ANP Report for January 30, 2012

Racial Comrades: Most of you I am sure, know the fable of the "Ant and the Grasshopper". If not, I suggest that you ĎGoogle upí this old Aryan story and read it...

The political efforts of the ANP vs. the reactionary, right-wing racialist "movement" are similar in a way. Most of the entire "movement" involves itself in "flashy" style efforts of "fun" - rallies, marches, protests etc. et al - that achieve very little of a lasting momentum, rather simply a "momentary" flash in the pan burst of ( always negative ) jews-media "publicity". This in turn, produces NOTHING lasting in either growth or material advancement.

Having "shot their wad" so to speak, with little or nothing to show for it - these circus's - not having the intelligence, nor the mind-set of looking beyond today in their restricted and limited political out-look - simply go about, like a dog chasing its tail, to prepare to "do it all over again", with NO end in sight for their profitless antics.

Letís be BLUNTLY HONEST here folks - just "WHAT" have all these "public rallies" etc. - over ALL these DECADES, ever ACHIEVED? The answer is - NOTHING POSITIVE.

These types of "events" are bye and large festivals for the WRONG TYPE of "representatives" of White Nationalism - by this I mean, that lets simply LOOK at the MAJORITY of PARTICIPANTS who take part in these "public displays".

First off, we have the COSTUMED CROWD - those who look forward to these activities - so that they can SHOW OFF their latest, homemade creation of a "uniform" of some sort. Itís odd really, because the word "UNIFORM", means just THAT - everyone is dressed in a UNIFORM PATTERN. Not these clowns! Each one has on "SOMETHING" - "DIFFERENT" - that sets the wearer APART from those around him. Itís like each performer has his own little "something" that literally hopes to get focused upon - HIM. LOL

Next, are the BONEHEADS - covered all over with "TATTOO'S" - like a freak in some carnival sideshow. Well, isn't it TRUE? They too just HAVE to have a "certain look" - what with suspenders, colored boot-laces, and some "provocative t-shirt", along with of course - a SHAVED HEAD, usually covered with "tatt's" and a scowl.

IF anybody NORMAL looking does take part - you can be SURE, that the jews-media FOCUS'S upon the FORMER two groupings. You all KNOW the "WHY" I'm sure. And through experience, I feel safe to say - that after a very brief association with these former two - the vast majority of NORMALS never return, which is a severe loss for WN as a whole.

So what you have, is an ever dwindling number of participants, who continue to embarrass WN, through their appearance AND their antics - but, which the enemy LOVES to portray as "US" to the public at large.

Need I even go on about the usual "MESSAGE" that these creatures send forth - as the supposed AGENDA of White Nationalism? Itís ALWAYS something NEGATIVE. Or, itís something so SIMPLISTIC such as "White Power", or "White Pride" - like a one-legged man trying to do a tap-dance. And just WHAT has such a dynamic approach gotten the WN "movement"? NOTHING. Negativity ATTRACTS negativity - simple hate ATTRACTS haters. And to be honest - there just ain't that many "haters" out there - to build a real movement upon. As well, negative people tend to be LOSERS - and trying to get anywhere with losers is worse than a forlorn-hope.

This so-called "movement" is its own worst enemy. No wonder it CAN'T get anywhere, and it NEVER will! It attempts to utilize "damaged" people, and its "message" that it tends to concentrate upon - REPULSES more normal people - than ATTRACTS them. It CAN'T change its MESSAGE - for the simple reason - that IF it did, it would "turn off" and LOSE the stumblebums that it currently has, and its "leaders" have no faith in their ability to ATTRACT better people. They're probably right. Most of the "movement leaders" are as bad - or WORSE - than their followers, hence their NEVER attempting to correct or mentor their following into becoming something BETTER than they are.

This so-called right-wing, reactionary "movement" is DEAD - GOOD RIDDANCE - itís better if it DISAPPEARED entirely from public view.....

Such a terrible waste.

by Steve Davenport

With so many people needing monetary help in this country, it is truly criminal that we spend so much on elections. It is becoming prohibitive, to run for office anymore. Unless of course you've either got the money yourself, or you have a political sugar daddy. Newt Gingrich PAC (political action committee) received a contribution of 5 million dollars from Sheldon Addison billionaire. Addison is strongly anti-union, and pro-Israel. Likewise, Newt Gingrich is strongly anti-union and pro-Israel. As an aside, I personally like his pugnacious style against the media. Very amusing. This is merely just one, of very many examples of the money involved to run for office in this country. Rich people rule. They control political sock puppets who do whatever they are told. Think of what good all the millions of dollars spent on electioneering could buy if used for other purposes. Do we really need to start campaigning for virtually an entire year, to run for office? Millions of dollars spent promoting some sleazy candidate that could be used to help education, especially student loans. Think of all that could be accomplished with the 34 million already spent on just 3 primaries/caucuses. Money that might just help establish a national health system. At the end of it all, billions end up being spent, all to elect some sleaze ball, who will screw the common folk.

