ANP Report for October 09, 2011

Racial Comrades: Today I would like to address a few ďquestions" that I have seen posted about the Party lately. I realize that I HAVE addressed these questions before, but here goes once again -

(A) Since you so often like to criticize other organizations for "wearing costumes", how do you address the fact that the ANP wears a uniform as well?

ANSWER - The FACT is that ONLY a "SECTION" of the ANP wears a uniform - the Security Arm (S.A.). All other Party Comrades dress in normal street-clothes, with perhaps a Party pin to show their adherence to National Socialism.

As well, the SA uniform is NOT some home-made "re-enacters costume" straight out of some holly-jew movie script - it is a very simple form of dress that is both modern in appearance, and functional per BEING "uniform" , to allow our Party "Stewards" to stand out.

You see, the Party is looking towards the FUTURE, where we intend to eventually be in the position where we WILL hold "public events" in halls - and we will certainly NEED a Security Arm to DEFEND our adherents against disturbance. As well, a FIT and CAPABLE uniformed Security Arm - vs putting any warm-body available, no matter how "old or obese" or even female - is a visible warning that WE WILL have the CAPABLE MEANS to defend ourselves and keep order at our meetings properly.

(B) Does the ANP allow "homosexuals" into the organization?

ANSWER - In truth - I DON'T KNOW and I DON'T CARE about anyoneís "sexual proclivities", anymore that I KNOW about their "religious beliefs", or lack of. Certainly the Party would NOT accept anyone who "FLAUNTED" their particular "sexual persuasions", anymore than we would accept someone FLAUNTING - THEIR OWN - particular "religious creed", to the point of annoyance and interference with NS objectives.

Let me be blunt - personally, I'M not fearful of being attacked by a flaming naked homo with a huge erection, waving a rainbow banner. Itís the LEAST of my concerns; what with all that todayís White population has on its plate. Homosexuality is UN-NATURAL and DISGUSTING to - ME. BUT, so is a LOT of what SOME heterosexuals "DO" as well! Along with being an angry Old Fart, perhaps I'm a "prude" too - oh well, can't win'em all!

The ANP accepts ALL NORMAL-LOOKING & ACTING White men and women who are willing to FIGHT for the 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class - PERIOD.

(C) Why is the ANP always asking for money?

ANSWER - Itís called FUND-RAISING - does anyone know of a political Party that DOESN'T constantly fund-raise? Political effort COSTS MONEY - and without the necessary funding, little can be accomplished. I find it odd in a way, that any self-respecting NS, or even "WN" would be offended by requests to FUND the Struggle that is SUPPOSEDLY so important to us all. Is your MONEY so very IMPORTANT to YOU - "like a caricature "jew" - that for LACK of MONEY, the 14Words AREN'T ACHIEVED...but, YOU still have your "MONIEEEE"! I think you got a PROBLEM....

(D) Why does the ANP utilize the term "nazi" rather than National Socialist in its name?

ANSWER - We use the term "nazi" for two main reasons - first, it is in honor of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell who first founded the ANP. We determined to show the enemy that Rockwell's Party ( that I myself first joined as a youth of 16, back in 1967 ) was NOT "gone". Secondly, it is because of the American populaces lack of political savvy, at THIS "stage of the game" few Americans would even know "WHATĒ National Socialism even IS, many thinking it a form of "marxism" - in the FUTURE our name might change...our beliefs, NEVER! At this "stage of the game", we are seeking in the main, people who ARE already "attracted" to NS on their own - and letís be honest - the American NAZI Party - IS the "brand name" of American National Socialism.

A nation of the truly heartless.
by Steve Davenport

Just when you think this country can't get any more depraved, it does. Republicans say that those who are unemployed are so by their own fault. Just how is it your fault, if your owners send the company overseas to some far off non white slave wage nation? Are you supposed to become a slave to keep your job? How can these people think you want to be jobless, and unable to care for your family? How can these people think you'd rather have 99 weeks of unemployment, then a lifetime job? I find the callousness really hard to fathom. Do we blame mugging victims for being mugged? Employers strip you of your money supply, not to mention your dignity, but itís all your fault. Something really stinks in this country. We are now starting to have class conflict in this country. Class warfare down the road. This system is a never ending parade of depravity.

I don't know which is worse, blaming the unemployed for their unemployment, or kicking the foreclosed while they're down. The latest dirty deed from the financial folks who gave us the Great Recession, and the bank bailout, is to sue the people they foreclose on. Yes, you're reading right. Banks foreclose on people, take their homes, then sue them for what they owe on the mortgage. Having the property isn't enough. They have to get blood from a stone, and go after anything else you have. Besides, pure evil, this is pure stupidity. If these people could pay, don't you think they would, rather than lose their home and get thrown out into the street? If someone is bankrupt, and can't pay, what else can you get from them? Whats next, bringing back debtor prison? Don't these financial institutions deserve to lose out, since they were so reckless with lending in the first place? Guess they're determined that they lose nothing, and everyone else loses totally. That's what the bank bailout showed. Everything for the banks, nothing for the common folk. Notice how mister socialist Obama, champion of the working class, jumped right on the save the banks bandwagon. He was barely in office, and then he started shoveling money to the scum who wrecked the economy in the first place.

