAVERY principal? Where the wealthy "1%", who CONTROL America's fortune - basically live NOT by the "sweat of their brows" - but, by MONEY MANIPULATION and outright PONZI SCHEMES against the White Working Class?

Is it the "government", who bye and large is made up of MULTI-MILLIONAIRES - President-Congressmen-Senators-Governors - who are SUPPOSEDLY "representative" of the American people? But letís be honest here folks, the Average Joe & Jill LOST any kind of REAL "representation" in government LONG AGO! These CREEPS, SHILLS and outright WHORES - "represent" their OWN kind, especially the money-bags who SENT them into the political circus!

Is it the Educational SYSTEM - that has done such a PATHETIC job of DUMBING DOWN White children - ever since INTERGRATION was FORCED upon American Whites - so that "you know who" didn't feel so bad about not "getting it", so the curriculum was DUMBED DOWN for ALL? And how about the COST of so-called "HIGHER LEARNING" - instead of granting it to ALL those CAPABLE, as a National Socialist system would - itís now based upon WHO can AFFORD it! Or, WHO is willing to go into a LIFETIME of DEBT to achieve it....

Perhaps they want to "conserve" the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM in America? You know it - itís the one where the WEALTHY get ALL their medical needs met, in top-notch facilities - and the majority, especially those of us LOSING health-care "BENEFITS" along with our JOBS, find ourselves left "care-less". NOBODY - including "our" wonderful "ELECTED OFFICIALS" - seems to CARE about THAT! Oh wait! Now we have that wonderful plan coming up, where EVERYONE - WILL HAVE - to PAY and JOIN a "HEALTHCARE PROVIDER", whether you can AFFORD IT or NOT...or be FINED! Thatís like telling me that I "HAVE" to BUY a car - even if I don't DRIVE. Or, have a JOB. Or, can AFFORD another frigging PAYMENT to someone - in this case, NOT a government program like Social Security - but, some "PRIVATE SECTOR" industry! Itís going to get to the "company store" scenario soon...

Or maybe itís what goes by the name of "ENTERTAINMENT" these days? You know, CARELESS SEX, MINDLESS VIOLENCE, and MORONIC "COMEDY". I don't consider myself a prude, but is there anyone besides myself who finds going to the movies (if you can afford it) or turning on the jew-tube - revolted by the FILTH and NONSENSE offered as "entertainment"? Even childrenís "cartoons" are downright UGLY and CRASS - not to mention filled with "gimme, gimme, gimme" COMMERCIALS - all designed every five minutes, to turn our kids into greedy, materialistic, CONSUMERS who are NEVER satisfied. Between "video games", "music" and the boob-tube - is it any wonder that our youth are prone to "what" so many of them have "BECOME" these days?

I'll bet itís the "JUSTICE SYSTEM" in this toilet bowel of a society! You know what I mean, don't you? The "JUST-US" system - where IF youíre wealthy and/or "somebody" (like a "sports starĒ) the "RULES" the rest of us (ALL of us supposedly) are to follow - DON'T seem to have to apply to "YOU". Yep, how many times (and all those you never heard about, per the systemís CONTROLED MEDIA) have you heard of Billy Bigbucks "WALKING" - while the cops AND the courts together work hand in glove, - MAKING MONEY through "fines" and "tickets" and "costs", as if that was what it was all about - RAISING REVENUE for all levels of government - WHICH IT IS!

I mentioned "sports stars" above - could THIS be what youíre all hot and bothered about "CONSERVING"? Yeah, a crap-load of NON-WHITE multi-millionaires playing various KIDS GAMES with a "BALL" - while overweight White men sit and cheer. Sports! What a JOKE! Sports are what KIDS do in their free time, INSTEAD of stuffing their faces with garbage playing "videos" on the couch, like a fat potato - preparing to "bloom" into an even more obese adult - in THIS sick society. Gotta want to conserve THAT!

Should I go on? Should I suggest that you CON-SERVATIVES seek to CONSERVE other benefits of this ďOh So Wonderful - USA! USA! USA! " - like - FEMINISM, which took the White woman OUT of the HOME and AWAY from her CHILDREN - so that she could have a "CAREER" ( i.e. a HARD, POORLY PAID, ABUSIVE "JOB" ) unlike what the jew-tube shows, on its propaganda "programing". Yes, ONCE the White man could EARN enough wages, that MOM could stay home (a tough JOB in and of itself, and just as VALUABLE) and MENTOR the children into growing up into DECENT human beings. Now, BOTH parents in many cases - HAVE TO WORK - if they're lucky enough to find it, simply to PAY the BILLS. NOW our children - our most prized possessions - are given into the hands of "OTHERS" to raise whether they hold DECENT VALUES or NOT. And we wonder "WHY" they aren't turning out "LIKE US"?

What about SOCIAL VALUES in this "God Bless the Jew-S-A"? Wanna CONSERVE THEM too? Like, "HOMOSEXUALITY IS JUST ANOTHER OK LIFESTYLE"? I understand that CHURCHES are now ORDAINING HOMOSEXUALS as "MINISTERS" - wanna CONSERVE THAT? LOL! PORNOGRAPHY? After all, itís a money-making "Private Sector" BIG BUSINESS of BILLION DOLLAR proportions. Alcoholism and drug abuse? Itís a "FREE COUNTRY" isn't it?