Just one of these so called attack ads, could fund our party for a year or more. No, our rich ruling elite offer money to the politicians, like giving a dog a bone. We lower classes don't count, at all. The American people need help. They aren't going to get it. The rich ruling class has other ideas. We can go climb a tree, before we ever will get national health insurance. The rich don't pay any taxes, or ridiculously low ones. The famous: "Warren Buffetís secretary pays more in taxes than Warren Buffet" line is how this system is built. Why don't the rich want to pay their fair share? Answer, they want to stay rich. Money that they'd pay in taxes, can be much better used to INFLUENCE politicians. The rich ruling elite aren't about to sacrifice their 50 million dollar yachts, so lower class kids can get student loans, and go to college. They sure as hell aren't about to ante up to help fund a national health system, because they feel they're great, and all non-rich are worthless, and expendable. Deny it as they might, the total lack of real progress on national health, shows how things really stack up. Remember the saying: ďactions speak louder than words"? I'm full of sayings tonight, like the one from the ACW: "rich manís war, poor manís fight". Seems that's how we are today. The rich want war, at first against Communism, now Islamism. Notice how none of them are donning a uniform to fight, but that may be unfair. How about, that none of the millionaires, and especially the billionaires, are ponying up to fund the war, or treat the wounded veterans of such. That actions saying, just keeps coming on back.

Both Reagan, and Thatcher, battled unionism, because they felt unions stifled business, and job creation. They believed in working your way up the ladder. Work how, when they allow jobs to be outsourced to non-white overseas nations, whose pay is a few cents a day? I've always felt that was an unfair attitude on their part. Yet, we still are hearing the same message. Just how are people supposed to work their way up, without anything like a decent wage job? No, our current rich ruling elite are content to make overseas profits, at the cost of hurting the home front. The elite just use elections, and electioneering, to push their own agenda. They have money to burn (as in waste) on elections that establish whatever ruling faction wins, sock puppet to do their bidding. The true national problems: education, health, wars, environment, deficit, etc., are ignored. All sacrificed on the altar of profit. If we could at least limit elections to just a 2 week period say, we'd save a bundle, but the Supreme Court would never allow it, anymore then Congress, would limit their paymasters. How the Supreme Court could give Super PACs free reign is really shameful. But then the people giving the OK, are above the normal everyday people, aren't they. They obviously think so. Super PACs are run without the candidateís control. They can raise as much as they want. Itís like yelling "come and get it", to the hungry politicians. Itís scandal just waiting to happen. It really makes this country a rich manís heaven, and a poor manís hell. Yeah, sure, the candidates have no control over PAC money. Guess they consider us lower classes to be idiots. Well as this election YEAR passes, and either yours, or someone elseís house is foreclosed on, think how much all that election money could have saved your, and the country's financial bacon. Think on why the banks were bailed out, when nearly half the country opposed same, but the politicians went ahead anyway. Imagine how we'd have a strong national health system right now, except that the politicians are using up money to run ads on TV informing you, how much they're just regular folks, and that they'll save the day. Obama was sure good for that.

We need to put some controls, on elections. Europe allows 2 weeks for election campaigning. Saves money, and helps limit the time you're stuck putting up with BS ads. The current parties will fail to do so, just like they fail at everything. They want elections to be expensive and limited to the rich only. The ANP will put limits on elections. In the day and age of instant media coverage, 2 weeks should be plenty of time to get your message out. That will save the country a bundle. People deserve to have a chance. Seems like the ANP, is the only party that wants the little guy involved, and will give him a chance. In the early days of the USA, you had to be a property holder, in order to vote. The establishment is trying to go back to limiting the franchise, by making wealth a necessary quality to run for office. (property=wealth) This is total hypocrisy. The very same who crow about how free we are, are the same, who secretly try to limit office to a handful. If you want to prevent this country becoming even more a rich persons club, then you need to vote NS. You need to help us with donations. (right now, its fight fire with fire). We need your time to give out lit. The people need to know. I'm sure you'll remember my words, since every time you turn on the TV, and hear another political ad, you'll think how itís just that many more millions being wasted to help lackeys of the elite, instead of you and your families.

Comrades, the Party of National Socialism - the American Nazi Party - is founded upon entirely DIFFERENT principals, and our AGENDA is the complete OPPOSITE of what I have related above.

We are PRAGMATIC REALISTS - we have reviewed our current capabilities, and have adjusted our behavior in tune with WHAT - CAN BE ACHIEVED - in a professional and capable manner, and what cannot.

Instead of attempting to FOOL OURSELVES in as much, that we can PROPERLY engage in certain activities such as we might LIKE to see - we instead prefer to engage in efforts that we KNOW - CAN BE ACHIEVED...with the personnel and resources at hand.

