ANP Report for November 11, 2011

Racial Comrades: All of you know how often I have stated that "people get what they allow" - well, in politics itís pretty much the same.

A few days ago, my locality of Westland Michigan had an election. Westland is a city of about 100,000 people, and pretty much blue-collar-poor. There was a seat for City Clerk that went UNOPPOSED - and four City Council seats - with seven people campaigning for them. Two of the people running for City Council seats were KIDS about 21 years old!

Of course, ALL the incumbents WON - but, and here is my point - the two young men garnered around 2/3rd's of the winners vote-total each! All at the time when LESS THAN 9% of the cityís VOTERS even bothered to turn out! Of course, the incumbent City Clerk simply "won" unopposed....


IF this so-called "movement" would GET INVOLVED in REAL POLITICAL ACTIVITIES - rather than running around like scripted clowns "protesting" as they do - WE COULD VERY EASILY HAVE WN ELECTED OFFICIALS ALL ACROSS AMERICA.

The "incumbents" WON - simply BECAUSE they have a SMALL "POWER BASE" who bothers to turn out and VOTE for them. These two KIDS were able to muster ALMOST 2/3rds of what the incumbents power-base WAS. DO YOU GET IT YET?

Sure WN's CANNOT even seriously DREAM of attaining "HIGHER OFFICE" - but, without a "POWER BASE" spread across this country - WHAT would even be the good of attaining some "higher office" WITHOUT that power-base". Trees with little ROOTS tend not to stand up to strong winds very well folks.

I really want to see these "prominent movement personalities" QUIT trying to FOOL folks with their PHONY "HIGHER OFFICE" CAMPAIGNS - I want to see WN's QUIT swallowing their PHONY LINES OF THINKING and STOP $UPPORTING such DEAD-END SIPHONS of scarce movement resources (they are so very limited as you know) and INSTEAD I demand that EVERYONE starts GETTING-INVOLVED in LOCAL POLITICS! We CAN win!

You don't HAVE to campaign as an "open WN" - in fact, I suggest that you DON'T. But, can you IMAGINE if the movement put ALL the EFFORT that it does into "marches", "demo's", "rallies" and "concerts" etc et al - and INSTEAD put it into SERIOUS local political effort?

The ONLY thing that is "STOPPING" the WN movement from SUCCESS - is ITSELF. Itís NOT the "joos", itís NOT the "system", itís NOT the non-Whites - its "US". We are just too damn LAZY to "DO" what is necessary to BECOME a real political entity in our own nation...sad, ain't it.

BUILD "Cells" in your locality with your "outreach efforts" now - with a mind to the FUTURE of utilizing these people as CAMPAIGN WORKERS when you DO launch your campaign. You don't need a whole lot of people; even ONE sincere person willing to really HELP is worth more than a dozen DRONES. Hell, this is something that even ONE person CAN do alone if they have the persistence to DO whatever it takes!

Letís all start thinking - 2012.

Class warfare reality
by Steve Davenport

The white middle class have since the birth of the US, followed the system like loyal little dogs, at their masters heels. To the white middle class, the elite ruling class knew best. Just follow them on the road to prosperity and happiness. SURPRISE! Turns out, the elite ruling class loves MONEY, and secondly, itself. It has nothing but contempt for those classes below it. As far as the elite is concerned, the continued existence of a middle class in this country, is a matter of complete indifference. Pure and simple, we just don't count. The fact that the middle/working/poor classes pay the taxes that keep this nation going, doesn't matter to the rich, as long as they don't pay any. As far as the elite are concerned, the lower classes are a bunch of suckers, to be fleeced, and discarded.

So many lives and so much treasure have been lost fighting those terrible wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. For what exactly was the objective? I ask many, yet get no answer, because they don't make sense to the common person. Only if you're rich, and want to get RICH (the magic word of our system) could these wars make any sense. If you care about people's lives, they're totally senseless. Yet now the ruling elite has decided to move on from Asia, to the riches of Africa. The US is intervening in Somalia, Uganda, and Libya. Probably far more soon. The lower classes are war weary and highly desirous of peace. The rich ruling elite is not. It wants WAR! Lots more wars. It obviously doesn't care about what the other classes want. It wants what it wants, when it wants it. After all, isn't this the rich typeís way? Give orders, and it shall be done, by its flunkies. This may be the way a mansion is governed, but it is not right for a nation, and its people.

