ANP Report for December 30, 2011

Racial Greetings: Well Comrades, with the year 2011 winding up to its end, and a whole New Year before us - I thought that I would spend todays ANPReport with a little look at the past year and what we need to focus upon this coming one.

Having been involved in this since I first joined George Lincoln Rockwell's ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16 - I have served for almost 45 years now in the front-lines of our Struggle to build National Socialism here in America - and I think that I can honestly claim that that is a "pretty long time" for ANYONE who is or has been active in this "movement"...

One thing that I HAVE learned through the experience of DECADES - is that sadly VERY FEW people seem to be able to KEEP the FAITH - beyond what I would call a VERY limited time-period, as if they somehow believe that something as TREMENDOUS an undertaking as we are all involved in, can be achieved in the matter of a few years or so.

Over the years, I have seen so many people - some quite valuable unfortunately - throw up their hands and "quit", simply because in THEIR eyes - the Struggle hasn't been as "successful" as they presumed that THEIR entrance into it would be.

THAT my friends, is simply ANOTHER "consequence" of this rotten "instant gratification" society that has been foisted upon our Folk by this evil, decadent Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity of a system! Like children, they "WANT IT NOW" - as if ANYTHING that is desirable isn't worth ANY EFFORT to stay the course to achieve - and as I have learned through "life", the things that are "easy" and without a "price" are usually the more worthless rather than those that take extreme SACRIFICE and STRUGGLE to make a reality.

Letís review the position of the Party over the past year. In 2011, the ANP held SEVEN Conferences and Public Events ACROSS AMERICA which is a growing trend. I will admit that I would certainly like to see MORE people ATTENDING, rather than "finding something more important to do", but still our Party Organizers MADE that EFFORT and I commend them for their dedication. The Party "hard-copy" magazine - The White Worker - was published on schedule and even INCREASED in SIZE to where Decembers issue was 32 pages of interesting and intelligent National Socialist material. What other so-called "NS" org out there can state THAT? Or even claim to print "HARD-COPY" anymore? Our literature "outreach line" of materials, was INCREASED and IMPROVED for activists to work with - and the "cost factor" of producing these items has STAYED the SAME. The ANP Media team launched a "twitter program" ( ) that has INCREASED to almost 700 interested subscribers as I write these words. On the "links section" of our Party website we currently have FIVE Party Comrades who are doing a fine job of REACHING, EDUCATING and ORGANIZING people through their own efforts - in might I say an educated, professional, 21st century National Socialist style... NOT filled with esoteric ramblings of a bygone era, nor rehashed propaganda slogans from 60-70 years ago - but, UP TO DATE, 21st century messages that TODAYS average White man or woman can understand and connect with! As well, the Party launched a new internet radio show on the "talk-shoe" network ( ) which has become very popular, with our audience increasing with each program.

In the past year, the Party has found more capable Comrades willing and able to step up to the plate, and organize Party Cells than in any previous year! And of course, IF anyone gauges "success" by achieving notoriety in the controlled enemy media - well, we "succeeded" there too, most prominently with our involvement of support for the Occupy Wall-Street opposition movement. Something that has brought in some "fresh blood" from OUTSIDE the moribund, if not dead right-wing reactionary segment of White American society. These young White racial comrades, have had ENOUGH of the wonders of the good old Jew-S-A and its bondage of interest-slavery and are just the type of ACTIVISTS that we desperately NEED if we are to have ANY real hope of breaking OUT and AWAY from the playpen that the fossilized "movement" has corralled itself into. Filled with COWARDS, DEADBEATS, LOSERS, and bye and large - people to whom the word SACRIFICE resembles the reaction of Count Dracula to that of a "Cross".

Of course Comrades, this past year has also held its usual motley array of "speed-bumps" as well. Often, in a Struggle like ours - it appears that for every three steps forward, we take two steps back - but, whoever claimed that our fight would be SIMPLE or EASY? IF that were so, we would already "be in power"...

I believe that the worst "blow" last year was the WEATHER back in July that kept our S.C. event from being "better" than it was. As it was - the BEST of the BEST - DID show up and attend, and THAT "showed ME something" in any case, per the Comrades involved!

And THAT leads me to want to say THIS - I am so PROUD of the Cadre of men and women that the Party has assembled together as a TEAM - that I can clearly state upon "my childrenís lives" - that I have NEVER seen a finer grouping of sincere NATIONAL SOCIALISTS assembled together in my entire life! These are NOT just "racialists", nor are they "conservatives" in any manner of thinking - these people ARE National Socialist REVOLUTIONARIES. WE have actually built a REAL NS organization that is NOT filled with "re-enacters" playing "nazis". Nor are our ranks filled with scowling tattooed bone-heads, whose understanding of NS is shouting bigoted slurs, or how many Swastika's they have positioned "somewhere" on their bodies. Or, the mindless "hater" who's personal "lifestyle" makes that of a ghetto-negroid look honorable. NO! Through OUR intelligent and sincere NS approach we have ATTRACTED few or none of these types that I'm aware of - instead our activities have brought us NORMAL, SINCERE people who are NOT seeking the "thrill" of being a "SS-Strumbannfuhrer" or a "High-Hunkyklunkle" - and instead are looking for REAL POLITICAL ALTERNATIVES to what faces us all, through INVOLVEMENT in REAL-WORLD POLITICAL ACTIVITY.