Would the ANP like to engage in "rallies and marches"? Yes, but ONLY when we can muster ENOUGH - DICIPLINED, NORMAL PEOPLE - to participate - IN NUMBERS - large enough - to IMPRESS the masses. At the present time - thanks in part to the "loonies" involved in this "movement" who drive AWAY decent and normal folks from wanting to get involved, thinking that "we are all the same" - we don't have that option.

So just WHAT is our GAME-PLAN? Itís very simple. Its REACHING the masses of our White population through our OUT-REACH distribution program. This is "SOMETHING" that EVERY ANP PERSONNEL is strongly encouraged to take part in. With literally HUNDREDS of Party Comrades and sympathizers distributing ANP materials across America - we REACH literally THOUSANDS each and every month with our National Socialist message. Some join and enlarge our outreach efforts...

Next, we attempt to EDUCATE these White brothers and sisters in the National Socialist IDEOLOGY - something which these "other" outfits simply don't have - giving our adherents SOMETHING to BELIEVE IN and to FIGHT FOR. A POSITIVE rather than a NEGATIVE agenda will always come out on top! People will SACRIFICE and FIGHT harder - FOR SOMETHING - than simply "AGAINST" something.

And finally, the ANP is ORGANIZING these positive people - people who BELIEVE in a total National Socialist WORLD-VIEW, a HEALTHY, NEW "way of lifeĒ - into FINALLY a real-world Pro-White POLITICAL ORGANIZATION, rather than a reactionary "protest society".

Of course, all this isn't done overnight - but, by collecting QUALITY people - and by NOT "outing them" to system abuse - through EXPOSURE to the tender mercies of this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM, as all these other cult/clubs DO - what with their shoving them before the jews-media's CAMERA'S...we tend to KEEP them SAFE and OPERATIONAL. And that is IMPORTANT. We do NOT treat our adherents - as these "others" DO - like they were EXPENDABLE tissue, to be discarded after having made use of them as far as they will allow themselves to be "used".

After all, many of these people who are abused ARE serious and willing to SERVE the Cause. Many think that the "usual movement routine" is the ONLY manner of operation. We ourselves have had to explain time and again our agenda, until these spirited types UNDERSTOOD where we were coming from - being newbies - and that "American History X" was NOT our "playbook" - it was ENEMY PROPAGANDA! The same that the "Turner Diaries" is an exciting NOVEL - a STORYBOOK - NOT a "BLUEPRINT" for REALISTIC ARYAN SURVIVAL. WE are NOT going to survive following FANTASY. But, for the "movementites" - FANTASY - is often preferable, to pragmatic REALITY.

Comrades, I have written many years here for the ANPReport, telling and explaining the "issues and problems" facing our Folk. Itís gotten to the point where I'm often simply rehashing "old ground", except where they have WORSENED. How many times does one NEED to have these issues brought to mind - BEFORE - one finally decides to GET INVOLVED in the SOLUTION?

Our current struggle could be called the "war of the flea" in the sense that at PRESENT, we DON'T have the "big guns" to MATCH the enemy as we would all like. BUT! - That does NOT imply that we cannot conduct our "battles" as we are best able.

In this I mean that by POOLING our EFFORTS we CAN have an impact! By ADDING all the SMALL distributions of ANP outreach - they DO accumulate into a LOT. By ADDING together all the SMALL sacrificial donations - they too can accumulate into forward potential in the progress of National Socialism in America. I cannot stress this more strongly - ANYTHING - no matter "how little" or "how small" your effort MIGHT seem in YOUR mind - when POOLED TOGETHER, achieves much more, in the larger picture of things.

The ONE thing that I never want to hear come from a National Socialists mouth, is that "my effort won't make a difference" - what WILL make a DIFFERENCE - is IF YOU SIT BACK and DON'T MAKE EVEN THAT "SMALL" EFFORT!

The ANP is NOT "Rock's Party" - it IS the Party of ALL THOSE who take part - large OR small in it. There is NOTHING "so small" that any of us can do - to give ANY of us - the pitiful "excuse" of NOT doing it!

Let me finish with this thought. How MANY Americans do you think, BELONG officially to EITHER the Democruds OR Republirats political parties? You might be SURPRISED at how FEW really are MEMBERS of these two frauds. Itís the MONEY thatís behind them, that gives them that "image".

The DIFFERENCE between OUR Party and these system trojan-horses - is that OUR adherents BELIEVE enough in what we are doing - to SACRIFICE each and every day - PERSONALLY for our ideals. NOT to put some wealthy, rat faced crook into another paid political office - but, to BUILD a NEW WORLD. A DECENT, HEALTHY, SAFE world - fit for US and our CHILDREN!

Surely, such a goal is far more important than the gathering together of more plastic junk from China, or who wins the nigger-bowl game? Those who sit on the Throne of Power - looking down from their wealthy mansions - must think that "WE" are a bunch of gullible MORONS...what we put up with, and accept with grumbles and a muttered curse. I'm NOT. Are YOU?

For White WORKER Power!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

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