With the advent of the occupy Wall Street movement, it would seem the brainwashing of the rich know best is over. Unfortunately, itís pretty late in the game. The rich ruling elite, (accent on the rich), have sent all our good paying jobs to non-white semi slave countries. For greater profits, (it is a dirty word, because it stands for exploitation), the systemite elite sacrificed the middle class. Send our factories overseas, so they can make some extra bucks for the bottom line. The fact that this helps mightily to beggar America, their own country, doesn't bother them in the least. What isn't outsourced overseas, the elite brings in illegal immigrants to do here. Don't be fooled by the elite's crocodile tears. They're just mouthing words. They are more than happy to make profits, at the cost of the very core, and rock, the lower classes, that this country was founded with, and built on.

The elite have become so greedy, so full of overweening pride, that they now feel, that with outsourcing, and immigration, the white middle class, can be dispensed with. How else can it be explained, that there is no national health system in place, nor is there likely to become one. This attitude that my class deserves all, and all others deserve nothing, and can just die, is little changed from the Middle Ages between the nobility, and the peasantry. Obama care is a dead letter. No matter, it sucks to high heaven. To just turn over to the health insurance industry, the control of the nationís health shows contempt for the lower rungs, if not outright hatred. The elite will not spend money on the lower classes. To them, the money could be far better spent on wars over national resources. To condemn your own people, and especially their children to sickness and death, just to increase profits, is so evil, it begs description.

The rich ruling elite, seem to think ignorance is bliss. At least it is a big help to them, as they plot their wars of conquest. An ignorant, uninformed public, is bound to make little or no stir. Hence the money that could help educate our kids, goes to bank bailouts, that save the rich, but condemn the lower classes. How much could 700 billion dollars have helped our schools get better equipment, teachers, update equipment? Instead it is used to save those responsible for the Great Recession. Now our kids have to look forward to a future in a nation with 49 million poor. 15 million OFFICIALLY unemployed. Trying to compete with non-white societies whose kids virtually never stop being in class, learning. No, thanks to elite skullduggery, our schools are so short of money, the kids must furnish their own supplies, such as toilet paper. Become poor to pay the deficit, even if its not your fault.

Yes, itís time for the lower classes to stop worshiping the rich, and demand better treatment. Unfortunately, through a couple of centuries, old patterns of obedience die hard. A National Socialist govt believes in care for its people. It wants them to have health care and education. It actually finds class warfare, abhorrent, something to be avoided. In a NS state, class warfare doesn't come up. People are conditioned to work together, feel united, work for the future of race/nation/youth. Our people are just now waking up to the nature of the system; they've been following so blindly. This is why the ANP. To reach our people irrespective of "class", and unite to gain a govt that will provide medical care, and education, not try to make a profit from it, like the govt system we have now. Help us. The ANP needs funds to help get out the message. We need people to distribute lit. We need you. We need each other. Class warfare has been with us subtly thru the ages. It must not be allowed to take over outright here. Our ancestors came here to give their kids a better future. If we do nothing, our kids will face non-white hell abroad and here at home. Don't let class warfare distract you. The non-whites are poised to become the majority in this country. If we lose sight of that, with worries about class, the white middle class, will be crushed between ZOG and its non-whites on one hand, and Judeo-Capitalism on the other.

Comrades, with the "holidays" fast approaching I fear that we will come to expect what usually occurs over the latter part of the year - a significant DROP in $upport - as so many folks decide to put filling those Kosher cash registers, ahead of the Party's needs.

I KNOW - its "only" the beginning of November, and Rock is talking about "MONEY" again... Well, for good reason - I AM the Party Chairman - and IF I simply sit back keeping my mouth closed, finances will "do" what usually happens - peter out to where we are scraping to just "get by" until the new year.

I really don't wish to see this occur. This year I would simply LOVE to reach the New Year - NOT having to basically start from page-one, so to speak - but, instead will a REASONABLE "tank of gas" so to speak.

I guess I have said enough - those of you who ARE sincere National Socialists will "get my message" and follow through. Times ARE tough. They are going to get TOUGHER. My only question in my mind is - HOW "TOUGH" ARE WE?

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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