ANP Report for January 12, 2012

Racial Comrades: I'm going to relate a true story to you today; the "moral" of the story is for YOU to judge.

A few days ago, I met one of the people whom I used to work with for 25 years, and he was relating to me about the folks I knew and how they were getting on.

It seems that so many have left, and or retired - one guy who was the head of maintenance - a guy who was a total company-man, and to be honest I never really liked because of the manner that he treated the people in his ( non-union ) department, had retired...and died.

The story I got was this - "Bob" had finally took an early retirement, and moved up-north to a big condominium on the Great Lake, he had a big fancy cabin-cruiser boat, snow-mobiles, a new truck - ALL the "toys". Yep, for all appearances, "Bob" really "had it made". For "Bob" - life was "GREAT"! The total "American Dream".

Well, "Bob" had something else along with all his wealth and toys.... Now, "Bob" was a 100% Blue-Blooded CON-SERVATIVE - with the proverbial touch of that "racist attitude" that was more snobbish than pragmatically scientific. He also "looked down" on his economically challenged fellow Whites as well. I'm sure many of you know the type.

Well, six months after he moved up north, to retire in style - "Bob" found out that he had CANCER. Now "Bob" hadn't had time to get set up with insurance since he left work, and with a "pre-existing condition" NOBODY wanted to handle him...

Long story short - to pay all these expensive "procedures" out of pocket - "Bob" LOST his "toys" one by one. Lost his fancy beach property, and wound-up dying, living alone with his wife, in a rented apartment above someoneís garage. Sad isn't it? I mean it.

You would think that in America, this nation would have been among the first, if NOT the FIRST - to have a NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM to provide healthcare to its citizens!

But, along with Old "Bob" - so many people, think that THAT its - "communistic", or "socialistic" therefore UN-AMERICAN!? What the hell!

Itís FINE to spend BILLIONS on FOREIGN-AID all over the planet. Itís A-OK to waste BILLIONS on WARS to make the world safe for JUDEO-CAPITALIST EXPLOITATION, and to MAKE billionaires MORE billions in this corrupt "Military Industrial Complex" as President Eisenhower described it back in the 50's. Itís WONDERFUL to "BAIL OUT" incredibly RICH - WALL STREET BANKSTER BARONS. But, to PROVIDE basic HEALTHCARE to the CITIZENS who provide the TAX MONIES - thatís "UN-AMERICAN"?

Well, under THIS evil, corrupt system - I guess it IS! "THEY" can FORCE you to PAY those TAXES. "THEY" can SPEND your monies in any manner they like, whether YOU agree with it or not. "THEY" can even DRAFT your sorry ASS off to FIGHT their foreign WARS for them if they have the mind to. BUT - PROVIDE YOU HEALTHCARE for YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES - with YOUR hard earned TAX DOLLARS? NOOOO! Itís literally INSANE to ME how THEY get away with it - and WE ALLOW IT.
So, IF Old "Bob" the CON-SERVATIVE would have had a REAL - NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SERVICE - as EVERY SINGLE OTHER "first world" nation has (France, Germany, Canada, etc.) things might have turned out a little differently. I'm not saying that he would have lived, but his wife wouldn't find herself destitute as she now is. But, letís FORGET about REALITY - letís all chant "USA/USA/USA" - and keep repeating that we're so damned LUCKY to EXIST "here"...after all, we could be in Ethiopia or some other crap-hole that doesn't provide for its citizens either - FORGET about France, Germany, Canada, etc......

THATíS one of the BIG reasons "WHY" that I'm a National SOCIALIST! I believe that the SYSTEM exists to SERVE its CITIZENS - NOT - the other way around!

The Coming Mess

by Steve Davenport

Notice how in an election year, the media just can't say enough good about everything. Compare this with the usual dismal news predictions we normally get. DO NOT BE FOOLED! The system does NOT care about you. Nor is everything getting better. How can it? Kodak is about to go bankrupt, with loss of jobs as a result. The Post Office, is about to have massive cuts in its workforce. Boeing is closing its Wichita plant in 2013. Now we hear, the Pentagon is about to have massive cuts in troop levels. With all these workers unemployed, just how is the economy going to improve? We hear nothing about real job creation. I make you a sandwich, and you make me a sandwich is all our kids can look forward to. This is low wage work. No knock, but it is. We need to bring back manufacturing jobs from non-white China, and get American whites working at decent wage jobs again. Yet no politician says anything about doing this. Big Capitalism wants its profits, even if it means the destruction of the white middle class. A non-white country means more to American business, then Aryan white American workers. What a state of affairs.

