ANP Report for November 21, 2011

Racial Comrades: Today as I got up and prepared for work, I saw something on the jew-tube which simply enraged me. It was fat-assed republiRAT NEWT GRINGRAT pontificating at a recent republirat meeting, where his fat mouth blubbered forth this boisterous statement to the men and women who have had the COURAGE to get out and PROTEST the GREED and CORRUPTION of not ONLY these evil, corrupt WALL STREET BANKSTERS - but, this ENTIRE EVIL, CORRUPT SYTEM that infects America from coast to coast!

He said that his "message to OWS protestors was - ďTO TAKE A SHOWER, AND GO OUT AND GET A JOB!"

Can you IMAGINE a "presidential candidate" having the NERVE, the GALL to FLAUNT his TRUE FEELINGS for American WORKERS and their DESPERATION in trying to "EXIST" in this present economy, that Gringrat and his brethren have FORCED UPON US?

It reminds me of a famous French Queen - who the PEOPLE later on, after her famous statement, CUT OFF HER HEAD - ala ďThere is no bread for the people, they and their children are starving? Well, let them EAT CAKE!Ē Ha! Ha! WELL, WHO HAD THE LAST LAUGH, BITCH?!

I can only PRAY that the day will come, and perhaps itís NOT that far off in the future - where this creatureís NAKED, BLOATED BODY, after suitable trial at a PEOPLE'S COURT made up of his "Fellow Americans" - FOR ALL HIS CRIMES - will be HOISTED UP high on a lamppost, alongside ALL of his fellow corrupt DEGENERATES who have and presently RULE OVER US PEASANTS!

I hope that the people DO IT SLOOOW - so as to MAKE HIM and THEM SUFFER - as they have the PEOPLE. Yes, the PEOPLE. The PEOPLE who have been MAIMED and KILLED in all their foreign WARS, to make the world safe for JUDEO-CAPITALIST EXPLOITATION. Yes, the PEOPLE who have LOST their JOBS simply because of the EXCESSIVE GREED of the already OVERLY WEALTHY who CONTROL this benighted country. Yes, the PEOPLE who watch their childrenís HOMES being TAKEN FROM THEM by brutal, grasping JUDEO-CAPITALIST BANKSTERS who make SCROOGE look like a saint. Yes, the PEOPLE who are being DISPOSSESSED of THEIR OWN LAND, by the HOARDS of ILLEGAL INVADERS who the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS are NOT "just allowing" - but, ACTIVELY BRINGING INTO OUR COUNTRY. And for SO MUCH MORE...!!!

After hearing this from their own lips, can ANY American WHITE WORKER - either "Blue-Collar OR White" - NOT UNDERSTAND that this filthy JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM is 100% TOTALLY against YOU?

THEIR mindset is that America's White Workers are akin to THIEVES or BEGGARS who rather than simply demanding a FAIR SHARE of this nationís wealth - that THEY created by the sweat of THEIR brows, NOT by shuffling around "investments" or by exorbitant "INTEREST SLAVERY" per credit card scams and loan-usury - they view us workers as "LEECHES" who "DON'T WANT TO WORK"! We want to STEAL from THEM - they claim?! WHAT KIND of JOBS are out there, even if you can find one? Can you RAISE a FAMILY on one? Can you even PAY your BILLS? Do they come with ANY benefits like MEDICAL for your CHILDREN? NO! And we the PEASANTS are supposed to be SILENT, and CHEERFUL, and THANKFUL - for WHAT? That the 3% of America's population who control 85%+ of America's wealth want to STICK IT TO US EVEN DEEPER, and then TURN IT?

White MEN and WOMEN Ė it is TIME. Itís TIME to ACT! Can ANY ONE of YOU reading these words NOT agree with me?

Can ANY ONE of YOU find ONE shred of reason - NOT - to "GET INVOLVED" in SOME SMALL WAY?

