ANP Report for September 29, 2011

Racial Greetings Comrades: In todays ANPReport, I'm going to once again utilize the Q&A format to both educate and entertain you.

Reviewing this young woman's questions, it only confirms in my mind the lack of depth that todays ďeducation system" provides in the instance of EUROPEAN history - OUR PEOPLESí HISTORY - vs that of ALL of the "alternative" CRAP that they fill their young minds with. I would be willing to bet that she COULD tell us all about "Jim Crow" and the "Civil Wrongs" movement.... Oh, well.

Dear American Nazi Party Representative,

I am currently doing a project for my World War One and World War Two class in school. We would love to get the opinions from people who know this subject very well. I would be very grateful if you responded to this email with any answers you can to help us out for the following questions. This interview is only ten questions and wonít take too long! Thank you for your help,

Helga Sxxxxx

During WWI what did you think of the unification of Germany?

ANSWER - Germany as we basically know it , as a unified nation rather than a system of independent States ( Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, etc ) was first accomplished in the year 1871 - long BEFORE the advent of "WWI".

During the Battle of the Marne during WWI, what did you consider the result? Did Germany lose, or back down and prepare for WWII on purpose?

ANSWER - Germany, after many long years on the battlefield, was being strangled economically, through a FOOD BLOCKAID led by Great Britain to the point where Germanys citizens were literally STARVING. Letís be bluntly HONEST here, WWI was a STUPID war, instigated by COUSINS through-out the "nobility" of Europe - which had no reason to occur - except to boost the EGO'S of those in control. Once again we see that - the RICH START WARS and the POOR FIGHT THEM! ALL the nations involved ( the PEOPLE I'm referring to...) were TIRED of this war and wanted it to END. All, except perhaps the American's who hadn't been "bloodied" yet, like the others had - and so an "ARMISTICE" was agreed to. NOT "unconditional surrender" ala WWII, but a stoppage in the fighting to see if a peace-agreement COULD be reached.

What is your opinion on the treaty of Versailles?

ANSWER - All historians now agree that the Treaty of Versailles was an overwhelmingly one-sided one. While of course, the Kaiser had as much BLAME as the others, the others were as much to blame for this war as Germany. But, per this treaty - Germany was to bear SOLE BLAME for the instance of the entire war! It was also to lose territory, AND be forced to pay huge "REPARATIONS" to the victor nations - a policy which led to the world-wide economic collapse later on - all at the point of a gun, as Germany was "occupied" by "Allied" troops to enforce these treaty conditions.

It also broke-up former nations such as Austro-Hungary, and parts of Germany herself, to create "buffer states" surrounding Germany which were friends and allies of France - such as Poland and Czechoslovakia - which were then armed to the hilt by France, with the intent of utilizing these "proxy nations" as a "first line of defense" against Germany for the future.

Itís a curious fact, that the U.S. does the same thing today, surrounding Iran with its military in the West in Iraq and the East in Afghanistan - all to intimidate the nation involved.

The French government hated Germany since its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War a few years earlier, and ever since the time of Franceís occupation of German lands under Emperor Bonaparte - Germany was determined never to be ruled by the French again. What a sad, vicious circle for our White peoples!

What is your opinion on the War guilt clause? Did Germany deserve to pay 64 billion dollars in reparations for WWI?

ANSWER - How can one expect to "get blood from a stone"? Germany, as were ALL the involved nations ( except of course, the U.S. ) were bled DRY by the war. This STUPID war, which should NEVER had occurred, was born on the backs of the COMMON PEOPLE - the WEALTHY never SUFFERED one iota - as in the "Great Depression", as TODAY - ONLY the COMMON PEOPLE "feel the hurt"!

Would Germany have been a better place if the Weimar republic stayed in control and Hitler never took over in 1933?

ANSWER - The so-called "Weimar Republic" was a weak, corrupt, degenerate system much like what we are seeing today here in America. It was a system where a FEW prospered, and the masses paid the price of the politicians playing their endless shell-games of political-showmanship. "Weimar" didn't govern FOR the benefit of the PEOPLE - NO, like here in America today - it was a constant round of PHONY political WHORES, securing a seat in the Halls of Power - to SERVE SPECIAL INTERESTS. Thatís "WHY" the German people SUPPORTED Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party ( along with the Communist Party ) they were FED UP with the same old/same old LYING political SOCK-PUPPETS of the WEATHY and their evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM, and instead DEMANDED REAL CHANGE! With Adolf Hitler they got it!

Do you think Hitler deserved to go to jail in 1923 for trying to revolt against the government?

ANSWER - Of course he did, and he was willing to pay that price if need be. You must understand though, that the MAJORITY of the German PEOPLE didn't like the Weimar system either. Hitler, even at that very early stage of his political career had tremendous SUPPORT from the German population for his ideas. Hence, his "lighter" sentence from a sympathetic court.

Did Hitler deserve more time in jail then the 9 months he served?

ANSWER - I refer to my answer above. An to paraphrase what Hitler stated in the courtroom - "The Goddess of History DID prove his actions to be in the best interests of the German people...". Look, SOMEONE had to STEP FORWARD to lead the German people OUT of the ABYSS - HITLER DID.

A group in Vienna influenced Hitler to be anti-Semitic. Why then did Austria not join Germanyís side in WWII? Why did Hitler not fight for Austria?