For the very FIRST time in too many years, National Socialist political activity has gone BEYOND the "tapping hidden on a keyboard", and/or "stomping around in a costume, shouting and waving a sign" looking just as the ENEMY would PREFER us to portray ourselves in public - to ACTUALLY getting-involved in "on line AND off line" positive activities so to speak, - SERIOUS, INTELLIGENT REAL-WORLD political action!

What has made this possible, is the Party Comrades who HAVE "stayed the course", and KEPT their FAITH in what we all are doing. This only PROVES once AGAIN that the ANP's policy of ONLY appointing men and women who ARE - PROVEN RELIABLE POLITICAL ACTIVISTS - to positions of authority AND responsibility. Observing "other" orgs out there, whether they are simply "WN" or supposedly "NS" - I have found a terrific "turn-over" rate among their ranks. Of course, I would be the first to admit that amongst even our "Official Supporter" ranks, that there is a significant percentage of people who found that the Party WASN'T a cult or re-enactment group, or that our requirements ( quite mild, I believe personally ) of association were "more" of a commitment than they wished to adhere to, and disappeared after a period of time - yet, our "LEADERSHIP" ranks along with our "hard-core" BELIEVERS have STAYED WITH US THROUGH THICK OR THIN. "Good times" AND "bad". And I believe that THAT is the "key" to our growth and success and of the Partyís being able to face ANYTHING that is thrown at it, and to not only SURVIVE - but to BOUND BACK - BETTER than EVER! A true Triumph of the Will!

So much at stake.
by Steve Davenport

It is truly depressing, that our govt is so frivolous with our tax money, that it gladly spends it on everything, but what it should. Itís been announced in the news that the US govt is going to use foreign aid, to help promote gay rights. This is little short of insane. Whether you support gay rights or not, here at home, to try and export it worldwide, is just asking for trouble. Like it or not, many nations are totally opposed to same sex marriage etc. In some cases, more than opposed, they consider it criminal behavior. Why on Godís good earth would the US govt want to push it? Itís guaranteeing this country big trouble. The US wants Uganda, as an ally against El- Shebab in Somalia. Uganda outlaws gay practices. Using foreign aid to get them to relax their laws will only lose us a potential friend, and ally. Why does our govt care how other govts treat homosexuality? For strict Islamic countries, itís a red flag right in their faces. We want the Islamics on our side against the Taliban. This makes us the ENEMY of Islam, with all the danger that entails. ZOG just doesn't get it, that for some people, you can't change their core beliefs at any price. This is the liberal insanity, and arrogance, that has come to bedevil this country. Like when LBJ tried to buy off Ho Chi Minh, for a billion dollars. ZOG is trying to buy off the world, for gay rights. Why does ZOG consider gay rights so important it is willing to do this? My question, is why ZOG is willing to use US taxpayer money to promote a cause that many Americans are uncomfortable with? Especially at the cost of using tax money here at home, where itís really needed. This is all we can expect these days from our govt. Spend money that's needed here at home, desperately, to promote a cause that even the American public doesn't support, that is bound to inflame countries against us, and convince said countries, that the US is degenerate, and evil, and poses a serious threat to their way of life.

While our govt decides to crusade for world gay rights, a campaign, that we the people have not been consulted on though we have a lot riding on it, the serious crises we do have go on as always. ZOG out right chooses, not to care about helping the poor and middle class here in America. There is NO crusade to bring jobs back from overseas, or at least penalize those companies that betray their homeland, and people to make an extra buck. Especially from Obama, who campaigned to do just that. Our govt, if you can call it that, bails out the rich bankers, to the tune of 700 billion dollars. Yet mortgage foreclosures are destroying the middle class, who are finding their homes, disappearing along with their jobs. No income, means no way to pay your mortgage, hence no house. Yet, no bailout for mortgage relief for the "little" people. The money that will be used in a way to royally piss off other nations, could help pay for a rudimentary beginning national health system, but ZOG feels crusading for gay rights is important, helping sick American, not so. Crusading for gay rights, is more important than keeping Social Security and Medicare alive. Crusading for gay rights, is more important, then helping a money starved education system, that is being cut to pieces, in the name of austerity.