The ĎMASSA'S FOOTí is on YOUR NECK. He's LAUGHING as he shoves you DOWN in the MUCK. He THINKS that YOU will NEVER get back UP and ON YOUR FEET and ACT like an ARYAN SHOULD - a NOBLE and FREE White American - even while the FACES of YOUR CHILDREN look upon what is enacted right before their very eyes!

YOU CAN'T "DO IT" ALONE - BUT - "WE" OUTNUMBER "THEM" 99 to ONE. Please review the "SUPPORT" section of this website - JOIN US - TOGETHER, we CAN make our lives as they SHOULD be....

The wrong ally, and then some.
by Steve Davenport

The way things are, the way the US Congress acts so pro-Israel, its interchangeable with the Israeli Knesset. For both bodies, the ultimate goal is the advancement of Greater Israel. At any cost, no matter who gets hurt. Why the US Congress is so pro Jewish, I'm not really sure. Is it due to the "campaign" contributions of the Jewish lobby? I'm sure considering the group of people making said contributions, itís quite a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money. Frankly, we Aryans could, and should take note of same, as it shows that itís not numbers, but number of bucks that influences Washington DC. It has gotten so bad, that parents dare not name their children anything that smacks of a "Nazi" name, lest the authorities take the child, children, into custody. Just Nazi naming, is now a sign of unfit parenthood. ZOG is now alive and well inside the family, and what should be the parentís prerogative. Besides money, the movement going around the world of a Judeo-Christian alliance against Islam, has Christians, seeing the Jews as natural allies, against Islam. This has catastrophic consequences for those on the immediate front lines, like East Africa, but is a bad deal for the world at large.

Israel, backed by US money, is waging a charm offensive to woo Christian nations to help it battle Islamic nations. Israel is/has constructing/constructed, an anti-Islamic alliance in East Africa. Israel plus the US (naturally, Israelís muscleman, and gun bearer) has Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Tanzania in a Christian nation alliance against the Islamists of Somalis. The fact that Islamism is so far the only force that shows it can put the Somali humpty dumpty back together again is ignored. No, as long as Islamism opposes Israeli control of the West Bank, and especially East Jerusalem, they're to be classified as evil. This is now a Jewish concocted new Crusade. From Pope in Rome for the medieval variety, to Tel Aviv for the Crusades of today. If it wasn't so fraught with bloody conflict, this could be seen as quite humorous in its way. Basically, a religion based "iron curtain" is falling on Africa. Muslim north, versus Christian south. Other Muslim nations in the area are bound to join in to save their co-coreligionists. Eritrea, and Sudan, because theyíre Muslim, and exist right next door to Somalia, but also, because ever since 600 AD, there has been Muslim tribe, vs Christian tribe in Africa. The Arab countries will now become Islamist, as their secular dictatorships are overthrown. This is to be expected, as Islam takes the exact opposite view of the West, that church and state should be united. As soon as Islam was formed, there came the Caliphate (rule by religious leader). Expect Libya, and Egypt to join in an anti-Judeo-Christian alliance, just as Muslims did against the feudal Christian crusaders. Since right now, Uganda and Burundi, two Christian nations, are fighting in Somalia, with US backing of course, as "peacekeepers", we can expect to see Islamist volunteers to start helping AL-Shebab. Africa is becoming a giant religious war battlefield, with all the horrors that that entails. There will be ever greater religious civil wars in Nigeria and Ivory Coast since they're divided religiously.

All of the above isn't conjecture. Itís happening right now. It wasn't enough for Israel, and the US to make war on Islamic Iraq, and Afghanistan, in Asia. Now we're off to Africa. With Obama, ZOG has the perfect cover to "interfere" in African affairs. To pay for all the arms, and soldiers, required to fight the new Crusade, ZOG gets to have the armaments bill paid by these nations giving up their mineral resources. Its not just about oil. Various metals, like chrome, copper, even crops, like cocoa, can be traded for arms. Ever since World War One, when the war profiteers got rich selling arms to the Allies (Germany was blockaded), ZOG has learned that war can be very profitable. Just encourage war, and clean up selling arms, especially if you can do it for both sides. It need not be cash, but better yet, resources. Somalia has nothing, but it can be used to be a boogeyman, to scare the neighbors, who in turn feel they need to arm themselves. Nice and neat, and great work if you can get it.