How about the ENVIRONMENT? NO? Youíre NOT interested in CONSERVING and PROTECTING natureís resources - like some damn "tree-hugger"? That sound too "LEFT-WING-PINKO" to you? What about the FOOD you put into YOURS and your CHILDRENSí mouths? Does the FACT that you can't even READ, much less comprehend, most of the "INGREDIENTS" on the food labels, bother you one bit? OH! FORCING the food corporations NOT to poison us - would be - unneeded, undemocratic, and (oh damn!) COMMUNISTIC, eh? Itís NOT "the American way" you say? Hands off Big Government "INTRUSION" into the "Free Market" - "you don't have to buy it" - sorry, but we DO, if we wish to eat.

And TAXES - I guess Mr. Conservative, that you think that these HUGE TAX BREAKS for the already enormously WEATHY should CONTINUE - so that "they can create jobs"? JOBS? You mean the jobs that these "Global Corporations" CREATE - OVERSEAS? This is as SILLY and STUPID and FALSE as this "TRICKLE DOWN" theory - where SUPPOSEDLY the wealthier the rich become, more "PENNIES" will trickle down to the average American worker - like some CRUMBS brushed off the tablecloth to the family pet. Is that WHY 3% of the U.S. population - CONTROL - 85-90% of ALL of Americas wealth?

I would bet that youíre against savagely REGULATING the WALL STREET BANKSTERS and their ilk as well? Gee, some guy robs the bank at the corner for $100 and he goes behind the walls... These BASTARDS - ROB and RAPE ( who knows how many DEATHS they caused through their loan shark-like actions ) - BILLIONS of DOLLARS from America's citizens, lose control of their PONZI SCHEMES through OVER-GREED, and the GOVERNMENT rewards them with a TRILLION DOLLAR "BAILOUT"? And NOT ONE has been PROCECUTED much less gone to JAIL! No, instead they are STILL awarding THEMSELVES - multi-million dollar "BONUSES"! I guess that THAT is all what youíre battling to CONSERVE, eh?

Not me. I have only listed a FEW of the "problems" that I have with this evil, corrupt JUDEO-CAPITALIST monster that we are FORCED to exist in. It CANNOT be "reformed" - the whole premise that CAUSED it - makes reform IMPOSSIBLE. It must be REMOVED like a CANCER and REPLACED with something WHOLESOME. With NATIONAL SOCIALISM....

The Capitalism stranglehold

by Steve Davenport

Since nations like Greece over borrowed, they must now cut their budgets. Drastically. The result is truly horrible. The suicide rate in Greece has risen 40%. The violent crime rate has risen 100%. Greece is now doomed to poverty for many years in the future. You see, the big bankers only care about their own skins, not the common folks. Greece govt is now cutting the guts out of govt spending. Bankers want their money, when they want it. Greek education, and health care, are going thru the basement. All in the name of deficit spending, that was meant to help raise people's standard of living. Notice how it was OK to deficit spend, when the bankers financial skins were on the line. The banks cried out for help. The common people of Europe are crying out in the form of strikes, even riots, but no forgiveness of debt by the global financiers. I wonder if the Greek people now wish the Greek Communists had won their civil war. At least a Communist govt would allow them to eat, and have a home. Such a pity.

Here in the USA, we're staring at the same kind of heartlessness. Half the country - 50% - are on some kind of govt assistance program. Contrary to what is claimed, few are freeloaders. They lack jobs. This because the same moneyed elite that calls them bums, gave away their jobs to non-white countries, like China, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. Capitalism is inherently unstable. In other words, rich today, poor tomorrow. This is what even Adam Smith warned about. This nation is in dire straits. Unfortunately, we have a SYSTEM of govt, that insists on lying to us. Unemployment is supposed to be getting better. How? Is it really more job creation or more like more people are just giving up looking. You can't tell me things are getting better, when half the country gets some kind of govt assistance. Is half the country a bunch of freeloaders?

Greece is just the tip of the iceberg. Virtually all of Europe now stands to be impoverished. Amazingly, the people are letting their leaders turn them into poverty stricken nations. They may demonstrate in the streets, but so far, the govts all follow orders to slash budgets, even if it means the people will lose govt services, like health care. Such is the power of Capitalism, and the power of money to control others. Our system doesn't even provide anything like the European health systems, yet our politicians also, want to cut "wasteful" programs, like Medicare, and Social Security.