Crusading for gay rights is being put right alongside crusading against Islamism. ZOG is throwing gas on the fire that is already burning us alive. Islamic fanaticism, is bound to be incensed at this, as Islamic fundamentalism, is totally against anything concerning homosexuality. If ZOG wants more wars with Islam, its well on its way to getting them. With we the people right in the middle of no manís land. Our economically battered country, isn't suffering enough, ZOG is using its money on a cause that can wait, while the very many problems are left to wait, even though they really can't. What in God's name kind of creatures are running this country? How can anybody in their right mind deliberately decide to pursue a course of action that will only guarantee grief, as their country continues to suffer? Why isn't ZOG crusading against jobs going overseas? What happened to the war on poverty? What happened to the war on drugs? What happened to the peace dividend from winning the cold war? WHAT HAPPENED TO COMMON SENSE? Didn't anybody in govt, voice any objections to this madness? Do our asshole leaders ass-u-me that all countries are just carbon copies of the USA? The sheer arrogance, and stupidity of this policy is totally mind numbing.

If this is the quality of our leadership, and it is, then we need a whole new system. We literally can't afford a disaster of a system any more. We've got to get off our collective Aryan behinds, and get cracking. We need to support the ANP with as much money now as possible. ZOG is setting the fuse for world anger, and I for one, don't wish to fight their wars. If our leaders have such contempt for us, and such arrogance for the world, then this Judeo-Capitalist society has to be replaced, pronto. We need to get the lead, and the lit out ASAP. The ANP has to be enabled, to get the word out, and form a unified, strong political base. A base able to challenge and win elections. We better act quickly. What other cause will ZOG decide to use us to promote? Legalize child pornography? With what we've been witnessing from Washington DC, I really wonder.

Comrades, as the year 2012 and its "elections" now approach - the Party must begin to prepare itself for MORE involved ACTIVISM than ever before!

Many of the more sincere and educated members of the general WN "movement" are getting dis-satisfied with the dog-chasing-its-tail circle-jerk of endless, get-nowhere routines that has characterized the WN "movement" for decades. These people are looking for "SOMETHING" new, "SOMETHING" better than what the costumed poohbahs and their personality cults have to offer. After all, how MANY "posts" on a "forum" does one have to make before you finally figure out that itís POINTLESS? How many PHONIES on a "White Horse" ala FAKE political whores like a "Pat Buchanan" or a ďRon Paul" do you have to try and swallow, before you realize that IF they are already a PART of the SYSTEM, that they are NOT really ONE of US - but only a "TROJAN HORSE"? Through OUR agenda, and our behavior - itís only a matter of time that the BEST elements of these people come to the conclusion that the ANP IS NOT "like the rest" of these reactionary, right-wing klowns out there - and start to consider OUR alternative. Of course, for many if will take a LOT of COURAGE to completely dis-connect themselves from the scourge of the mindless masses who FEAR breaking away from the "NORM" of this soulless, materialistic, decadent societal brand of non-thinking - but, I truly believe that the most valuable elements WILL make that decision. As well, as these many young White people currently dabbling with the "left", began to EXPERIENCE the REALITIES of life - as a WHITE PERSON - in this anti-White society - and as they find that AS White people, that THEY are being left BEHIND on the "gravy-train" per affirmative-action programs etc et al - then their "Whiteness" will kick-in, and OUR agenda will have something to offer them too as well. In all truth - I believe in the SELFISHNESS of people. When it comes to the well-being of "number one" - our people have been conditioned (unfortunately) pretty damn well by this toilet-bowl of a society to ALWAYS put THEMSELVES and THEIR interests FIRST! We can "play off" of that....

Comrades, recently no doubt you noticed that the Party "made the news" through one of our Activists distributing ANP Message-Cards out in California, per Comrade Schruenders' blogsite. I bring this up only to show you that YOU CAN through the simple act of distribution of these small cards - have an IMPACT. This Comrade (no it wasn't Dan this time) MADE the EFFORT and so SHOULD YOU! All across America tens of thousands of these cards are being distributed to our White brethren - is there really any REAL reason "WHY" - YOU cannot become part of this TEAM EFFORT? They are CHEAP (check out the "merchandise" section of our website) and EASILY distributed where-ever your mind can choose to place them. Heck, order the mini-manual "I Fight - a primer for Activists" for only a $5 donation and along with it giving you MANY "ideas" on "how to do it" and we will include some outreach materials to get you started!

The "people" out there are STARVING for real CHANGE - for ALTERNATIVES to what presently stares them in the face - letís ALL get to work to PROVIDE these people with the Good Word of National Socialist CHANGE! Like any "product" on the market - you HAVE to ADVERTISE - if you want "customers" to "buy your product". WE are "selling" NATIONAL SOCIALISM - but, we can't just sit back and wait for folks to bang on our door - we HAVE to go out there and "SELL" our ideas. The MORE that we PROMOTE - the BETTER chances we have of CONNECTING with that percentage of the population that might consider OUR alternative, over what they already hate.

In up-coming ANPReports I will be enlarging upon our plans for the coming year, for now let me humbly request that everyone "get over" the holidays and get back in stride with our Revolutionary activities.

There is NOTHING so "LITTLE" that you may "DO" that doesn't help advance National Socialism to some degree - EXCEPT - doing NOTHING. 2011 is over - lets regroup and continue our advance together as one into 2012!

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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