I think we're being set up for a major fall. How can our govt talk about cutting the military, when every other news article, is about how the US is about to go to war with Iran? Are we being fed another WMD a la Iraq, and Saddam? Why is it the end of the world if Iran gets the bomb, while North Korea, and Pakistan both have it? They're just as unstable, if not more so, then Iran. As the US war in Iraq ends, (with the Iraqis about to have a civil war), and the war in Afghanistan winding down, I feel ZOG needs a new target to fight, to distract the American people. This is a very old trick. Stalin always wanted enemies to fight, not friends. He went out of his way to create enemies, so he could rally the nation with HIM, against THEM. Is this what our ruling elite wants? I think so. Letís face it, the Euro zone is dying. Europe's prosperity has been betrayed by international finance, (which seems to have a disproportionate number of Jews in it), and its people are now facing a future of stark poverty. Here in the US, we too are facing economic stagnation, and a much reduced standard of living. I for one don't wish to have to live in poverty, but I sure don't want a war to help avoid it. Besides Iran itself, many Moslem's would hate us, and we'd be facing "terrorists" everywhere on the planet. Iran does have friends you know, regardless of what the Jews media claims. Friends we'd no doubt also have to fight. I especially don't relish fighting to eliminate Israelís most powerful enemy. Israel talks tough, but they know the US politicians will do anything for the Jewish lobby. Why would the Jews care about goyim (cattle like non-Jews)? Frankly if I were Jewish I'd only care about my side, and the hell with any others. Itís only natural. Every candidate for office is saying how THEY will take out evil Iran, and stop their bomb making. Funny how none of them are going to put on a uniform and take a rifle into combat. Look up Belgian National Socialist Leon Degrelle's life. He was a politician, who fought. That's the difference between the Capitalist politicians, and the National Socialist ones. NS believes in something. Believes very strongly. Enough to risk their life for it.

Our ruling elite arenít going to do anything to interfere with their profit flow. They're trying to turn the world into one giant Judeo-Capitalist "market", where the US and its fellow flunky regimes have a rich elite 1% ruling class, and a 99% poor laboring class. Just like the good ole robber baron days. The elite having 90% of the country's wealth, and the poor owning 10% - if theyíre lucky. No health care, no education assistance, no nothing. We see the beginnings of this already. Europe is going back to the bad old days of extreme class conflict. The rich rule, the poor die. We in the US are also going down the toilet. People are losing their seasonal jobs. Nothing to replace them. We just get political BS, how candidate X (they're all assholes) will somehow save the day. How about particulars, like when, and how? Never going to happen. We're ruled by cretins, whose only concern is money. Our Congress is just a giant club of the rich of the rich people. A country, country club. Extremely doubtful it will work for the little guy. Sure hasn't so far.

National Socialism is for the little guy, because that's who makes it up. The ANP is dedicated to its race, and their betterment. We intend to fund education. We intend to provide national health care. We intend to keep our jobs here at home, not help non-whites destroy our economy. We intend to stop the racial quota system, and get working whites back into public service. The lazy, incompetent non-whites no longer being able to hide behind their race to keep jobs they refuse to do. Every dollar you send helps the ANP move that much closer to building a political base that will allow it to eventually challenge the major parties, and win office. Itís been done, and can be done again. There are many who are disgruntled. The numbers keep growing. Letís work collectively and get ourselves out of the capitalist tar pit, and build a NS state that will help us, rather than work overtime at destroying us as our current system is doing.

Comrades, this has been a VERY mild winter so far, even up here in Michigan. With all the "holidays" over and celebrated - itís time to get back to doing political OUT-REACH. LOOK in the "merchandise" section of our website - you may order 100 MESSAGE-CARDS for only a $5 donation. WHO really can't afford THAT? Itís cheaper than a pack of smokes, for Peteís sake.

IF we could get 100 PEOPLE to pledge to distribute 100 CARDS each month - we would REACH TEN-THOUSAND White brothers and sisters with our message EVERY MONTH! Think about it. Itís NOT some "impossible" goal. In fact - itís an EASY and ACHIEVABLE one!

In a yearís time - we could reach such numbers of our people - that a steady percentage would JOIN and ADD to our efforts. BUT - YOU first have to make that decision to TAKE PART. Every time you "go out" somewhere, laying a few cards here or there, takes NO time OR real effort on your part - and IT ALL ADDS UP - all across America! Will YOU be a DOER or one of the TALKERS?

For White WORKER Power!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

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