Our leaders want to go battle Iran over nuclear weapons. They want to colonize the moon. What they don't want is to care for their own people. Better to worry about Syria and its revolt, rather than the US and its economic woes. Our official unemployment rate is 8.3%. This does NOT take into account the unemployed who stopped looking, and the underemployed. The govt figures are just a smoke screen to get Obama re-elected. Those who have been out of work for 6 months or more are being discriminated against. Employers don't want to hire them. Itís the famous "American" way. People who reach 40 in this country, are marked as no longer useful, like something out of a sci fi movie. People who have been out of work too long to suit employers, are blacklisted, and openly not wanted in some cases. Guess if itís blacks who are unemployed, discrimination is literally criminal, but unemployed whites are out of luck, and without any support. You sure don't see any employment riders going off to demonstrate for the hiring of chronically unemployed white workers do you? The Jews rallied to the help of the poor downtrodden blacks, but whites aren't cared about. Do any of the candidates really seem in favor of the American worker? Itís all pro-business, anti-union. The banks screwed this entire planets economy up royally, but they got saved to the tune of 700 billion dollars. The common citizen needs money to fend off the same banks foreclosure on their homes, but they just get a shrug. 100,000+ homes foreclosed so far. The state of our people is bad. Our govt wants to screw us, like they're doing to their people in Europe. The European peoples have been abused over thousands of years. Old mindsets are hard to break. Whatís this country's excuse? Home of freedom. What freedom, the freedom to starve? We have to start worrying about just where this system is taking us. Europe chose to follow the US Capitalism model. A comfortable way of living for 60 years, but now Europe is being turned into a poor continent. The true result of Capitalism is poverty. Greece is proof. When the choice is the peopleís welfare, or a balanced budget, financial considerations will always come before the people of a Capitalist system. This is true throughout history. Itís Capitalism's nature. The captains of Capitalism, that we call our govt, have no love for the common folk. We're just something to exploit and then discard as trash.

The people of this country are under strain. Terrible strain. There is no letup in sight. Not with a Congress full of millionaires. Who for the little guy, the common citizen? The ANP is. It stands for a National Socialist system. NS doesn't try to run the whole economy like Communism. Neither does it let business run amok, like Capitalism. It gives business leeway, but it won't allow anything like the savings and loan mess, or the mortgage mess to happen. How many more scandals are we to endure? With our national debt at 16 trillion, already Washington DC is saying we have to cut down spending a la Greece. Translation, cut out public programs. The common people don't matter. NS stands for the value of its race. To it, the common people are everything. The very reason a nation exists. NS could never tolerate the betrayal of its people by unscrupulous finance. Help save yourself. A Greece style, budget cutting is coming for us. Are we really all gonna sit on our hands, till our suicide rate goes up 40%? We already have 2 million people incarcerated. Are we really going to wait to do something till that number doubles, or triples? Help the ANP. It needs your donations, and time for giving out lit. Yes itís a pretty small potatoes setup now, but when we reach enough people, NS will be able to be a force to reckon with. It will have a voice loud enough to defend its people. We can either end up like Greece, destitute, due to Capitalist leaders, or be a people of strength thru NS govt.

Comrades, Iím not going to give you a "long lecture" this time. Bottom line is - people GET whatever they ALLOW.


I KNOW that itís economically "TOUGH" out there, after all - I'm one of you. Still, I firmly believe that "SOMETHING" - some RESISTANCE - CAN come from each and every one of us. I have a number of people telling us that they "can't make their pledges". OK, I can understand your situation - to a degree. I find it ironic though, that EVERYONE couldn't send in at least ONE DOLLAR a month, to cover sending The White Worker that the Party mails out to them. Sure, your "one dollar" doesn't sound like a lot to you - but, IF the Party sends out HUNDREDS of magazines (the postage alone is now 65cents, not counting production costs...) it COSTS our organization a lot, hence the necessity of your response. Your "one dollar" would at least pay for the Party mailing you your copy of The White Worker magazine.

I have heard comments like "Rocky sounds like a 'jew', calling for financial support" - yet, the JEWS finance THEIR organizations very generously. Odd, isn't it? The jews ply their side with lots of money, and the so-called "WN" are "as tight as a jewĒ when it comes down to it, in far too many cases. There must be a joke or a parable there somewhere, think about it....

In any case, the Party is here for you. We want to FIGHT all the evils that I spoke about earlier in this ANPReport. They CAN be fought - but, it can't be done empty handed. IF youíre a con-servative, and you LIKE what this system throws at you - of course, I don't expect you to support our National Socialist efforts.

If however, you claim to be a National Socialist - I remind you of what Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf : " It is not enough for a National Socialist to claim 'I believe' , a true National Socialist declares I FIGHT! " And financially supporting YOUR beliefs IS part of the FIGHT. A very crucial part. Without funding, very little can be accomplished in a REAL sense. Think of "what" your life would "be" - if you went around not paying your bills - the same goes for our organization.

Now, we can revert BACK to being "what" so many of these "internet nutzi" fantasy clubs ARE - where people can join for "free" - and we all play lets-pretend in a make-believe world of fancy costumes and even more grandiose "titles".

Personally, I would rather QUIT the whole Struggle, and accept that we are DOOMED and just go along to get along. But, I don't believe that it has come to THAT - I figure that many have been "getting over the holidays" and the filling of those jingling kosher cash-registers - but, like adults we will pull ourselves together and once again motivate ourselves to the DUTY of each and every National Socialist since Day One - to FIGHT, to SERVE, and to SACRIFICE of ourselves - so that our PEOPLE, our RACE may LIVE!

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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