The occupy Wall st. movement is growing. It is a symptom of world social turmoil that is growing, and will get worse. Every nation on this planet, is dealing with demonstrations, strikes, riots. Probably armed revolt down the road. This because the USA has spread the gospel of capitalism (greed) throughout the world. A false gospel, with false promises. People were allowed to be temporarily well off. Then when there was no longer any rival ideology, like Communism, the gloves came off, and the ruling elites went for as much wealth as they could possibly get. Look at here in the US. 3% of the population (if that) owns 90% of the wealth. They want ever more. This latest dirty tactic of suing those who have been foreclosed on shows their total obsession with acquiring wealth and power at any cost. Mere demonstrations against such total ruthlessness are futile, even stupid. An evil system has to be replaced, not reformed. How can you reform a system that continues waging useless wars, while the home front is in meltdown? Even the slight check on their wealth that Islam would provide in Islamic countries is unacceptable to the power hungry elite. Hence we continue to fight ruinous wars, so their wealth acquiring is not disturbed in the slightest. Its money above all to them. They have no country, just bank accounts.

If you're sick and disgusted at how things are, so fed up with the crap that we are expected to swallow every day, you're in the right place. We need to replace this corrupt system, with one that stands with us, not against us. A National Socialist system will do away with the greed dominated system we have now. It will change the priority to the race, and caring and protecting same. With a different set of priorities, how much good can our system do. Help the ANP bring about political change. Even more, bring about social change. We need a new set of priorities. Demonstrations don't cut it. Only actual political action can. We need to elect a new system. Out with the corrupt, in with a fresh directive. Help the ANP bring about the change we really need. Our current elite won't even apologize for the economic destruction it has wrought. Even if they did come across with "I'm sorry", that isn't going to cut it. Is it enough to recompense you for losing your job, home, kid's future? No, time for a new path. Help us. Donate as much as possible. Right now, money is needed to pay bills. There are a lot of them. We need people to hand out lit. We have to get out the word, and the mass media is closed to us. I want myself, my family, and my race to live in a nation of humans dedicated to their fellow citizens, not an economic prison run by a greedy, money crazed financial wolf pack.

Comrades, a Revolutionary Struggle like OURS is not an easy task. So often, it seems that SO MANY just don't have the CONVICTION of their own words - they TALK one way - and ACT another.

For the NS Activist this can often become very frustrating, as THEY put the Struggle BEFORE ANYTHING - so many others, while they pay it so often pay it "lip-service", DO so frigging LITTLE.

What we must understand and accept, is that - WE ARE REVOLUTIONARIES IN A PRE-REVOLUTIONARY time-period - yes, "things ARE getting worse"...yet, APPARENTLY not yet BAD ENOUGH to FORCE these people into GETTING SERIOUSLY INVOLVED.

"WHAT" you may ask WILL it TAKE!?! In all honesty, I simply CAN'T tell you. Just as when I myself FIRST got involved back in the 60's, IF folks WOULD HAVE gotten INVOLVED "way back then" - we WOULDN'T be in the sewer that surrounds us now! So it is at present. IF people GET-INVOLVED NOW - it will be - as difficult as it is, so much EASIER than "down the road"....if, we WILL even be able to pull our bacon out of the fire, by THAT time.

Comrades, I'll sum it up. IF you don't honor your pledges - where will we GET the funding to operate and GROW? IF you don't do OUT-REACH and RECRUIT-EDUCATE and ORGANIZE those "OTHERS" - HOW will the Party EXPAND? IF you "don't bother" to ATTEND Party functions - because "you've got something more fun to do"... - Iím sure that you get my POINT! IF a new person attends a poorly attended gathering, UNLESS they are an EXCEPTIONAL individual - they COULD come away with a "defeatist" attitude. And BECAUSE "YOU" - "had something better to do" - itís possible that that newbi will throw up his or her hands and moan "oh!, this is all hopeless" - which in all honesty, it may perhaps APPEAR to be. But, itís NOT!

Adolf Hitler started off with a handful of associates. In his book Mein Kampf, he describes how his early meetings were "always the same old handful of faces" - but, through PERSEVERENCE and continued ACTIVISM - coupled with the "times" - they eventually BROKE THROUGH and SUCCEEDED in their agenda!

We too can SUCCEED - but, its NOT going to happen - if so many sit back and "let the OTHER guy do it".

In this so-called "racial movement" there are SO MANY who call themselves "NS" - yet, SO MANY of them refuse to GET INVOLVED with a SINCERE National Socialist organization for "nit picky reasons". "I disagree with this point" or that. "I would prefer if they did this instead of that" "I don't approve of how so and so writes" etc, et al. HELLS BELLS! COME ON INTO THE ARENA and SHOW US WHAT YOU'VE GOT. IF what you believe is the CORRECT way - surely, YOU can IMPROVE US! Come out of the hallowed-halls of the "forums and chatrooms" and into the REAL WORLD! QUIT debating the finer-points of this or that for the THOUSANDTH TIME - to people who bye and large are drones - and TRY REAL-WORLD political effort!

And for those of you who are "burned out" because of "past involvement" - DO YOU REALLY "SIT THIS ONE OUT" , with SO MUCH on the line, with the likelyhood of THIS being our LAST REAL CHANCE before itís TOO LATE, to build sincere National Socialism...because of "the past"? Isn't there "ANYTHING" - no matter "HOW LITTLE" that you can offer - to help the ANP to ACHIEVE the SURVIVAL of OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE?

IF that IS the case, perhaps the "Aryan" ideal really IS no more, and Adolf Hitler's dream WAS just a "one shot deal", yeah "just for Germany" - and the White race DESERVES to pack its bags and head out the door of history, leaving the stage clear for the more powerful peoples who DO fight to SURVIVE and PROSPER.

Well, I'm going to be sixty next year, and I KNOW this - there WILL be at least ONE "Aryan" who HAS been fighting for the past FORTY YEARS - and who will CONTINUE this Struggle "as best as he is capable", until HE goes down.....

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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