As what passes for the usual these days, the US has wholeheartedly joined Israel in this worldwide scam. The international form of block-busting. The fact that this is dishonorable, as well as depraved, condemning poor peoples to endless war, doesn't make the slightest impression on ZOG. Whatís happened to the USA, land of truth and justice? Not only do we defend Israel, no matter what it does, but we are now partners in crime. This is supposed to be the good guy country, always ready to help out when a nation is in trouble. Seems now, all the US does for nations, is help their people go to their graves. To help encourage massive bloodshed on one hand, yet sanctimoniously scold other nations about human rights, to me is the ultimate in perversion.

This nation needs to get its morality act together. Ain't gonna happen with ZOG in charge. ZOG has no morals, no conscience. Think about this: would a super secular movement like National Socialism take our country constantly into war, or help stoke wars everywhere? To NS, religion is totally a person's private choice. Your decision is just that, your private decision. To base a nations foreign policy solely on religious beliefs, is just plain wrong. Itís wrong for the Muslim countries, and its wrong for Christian nations. Itís wrong for Jewish Israel, but they have themselves brainwashed they can do no wrong. Itís like Israel was founded by Marshal Chauvin. This country has got to stop following ZOG. ZOG is quite content to have this planet, turn into a giant charnel house. Only a NS govt will get us morally straight. How can it be otherwise, with a movement that values personal and national honor so highly? Either you support the good guys, us, the ANP, and help us achieve eventual power, with all that means, such as peace, health, education. You can continue to tolerate evil ZOG as ruler, and never know peace, be sick with no help, be poor with no relief, and be ignorant with no education. The Judeo-Christian alliance has been pushed by sincere people who think they're helping the good guys. In reality, itís a marriage made in hell. To the Jews, non-Jews are goyim (cattle), to be taken advantage of at every turn. The Jews are ĎGod's chosen peopleí in their minds. Are their actions really of a holy nature? Time for Americans to break the shackles and free ourselves from complicity in evil.

Comrades, I would like to seriously URGE each and EVERYONE of you to read the newest article on White Honor website ( review our links section: ) about NS economics. Personally, I believe that this is a MUST READ for EVERY National Socialist for a more complete understanding of our ideology and worldview.

Comrades, once again I want to remind all Party Comrades to not "forget" the Party, in your list of priorities over this "holiday season". Sometimes itís difficult to decide whether another "present" is as necessary as your BELIEFS are. For myself, itís simple - my family doesn't have the means to take part in the insane scramble to fill Izzi's cash-registers in November and December, nor would we even IF we could. I gave up being a gross "materialist" the moment I became a National Socialist and that was a long, long time ago.

To me, a few simple gifts to my "inner family" and their company around the family table is quite good enough. Excessive spending on JUNK is what brought many of us to this state of affairs in any case. Well truthfully, hasn't it?

White people seemingly could never get enough of the plastic garbage that the JUDEO-CAPITALIST programed us to "BUY", even to go into debt ( with all that INTEREST pal...) to accumulate like a pack-rat. And as you sit there, looking at all that crap - without a decent job, or the hopes of ever finding one - does it REALLY give you COMFORT? Will you EVER have "enough"? When?

I'm going to say this and I hope that those of you reading this will UNDERSTAND "what" I am saying and why.

To ME - National Socialism and its Struggle for a better world for our children and ourselves - IS the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of MY life. IF the same can be said for YOURSELF - PLEASE PUT IT - at the TOP of your list of priorities. IF you have "already given" - GIVE a little bit MORE. Surely, a couple extra bucks ISN'T going to "break you" but, it COULD mean that the Party COULD "do more" with your sacrifice. WHAT does the Party of Adolf Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell REALLY mean to YOU?

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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