ANSWER - Here I AM confused - Austria WAS a PART of Germany. It was formed after WWI from the Germanic peoples who formerly resided in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Other peoples like the Slavs formed other nations, like Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. It VOTED in the late 1930's by popular vote, to MERGE and become a part of the German nation.

Do Naziís today dislike Jews because they are still to ďblameĒ for WWII or do other factors contribute to their anti-Semitism?

ANSWER - National Socialists, NOT "hollywierd nutzi's" - "dislike" jewish involvement in WHAT many of them DO - not simply BECAUSE they happen to be jews. Long before NS Germany, jews have been "disliked" for their overall BEHAVIOR - point in fact, is that throughout history, jews have been EXPELLED from EVERY European nation at one time or another. From Great Britain to Spain they have been "persecuted" - "WHY"? Surely one cannot ALWAYS blame the host nations for such drastic actions? The "answer" is too long to put into a "simplistic phrase" here. Let us simply answer that JEWISH INTERESTS and ARYAN INTERESTS conflict with one another.

Do you think people still associate all of Germany for what Hitler did? Do they have a bad or good reputation to this day?

ANSWER - The jews bear the German people a huge GRUDGE for EXPELLING them and all their baggage from Germany and Europe in the 20th Century. They are NOT a people to "forgive and forget", just the opposite! They seek to "hold up" the German people as "EXAMPLES" to any others who might dare to oppose them, like a Mob Boss might seek to emulate. Since WWII, the productive German PEOPLE - the COMMON FOLK - have PAID out BILLIONS of dollars to - "jew survivors", as well as to just about ANYBODY who seeks to "file a grievance" against them. To this day - the German WORKER - is being expected to "BAIL OUT" Greece and the blood-sucking BANKERS, in Europe. And so it goes, until one day....

This "Holohoax" RACKET is a supreme example of how they CREATE and MILK something for their own benefit. 30 MILLION CHINESE were killed by the Japanese during the WWII era. 20 MILLION RUSSIANS died in the war. HOW MANY German men, women and children were KILLED in those TERROR-BOMBINGS? HOW MANY Germans were KILLED AFTER the WAR through STARVATION and MALTREATMENT? In truth, HOW MAN AMERICANS DIED IN WWII? Bet you can't tell me - yet, we ALL "know" about this mythical "six million". WHAT MAKES JEWS SO "SPECIAL"? They are ONLY a tiny percentage of the population, no? Yet, THEY have the POWER to force THEIR agenda over all others - THAT certainly says "something", doesn't it? THE JEWS CONTROL THE MONEY - and "MONEY MAKES THEIR WORLD GO ROUND". Enough said.

Comrades, the September The White Worker magazine has been shipped. It was 24 pages again this time, with a special five-page article about the Rothschild bankers done by Comrade Dan S. Very readable and well done Comrade!

You may receive a subscription to The White Worker for a $20 donation. As well, an ANP Info Pack which contains the current issue, along with many other items of interest may be received for a $5 donation - CASH or MONEY-ORDER made out to "ANP". All ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security envelopes.

Recently, the White masses were treated in the controlled jews-media to a DOUBLE-TREAT. Yes, once again the hollywierd-nutzi's gave the enemy MORE CRAP to TARNISH National Socialism with! The first was a "special" that depicted a guy who had a big Swastika TATTOOED on the back of his shaved head, who was shot and killed by his ten-year old son, for abuse of him and his mother. The other was a national news story of another member of this so-called "nsm" that was given a lengthy jail term for making "pipe-bombsĒ, which he never used.

Comrades, WHY do I bring this garbage up? Yes, I KNOW that unfortunately in this "bowel-movement" this kind of nonsense happens all too often. I understand that UNLIKE the ANP, 99.9% of these orgs out there have NO standards of QUALITY CONTROL over "WHO" or "WHAT" they allow in their ranks. I also realize that SOME of these idiotic creatures shouting "six million more!" and the like actually REVEL in such "publicity". Itís simply that AFTER one of these "pieces" are broadcast - WE, the ANP - are inundated by "hate-mail" from people who think that it was US portrayed, or even WORSE - we are contacted by rambling morons who actually LIKE what they saw!

Soooo, I am here to "CLEAR the AIR". NO! The American Nazi Party DOES NOT, nor EVER WILL - INVITE the ENEMY into OUR MEETINGS, nor OUR HOMES, nor PUT OUR ADHERENTS ON DISPLAY for the ENEMY to FILM and RECORD. In my mind, any "LEADER" who would ever ALLOW such things to occur is a MORON and or a TRAITOR to the people he supposedly "leads". And to be blunt, I question the intelligence of anyone who would follow such an idiot. OBVIOUSLY such a person is NOT looking out for the best interests of his adherents. Why doesn't he simply have a direct-line to the ADL, the Feds et al and "open the books" to them? Well, maybe he does, eh....... In any case, I wish to assure all my ANP Comrades that SECURITY has and ALWAYS will be #1 priority in the ANP, as long as I am Party Chairman.

Final note - check out the new "Talk-Shoe" ANP RADIO SHOW - on the front-page of our website! CALL IN! BECOME A PART of this GROWING EFFORT to REACH, EDUCATE, and ORGANIZE our White Folk through this exciting medium. Check the listing for TIME and DATE and PARTICIPATE!

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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